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  1. Assembling Flatbush Gulch

    @NDLG80. No worries! It's all good. @ionman99. I'm impressed by the parts you have on hand without having made an order yet. More! We wanna see more! :-)
  2. Assembling Flatbush Gulch

    @ionman99. That looks awesome! I really like seeing these built out of physical bricks. I look forward to seeing more!
  3. Assembling Flatbush Gulch

    @ionman99@ionman99n. You are more than welcome to post any pictures here. It would be great to see them.
  4. Assembling Flatbush Gulch

    @ionman99. Glad to help! I'm pleasantly surprised at the attention WyldStyle's wagon has received, especially since it's been more than for years since the movie came out. Here ya go!
  5. Assembling Flatbush Gulch

    @NDLG80. Thanks! It ended up being a lot bigger than I was expecting. I've been trying to decide if I have enough reference for the inside. I'd like to give it a try. LDD doesn't have the Fabuland heads to put up on the walls (too bad!). Maybe in time.... For now, here's another view of the front of the saloon.
  6. Assembling Flatbush Gulch

    The saloon This was a tricky one. I worked on this over the course of several months. It has a very irregular shape. The video game version is very different than the screen version, so it wasn't much help in filling in any hard to see areas. I'll post another view of this and then I think I'm finished with recreating the buildings of Flatbush Gulch.
  7. The Town of Rock Ridge

    Rock Ridge, Rock Ridge, splendid! What a great project--and very well done!
  8. Assembling Flatbush Gulch

    @lostdriveway Thanks so much! The pig barn posted above is actually three of these smaller barns placed in a row. Both the larger and smaller versions of this barn are seen on screen.
  9. @Wesley D Does this help? I don't think this would be an officially approved technique, but it's the closest I could get to what I saw on the screen. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  10. Assembling Bricksburg

    @NDLG80. Thanks! It's 32 x 32. Whatever you end up with, it would be great to see!
  11. Assembling Bricksburg

    @gotoAndLego. Interesting thoughts. Thanks for sharing. Here's a thought: Is it possible, while attempting to be politically correct, to offend people through what is omitted? I've added buildings to the downtown plaza I originally used in my Christmas raffle entry. I'd like to show more in the image, but this pushes the boundaries of what LDD will do on my machine.
  12. Assembling Flatbush Gulch

    Here's the other side.
  13. [MOC] Vignette: the Griffin monument

    You may feel your brick supply is limited, but it doesn't look that way at all. Very nice vignette!
  14. Assembling Bricksburg

    I've just about wrapped up my posts in the Old West topic. There aren't nearly as many good references of Flatbush Gulch as there are of Bricksburg, so there aren't as many models for me to build there. For now, I made a quick detour back to Octan. Here's Lord Business' flying cube from Finn's basement.