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  1. Assembling Bricksburg

    Hi @DanK. You may build anything you like with anything I post here. Please know that the mech is still a work-in-progress and that it doesn't have enough internal structure to stand up on its own. The ankles, knees, hips, and waist all need additional support. If you'd like to contribute to the model by helping to figure out some of these issues along with @BlackStar and @STeNCH, feel free to post solutions and/or an updated .lxf file here! Enjoy!
  2. Assembling Bricksburg

    @Jim I haven't put together a comprehensive list yet, but @STeNCH has made several posts listing the parts he's run into starting on page 22 of this topic. @ColletArrow The front grille and bumper of the dump truck are used on the front hips/pelvis. The treads and chassis of the dozer are used for the basis of the two feet. @Ambo100 Thanks for your kind comment! @Digger of Bricks Thanks so much! I'm going to stick to the LEGO Movie for now. There's still plenty to build from there. After that? Who knows?
  3. Assembling Bricksburg

    @Jim If Emmet's Construct-o-Mech set is 36 cm tall, I estimate that the full size mech is about 81 cm tall. That's about 32 inches. Which means it's about 20 cm shorter than the LEGO Saturn V, with as many pieces as the LEGO Death Star.
  4. Assembling Bricksburg

    @Toastie @Wookiee @supertruper1988. @Jim. Thank you for your understanding. I appreciate your support. (..and who says a Wookie can't be reasonable? :-) ) Here's every set that I've identified that makes up Emmet's mech. I suppose I could also add 9457 Fangpyre's Wrecking Ball to this list as well...
  5. Assembling Bricksburg

    @DEFCON SHARK I've been hesitant to put my files out there for several reasons. The ones that I post for others are on the first page of this topic. @Toastie Thanks so much for your kind words! I always enjoy seeing that other people appreciate the LEGO Movie as much as I do. I'm not sure how much more I can keep up the pace at which I have been posting images, but I'll keep going as long as I can. @BlockLogo There could be any number of spinoffs topics from this one! For now, I'm keeping it limited to the LEGO Movie. The next one I'll do is for the Old West. I may have one more spinoff in me after that. Here's a comparison between Emmet's mech in the movie and the official LEGO set: 70814 Emmet's Construct-o-Mech = 675 pcs Emmet's Movie Mech = 3979 pcs (so far) The full size mech has almost 6 times the number of parts as the official set and is 2 1/4 times taller. Coming next: The official sets that make up Emmet's mech.
  6. Assembling Bricksburg

    @BlackStar I'm having some challenges with Bluerender right now. Once I get it working, I'll have some comparison images for everyone.
  7. Assembling Bricksburg

    @DanK Thanks for the posts--and welcome to Eurobricks! I always appreciate folks who are interested in building based off of these posts. I hope you and your son are able to pull it off! It's a lot bigger than the official set. @BlackStar I look forward to your updates! @DEFCON SHARK I've been hesitant to publish all of my models. The ones that I have made available are on the first page of this topic. Also, all of the official LEGO modular sets are available in LDD in the "LEGO Digital Designer and other digital tools" forum on this site. Look for "[KEY TOPIC] Official LEGO Sets made in LDD". Here's a rough first pass at the mech. It still needs an internal structure, the "bones" in the upper arm are not attached, and the hip joints are purely for looks and alignment purposes (they won't hold any weight). But for now, at least it looks good! .lxf file: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Xon67/Movie/movie_emmetsmech_2017-07-20.lxf
  8. The Grand Budapest Hotel [moc]

    One of the funniest movies I have ever seen--and a great MOC. It looks great with the night time lighting.
  9. Assembling Bricksburg

    @BlackStar @STeNCH The upper arms are done. The half beam "bones" aren't attached well. That will need to be addressed. We have to figure out the shoulder and hip attachments. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated! .lxf file: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Xon67/Movie/movie_emmetsmech_2017-07-13.lxf
  10. [MOC] Winter Village Pub

    Great builds! Just looking at them, I can hear the jingle bells and the Christmas carols.
  11. Assembling the TRAAAAAAAAAAIIIIINN!

    @ColletArrow @Stefaneris That's some great info! I didn't realize that. I just thought the designers used the same chassis on the logging car as they used on the boxcar. Thanks for sharing! Here's my last image for this topic--the bridge with the train crossing it:
  12. Assembling Bricksburg

    As I wrap up my steam train posts over in Train Tech (my final post there is the bridge), I thought I'd get back to the mech. Here's an update to the left forearm. .lxf file: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Xon67/Movie/movie_emmetsmech_2017-07-07.lxf
  13. Assembling the TRAAAAAAAAAAIIIIINN!

    @Man with a hat. Thanks for the comment! Here's the logging car. Coming next: More bridge!
  14. Assembling the TRAAAAAAAAAAIIIIINN!

    Here's the boxcar. Coming up next: the logging car.
  15. Assembling the TRAAAAAAAAAAIIIIINN!

    @ColletArrow Thanks! All of the greeblies are very asymmetrical, but you can't see it in the movie. It takes looking at the video game to see both sides of the engine. Yes, the track is black in the movie. P.S. You'll be seeing more of the bridge later! @TechnicRCRacer. The boiler is interesting--the bottom of it is studs down. As far as I can tell, everything from the boiler up is "floating" and isn't actually attached. Here's the tender.