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  1. Assembling Flatbush Gulch

    Here's a covered wagon.
  2. Assembling Flatbush Gulch

    @NDLG80 The submarine has been on my "to do" list for quite a while. If I can wrap up a couple other models I'm working on, I may just get to it! For now, here's the church from the center of town.
  3. The gang surprises Bad Cop with a Christmas tree made out of chairs and decorated with police paraphernalia in downtown Bricksburg. As always, thanks, CopMike for all of your work putting this together every year!
  4. Brickton harbour

    Wow. I like how each building has it's own unique personality. And so many detail that make the scene come alive. Very well done.
  5. Wasabi District 2017

    Nice looking towers! They look great together--very impressive.
  6. [MOCs] New Castle and Bethy's Castle

    Great castles! I especially like the last one. The interiors are very well done.
  7. Fantastic! So many details to explore. Really well done!
  8. Assembling Flatbush Gulch

    @NDLG80. Wow! Great job! That looks spot on! I really like seeing that built out of physical bricks. Your photography really shows it off well, too. Thanks so much for sharing!
  9. Assembling Flatbush Gulch

    Ya gotta like horses that are so well trained they don't need reigns.
  10. Long live the 4-stud wide [MOC]

    There's nothing wrong with old school. These are very creative! I like them.
  11. Assembling Flatbush Gulch

    @Klaus-Dieter Thanks for the comment! Here's the back of the wagon.
  12. Assembling Flatbush Gulch

    @SilentWolf Thanks! You can see more recreations from the LEGO Movie if you click the movie logo in my signature below. There's also more coming here, too. For now, here's another view of WyldStyle's pig cart.