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  1. [Entry] 1492 Battle Cove 2.0 Ahoy there scallywags. Introducing my modern version of that classic Pirate polybag 1492 Battle Cove. Lego inflation is real and sets are larger and more expensive then they used to be, as such my moc has 104 pieces compared to the 26 pieces found in the original set. The key features of the set are a small brick fortification on a tropical beach underneath a palm tree, that is protected by a cannon and shark infested waters. I chose to keep the plant life to a minimum like in a official Lego set. I wanted this set to feel less like a AFOL moc and more like a set released by Lego. There are some really realistic palm tree mocs on this site. Likewise the fortification walls can be made to look more realistic if you use plates instead of bricks, however that really increases the part count. As a added bonus play feature, since the walls sit on only 2 studs, they can fall down if they receive a direct hit from cannon shells fired from a ship at sea. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ For the AFOLS who like brick built cannons, I also did a version of Battle cove with my 18 piece brick built cannon. I personally like the look of brick built cannons for their size and affordability. However if Lego were to release more pirate sets, I think they would stick with the projectile launchers, as they are fun to play with. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ =============------===================-------==============-----======================------============ As always thank you checking out my moc, and please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions. may you have fair winds and following seas
  2. Vdog

    [ENTRY] Pirate gun cart revisited

    Hi, I did try your suggestion, but having the end guns lower it would result in the stocks colliding with the wheels. See bellow to some other earlier experiments with more barrels, and barrels at different heights. It is possible to add more firepower to this little cart, however it changes the appearance, to where it no longer looks like a plausible official Lego set. 4-5 barrels seems to be the sweet spot, that makes it both more powerful than the original, but still conforms to the rules of this contest that state the moc should look like a modern version of an official Lego Pirates set. Thanks for the compliment and feedback. I agree the plates don't add much to the build, but they did provide land for the render. I typically just use the white background when I render images of mocs on stud.io. I was impressed with the box art on the new Eldorado Fortress, using the same color scheme as the original pirate sets, and wanted to try to replicate that. Digital renders can look great, but sometimes the dimensions can be off from real life. I don't have any of the black wheels or muskets (which have not been produced in a while), so I am waiting on a Bricklink order to build this in real life.
  3. Vdog

    [ENTRY] Pirate gun cart revisited

    Thank you for your helpful suggestions. I have released my version 2 and updated the first post.
  4. Vdog

    [ENTRY] Pirate gun cart revisited

    Hello, Thank you all for your feedback. I had design this version to be a copy of set#1970 with current production pieces. After re-reading the contest details and the feedback, I have a new version 2 coming out soon. Thanks for the organ gun idea, I had to look it up. The original gun cart is a very basic type of organ gun, also known as a ribauldequin, but most had much more barrels. My version 2 will have 5 barrels instead of 3. Thanks for the feedback, "accessory pack" sets is exactly what I think LEGO needs to make more of. One more question for the pirate moc community... For my version 2 should I edit my original post or just post the updates here in the comments?
  5. [ENTRY] Ahoy Seafarers, This is my entry into the Return of the Classic Pirates Contest, the Pirate Gun Cart Revisited (I listened to feedback and this is version 2) I have updated the old pirate accessory pack set#1970 the "pirate gun cart" for 2023 by adding more firepower, and redesigning the gun cart to look more like a organ gun or ribauldequin. I opted not to enlarge the size of the cart as organ guns were meant to be moved by 1-2 people. Instead I focused on firepower, and now the gun cart has 5 barrels instead of 3 occupying the same 4 stud wide profile. I changed the colors around from the original to better match a organ gun. In addition to the updates to the cart I have added some plates to be a sandbar for the pirate crew to fire from. One of the best things about the classic Pirates I sets was they were small and affordable. This meant that not just parents but also kids could buy them. The many different small sets could be combined to make larger scenes. The changes I have made to the pirate gun cart have increased the part count from the original (23 parts and 2 minifigures) to now 33 parts and 2 minifigures. This is still small enough that it would be a great affordable little set if LEGO decides to release a entire Pirate theme again. Thank you all for checking out my entry, please feel free to leave any comments or feedback. =========================================================================================================================================================================== _.--""--._ / _ _ \ _ ( (_\ /_) ) _ { \._\ /\ /_./ } /_"=-.}______{.-="_\ _ _.=("""")=._ _ (_'"_.-"`~~`"-._"'_) {_" "_} =========================================================================================================================================================================== (spoiler)My previous Version 1. It is based upon set#1970 using modern parts available on Bricks and Pieces. The original set had a whopping 23 parts and 2 minifigures, and this modern version has 25 parts and 2 minifigures. I do not have Photoshop so this is my attempt with MS paint to add a background like all the original Pirate sets used to have. If you have any recommendations on how to improve the background please share. This is the original for comparison Thanks for viewing, any comments or suggestions are most welcome.
  6. Ahoy seafarers, Introducing Pajaro Island Fort, my latest MOC submission to the Bricklink Designer Program Series 2. A great potential rival Naval power to compete with the Imperial soldiers in the recently released Eldorado Fortress set. Pajaro Island Fort, is a rocky tropical island, that is home to a small naval fort which guards the coast from pirates. The island is named after the birds which stop for rest during their annual migrations. The island is also home to the yellow tavern which provides food and fresh water to visitors. The white and red brick fort is 4 stories tall and protected by 3 canons. It contains a small garrison of 4 navy sailors, and 1 pirate prisoner in the dungeon. The yellow tavern has a basement storehouse with provisions of food for the islands inhabitants, and visitors. The cook is known for her fresh bread. In the center of the island shaded by the palm tree is the cistern which holds fresh water. On the pier is a small wooden crane for transferring supplies from passing ships. The pier is the favorite spot of the cook's husband who likes to sit and catch fish. I designed this set to be modular and all interior sections are accessible for play. There is a total of 2011 parts, including 7 minifigures, 3 canons, 3 birds, 1 fish, 1 crab, and 1 rat. Pajero Island Fort is currently entered in a Lego design competition called the Bricklink Designer Program, where it is competing against 190 other designs, until June 30th. The 5 designs with the most votes and comments will become exclusive limited edition Lego sets available next year. https://www.bricklink.com/v3/designer-program/series-2/766/Pajaro-Island-Fort
  7. Vdog

    [MOC] Islander Habitat

    Very nice habitats
  8. Vdog

    [MOC] Treasure hunting

    Looks stunning. What part did you use to connect the sides to the bottom of the boat at that angle?
  9. Thank you everyone, we just passed the 10% milestone. Please continue to share the Rivian electric Amazon delivery van with your socials so we can get closer to the 10,000 votes needed to make the LEGO review stage. link: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/b268656b-6643-4613-b1e4-11e56671eb66
  10. Vdog

    GoH 10A: Elven Gardens

    Very well done, I like all the little details.
  11. Thanks for the compliment, I hope it does make the 10,000 votes and Jeff agrees to a Lego collaboration in the review stage. It would be a disappointment if Lego loses the Rivian IP to Meg Blocks like they did the Tesla IP.
  12. Hi Everyone, AMAZON EDV700 - ELECTRIC DELIVERY VAN BY RIVIAN I would like to introduce you to my newest digital moc submission to Lego Ideas the Rivian electric Amazon van! https://ideas.lego.com/projects/b268656b-6643-4613-b1e4-11e56671eb66 The future is green, and it is powered by low emission electric vehicles like the Amazon EDV700 (electric delivery van) by Rivian. Amazon has ordered over 100,000 of these EDV's from Rivian, and will be replacing all of their gas combustion engine vans with these electric ones worldwide by 2030. Like many AFOL's I have received many LEGO sets delivered via Amazon drivers. I designed this set to help promote a change from gas powered to electricity powered vehicles. Electric vehicles like this Amazon EDV help reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, and protect the planet. The real life EDV700, is 23 ft long, weighs 9300lbs, has 660 cubic feet of storage space, 1 electric motor, and a battery with 150 miles of range, that can fast charge at over 200 kw. This minifigure scale version is 10 studs wide and 28 studs long. It features a fully functional roll-up rear door. The van holds many boxes, and has a red dolly for heavy items. This proposed set would come with 1 delivery driver minifigure. The cabin of this van is just like the real EDV700 with giant touchscreen displays, a ergonomic drivers chair, a folding passengers seat, and a fire extinguisher. I would have preferred 8 wide as that would fit better with the 8 wide speed champion standard Lego now uses. However the rules on the Lego Ideas website only allow you to use existing production parts, (recolors are allowed) but not new part molds. To get it to 8 wide would mean a new windshield mold and new curve slopes. The van itself is approximately 600 pieces. Every city themed moc could use one of these minifigure scale EDV's, driving around town doing deliveries. This van although 10 studs wide fits nicely with the modern 8 stud cars. This set was built digitally using Bricklink's studio 2.0 program. I designed the logo stickers using Bricklink's part designer program, however ideally if this set makes it to 10,000 votes and is produced the logo's would be printed on the tiles. If you care about the environment, or want to add realism to your city moc's, or just enjoy receiving packages delivered to your door, then the Amazon EDV700 - electric delivery van by Rivian is a must add set to your collection. The curves on the front fenders were the hardest to replicate in Lego form. The back end and the functional roll up door turned out to be the easiest. Driving on the highway in the morning there is always dozens of Amazon trucks driving 1 after another. https://www.motortrend.com/news/checking-in-on-the-rivian-amazon-edv-electric-van/ Lego Ideas fan submissions which made it to 10,000 compared with the actual set that Lego produces, they are rarely identical. The Lego designers usually completely rebuild it. The purpose of the Lego Ideas fan model is to be a visual representation of the idea and generate interest from the public. Crowdsourcing enables the Lego group to see what is trending among consumers, it allows Lego employees to discover new building techniques, and it drives engagement with the AFOL community. When you vote on Lego Ideas, you are not really voting for the fan model as is, instead you are voting on the idea the moc represents. Thank you for taking the time to check out this Rivian Amazon EDV700 Lego Ideas project. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/b268656b-6643-4613-b1e4-11e56671eb66 If you like this project please consider voting for it and sharing it on your social media.
  13. Vdog

    [LEGO IDEAS] Pirate Island Hideaway

    Thank you Mister Phes, that is a nice button!