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  1. Minoton

    Another year another 4 cars. (6 editon)

    Lool i didn´t realise the rob zombie style in the hot rod....omg XD thaks all for your comments :)
  2. Minoton

    Another year another 4 cars. (6 editon)

    Is the fabuland roof fabah4 . The rear tires are made of: 2xhttps://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=32146 2x 6587 2X 11458 or whatever a holed brick ( 6541 ... whatever you need) and 1X 6538c (im not sure if that or similar) in the midle, and of course the silver things All is 4 wide studs, spinning wheels (both spin the same,no independence---i dont remember the word for that in english, XD) the rear tires in the batmobile are the same, but with other wheels. hope you understand, if you dont, tomorrow i can make a quick photo :p
  3. Hi again, is a tradition for me, in this days, post at least 4 cars/vehicles i made in the ending year (yeah im that lazy...). All years I try to make something diferent, this year instead of making a car and a minifig, i take existing minifigs and create a car for them...next year i dont have any idea what woud i do XD... First one, the Spider, a classic bucket hot rod for a creepy and lovely girl. This one is a electric sport car for the city...well, in the beggining i have the idea to update the classic yellow sport car 6530 of the 90´s...with some speed champion windscreen, but i dont like how it going...so i end up wiht this, just simple plus somethings I like to try... This "no holes" thing in the top view is what im messing around....ther still holes, but not on top. This year when the stranger things set comes out, i want to make one sherrif 4x4 by my own, and i want to try this mudguards.....the problem is i have to fix 5, 6 and 7 wide studs XD, lego is not odd number friendly, but was fun And last one, if we ae talking about vehicles for characters....well, after 6 years making some cars was time for A BATMOBILE... As always, C&C are wellcome, hope you like it, Merry Xmas and happy new year! and one more year i have linked text, but this year i cant fix it....i will edit if some one help me XD, sorry
  4. Minoton

    EB Xmas Build 2019

    Here´s my entry. Nice job everyone!, is nice to see so great mocs just for fun :) Im fine!! by Casti 616, en Flickr
  5. Minoton

    EB Xmas Build 2019

    Yeeeeeeeeeees, i wondering what happend this year to the only xmass tradition i got recently that i like ( hope the issues you have are not seriuos....) let the fun beggin!
  6. Congrats to all winners, and (of course) thaks to all for suh a great entries.... And thanks to Copmike! First time i win this raffle (4 years ago i think) i know the prices, but this time, im dont, and is more exciting!!!! cant wait to see my manatees!
  7. Minoton

    My 4 cars of the year! (5th edition!)

    thank you for coment :) @jamesn
  8. Its been some kind of tradition for me, after the "dark age" made 4 cars in a year ( yeah i know, im lazy....one year i made 5, and dont count other vehicles for contest or things for contest...) So hope you like, c&c are wellcome as usual (questions are also wellcome, and will be answered). Enjoy! First one, a really really really vintage one. just simple (and the first time i use rubber bands...XD) Second one, a little more modern, insipired by a classic.. A dakar buggy prototype by octan (as it be a prototype, no stickers yet :P) The last one (ended yesterday to be honest), is a massive monster truck (yep, inspired by "that" monster truck), since i start again with legos, i really want to make one of these beast, but i cant, figure a nice frame, but this year lego came with a monster truck set...a few changes, make it bigger, and here there is: THE GRIMMER!!!!! Merry Xmass and happy New year!!!!! Here are my previous ones: 2014 (hummm, i post it in april...but i like more xmas time), 2015, 2016 and 2017
  9. Minoton

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    ho ho ho, Santa with little boy, classic, but this is a good Santa, the baby isn´t crying :P AS usual thanks Copmike, a lot of fun entries and good luck to all! Merry Xmas
  10. thanks both of you....as always seems the simple one, this year the tuktuk, is the most apreciate :p and yep the screamin patriot is one of my fav set i got,a little ridiculous look today, but when i was a child...that was another story :)
  11. First, Merry Xmas to all and happy new year... :) For fourth year in a row this are my 4 lego vehicles for this year (yep im still lazy...only 4 per year... XD), hope you like it. C&C allways wellcome :) Tuk tuk! (the funny thing this is the smallest of all 4, but have space for two minifig....lego logic!) Last year I made 2 versions of the LEGO 6672 Safari Off Road Vehicle, and was fun to make it, so this year I try to "upgrade" other of my favourite sets the 6646 Screaming patriot!!! the rear and the front as some kind akward as the original one :P... A little black sport car....(i want to make some front like the speed champion ford gt, but this year all sport cars moc have that...so, maybe next year) Some kind of hot rod semi truck with grummpy look....and the perfect reason to use the mullet! Don´t know why the text seems to be a link.....Oo!...
  12. Thaks one more year to eb and Copmike for this raffle, it´s fun like always... Good luck to all! and merry xmas and happy new year (is too soon...but i dont care, xmas time in lego :P)
  13. Minoton

    [MOC] Santiago de Compostela Cathedral

    Im from santiago de compostela :). and that is awesome, the only thing i dont like are the colours, only in sand (or some dark sand no clego color) wolud be perfect, but perfect recreation! congratulations
  14. Minoton

    Bunch of cars

    Hi,happy 2017! In 2014 and 2015 I post 4 cars each year....in a single post, in 2016 I want to make the same, but i, been a little late, so i post it in 2017 XD. Enjoy my 2016 cars, c&c are wellcome. This one is a little red coupe in "futuristic" retro style, 50´s-60´s or something like that..... A sport pickup, not to old not to modern... A classic hot rod pickup....for all ages :P And this summer I buy some old sets from my childhood, and make some reimaginery, redux. or whatever you want to call it... the firs one is the: 6672 Safari Off Road Vehicle, Aaaaand, a bonus one!!!!! Enjoy it!
  15. Minoton

    EB Xmas Raffle 2016 - Your ideal Snow entry thread

    Thanks Copmike for this! Good luck to all entries! In my city snow is more a joke that something to play with ( no more than 10 cm in the best scenario, and only few hours, was my best snow experience..and that twice maybe 3 in all my life), so my entry could not be "perfect" for some people, but when i was a child i wish this happend so many times, so.... Snow (a little too much...) by Casti 616, en Flickr