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  1. It shows it fails at around 1024Mo of memory, which I beleive is the default memory for java apps (actually 1/4 of system memory). You can force it to use more memory by adding the '-Xmx' argument in the bat file -Xmx8G For future reference :
  2. Don't confuse `/Library/Application Support` with `~/Library/Application Support`. The `~` is important. You need to look in your user home folder, not the system root. So something like this : /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/LEGO Company/LEGO Digital Designer/ Where `USERNAME` is your MacOS account username. The `~` character is an alias for `/Users/USERNAME`
  3. Hum... Depends. Did you use the app package, or the raw java ? What version of MacOS ?
  4. @SylvainLS if it's the same as MacOS, you should be able to tell Java in an argument about the native location: java -cp "bin/blueprint.jar" -Djava.library.path=native blueprint.Blueprint Maybe check Java doc, I'm not sure the exact syntax, been a while I played with it from the command line ;)
  5. I do print my instructions sometime :D For smaller model (or submodels), multi step per page is fine. But single step per page can also be assembled into multipage using photoshop or something similar, so I wouldn't mind.
  6. @msx80 Done! Same link as before. To make it easier for the front post, I also setup this link which will point to the latest version :
  7. @kokkie20 Do you have the file glfw.dll in native? From error : Failed to load library: native\glfw.dll
  8. Mac version is up !
  9. For the size of the preview image, maybe a simple fix could be to show the selected step in a second windows or pane? Something on the side we could resized how we want it... or hide completely if not necessary.
  10. @MrGibbage Just add an empty step at the beggining before updating.
  11. Should be an hidden file at the root of your user account (~/.blueprint.ini) Problem with MacOS, you'll probably need the terminal to open / edit this file :(
  12. Mac version is up! (+1 for submodels... but sometimes it's not possible :(. Also, +1 for keeping a list of feature request. Helps keeps tracks of what people already asked for ^^)
  13. And screenshot of ~/Library/Application Support/LEGO Company/LEGO Digital Designer ?
  14. /Application Support, at the root of the hard drive? Screenshot? It is somewhere... otherwise you wouldn't be able to open any LDD model...
  15. Oh I think I see your problem. I managed to find that `assets.lif` file in my mac. You're not looking at the right place. You checked inside the LDD app package itself in the Applications folder. but you'll find db.lif inside ~/Library/Application Support/LEGO Company/LEGO Digital Designer. In Finder, you can use Go -> Go to folder or Cmd + shift + G to find the Library folder inside your user home folder.