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Found 40 results

  1. Horlack Bricks

    [NCS] Race Shuttle

    Because I like the meta-part underestimated / underused NCS - Shuttle by Horlack, on Flickr
  2. Horlack Bricks

    [Futuron] Cargo Shuttle

    [Futuron] Cargo Shuttle Cargo Shuttle : - 4 rotating reactors - Cockpit with 3 seats - Bay (containers, buggies, etc.) - Toilet - A few greebs in the bay Base : - Electromagnetic cannon - Generator - Container - Control Tower [Futuron] Cargo Shuttle by Horlack, on Flickr [Futuron] Cargo Shuttle by Horlack, on Flickr | | | | |
  3. 6890 - Cosmic Cruiser, Version Intergalactic Girl With 4 parts Bionicle / Hero Factory All WYSIWYG. [NCS] 6890 - Cosmic Cruiser, Intergalactic Girl by Horlack, on Flickr [NCS] 6890 - Cosmic Cruiser, Intergalactic Girl by Horlack, on Flickr [NCS] 6890 - Cosmic Cruiser, Intergalactic Girl by Horlack, on Flickr [NCS] 6890 - Cosmic Cruiser, Intergalactic Girl by Horlack, on Flickr (CLICK FOR ZOOM)
  4. Horlack Bricks

    [FUTURON] Polaris Express

    FUTURON - POLARIS EXPRESS Polaris Express par Horlack , sur Flickr Polaris Express par Horlack , sur Flickr Polaris Express par Horlack , sur Flickr Polaris Express par Horlack , sur Flickr Polaris Express par Horlack , sur Flickr Polaris Express par Horlack , sur Flickr Polaris Express par Horlack , sur Flickr Polaris Express de Horlack , sur Flickr Polaris Express by Horlack, on Flickr "Polaris", in reference to the mythical Set 6972 Polaris-I Space Lab, and "Express", in reference to the Trans-Siberian Orient-Express, in relation to a tracked vehicle of the tundra The inspiration comes mainly from the Russian tracked vehicle Vityaz DT-30, and its little brother the Vityaz DT-10PM, particularly adapted to the tundra and the cold. Multifunction vehicle. It can be converted to Cargo, Passenger, Small Vehicles, Oxygen, etc. There are 6 modular blocks of 5x7 studs, which can be unclipped, can be put in the hold, and can be put in the order you want. Include a mixture. The roof can be unclipped. The 2 types of Vityaz DT have many military or civilian variants. Surely one of the most varied vehicles in the world, however crazy it is. Excavator version, passenger / troop transport version, ballistic missile version, freight transport version, radar station version in arctic base, amphibious version, crossing bridge version, forest transport version, tank version (yes yes, with 2 turrets!), Version snowplow, mobile laboratory version, gas / mining version (currently used by Gazprom), etc. We are on a monster which is not far from being 3 to 4 large cars wide depending on the version. I wanted to stay a little in this “multifunction” spirit for the MOC. Custom radar, with lots of sensors. Cockpit, with an articulated twin-arm / view of the seat. Lights on the roof to illuminate everywhere = in the tundra, at night, in the cold, in the blizzard, in a lunar environment, etc ... Also, I focused on the armored aspect, trying to homogenize the 2x2 tile base on the hull. (or close). I made a maximum of modularity, I could not decide on one type or another of vehicle. So I made it simple and complicated at the same time: all types at the same time, lol! It's better :) I could also have made a command vehicle, with lots of consoles and control panels. It is quite possible, thanks to the available space. There is no limit to the imagination when it comes to converting the vehicle. Make a presentable base. Shall we say, a 1st for me. Especially the effect of the caterpillars in the sand, and the Lettering (which I'm not used to). The roof can be unclipped. All with a playable and accessible aspect. (I remain in the mentality / the spirit that a Lego must be playable, solid, playful, modular)
  5. Horlack Bricks

    [MOC] [Neo-Mtron] - Armored Walker

    [MOC] [Neo-Mtron] - Armored Walker -3 crew members. -1 pilot/engine driver. -1 gunner. -1 mechanic. - Double Railgun at the front. - Laser cannon on the tail (brickbuild). - Radar (brickbuild). I used a lot of wheeled vehicle parts to give that rounded look. - The old mythical part N°3787-Vehicle Mudguar 2x4 with Arch Smooth, which we find in our good old classic-space or City. - Part N°41854-Vehicle Mudguar 2x4 with Flared Wings, which I used in the seat backs and the radar.. - Part N°44674-Vehicle Mudguar 2x4 with Headlights Overhang, which I used in the tail. - Part N°41862-Plate Modified 2x2 with grills, which I used in the tail and the radar. Part that we find more for the radiators of City cars. - Part N°98834-Vehicle, Spoiler 2x4 with Handle, which I used in the legs. - Part N°44675-Slope curved 2x2 No Stud 3 Side Ports Recessed, found in the fronts of City cars. [NCS] Neo-Mtron - Armored Walker by Horlack, on Flickr [NCS] Neo-Mtron - Armored Walker by Horlack, on Flickr The canopies do not exist in these colors. But it is a choice by constraint. None of the canopies, but really none, of those Trans-Yellow or Trans-Neon-Green or Trans-Neon-Yellow colors do well. That is to say, they are too angular with respect to the body which is rounded or has curves. The possible canopies in these 3 colors literally break the physiognomy of the vehicle, to the point that it is "ugly" or disturbing. It literally breaks that general aspect. It's rare that I take pieces in a color that doesn't exist. Example during my design / brainstorming tests in alpha version : => the angular front canopy, is too opposed to the general roundness effect of the vehicle
  6. Horlack Bricks

    [NCS] Heavy Mobile Rocket Launcher

    [NCS] Heavy Mobile Rocket Launcher Do with LDD and It's a mix that brings together the sets : - 462 Mobile Rocket Launcher - 483 Alpha-1 Rocket Base - 6881 Lunar Rocket Launcher - 6950 Mobile Rocket Transport at the same time, and bigger ! All these sets look more or less alike, or are just different variations depending on the version. Hence the idea of bringing them all together, in a 4 in 1, mastodon version. I used the 90 ° snot technique with the control consoles in the wall, in order to be able to accommodate as many control panels as possible and gain 2 additional horizontal studs. This allows me to put 4 crew members, their seats and a small passageway (narrowly) for them to move between the seats. The roof with the 2 radars unclips and the front canopy swivels, allowing accessibility. My only regret: not being able to put the 2 sides in blue (the back of the 2 console panels), because part N°11203 (flat Tile, Modified 2 x 2 Inverted) does not exist in this color. I had to settle for gray. I was amazed, myself, to have built it in just 3 days! Upon reflection, I think I understood why I did it in such a short time. I put this down to several things: -1/ I already had the basis of my NCS - City Mars Exploration - Heavy Mobile Lab, which had taken me a good 10 days. In addition to the experience of construction / internal arrangement of the vehicle. -2/ I already had the radar and the rocket, of my [NCS] 462-897- Mobile Rocket Launcher, Remastered, which took me 3-4 days. -3/ I already had the seats of my NCS - Heavy Transport -4/ I already had the wall consoles, from my NCS - Heavy Transport. (at least, retained my reverse construction technique) which had taken a hell of a lot of time, because I had to put a maximum of computer consoles in a minimalist space, and above all, at 90 ° and inverted in relation to the wall! (so damn technical difficulty in tearing your hair). Just for that, I had to spend several days there. -5/ My past experiences, which are almost a hallmark of me: the exterior ofmy ships and vehicles (NCS - Heavy Transporter, NCS - City Mars Exploration - Martian Colonization Base, Intergalactic Girl, NCS LL-6929 Starfleet Voyager, Space Heavy Rover, Lunar Space Pod , NCS - City Mars Exploration - Heavy Mobile Lab, etc) are generally stripped down, but on the other hand, the interior is generally quite shielded in every way. Putting a lot of greeblings, in a confined and minimalist space, it almost became my "hobby". So normally, given the size of the mastodon's vehicle, it should have taken me at least 7-14 days well packed. But since I do all my constructions " in modular ", I can easily transplant parts (or modules) to put them in other constructions. In addition to past construction experiences. This is why I only took 2-3 days and saved a lot of time. The images are in HD + (> 4096 pixels) on my flickr to zoom in on them. [NCS] Heavy Mobile Rocket Launcher. by Horlack, sur Flickr [NCS] Heavy Mobile Rocket Launcher. by Horlack, sur Flickr [NCS] Heavy Mobile Rocket Launcher. by Horlack, sur Flickr [NCS] Heavy Mobile Rocket Launcher. by Horlack, sur Flickr
  7. Rubblemaker

    [MOC] NCS Recon Bubblescout

    Every fleet needs a pathfinder, so I made one for mine. This little guy is good for both deep space and planetary atmospheric flight making him the ideal candidate for charting new territories for the fleet to explore. For anyone interested the full album can be found on my Flickr page here:
  8. Horlack Bricks

    My NCS Series Remastered :)

    [NCS] 886 - Space Buggy, Remastered It is my chassis from [NCS] 6802 - Space Probe by changing the rear of the vehicle. Rear with articulated arm, 2 fire extinguishers, ore box, articulated arm control panel, 1 spaceman's hand tools, one antenna, 1 airtank. Front of the buggy with camera, sensors, binoculars, 2 walkie-talkies, a mini-satellite-antenna and control panel. [NCS] 886 - Space Buggy, Remastered by Horlack, sur Flickr [NCS] 6928 - Uranium Search Vehicle, Remastered [NCS] 6928 - Uranium Search Vehicle, Remastered by Horlack, sur Flickr [NCS] 6928 - Uranium Search Vehiclen, Remastered by Horlack, sur Flickr [NCS] 6842 - Shuttle Craft, Remastered A small remastered 6842-Shuttle Craft. Walkie-talkie, camera/weapon (depending on). On the Shuttle : reactors, engines, jet turbine, cannons, 4 front sensors, radiators, small antenna, 2 horizontal ailerons, 2 vertical ailerons, lifters, steering nozzle, rear computer control panel. Basically, I took a bit of inspiration from the Speeders of the Meta-Universe from Starwars. search keywords for all see : "type = speeders" [NCS] 6842 - Shuttle Craft, Remastered by Horlack, sur Flickr [NCS] 462-897- Mobile Rocket Launcher, Remastered The Mythic 462-897 Mobile Rocket Launcher set was too small, so ... I remastered it in 2020 version. I had some difficulty with the Rocket, because I didn't want to use round bricks. I wanted something more elegant with cool building techniques. So I remade the rocket entirely in brickbuild. Ditto for the radar. In short, a little technical originality. I didn't want to be conventional. I used the elements of my old constructions to keep it homogeneous. The radar cockpit rotates 360°, and the radar itself also rotates, 360°. The radar cockpit is quite worked with control screens everywhere, as well as small joysticks. A walkie-talkie, a hammer and an adjustable wrench hang on it. I retake : - The chassis of my [NCS] 6802-Space Probe Remastered - The radar of my [NCS] 452-894-Mobile Tracking Station, Remastered [NCS] 462-897- Mobile Rocket Launcher, Remastered by Horlack, sur Flickr [NCS] 462-897- Mobile Rocket Launcher, Remastered by Horlack, sur Flickr The goal is to remain homogeneous in the architecture. Which is sometimes not an easy task. All the blocks are interchangeable, between all my creations. It's Modular, on a vehicle scale. Details of the rocket. Use of modified brick, by turning them 45 ° in the central body of the rocket, in order to build it "in hexagon" [NCS] 6901 - Mobile Lab, Remastered Always in the spirit of keeping modules of old constructions to reuse them. Just to swap modules, to make another MOC. Maximum standardization. The forward cockpit contains 2 repair utensils. It opens through doors on the side or through the central canopy. It is a resumption of the cockpit of the "1580 Lunar Scout, Remastered", by adding 2 ladders, and by rotating the roof sensors 180 °. The aft cockpit opens by rotating the canopy, or through the roof by eclipsing the radar. It contains 2 levers and 3 control panels which are in height. The chassis is also a recovery. An excavator entirely made in brickbuild. I did not find any existing parts, adapted to the scale of the vehicle, so a brickbuild is needed :) [NCS] 6901 - Mobile Lab, Remastered by Horlack, sur Flickr [NCS] 6901 - Mobile Lab, Remastered by Horlack, sur Flickr Well, I'm pretty happy with the look. I was worried that with my history of taking modules from other builds, it would result in a lousy mobile lab. Overall, "no". I had to be inventive on the rear 4x6 module block part. Once the seat and the astronaut were installed, I found myself stuck putting screens on him! And worse, not being able to get it out of the cockpit, lol Yeah, that's bad! Even blowing up the radar which is made up of 2 modular blocks, there was really little room. in fact, I had it kinda on my own, absolutely wanting a seat, which made it worse in a minimalist space. My neurons have overheated! Hence the idea of putting a canopy at an angle, from the top, to gain length space to take out the spaceman, but also to put control panels on the ceiling. And in fact, without wanting to, I took again in a different form, the horizontal rear opening of the 2 doors of the original 6901, but in a single vertical one at the rear. [MOC] [NCS] 6802 Space Probe, Remastered Bigger on a Buggy chassis with double probes. The robot deserved a 2020 update. :) - Head 3626bpb0034 : Minifigure, Head Alien with Copper Skin and Silver Eyepiece Pattern - torso 973pb1061 : Torso Robot with Silver Rivets - Arm 62691 : Arm Mechanical [NCS] 6802 - Space Probe Remastered by Horlack, sur Flickr [NCS] 6802 - Space Probe Remastered by Horlack, sur Flickr [NCS] 1580 Lunar Scout Remastered I kept the structures of my old creations, to remain homogeneous, and above all to make it "modular". The goal is to make all of my vehicles modular, and interchange the components between vehicles, to rebuild them as they see fit. Structure of the articulated Mini-arm found in, my [NCS] 6841 - Heavy Mineral Detector, Remastered Structure of the bumpers, which can be found [NCS] 452-894 - Mobile Tracking Station, Remastered I put a mini articulated arm at the back, in addition to the 2 mineral containers. The canopy is not green, because I will take over the cockpit structure for another construction. I couldn't put the chassis as low as the original, but overall I stayed in the "spirit" of the little scout utility vehicle. [NCS] 1580 Lunar Scout Remastered by Horlack, sur Flickr [NCS] 1580 Lunar Scout Remastered by Horlack, sur Flickr [NCS] 6841 - Heavy Mineral Detector Remastered I continue my series. I feel hot and boiling there! ☢️ A little Classic-space 6841 Mineral Detector Remastered, only bigger. I have tried to stay true to the functionality and structure of the original. Then added in all directions: Mini-articulated arm at the back, box to store minerals, box to crush minerals and analyze them, communication antenna, walkie-talkies, various small radars / cameras / front detectors at the front of the vehicle, small rock hammer, hand detector (which can be hung on the mini articulated arm) and various control panels. [NCS] 6841 - Heavy Mineral Detector Remastered by Horlack, sur Flickr [NCS] 6841 - Heavy Mineral Detector Remasterised by Horlack, sur Flickr [NCS] 452-894 - Mobile Tracking Station, Remastered Functional quality, of course :). Radar in tow that turns in all directions. The 2 small folding jacks when the trailer is unhooked. (A radar not horizontal, when the trailer tilts, it works much less well!) Radar on the roof of the vehicle which rotates 360 °. I really thoroughly styled this 2nd radar with sensors everywhere and tried to keep "the best spirit" with the 2 round transparent things. [NCS] 452-894 - Mobile Tracking Station by Horlack, sur Flickr [NCS] 452-894 - Mobile Tracking Station by Horlack, sur Flickr
  9. [NCS]-Space city under construction, microscale I felt inspired. Space city under construction in microscale. It is by doing anything that we become ... uh ....... Afol? :) Let the city under construction, is voluntary. There is 70% empty space. It is to set up the start of spatial colonization. Kind of like a "outpost-city". There are 3 landing strips with gravity generators. A forest in the center, under the dome. LDD and Space city under construction by Horlack, on Flickr Space city under construction by Horlack, on Flickr Space city under construction by Horlack, on Flickr Space city under construction by Horlack, on Flickr Space city under construction by Horlack, on Flickr Space city under construction by Horlack, on Flickr Space city under construction by Horlack, on Flickr Space city under construction by Horlack, on Flickr Space city under construction by Horlack, on Flickr Space city under construction by Horlack, on Flickr
  10. Horlack Bricks

    [MOC] NCS - Heavy Tranporter

    NCS - Heavy Transporter, inspired by the Eagles from the 1999 Cosmos series.Heavy Transporter:- Hold for cargo- 2 Space Buggy + 2 Space Scooter + 1 Heavy Buggy in the hold- Hold with sliding / retractable ramp- 4 Reactors which rotate 360 °- Cockpit with 4 crew members and 1 captain- Rest room with a dining areaLanding runway :- A robot- A single-seater pulsor jet- 2 single-seater sleds- Vehicle: missiles + acquisition radar NCS - Heavy Transporter by Horlack, sur Flickr NCS - Heavy Transporter by Horlack, sur Flickr NCS - Heavy Transporter by Horlack, sur Flickr NCS - Heavy Transporter by Horlack, sur Flickr NCS - Heavy Transporter by Horlack, sur Flickr NCS - Heavy Transporter by Horlack, sur Flickr NCS - Heavy Transporter by Horlack, sur Flickr NCS - Heavy Transporter by Horlack, sur Flickr NCS - Heavy Transporter by Horlack, sur Flickr
  11. She didn't have her ship, so ..... Intergalactic Girl, NCS LL-6929 Starfleet Voyager From : - LL-6929 Starfleet Voyager - Intergalactic Girl from Minifigurines Series 6 ....with some angle techniques, reactors in Brickbuild and decals. Build with LDD and Intergalactic Girl, NCS LL-6929 Starfleet Voyager by Horlack, sur Flickr
  12. ZCerberus

    [MOC] Space Base H19

    Come one, come all to Space Base H19. Smaller than H17, this Neo Classic space base features three landing pads filled with three new Neo Classic craft and a full lit design. And a closer look at the craft (until they have proper solo photos) can be seen here- with the Flickr photo set being even bigger and more clear. Click me for the below picture in the Flickr set
  13. pombe

    [MOC] NCS Security Sentry

    Spoiler to see more and the 4 wheel independent suspension and steering. Comments and criticisms are always welcome!
  14. GameyRaccoon

    Neo Classic Space

    I don't think a topic for this exists on EB, so discuss this building style here! You can post your MOCs here, too.
  15. ZCerberus

    LL 302 Hornet

    The FireMoth proved to have enough firepower to serve its role as a “cruiser killer”, but after making a successful debut, Blacktron altered its tactics to target FireMoths with concentrated attacks. While durable and stable, the FireMoth’s large wingspan hampered its ability to avoid concentrated fire. Frustrated by the mounting losses inflicted on the FireMoths, OrionBlu enlisted Cerberus Systems to create a new cruiser killer to replace the FireMoth. In the dossier submitted by OrionBlu to Cerberus, OrionBlu requested a ship with the weapons capability of a FireMoth combined with the elusiveness of a Blue Jacket. The ultimate solution was a blending of the cockpit and fire power of the FireMoth with an engine and wing design similar to the Blue Jacket. While officially named the LL 302 “Hornet”, the ship quickly earned the nickname “Fire Jacket” due to the blend of the two designs. The Hornet featured a similar two person cockpit to the FireMoth, but changed the seating configuration so both the pilot and gunner faced forward. The cockpit was also set at an incline to allow both crewmen to see forward without obstruction. This configuration also allowed manual aiming of forward blasters and emergency piloting from the gunner’s position. The Hornet was also the first Cerberus Systems craft to feature automated rear-facing defense weaponry, though the undercarriage mount made the weapon only effective from attacks from directly behind or below. The Hornet was not as powerful as a FireMoth nor as maneuverable as a Blue Jacket resulting in mixed reviews from pilots. Due to the mixed reaction, the Hornet was not a full replacement for the existing FireMoths, only replacing destroyed crafts while FireMoths still in service were not phased out nor reassigned to non-combat duties but they were instead retrofitted with additional shielding and external, wing mounted maneuvering thrusters to compensate for their perceive lack of maneuverability.
  16. pombe

    [MOC] NCS Surface Transport

    This MOC had been sitting on my desk for the better part of a year without being photographed, because I couldn't come up with a way I liked to display it. Then @soccerkid6 posts his beautiful Dwarven Ballistas in GoH and blew me away so much, I copied his terrain to present as the base of my MOC. A Castle MOC inspired a Space MOC? You bet. More pics below:
  17. pombe

    [MOC] NCS Micro Spaceship

    Over seven years ago, I made my way out of the last of the few LEGO dark ages I've had in my life. I discovered SNOT and micro building, and I put together this little spaceship dedicated to my favorite LEGO theme of all time: Classic Space. It was simple, but it was also clean and it shifted the way I thought about building with LEGO bricks. I was proud of it, and when I discovered Eurobricks (and Flickr), I decided that it represented me more than a typical minisigfig, so I made it my avatar. I never took it apart and it sat around in my collection undisturbed due to how fond I was of it. Recently, however, I started to feel that it deserved a bit of an update, especially since it represents me as my avatar, as I think I have grown quite a bit as a MOC builder. And so I set about the task of one-upping one of my favorite personal MOCs and this is what I came up with: I am very pleased with build and I believe it better reflects my current building level and style; and thus, it has become my new avatar. Here's a pic of the old one and new one side by side for comparison: And here's a pic just for fun: Additional pics are under the spoiler tag, and as always, comments and criticisms are welcome!
  18. ZCerberus

    Space Base H17

    Mara Mining Station H17 Features: Over 100 lights Working turbolift. Rotating exhaust fans and satellite dish. Landing pads for ten ships. Garage bays for six ground vehicles. Mara Station H17 is situated on the planet L’imearn Main, a desolate planet with rich deposits of an iridescent mineral, Coredium, used in the production of several energy based technologies. Coredium is a stable mineral meaning that while iridescent, the ground upon which Mara Station is built is solid. Mining Coredium involves drilling a hole in the planet’s crust followed by exposing the Coredium to a solution (the formula for the solution is a company secret) that liquefies the Coredium causing it to expand and bubble up to the surface where it can be more readily collected. One of the greatest benefits of using Coredium is that upon liquefaction, Coredium needs no other processing in order to achieve a usable state. Furthering the uniqueness of this mining operation, the Coredium “mines” have be created by simply adding the solution to existing craters on the planet’s surface. Mara Station H17 was initially built as a research station consisting solely of the garage bays and associated landing pads on the west end of the current structure before the current mining process was perfected. The larger garage bays on the northern side of the structure housed the research laboratory while the smaller garage bays on the south side housed Moondogs used to scout the surface and bring mobile drilling rigs into the field. Upon discovering an important use for Coredium and a method to successfully mine the mineral, Mara station quickly expanded by adding a larger research facility to the old research station as well as multiple new land pads used to ship out mined Coredium. Mara Station also quickly became a popular target for Blacktron raids. The constant Blacktron raids led to the placement of three Peacemaker SAM sites as well as a permanent garrison of fighters at the station. View from the left side: There first two photos I took just last month while this MOC was on display at BrickMania ToyWorks in Minneapolis, MN. The original display, however, was built for BrickWorld, Chicago. Here is the backside of the base from the display at BW. Gives you a sense of where the cargo landing pads that lie on the backside of this base, a clear shot of which I couldn't get at Brickmania: Speaking of the 100+ lights- here are a few shots while this was on display at BrickWorld: I am pretty sure one of my personal space heroes, @Si-MOCs took this picture! Spot a ship or build you like? Here are some links to some of the various models that appear on this build: Ground Vehicles: LL928 M.C.V.P Maverick LL928 M.C.V.P U.V.P* MoonDog Ranger 4 Landing pads above the garages on west end: LL951 Blue Jacket LL214 Wasp LL1220 Dragon Hunter LL302 Hornet 1 Landing pad on top of base: LL929 Galaxy Explorer* 3 Landing pads on east side of base: LL165 Locust (x2) LL428 Monarch 2 Landing pads on back of base: LL330 Grasshopper LL330 Grasshopper-D variant* *Looks like I have a couple that haven't made it on EB yet. I will have to add those soon.
  19. ZCerberus

    [MOC] LL928 M.C.V.P Maverick

    The legendary durability of the 928 M.C.V.P created a storage and personnel problem for OrionBlu as replacement parts already in production vastly outpaced the need. The stockpile of parts meant there was no room for replacement or production parts for other new vehicles or spacecraft. OrionBlu decided to use the overrun of replacement parts to build additional M.C.V.Ps, but with a standard crew of 4, the new M.C.V.P would need to wait months to recruit and train new crew. In order to counteract these issues, OrionBlu redesigned the crew compartment of the Maverick to house only a single pilot with the additional space converted to house an enhanced shield generator and two Omega class super computers used to automate the functions of the other crew members of the M.C.V.P. This single crew version of the M.C.V.P was officially called the Mono Mega Core Vehicle Platform, of M.M.C.V.P, but the official name was not favored by field personnel who dubbed the vehicle the "Maverick". ================================================== The Maverick is slightly bigger than the M.C.V.P "Classic"- with the Maverick is on the bottom. The Maverick also has a full suite of lights! This build also has power functions and complete SBrick remote control! Check out the video of the Maverick in action!
  20. ZCerberus

    [MOC] LL165 Locust Gunship

    After establishing air superiority , Blacktron changed tactics and began harassing OrionBlu’s ground operations with ground based guerilla strikes with shock troopers and Harvester Terror Drones. The Harvesters were faster and capable of traversing rocky and hilly terrain better than any ground based vehicle in the OrionBlu arsenal. In order to counter the strikes, Orion Blu initially believed countering Blacktron assaults could be accomplished with retrofitted Grasshopper with stronger ground clearing weaponry. The modifications were unsuccessful as Blacktron implemented several technologies used to confuse the auto-targeting sensors on the Hoppers. OrionBlu tried a second modification by removing the cargo bay doors and adding gunner station inside the bay. This methodology proved in effective as the Hopper’s maneuverability was weak and seriously dangerous as the engine pods also produced heat and radiation that could be lethal to the gunners after the radiation shielded cargo doors were removed. To counteract these problems, OrionBlu commissioned Cerberus Systems to develop a new engine with reduced downward heat and low radiation to employ on the modified Hoppers. As part of the requirements, the new engine design was required to fit inside the same engine housing that fit the current Grasshopper engine pods. Based on the parameters, the new engine pods were completed and built to spec, but the reduced thrust in the new engine modules made the Grasshoppers even less maneuverable than before. As a result, Cerberus designed a fighter specifically designed as a gunship to highlight the benefits of creating a ship with a specific purpose in mind. With its role at the forefront of every design decision, Cerberus created a fast, light, and maneuverable ship with a slight forward rake to keep the gunner always angled for ground view. The engine pods were successful in eliminating nearly all radiation and dangerous levels of heat in the VTOL enegines and a large front mounted search light on the front of the ship was implemented to enhance the ship’s spotting capabilities in poorly light conditions. The ship was idealized as a smaller version of the Grasshopper used to swarm ground based enemies. The ship naturally earned the nickname “Locust” and was quickly approved for production after a porotype cluster of Locusts dispatched an entire squad of Blacktron Harvester Drones with no casualties. The Locust also proved to be an adequate air-to-air fighter with strong forward mounted medium laser cannons and a heavy chain rail guns matching the fire power of the Blue Jacket, though the Locust’s top air speed and maneuverability were considerably less than the Blue Jacket. The result was a gunship that did not require air to air support, but greatly benefitted when included. The Locust also featured a utility drone mounted in a top cargo bay. The utility drones were common equipment on several OrionBlu vehicles of the time and this one was used primarily as a search and recon to help flush out enemies taking cover in tight spaces.
  21. ZCerberus

    LL 928 M.C.V.P

    MEGA Core Vehicle Platform (M.C.V.P) LL 928 The M.C.V.P emerged as the main utility and ground combat support vehicle for OrionBlu soon after the Blue Jacket proved to maintain air superiority over the Sonic Star. The main vehicle, simply referred to as “the Core”, has two multifunction platform both of which may outfitted with different load outs ranging from strong cargo boxes to advanced weapon turrets or tactical recon transports. The Core is fitted with strong armor plating, oversized all terrain wheels with independent suspension and advanced shielding capabilities. The Core is normally crewed by three, a pilot, and two platform specialists, one for each of the two multifunction platforms, but may be crewed by two if the Core is only carrying cargo containers. Most Core vehicles also include a systems robot capable of controlling the functions of any trailing platform attached to the Core. To increase the Core’s utility, a variety of detachable, wheeled trailing platforms can be attached to supplement the Core’s load out. The extensive list of trailing platform load outs range in function from construction and utility cranes to planetary artillery. Over half of the load outs use the same trailing Control Center which may be crewed independently of the Core if the Control Center will be detached for stationary duties, such as use as a fixed listening post or semi-permanent anti-cruiser artillery. The Control Center can be outfitted with the same load out options as the Core vehicle itself, but also has capacity for a number of larger load out components that are either too heavy for the side mount structure of the Core, or draw too much power. One interesting aspects of the M.C.V.P is how it received its name and unique coloration for a ground vehicle as compared to other OrionBlu Corporation vehicles. When initially conceived, OrionBlu’s Master of Ground Operations, Trian Burress, asked his secretary, Rachel Katy, to request bids to “build a new multifunction corps of wheeled, ground vehicles.” In turn, Katy requested bids for a “wheeled core multifunction vehicle”. Burress found the misnomer charming and kept the name “Core” throughout the development process. Once the final design had been complete and manufacturing began, the Lunar Registration Authority (LRA), a galactic enterprise tasked with protecting space fairing design patents, approached OrionBlu demanding they pay the mandatory fees to assign a Lunar Licensing number (LL number) and an additional fee for each Core vehicle already produced to protect the Core’s design from design encroachment. The Lunar Licensing Act (LLA) states: 302.01(a) Design Registration: In order to protect the design integrity and intellectual property of the Galaxy’s citizens, all vehicles used to promote, enable or enhance the spacefaring abilities of the Galaxy’s citizens must: (i) register the vehicle’s design with the Lunar Registration Authority, (ii) receive and maintain a Lunar Licensing number from the Authority, and (iii) pay the fees attached to Schedule A to register and maintain the LL number for all vehicle designs still in use. (b) Registered Vehicles: In order to fund and enable the LRA to defend and enforce design patents held throughout the galaxy, any vehicle with a LL number must: (i) pay the Lunar Registration Authority all tonnage fees listed on schedule B upon completion and triannual for all vehicles still in service, and (ii) clearly display the logo and color scheme of the corporation under which it is registered to ensure design integrity is not encroached. While many believed the LRA fees were excessive as compared to the value received in return in the normal course of business, paying the fees to register the LL number, to register each of the 5,600 Core vehicles in the production run and to paint or change the manufacturing badging for the nearly 4,000 Core vehicles already in service would require a unexpected, crushing capital outlay. Rumors abound pegged a Blacktron bribe as the spark that began the LRA’s registration demand. OrionBlu objected to the LRA demand stating land based vehicles were exempt from the Lunar Licensing requirements as they did not, “promote, enable or enhance the spacefaring abilities of the Galaxy’s citizens” especially because the LLA had traditionally only been imposed on spacefaring craft. In a hearing before the Galactic Authority, the LRA successfully argued in a 9-8 majority decision, that the LLA was designed to protect not only spacefaring vessels but any, “mega vehicular design breakthrough that does or will likely affect the spacefaring population of the galaxy.” In response to the Galactic Authority’s ruling, OrionBlu registering the vehicle with LL Number “928” in reference to the split Galactic Authority’s vote and under the name “MEGA Core Vehicle Platform” to further mock the LRA and the Galactic Authority. While OrionBlu did paint and change manufacturing to comply with section 302.01(b)(ii) of the LLA, OrionBlu decided to keep the red wheel hubs already produced to save capital and as an additional act of defiance over the ruling. Despite industry pundits’ predictions of total financial ruin, OrionBlu completed the production of the M.C.V.P and in a strong reversal of fortune, used the design protections offered under the LLA to sell a number of M.C.V.P variants to other corporations including the well-known Mega Core Magnetizer to the MTron Corporation. Load outs: Missile load out Mixed use load out The Core Vehicle: The Control Trailer:
  22. ZCerberus


    It's only got 3 wheels, but fewer wheels means more fun! To go along with the MoonDog, another NCS little guy, this time a para-militaristic trike!
  23. ZCerberus


    (I call this one the ScarJo pose- just watch an Avengers clip with Black Widow fighting to know why) With a growing fleet of vehicles and ships to service, OrionBlu found itself in need of a way to service vehicles in the field. With environmental conditions often inhospitable and the inability to reliable diagnose breakdowns away from repair stations, OrionBlu commissioned a variant of the exo suit to diagnose, support and repair vehicles in the field. This variant of the exo suit is smaller than spaceport or pure military variations and is designed to emit zero radiation for field work in sensitive regions. The acronym E.S.Z.Ra ( Exo Suit, Zero Radiation), usually vocalized as “Ezra”, is applied to differentiate this exo suit from others. As is common with most exo suits models, Ezras have been adapted over time to fulfill other support and military roles. *True and actual story about the name- I asked my 3 1/2 year old what to name it. We had just watched an episode of Star Wars Rebels so he told to name it "Ezra". I have to admit, not the worst name he has come up with, he told us we should name our daughter "Cotton Balls", so this wasn't half bad! And some action poses: The stern wife pose The Uncle Sam pose The running man pose And the group pose.
  24. ZCerberus

    LL 330 Grasshopper

    After gaining air-superiority, OrionBlu began requiring additional support and specialized craft. The first specialized craft designed was the LL 330 “Grasshopper” often referred to simply as a “Hopper”. The Hopper’s function is as a landing and support craft used to move personnel and light equipment between planetary systems and within a planet’s atmosphere. The Hopper is known to be rugged with strong shielding and heavy VTOL engines delivering a very smooth ride. While the Hopper can take both atmospheric and plasma based weapons punishment, it is not an effective dog-fighting craft having limited maneuverability and minimal forward facing weapons. The Hopper does carry top and bottom mounted medium plasma turrets to ward off enemy fighters or clear ground-based threats. Non-military applications often call for a replacement of the Hopper’s top turret with an advanced communications array. The Hopper also contains two top mounted cargo bays which house tactical drones for ground based operations.