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    MOC interests: medieval, fantasy, magic, oriental, GoH!

    Other interests: Anime matching my MOC interests (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Log Horizon, Sword art Online, A Certain Magical Index, just to name a few), scientific advancements, beautiful landscapes, sports cars and architecture (ancient and futuristic)


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  1. Many of us use Flickr as their online photo storage. If you go to the share button, you chose BBCode, at which you can choose a size. However, if you have an online storage that doesn't allow that, you could use an offline program to resize your images before uploading them. I could use FastStone Image Viewer for that, but I mainly use it to for editing my pictures. Btw, a new episode is out: https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/154374-the-exetrius-saga-17-grave-discovery/
  2. The Exetrius Saga (17): Grave Discovery

    Thanks a lot! I've never really done much interior architecture (mainly due to parts constraints), so I really practicing details like the coloured bands of dark orange and such. Glad they turned out well!
  3. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    Yes exactly, me neither! Somehow I like it in that colour, even though I'm nowhere near a fan of that colour in general.
  4. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    In one of the new trailers, a new ninja appears, I wonder if it will be in a set next year. I'm deliberately being vague here, WARNING pic in spoiler tag: Maybe @Balbo knows? Other Austrian EB members here.
  5. The Exetrius Saga (17): Grave Discovery

    Thank you for your compliments! The idea was that gold is used a lot to give builds like this decorative detail, so I wanted to do without it. I enjoyed the water bubble (https://brickset.com/parts/design-61287) thing, indeed!
  6. Lego hair pieces

    Oh, I would really like to get the dark orange ponytails! Reminds me of Asuka, from Neon Genesis Evangelion (I wish the piece had printed red bands, for that purpose): Maybe you could improve the hippies by swapping the heads+hair? Or you could make hippie cheerleaders and cheerleader hippies.
  7. The Exetrius Saga (16): I found something!

    New part is up: https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/154374-the-exetrius-saga-17-grave-discovery/
  8. Exetrius Saga Chapter 1-15: 16: I found something! Episode 17: Grave Discovery Somewhere in the south of the Desert lands, sometime in between the Kaliphlinian Civil war and the recent Civil war of Nocturnus... Some fifty meters from the mana pool, there was a stack of three stone blocks. Upon closer investigation, there was nothing special to them. It did not seem to be part of a ruin, either. Stenran suggested it could be a benchmark, which made perfect sense, given how their guide warned them for the thick fog that may appear every once in a while. The four travelers headed in the direction of the stones. More benchmarks followed. They found a water well, the remains of a cultivated field and a collection of ruined houses, burnt pieces of wood and pottery shards that lay scattered around the place. Plunderings. They discovered something remarkable on the cemetery: aside from the variety of gravestones, twenty-two stacks of stones, consisting of three each, seemed to have been added last. Next to that last stack, the sand grinded a bit, as if there was a hard surface underneath. Sirius "There is something here, I can feel it." He unearthed a heavy tombstone. "I'm going to shatter it with an arcane shock, gentlemen, take cover!" The stone crumbled and revealed a stairway underneath. Sirius told the others to stay outside until the coast was clear. He descended. There was a short hallway that lead up to a single room. He cast a light spell and entered cautiously. He looked around. For a tomb of these proportions, the possessions to be taken to the hereafter looked rather modest. However, above the grave in the back, he saw something that gave him goosebumps. This tomb didn't belong to an ordinary person! Sirius "Could this be...?" While he came closer to the artifact he stepped on a tile and felt a slight shock. "Dang it!" Water gushed out of a barrel and engulfed his head. Scooping away the water with his hands didn't work. The tried to scream, but his words didn't leave the bubble. He wanted to go to the exit, but he could hardly see where he was. He was about to drown, in the desert, by flying water... this wizard had a sense of humour, darn him! Kestero (Samurai guard) "... Sirius, are you there? Sirius Centario!" In a flash, the samurai froze the jet of water and the water bubble with his enchanted katana. Sirius "Buhugh hugh! ... I am grateful for that, Kestero, I owe you." Kestero "It is my duty, Sir. Let it be a lesson." After that, Sirius disabled the trap spell and reached for what he had been after.. .. the lost water runes of Kaliphlin! Sirius "Father, I have not failed you! I will bring you water magic, for the glory of Zotharith! Let us head home!" To be continued.... Hi guys! Third time's a charm: Sirius Centario, the mystery man, has been fully revealed! I hope you enjoyed the read and the scenes! C&C appreciated!
  9. Welcome back, Maxim! There, now an Avalonian, a Mitgardian and a Nocty have welcomed you back before a Kaliphlinite came to do so!
  10. The Exetrius Saga (16): I found something!

    Thanks, Maestro! Next part might come as soon as tonight.
  11. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    So, I believe the European store calender says that, starting September 15, you get the Lloyd polybag and the Kai Dojo polybag offer should also still be valid. None of these show up in my cart after adding, say, the Destiny's bounty. I am logged in as a VIP, though. Any one else have the same trouble?
  12. I'm a huge fan of wizards, mages, warlocks, etc. so anything remotely useful for such purpose is welcome! Needless to say: I really like that wizard bat. The gladiator bat is imo one of the greatest variants of TLBM. I'm neither a Batman nor a fleshie-guy, so the parts I'm interested in are the shield and helmet, both fantastic! If anyone could post a pic of the 1x1 circular tile with Goblin King insignia (Elves) on that shield, that's be awesome I bet! I AM a Ninjago fan, though! White Cryptor will not be of any use in historic context, but the others... Definitely! And yes, I think I was the person to complain about the MP3. Glad they removed them. On a side note, I tend to get lazy when it concerns typist out my thoughts on things, but that doesn't mean these figs don't excite me!
  13. Braving Nocturnus

    Jokes aside, This is really good stuff! The composition of the central tower, ruined wall on the left and gate on the right pleases the eye. Your signature 'stack of rings' tower wall looks more natural than in previous builds. Neat texturing of the walls and the base! Clever fig posing and flagged spear also add to the composition, and I hadn't noticed the knight next to the door at first. Overall, bravo! Suggestion: I don't know what kind of parts budget you have.. but here's an idea: a spacious market hall* with a battle scene/raid going on. Flooring, 4 stalls, 6 or so pillars, a roof, many figs. Large scale, small scale, richly decorated or just civilian. How about it? *example I saw on holiday
  14. Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Well, I don't own both. I found a nice comparison though, I would say the old torso is more refined: https://www.flickr.com/photos/114676176@N08/sets/72157677930527484
  15. The Exetrius Saga (16): I found something!

    Thank you! Yes, you are certainly right. It started with the 5x5 mana pool tablescrap, which took quite a while, but after that the surrounding sands were added rapidly. I appreciate your suggestion, adding a bush didn't cross my mind! One thing to note is the black frame base, with studs-out construction and SNOTted on all sides, which added a fair amount of time, but is a step-up from my earlier black bases. Thank you, Merc! It's easier to make out the depth when you have the build in front of you, but I'm glad you noticed! The next chapter will come soon, don't worry!