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    Favorite running Lego theme: Ninjago
    MOC interests: Medieval/oriental fantasy, GoH, Mecha, Sci-fi

    Other interests: I look at the world around me (nature, industry, architecture, whatever!) and get inspiration. I also watch anime (google Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Mobile Suit Gundam, Fairy Tail, My Hero Academia or Attack on Titan to get an idea), which has the same effect. :)


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  1. Thanks for the heads-up! I was surprised to find out about the printed lattice window, it looks pretty good I hope they're planning more with these pieces. Also, I had no idea that tree wall thing was a single piece! I know it's cliché, but.. The tan golden ingot will be super useful for architecture builds and sci-fi!
  2. Exetrius

    [MOC] EVA Unit 02 & Tokyo-3

    Yeah, kind of quiet here, isn't it? Anyway, I'm glad you like it, thanks for your compliments!
  3. Exetrius

    [MOC] EVA Unit 02 & Tokyo-3

    Thanks, Exe! (I've been wanting to say that, lol ) Again, thanks a lot for your article! I will share it on FB too, shortly. :)
  4. Exetrius

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    The droid body: https://brickset.com/parts/4143663/space-skeleton-body It's been a while since I was quick enough to respond first, haha!
  5. Exetrius

    [MOC] EVA Unit 02 & Tokyo-3

    Introducing the worlds largest and most accurate LEGO EVA Unit 02, complete with a detailed Tokyo-3 diorama! I'm sure a number of you have already seen this build (partly or as a whole) featured on The Brothers Brick or Oficina dos Baixinhos (among others) - I'm very thankful to these blogs for putting my creation in the spotlights - but in this topic I'm going to give a in-depth look into the entire build process and dive further into the details of the build. Let's get started! Introduction & Motivation EVA Unit 02 is a mecha from Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995), one of the most popular/debated anime classics of all time. To give a little bit of background: teenage pilots working for a mysterious mega-corporation (NERV) battle a variety of gigantic aliens (the Angels) in colourful, gigantic mecha (the EVAs)... The mecha and their pilots, from left to right: Unit 02 with Asuka Langley, Unit 01 with Shinji Ikari, and Unit 03 with Rei Ayanami. The sinister-looking guy is the CEO of NERV. So, why did I choose to build EVA Unit 02? Firstly, I'm not remotely the biggest Evangelion fan out there, but at the very least I think the mecha designs and setting in the series is amazing. Between the three units above, I think Unit 02 gets the most spectacular and iconic action sequences in the show. Also, from a builder's perspective, all units have gotten multiple MOC renditions, but I feel like those of Unit 2 have been the least successful in accurately capturing the head. That, in great contrast to Unit 01 - which has been captured close to absolute perfection by Moko (see here), a great inspiration of course. In addition, Unit 02 is mostly red, meaning a colour with a very broad range of LEGO elements I could work with and one that was already abundant in my collection. Bearing those things in mind, I was confident I could be done and would end being something unique. Reference material I choose to stay true to the design as seen in the TV series, as opposed to the variations that appeared in the several movies that followed. I used the action figure below as my main reference standard for the body measurements and shaping, and screenshots from the episodes for the rear and the head. I got the idea to make a base diorama from a huge and beautiful display model by Prime 1 Studio, below. Unlike Unit 02 itself, my Tokyo-3 diorama is not a one-on-one recreation of any specific part of the city as seen in the anime. I paid close attention to the civil infrastructure, though. Build process I made the head (well, the first of many) first, as a proof-of-concept. This is the part with the highest density of details and colour blocking, and is therefor critical in choosing the scale, or so I found out. Though that first head wasn't perfect, it showed me that the scale was right. I measured its height, and together with my main reference printed out on A4 I determined which length in cm and studs every body part should get, with the help of Sariel's unit converter. Later I realised that the chosen scale was quite close to nanofig scale, very convenient! I started building mid-January and I finished at the end of September, though I set it aside for a few months to work on other builds. The collage above is arranged in chronological order, time passes from left to right and top to bottom. After making the head, I experimented with the shoulders and spine, essentially with how to maximize friction, also a bit of preliminary breastplate work. Then I realised that it would be better to start from the hips. Then upper leg, lower leg, ankle and foot (tough!). Then upwards: pelvis segment, second segment (front), third segment (front) and breastplate version 2, with increasing difficulty. After that, the rear: pelvis spine plate, second spine plate, and third spine plate. That's when the most difficult part started: the upper torso. It's where the breastplate, shoulders, spine, neck, power plug, entry plug and plug cover hatch have to connect, while also retaining the odd angles that they are required to have. At this point I sure wished I had chosen a bigger scale, so that I would have had more inside space to solve these problems. In the end though, I found a solution to everything, quite rigid as a whole, too. Here an insight into how it fits together: Green = clips Yellow = technic pins Aqua = hinges Blue = bars Pink = click hinges After the torso was done, I did the hands, upper arms, shoulder blades, and lower arms. Then head version 2, Spear of Longinus, head version 3. Started the base: foundation, street, pavement, traffic lights and street lanterns. Cars, vending machines, raised pavement. Then the main building: inner structure, front, then lock-down doors, roof and greebles. Next, secondary building: ground floor with garage, open staircase and hardware store, then second floor and roof. Then the elevated railway bridge, large stairs and railway platform. Tertiary buildings with vending machines. Finally, head version 4 and head version 5. The completed model I must say, I'm very satisfied with the end result. The iteration on the head definitely paid off and the base, despite not initially being planned, was a creative adventure in itself. The most fascinating thing about the nanofig scale is how it transformed the meaning of various parts, but mostly the printed ones. For example, I have used different 1x2 smartphone tiles to represent vending machine interfaces. Also, a partially covered 2x2 plate from Star Wars turns into a road sign. But my favorite is the 1x2 console from Back to the Future, which I used here for the arrival and departure clock at the railway platform! List of features Although it could be deduced from the images, I will list the features of this build. All limbs of Unit 02 can be articulated, as well as the neck, jaw, shoulder blades and spine (lean to the front and lean to the back, but it's tricky). Unit 02 has an opening hatch under which the entry plug can be inserted or taken out (see the third image down from the second column in the WIP collage). Tokyo-3 features a large office building, of which the facade can be closed off by lock-down doors. The doors slide in from above, which does require the edge of the roof to be temporarily be removed. Tokyo-3 features a smaller building, the hardware store. The first floor can be removed to show the ground floor, which has an opening garage door, a store interior with some electronics, and a staircase. For emergencies, all windows on the first floor can be sealed with hatches. The diorama features numerous small details such as lampposts, traffic lights, a parking sign, graffiti, vending machines (six of them), trees, benches, dustbins and a road map. Additionally, there are three hatchback/SUV cars, an MPV and a TV broadcast truck. Reception, recognition & events Though I would not normally write about this, unlike my previous builds this was really my first full-blown recreation an existing (licensed) thing. I created this with the idea of taking it to comic cons and possibly other events, not only to LEGO conventions. Thus, I was curious what the response would be from within and from outside the LEGO community. I will use this paragraph to keep track of my experiences, if I feel like it. Blog posts, articles and other coverage: Oficina dos Baixinhos: https://oficina.blogs.sapo.pt/tokyo-983908 ArchBrick Daily: https://archbrickdaily.wordpress.com/2019/10/02/tokyo/ The Brothers Brick: https://www.brothers-brick.com/2019/10/07/lego-eva-unit-02-has-activated/#more-188744 Lega Nerd: https://leganerd.com/2019/10/11/lunita-eva-02-lego-e-il-diorama-microscala-di-tokyo-3/
  6. Thanos leaked, wearing a Vladek helmet recoloured in Warm Gold! Imo, it's one of the best LEGO helmets ever, so I'm really happy to get it in a different colour!
  7. Exetrius

    Lego hair pieces

    In other news, Roadhog - the Overwatch bigfig - has 'standard' minifig hair, as opposed to being larger and fixed. It looks anything but standard though, with the big mask and white hair colour.
  8. Exetrius

    PrenmĂ´r Forge

    It's a fine build, and well thought-out! I enjoyed reading it and it had some educational value for me, too. Oh and the micro scale version is a cute. One note, if you're on PC I find the images to be very large, I usually go below 800 pixels in both dimensions.
  9. Exetrius

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    Holy cow! Great torso and leg designs, and hairpiece recolours are always welcome!
  10. Exetrius

    What Exactly is Minifig Scale?

    I think this is the core of the matter, and your examples support it too. In the sets, the size of the complete thing is ultimately determined by the size of its constituent details (which I'd call features), not by the "big spaces" that make up the rest of the build. I think this discussion resurfaces time and time again because there are essentially two kinds of people: those for who the features alone must be somewhat realisically scaled relative to a minifigure, and those for who both features and "big spaces" must be somewhat realistic relative to a minifigure. It comes down to personal preference. (Btw, glad to see you posting again, Aanchir!)
  11. Exetrius

    What Exactly is Minifig Scale?

    This is a very interesting way of looking at it! Even in the MOC community, castle builds especially often suffer from dwarfism.
  12. Ninjago City is overflowing with all kinds of easter eggs (though it's a shame so little are printed)! The CMF is indeed widely regarded as a modern Johnny Thunder, but did you know LEGO actually released a modernized Johnny Thunder with the release of The LEGO Movie? In this set: 70815: Super Secret Police Dropship
  13. Exetrius

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    Ah, the 2020 thread! The Empire Temple of Madness sounds like music to my ears; you can never have too many temples! I give 90% for it being for Speed Champions, 9% for it being Harry Potter (or whatever they want to call it these days), 0.999% for it being Hidden Side, and 0.001% for it being from an all-new original IP.
  14. Awesome, zeb! For a moment I thought you had photoshopped the hammer into your hand, not in the least due to how much shine it has! You nailed it!
  15. Exetrius

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Thanks for sharing! Being able to check where surely not to invest your time in is very useful indeed. I had a look myself, here's what I found: So, as expected, non-active previous LEGO IPs are allowed, i.e.: Bionicle Dimensions Galidor Jack Stone Drome Racers Islands Extreme Stunts Lamborghini, Mercedes (but not Aston Martin, Bugatti, Caterham, Chevrolet, Ferrari, Ford, Mclaren, Volkswagen, Volvo) Some active IPs are allowed: Ninjago Nexo Knights Creator (Expert) Speed Champions Architecture Technic As an anime fan, I of course searched some titles: Allowed: Fairy Tail Gundam Macross Hatsune Miku Porco Rosso Castle in the Sky My Neigbor Totoro Not allowed: Fullmetal Alchemist My Hero Academia One Piece (I had a project planned for this...) Attack on Titan Sword Art Online Code Geass Neon Genesis Evangelion Movie and game licenses are outside my expertise, so I haven't looked into them all that much. Anyway, very useful indeed!