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    Favorite running Lego theme: Ninjago
    MOC interests: Medieval/oriental fantasy, GoH, Mecha, Sci-fi

    Other interests: I look at the world around me (nature, industry, architecture, whatever!) and get inspiration. I also watch anime (google Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Mobile Suit Gundam, Fairy Tail, My Hero Academia or Attack on Titan to get an idea), which has the same effect. :)


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  1. Exetrius

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    This is a pretty disrespectful thing to say. I could attack this claim in a lot of ways, but instead I'll keep cool and kindly suggest you to be more considerate with your choice of words. I hope the chosen wording was not (fully) intentional. Sorry, but IDEAS isn't putting me in a good mood lately. As I put more work in better visuals for my projects, I only see my submissions returned for revision more often. My latest active project was returned two times, I have written about it in detail in the description of the pic below, if you're interested. That wasn't a nice process to go through, so I thought I'd do better with my next submission. Well, turns out: NOT. A whole slew of things was wrong with it. Firstly, as of February 21 2021, you may no longer have text in your main visual, except on prints or stickers. WHY? Secondly, I made close-up renders that only show part of the build, and put them on a sheet that's larger than the render itself. In other words, making sure there is some blank space around the model, it's more presentable that way. Commentary: "Please remove the white border in the photos, so the build is in full view." Ugh. 👉 But here comes the real comment that left me dumbfounded and pissed: "Your recent project submission contains many LEGO Minifigures, suggests a Minifigure series, collectible Minifigures, Minifigures and accessories, a “battle pack” or a mass customisation Minifigure maker Product Idea. We love Minifigures too, but can only accept submissions that contain a significant LEGO model." Excuse me? WHAT? My model is 1760 pieces; I have 7 minifigs. Does that seem exceptional or unreasonable? I include accessories for them, yes, but I am not providing extra minifigure parts whatsoever. Scrapping one or two figs would mean redoing several renders. Cut me some slack, it's not like everyone on IDEAS else is holding back on minifigs! I don't want to fully disclose the model before it goes live, but this should give you an idea of this obviously-not-a-substantial-model: So what are your thoughts on this? Has anyone gone through similar hurdles lately? Imo, it's becoming an increasing pain to deal with.
  2. Exetrius

    LEGO Ninjago 2021

    That sea temple, and Nya's water dragon!! The obligitory-oversized-car is arguably LEGO's wildest amphibious vehicle design since Atlantis, which is neat. For the other sets I'll need to see the official pics, but this seems to be a great wave! For Legacy, is that a downsized Ultrasonic Raider, €50-ish?? Actually, I'm fine with snakes/eels. TLNM and the Atlantis theme provided a variety of sea creatures, but not water snakes or eels. I think they are a good fit with Ninjago as a theme, more than sharks, octopuses, or jelly fish. Plus it's a great thing to see wave-specific moulds return and be recoloured.
  3. Exetrius

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Thanks for that info! @BigA_7 Are these the images you sent, or an improved version already? I had a brief look, but other than custom prints (that should not be a problem) I really don't spot anything that doesn’t look like LEGO
  4. Exetrius

    [Purist Minifigs] Exetrius' figs

    Thanks, Um! :) It's from TLNM Lady Iron Dragon.
  5. Exetrius

    [Purist Minifigs] Exetrius' figs

    Fantasy figbarf time, enjoy! Devotees of Ka'a Rashket Kenra the Diligent || Tarmet the Brave || Fasus the Patient || Drantei the Kind || Serkem the Just In the Age of Calamity, in the face of cataclysm and catastrophe, a small group of idealists has risen up to follow the path of Ka'a Rashket. With an unshaken resolve they challenge a world where all hope seems lost, hoping to tip the scales of fate even ever so slightly...
  6. Exetrius

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Depends where your target audience is, and if there is a platform where you already have a substantial following. I can recommend Reddit and Flickr, and Twitter can go a long way if you can get a ‘famous’ person to tweet about your project.
  7. Exetrius

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    @toastergrl Congratulations! The Van Gogh project stands out in originality, I can see an interesting build experience and good parts pack result from it. I am bummed that neither Avatar: Last Airbender, nor Naruto, have made it... Both are icons in animation history, and very popular to this day.
  8. Exetrius

    LEGO Ninjago 2021

    Extra wall texture, ever so subtle? Or easier to place down, or remove, in that particular situation? Nothing else comes to mind.. except inflating the piece count.
  9. Exetrius

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Do you guys know how to prevent high-res renders from turning blurry when uploaded to IDEAS? My images are 3000x2250 (ratio 4:3), png files. I tried reducing to about half the size, and to jpeg, but that didn't help. Another technical question: how do you embed an image into the project description? Btw, I could find neither of these things in the FAQ.
  10. Exetrius

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    To be honest I am already very grateful (and surprised) that it was recoloured for a non-licensed set at all, but yeah, very much second this!
  11. Exetrius

    LEGO Ninjago 2021

    The print quality of the avatar outfit torsos was bad too, imo. If you're printing a bare chest on a torso, better make it opaque! In general, I feel like the opacity of prints has lowered a bit. Now I always pay close attention to set reviews, to avoid ending up with unsightly prints that I won't use. And new trans clear is an eyesore. Quality complaints aside, NCG looks great. Love the control tower, and relieved there's no 18+ box art! I was kind of hoping for a temple instead of a shrine, but oh well. I wonder what it looks like placed directly next to NC, because I'm not a fan of the hight drop of the NCD. Anyway, exciting continuation!
  12. Exetrius

    Varlyrian House

    Maybe you could have added a brick built, square, figure, to give a sense of scale? Great job on the bottom-up roofing, though
  13. Exetrius

    Story of Ava, chapter I

    Welcome to the Guilds! This is solid start, both story-wise and build-wise! You've had to work with tough constraints, but you pushed through. I like the vine and the water well (great technique, there!) too. As far as improvement goes, there's not much that you yourself and Grover haven't mentioned yet, but I have two minor things. First, I think the placement of the olive green plants in front of the water well is not all that logical, if the well is used regularly, so I might have put them under the tree instead. The other thing is the snow. The white 1x3 slope bothers me, because all the rest of it is represented by 1x1 studs, and by itself it doesn't look very natural. Also, those two studs put vertically on that vine would better be placed on top of the wall, for consistency's sake. But that is nitpicking, keep up the good work!
  14. Exetrius

    [MOC/DIY] 14 Dots bracelet designs!

    Thanks! Thank you! The studs are not open, though. Would be a bit classic Technic they had done that.
  15. Exetrius

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    https://bouwsteentjes.info/lego-ideas-medieval-blacksmith/ good morning, 2021! I really like the look of this!