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    Haunted House

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    Favorite running Lego theme: Ninjago
    I build medieval fantasy (Guilds of Historica), custom minifigures and other things!

    I also watch anime (fantasy, action and adventure shows).


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  1. Exetrius

    Book III - Challenge 11: Trading Posts

    Wow, look at all those entries! Couldn't make it this time, as my time and energy was spread across too many other things.
  2. Exetrius

    Guilds of Historica New Member Guide

    Hello Phy! The Guilds welcome all who wish to build in the fantasy world we call home! Since you love DnD and LoR (haven't heard that name in a while!), I'm sure you stumble here upon some lore or part of Historica that makes you want to start building! Looking forward to your first build or sigfig!
  3. Exetrius

    [Rockwail HSS] The Silver Bull inn

    Thanks, Stad! Good to hear it conveys the Nocty vibe, heaven forbid it would look Avalonian! Thanks for your compliments! Imagine what the other horse must be thinking, haha! Thank you, Yperio! Same, the new shutters are just not as elegant. I'm really happy with the new dark green leaf pieces, it's a lovely colour that makes pretty much any-coloured flower pop more. Thanks!
  4. Exetrius

    [Purist Minifigs] Exetrius' figs

    Thank you so much, Yperio! Yes, I've made quite a few over the years. Thanks, those are some of my personal favourites too! Thanks a lot, I appreciate it! Lots of work finding compositions that work, finding the exact angle and the posing of the characters.
  5. Exetrius

    [Purist Minifigs] Exetrius' figs

    As if the previous Ninjago figbarf wasn't big enough, I went even bigger! Introducing: Superfigbarf: The Gōshūsha Dynasty I didn't name every character this time and approached the bios a little differently than usual. Read all about it here!
  6. [HSS] The Silver Bull inn Standing proudly in front of the Palace, and overlooking Rockwail's main plaza, is The Silver Bull inn. It's neither the largest, nor the most infamous inn in town, but it does enjoy a good reputation. To the more wealthy traveler, it offers peace and quiet at the heart of the city, tidy rooms and good meals, including soups, meat and hot drinks. The inn accommodates seven guests across four rooms, and furthermore houses the city's post office. Messenger Fiona, of Avalonia, is delivering a message from Albion to the post office of The Silver Bull. At the door she's greeted by an unusual visitor who is making his depart. In a mix of thrill and unsettlement, a shiver went down Fiona's spine. She had gotten acquainted with the non-human population of Nocturnus before on a number of occasions, but never had she seen an undead skeleton before! At second glance, he seemed quite the gentleman, though. Look at that jaw line! Haha, kidding! Little did the Avalonian messenger know that she had just met the famed Resistance warlord Anfauglir! And Anfauglir wasn't the only Nocturnian lord at the inn at that moment... --- Additional pictures: I'm happy to be sharing posting another HSS build for Rockwail, at the very end of 2023. Indeed, HSS. Not sure if that was clear before, but it is now! I've worked on other buildings too, but those are for the coming year. As usual, I learned a lot while building. More than with any previous MOC, I struggled with figuring out the layout of the interior and how to break it open for access to the interior. For example, I shuffled around the beds several times to get a three-bedroom floor that made sense. It's my biggest fully enclosed MOC building to date, and yet the interior space turned out to be very tight. That was one of the reasons I choose to not have any actual doors inside the building*, only brickbuilt 3-wide, 6-high door frames. So a bit of a schematic rendition. *save for the door to the toilet, which is a detail that was lost in a section that doesn't detach for access (for structural integrity and my sanity). I hope you enjoy. C&C welcome!
  7. Exetrius

    [Freebuild] Patrolling the Southern Shores

    Thanks for your compliments! I know what you mean with the "striped rocks" cliffs. Preferably following almost exactly the (square) contours of the castle built on top, and with a huge waterfall gushing out from nowhere...
  8. Exetrius

    [Freebuild] Patrolling the Southern Shores

    Thank you, Simon!
  9. Exetrius

    Prelude: What Lies Beneath

    This is so beautiful about the Guilds: even after years the builds and stories continue to inspire! I don't know anything about the Kolgari myself, but all mentions of the Kolgari are to be found here: https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/search/&q=Kolgari&type=forums_topic&nodes=145. Hope you find something interesting!
  10. Exetrius

    [Freebuild] Patrolling the Southern Shores

    Thanks y'all! For the shields I found good inspiration in the Creator viking ship set, but wanted to add some kind of patterns for detail, which is where the modified 1x1 tiles came in. Glad you also like the water, seems like it was worth the effort to change it all up! @Kai NRG I'd say definitely get the smaller one, it's too cuuute! The larger seal feels a bit oversized and the underside is awkwardly open. Thank you! I will agree that the rockwork is nothing fancy. In fact, it was the age-old game of disguising BURPs! I used two "mountain" shaped BURP at each end, and two "cliff" shaped BURPs as well as two 45-degree wall panels in the middle. I personally don't really mind it, but I appreciate the feedback!
  11. Magnus Gudmund, Lord of Spróggefjell in southeast Mitgardia, had recently had his farmlands raided by a band of thieves. Rumour has it they took to the coast, so Gudmund hired a group of soldiers to patrol along the Southern Shores. So far, the search has been unsuccessful. This build is a modified version of my Summer Joust collab entry (see spoiler) from three months ago. I was happy with the ship, but the water and terrain wasn't convention-worthy. So I tore down the water, I acquired a lot of dark blue tiles (just barely enough, though!) to cover the new base, which I shortened on both front and end. I finished the creation halfway into August, but there was a problem: no camera! I had been borrowing my sister's camera for years, but at last she permanently reclaimed it, so I had to get my own. And then holidays happened, and other LEGO projects, a job application, Skaerbaek Fan Weekend, LEGO World Utrecht... but this weekend I finally spent some time figuring out my new camera (Nikon D3300) and taking pictures. Little note: I didn't bother changing the figures of the collab, but I did change the story to fit Guilds of Historica. It's not much, but it's something. Glory to the Guilds! C&C appreciated!
  12. Exetrius

    [Freebuild] Ravynne's end

    Cool minifigure scene! A good variety of townsfolk and of facial expressions. I like the doors as well, and the balcony/porch (don't know which is really the correct term here). The snow is well-executed. Could be a little more smooth on the upper roof of the middle house, to make it clearly stand out from the texture of the stonework, but that may be personal preference. Great bleak winter scene!
  13. I have no doubts whether I love the use of the 'double arrow' tiles here: I do! They add lots to the look of the exterior, and in general the timber frames are very well-done. I like the other fine details on the outside too, like the silver lute sign, the patches of foliage and the stone pavement. The tree has good height and density. I wish the trunk had a little more texture somehow, but I do like how the 2x2 rounded brick with technic holes serves a double purpose. There are many ways to create a LEGO tree, and this one feels fresh. One the interior, there are many things to admire too, but what strikes me most are the attic filled with viking treasures, the brickbuilt chests of various sizes (love the printed Unikitty plates there!), the corner bench and the cradle! Really good stuff! Also, respect for making modular sections. I am currently making kind of a similar building, and it is harder than it seems! And last but not least: the minifigures... Wow! These combo's are so good! Asceline herself is fantastic, and I find Roland and the female adventurer with the sword particularly inspiring, for their legs and torso respectively. In conclusion, one of your best builds yet!