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    Favorite running Lego theme: Ninjago
    MOC interests: Medieval/oriental fantasy, GoH, Mecha, Sci-fi

    Other interests: I look at the world around me (nature, industry, architecture, whatever!) and get inspiration. I also watch anime (google Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Mobile Suit Gundam, Fairy Tail, My Hero Academia or Attack on Titan to get an idea), which has the same effect. :)


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  1. Thank you! Yes, indeed. I'm building now what I couldn't back then. I've seen and read a lot the past years as research for this NCW series, and I every time I did so it made me realize just how bloody good the builds and stories of now inactive Nocties (and other Guildies) were. Not something to be taken for granted, and also worth upholding that legacy.
  2. Exetrius

    CDC2 CMF Kahir88

    Giving a theme to a figbarf that already has a a defined theme and suggested format, now that's out-of-the-box thinking! Some of them look a little less polished than others, but on the whole you have added loads of depth to the lore! I think my favourites are "Punisment Shaves" (just hilarious!), "Mask of Shame" (interesting concept) and "Witch Burning" (great execution, no pun intended ). "Boiling Point" stands out as the absolute sickest, to me. Some general criticism: sometimes your builds are under-lit, and if you correct that with a photo-editor programme (I use Fastone Image Viewer), which is quite easy, I think that could make your builds come out better. And with the overview shot: try to space them out more. With figures/builds varying as wildly as these, I think it's important to make sure that the way of presentation is as orderly as possible. Overall, great work man!
  3. Pardon my tardiness; it has been a great but busy few days! Yes, I love realism! And fantasy! The popularity of the ship is exceeding my expectations, and I'm glad you like the story! Thanks! Thank you, zoth! There's always an excuse to bring back the Algus, right? Thanks for the compliments, mate! (btw, "Valyrio in GoT" tripped me up for a moment, haha!)
  4. Exetrius

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Indeed! Although I always find myself missing a stud, anti-stud, or better yet: hollow stud connection on the side that is now flat.
  5. Exetrius

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Tested it, doesn't work unfortunately. The clips clip on, but won't angle down any further than 'flat', plus the open space in the middle is unsightly large.
  6. Exetrius

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Does it have to be a ring? And does it have to be as compact as the part you mention? Otherwise, I can think of this dish https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=6256&idColor=110#T=C&C=110 or this tire https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=2815#T=C.
  7. Thanks! Glad to hear you appreciate both types of shots, and the boat as well!
  8. Rendezvous at Slime Bay - Enter the Algus![NCW] Ambush in the Rakath[NCW] Onwards, to the Moruth Highlands![NCW] Turmoil in Camp Carakath[NCW] Zotharians in the Underworld [NCW] Rockwail's Catacombs: Rise of the Undead [NCW] Feathers of Fate (Ssilyrrlith's Retreat)Dependable, trustworthy allies are hard to come by. And even when you think you have found them, they may still turn their back on you after a while, or gain an unfair advantage over you, which will inevitably lead to being bossed around further down the line. You never know who will betray you next, so it's important to keep looking for tomorrow's allies. Also, the war between the Black Spire and the Resistance was moving towards a stalemate, and as anyone knows stagnation means decline. Therefor, Raavage had been much determined to draw in external forces. At last, he learned about an ancient race from the North. Banished from Mitgardia by humans, forced to inhabit a forsaken frozen wasteland. Maybe there was some common ground in their agendas... Raavage sent a couple of messengers to the Great North. Few of them actually reached the Frozen Beyond, and the remainder froze to death. However, by sheer luck the last frozen messenger was discovered by a patrolling Algus squad, and the message he carried found its way to the halls of Algugoran. The Algus reciprocated with a messenger of their own, and so the foundation for a potential alliance was laid. Raavage, not intending to waste precious time on endless and risky messenger traffic to gauge interests, demanded a meeting with the highest notable figure straight away. Rendezvous point: Slime Bay, an inlet of the rocky northern shore of the Nocturnian peninsula, around the twentieth day of summer. A bold invitation for sure, disproportionately less favourable for the Algus, with their mostly neglected nautical force and lacking knowledge of the eastern seas. More than a few swears and curses must have been heard at Algugoran at the time. However that same year on the eve of the twenty-third day of summer, a single foreign ship, bruised and battered by the hellish journey it had endured, appeared at the bay. It was at that moment that Raavage knew: he had found a new dependable, trustworthy ally. Raavage's guts were right indeed. They got down to business, and their discussions ended as follows: Lord Raavage "We will meet again in this bay, exactly one year from now. Bring your best soldiers and mages. I will make sure nothing stands in our way towards Abyssian. Nocturnus will be mine, and I'll let you have Mitgardia." Algus commander "Very well. But what about the rest of Historica?" They both laughed boisterously... --- Thanks for reading! Pics of the full build: So there's another GoH creation done! It's a shame that I have no event to display yet, because I have a whole pile of them! So much that I'm actually starting to run low on grey bricks, tiles and plates, but hopefully that will not stop me from making the two more NCW builds that I have planned for this summer. Btw, following your tips on my last build I put a bit more effort in the editing of the main image, which didn't take too much extra time. I think it looks a lot cleaner. Any tips or tops on the writing particularly are appreciated, even nitpicks on word choice (I don't have the intuition of a native speaker)! Cheers!
  9. Exetrius

    Of Dragons and Druids, Ch. 4: The Apprentice

    I can really appreciate that you built a full dragon! Looks nice, but also makes it clear that mixel joints in other colours are loooong overdue!
  10. Exetrius

    Of Dragons and Druids, Ch. 4: The Apprentice

    I love it, Henjin! It when you said something about it had been too long since you had built for Druidham, I did not expect you to follow up on that so soon. And this is definitely not a half-hearted one! Your lighting, which was already great, is stunning here! Beautiful high ceiling! I can tell this build is very big, but the enormous door and furnace, and hanging chains help to make the whole thing feel cosy. The forging activities are great, but the choice of having the elves checking in on their son and the playful dragon peeking in are especially nice touches to the scene. And lovely writing! Cheers, man! Also, I just noticed that your sigfig looks like you. :D
  11. Exetrius

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Thanks! Maybe I'll give that a try too, then.
  12. Exetrius

    GOH Anniversary, 1st count down challenges.

    Congrats guys!
  13. Exetrius

    GOH Anniversary, 2nd count down challenges.

    The fun continues! I've got a substantial idea for cat. 2, hope I can work it out. :)
  14. Exetrius

    Guilds of Historica is Awesome!

    That's such a neat tribute! I really like all the guild flags and matching figures! Cheers!
  15. Exetrius

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    @Alex THELEGOFAN nice order! Did you call to get the Ninjago torsos?