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    Favorite running Lego theme: Ninjago
    MOC interests: Medieval/oriental fantasy, GoH, Mecha, Sci-fi

    Other interests: I look at the world around me (nature, industry, architecture, whatever!) and get inspiration. I also watch anime (google Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Mobile Suit Gundam, Fairy Tail, My Hero Academia or Attack on Titan to get an idea), which has the same effect. :)


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  1. Exetrius

    With the hunters

    I see, quite relatable actually. Leaves aren't exactly the cheapest and most common LEGO pieces...
  2. Exetrius

    Lego hair pieces

    Done. Still missing are Joker's, Bumblebee's and Huntress's hair from DC Superheroes CMF, and Lloyds Golden mowhawk from the Ninjago arcade pod, because they weren't listed. Also, I have omitted the Trolls hairpieces because they attach to 2x2 heads.
  3. Exetrius

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

  4. Exetrius

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    I'm pretty sure they are fully official, but as to how they were obtained... I doubt they were purchased. Is there an embargo on any LEGO product; these PAB exclusives have always just popped up at some point, right?
  5. Exetrius

    [Purist Minifigs] Exetrius' figs

    Thanks a lot! I'm very fond of the Warriors torso-leg combo as well, in fact so much that I used it on another figure too (which I now realise I still need to post it in this thread), which I tend to avoid. Thank you! I wasn't in a rush with the Divine Beauties (I think I came up with them spread over several months) and clearly that paid off, very happy with that! The Authentic LEGO Figbarfs Flickr group states "Remember people: less than five figs and it's not a figbarf!", although personally I have called four figs a figbarf many times. Four figs is easier to come up with and photograph, imo, but I guess the idea is that a figbarf must be a bit of a challenge?
  6. Exetrius

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    Great to see such another fan-favorite fig produced! The Nindroids are an okay inclusion; I recently reassembled a few of the original Nindroids and was quite surprised how cool they still look.
  7. Exetrius

    Dwelf Tales: Treasure Heist

    I really like that you are expanding upon your "Isle of Alnya" from the Safe Haven contest! The trees are great (I spotted you in there, goblin!), the plants are great, and the winding, downward path is great as well. But the dark brown soil layer is awesome, because 1) it separates the reddish brown above ground from that underground, 2) while bridging the gap between the black and reddish brown, 3) and contrasting superbly with lime green, and 4) it's also accurate, because the top soil layer in old forests darker than the ground below, because it is rich in humus! Nice interior, especially like that curved section of wall left from the fireplace. Really the only thing that I can't bring myself to like are the goblins, sorry! Keep rocking, John!
  8. Exetrius

    With the hunters

    The stream is great, as Grover says, and how it undercuts the snow! I also second his comment about the angle. I think in this winter setting, the big tree is a bit odd. The shape and lighter green colours suggest it is a deciduous tree; by the time winter comes around it should have lost its leaves already. I think it would look good in a summer setting, though.
  9. Exetrius

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Thank you! And I'm glad the Meg memes are still running!
  10. Exetrius

    Book III - Challenge IV: The Turning Point

    Hail the Queen! @Grover A well-deserved win indeed!
  11. Exetrius

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I don't know how relevant this is since 1) everyone seemed to have placed an order already , and 2) there's at least one website that is far more complete in compiling what's available, but I like share these little personal bricklists - as I like to call them - nonetheless: 2020: 2019 (several reduced prices, and I think a few new available things??): Also, a small miracle happened: I was trying to flip the screen to take these screenshots, upon which my laptop crashed, but when had started up again and Chrome restored the webpages, my cart was still intact!
  12. Exetrius

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    What's the part number for those dark tan/reddish brown dual moulded legs (or what set do they appear in)? AAWWW YEAHHH!! Thanks so much! Btw, I noticed that Mysterio's 'glass helmet' has been reduced from around €1.00 to €0.44. Nice. :)