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  1. TheAbsoluteSt81

    Forbidden Oasis

    Fantastic! I was a huge fan of both the Adventurers and Pharaoh's Quest lines and I like how this incorporates elements from both
  2. Thanks guys! Will definitely order the builder's guide book and I've also found a few YouTube videos about suspension and gearboxes that have simplified them for me which have been useful.
  3. Hi guys, I'm mainly a system builder but I'm interested in starting with Technic - I've only built a few sets (the blue buggy and small crane from the 2000s, and one of the early Bionicle beast sets which was made with Technic parts) so my experience so far is mainly limited to using Technic parts in system-scale MOCs for structure and mechanisms etc. Are there any short courses, social media pages (i.e. something like tipsandbricks on Instagram), videos or other content that would be useful?
  4. TheAbsoluteSt81

    LEGO Star Wars 2021 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    I really hope we get some generic clones in the style of the commander from the gunship set in the forthcoming year. Do we have any reliable predictions for January or will they not be for another few months? (sorry, I don't follow this community as much now)
  5. TheAbsoluteSt81

    MOC: Juggernaut's Rampage

    Fantastic MOC! I love the attention to detail
  6. TheAbsoluteSt81

    [MOC] Grand Hotel Kudelma

    Absolutely incredible!
  7. TheAbsoluteSt81

    [MOC] Umbaran Starfighter minifigure scale

    Looks fantastic - getting the measurements right must have been a pain! To reinforce structure in the wings, maybe you could use some technic beams (like in the middle wing of the UCS imperial shuttle)?
  8. TheAbsoluteSt81

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Seen the pictures of the new figures - not really keen on the gold figures? They're alright but I would have preferred inclusions of older figures like with the SW wave in 2019; the only reason I can think of for not doing this is the necessity to bring back discontinued molds (not sure if Harry's original hair piece is discontinued but I don't think Hermoine's has been in a set for at least a decade. Ron's is still in production though) but if that was the case then I think figures with the newer molds but detailing in the style of classic figures would have been a good middle ground, if that makes sense. The cat Hermione figure is fantastic, but seems weird to me that Lego went out of their way to make a new mold for something seen in the film for a couple of seconds whilst sacrificing on detail on more important characters in other sets (not printing Bellatrix's legs/reusing the Mantis head, using Generic Villain face #14 for Lucius). I'm guessing that the lower part count allows a greater budget for the figures but several of the figures in the Burrow still seem lazy to me, especially considering these sacrifices weren't made in the 2010 wave.
  9. TheAbsoluteSt81

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I think Raimi sets are unlikely but I wouldn't rule them out completely - partly due to optimism (the original sets are incredibly nostalgic for me) but also they released 2 ASM2 figures (the Electro polybag and an SDCC Spider-Man if I remember correctly) and unless this rumour was debunked, Maguire will be returning in Dr Strange 2 so a couple of legacy sets might be possible, definitely not this year though
  10. TheAbsoluteSt81

    The Munsters Koach

    Cool model! I like the gold detailing and I think this would sell well as a set so I will support it
  11. Thanks! Yeah it's a cool figure, I like having rarities like this and the chrome Darth Vader in my collection
  12. What is the oldest set you have seen in a shop, relative to the time you saw it (i.e. how long had it been discontinued for at the time)? For me, the only one that comes to mind is the Toy Story Buzz Lightyear ship, which I believe my local W H Smith sold until around 2015. I've probably seen older sets than that in shops at some point though; I think I remember seeing sets with 4-digit codes around 2017/18 but don't remember any further details. Also, I remember my local Toys R Us stocked the 2006 X-wing until around 2011 (before the next one came out), but I'm not sure if that was discontinued or if it just had a longer run (I don't remember any other shops stocking it). Note: if there are already any threads for this topic (I don't think there are any active ones) feel free to link to those as well!
  13. TheAbsoluteSt81

    [MOC] Modular Antique Shop

    I love it! The details are really cool, reminds me of some of the antique shops near me
  14. TheAbsoluteSt81

    [MOC] A-Wing & B-Wing

    These are fantastic! Very distinct from other MOCs of these ships
  15. Hello, I have a lego pirates imperial soldier figure which I cannot find on bricklink, brickset or any price guide (and that includes the ones that include the rarest of figures, like 'figure with only 50 copies which was given away at a lego convention in Romania in 2006'), and I think it may be worth money. Will upload a picture once I find it but basically it's this figure:{"iconly":0} except with a tricorn and possibly slightly different head, and with the lego logo on his back. It seems to have been a keychain as it does not come apart. He used to have the bottom of a plastic key chain (like this: Ambassador Key Chain - plastic chain, with stripes on back&category=[Key Chain][Legoland Parks]#T=S&O={"iconly":0}) on his head but this broke off years ago, probably still in a box somewhere! I think I got the figure at a young age in a box of second-hand lego my mum got me from a co-worker (mostly 90s stuff). If anyone can give a link to a bricklink page or any sources about the figure, please let me know. Would love to know if it's valuable/how it was initially sold. If there's a different forum for which this may be more appropriate please let me know.