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Found 17 results

  1. The microscale Venture Koi spaceship (that's the red vessel in background, minus the white stand parts) from the LEGO Universe cinematic trailer is complete, and so are the Nexus Force faction leader's mini figures. "Answer the call, and save Imagination!" The rear of the Venture Koi space exploration vessel. From left to right we have the four leaders, representing their respective factions: - Vanda Darkflame, ninja of Paradox faction - Hael Storm, captain of Venture League faction - Duke Exeter, knight of Sentinel faction - Dr. Overbuild, master-builder of Assembly faction Notes on the build: The ship's design in this scale was originally from in-game rocket, but modified to be buildable and with the seat removed. Also, I had been waiting ten years to make this ship in real life, and the new ratchet joint bricks in the Optimus Prime set made it possible to finally build the Venture Koi in the real world. I am also happy I was able to get the founders built as close as I did to their in-game counterparts, as they originally used custom parts / prints never available in the real world. Thoughts / comments / concerns appreciated!
  2. Arachnophobes look away now, because the Maelstrom spider boss is BACK! As seen in the cinematic trailer (link to Youtube) for LEGO Universe, The Spider Boss was imagined by Baron Typhonus as a creature of pure chaos in the Mythran Temple and brought to life by the power of the Imagination Nexus. The Baron created the Spider Boss to demonstrate the possibilities of Imagination without rules. The Spider smashed a Robot Dog (that had just been created by Doctor Overbuild) and moved to attack Duke Exeter, Dr.Overbuild, and Hael Storm as Baron Typhonus laughed in triumph. However, creatures of chaos serve no master; the Spider turned on Typhonus and dragged him into the Imagination Nexus. This action corrupted the Nexus and mutated it into the Maelstrom. I recreated this MOC from instructions on Rebrickable by user Brigs, as seen here. I had to change some parts' colors around (as it wasn't buildable in original form without selling a kidney), and other parts were weakly attached. For example: Those two black wedge slopes on the rear of the body were originally purple, but couldn't be bought in quantity due to them being from one 2014 X-Men set. This made it impossible to get them at a reasonable price. That's all for now, thoughts and comments are always appreciated!
  3. Horlack Bricks

    [MOC][Futuron] Retro Space Solar Ship

    Futuron - Retro Space Solar Ship [Futuron] Retro Space Solar Ship by Horlack, on Flickr ================================== The beginning/Genesis : ================================== At the beginning of September, I re-watched the old animated as X-Bomber at 43 years old ! It was my birthday this month. Don't ask me what went through my mind at the time, I don't know at all! I wanted to go back to childhood, because I have the impression of having aged. I had to straighten "the bar", lol ! Seeing these old Retro solar boats literally “blew my mind”. I never realized that a lot of anime from that era had a "strange spaceship" conception, transforming old 14-18th century ships / galleons with engines for space. Yet it was so obvious! And it was there, that suddenly, I remembered Jayce, Cobra, etc ... In short, I saw all the ships of the anime of that time scroll through my head, like a comet in front of my eyes (which booms crashing into my head). And no one had done this in Lego. At least I don't remember. In itself, the beginning of an idea or impression that smelled good, and / or had potential. It was the very beginning of the inspiration and brainstorming in my head for Lego Classic Space ! ================================== The concept : ================================== I did something unusual, non-conformism, eccentric, disconcerting and crazy at the same time. I make a double combination and double ration, animated 70-90 which it was the fashion of space ships and Lego Space Futurons 87-90. For a good Retro nostalgia I combined elements of the Azuris ship from « Message from space : galactic wars », the Cephalus ship from Star Fleet X-Bomber, Glory of the universe of Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, and the Solaris of the Mysterious cities of Gold ! 2 periods 70-90 in 1! Fashion Geek powa, total ! ================================== Animated Wikipedia source: ================================== ================================== Youtube animated credits for the nostalgic: ================================== Message from space : galactic wars / San Ku Kai Star Fleet X-bomber: Jayce and the wheeled warriors : The Mysterious Cities of Gold : ================================== I took again in inspiration: ================================== - The front and landing feet of Glory of the Universe. - Sails and propulsion reactors of the Cephalus. - The front spur and the hexagonal solar sail at the top of the Solaris mast. - Part of the sails and the structure of the Azuris. ================================== Remarkable elements, NPU, conversion of parts, techniques : ================================== I converted parts #4346 and #4345, in all directions, with levers, for the machinery. Part #44938 bionicle shield, with a "mechanical" aspect converted into an energy capacitor. Various parts of Droids (starwars) converted in the machinery and on the outer deck. Bionicle Shield #45275 converted into deflectors, on the deck of the ship. Kind of like "Viking ship/longship" shields. Big Trident Bionicle #40339 = excellent for large boat emblems in general. I used a slope technique for the sides of the hull. For the rear canopy in the hull, I used a SNOT technique with part #30249. ================================== Physical information : ================================== - 7,082 parts for 854 lots. - 2 weeks of brainstorming, intellectual reflection or "total blank" ...: passive or empty work. - 3 to 4 weeks of active work. - 60.8 studs width, 101.8 studs length, 78.7 studs height. - 48.7 cm width, 81.5 cm length, 63 cm height. - 5.77 Kg. ================================== Global : ================================== All Futuron figures, including the green Lego City minifigure and the lesser known "Educational & Dacta" minifigures. 9 crew members, 3 teams of 3 watch members. ================================== Exterior/outside: ================================== - Solar sails with 3 intermediate lookouts. They can rotate a bit. - Futuron logo, in stickers, on the sails. - 2 radars at the top of the masts. - Long electromagnetic barrel at the front. - 2 small laser cannon turrets at the front. - 2 large turrets at the rear, pulsed radius. - Wings with stabilizers at the end. - 2 small rotating turrets under the wings. - 4 landing feet. - Various elements of machinery on the deck of the Boat. - 8 deflector shields on the sides (Bionicle shield converted). - 2 large propulsion reactors. - Cockpit. ================================== Wheelhouse: ================================== - 1 captain / watch officer seat. - 1 seat Transmission of orders to machines. - 1 navigation control seat. - 1 communication control seat. - 1 alarm control seat. - Walkie-talkies, fans, fire extinguishers, binoculars, cups, etc. ================================== Interior/inside hull of the ship : ================================== - Small storage room at the front, with a ladder to grab onto the deck of the solar ship. - 6 beds with drawers below. - WC / toilet. - Sonic shower. - Kitchen / Cantina: sink, water, oven, cupboards, cups, bottles of food. - Table, bottles of food. - Machine room: control bar, control panel, turbines, fans, transformer, energy condenser, energy pressurizer, cooling circuit, heat transfer fluid, warning lights, ladder to climb to the cockpit, tool kit, tools behind the ladder. - Rear canopy - SAS by energy barrier. ================================== Conclusion: ================================== I built in a perspective of pseudo-realism, pseudo-likely and pseudo-consistency, with compromises with the Retro concept of the animated ones of the years 70-90's. I wanted something playable and fun at the same time. I had a lot of difficulty and trial and error, because I had never done a Lego boat. I worked several times until 4am ! I often work like this: as long as the inspiration is there, I must not lose it, and I work until I no longer see the time passing. But the opposite has also happened to me several times: several times the symptom of the "blank sheet" for 1 to 3 days, without knowing how I was going to build, find inspiration, think about the logic of the construction, etc. . This feeling of "emptiness", that you feel something is happening, and you have it on the tip of your tongue, but it does not come out! Annoying and horrifying sensation ! :) The inclination of the walls gave me intellectual problems. It took a long time to build the engine room. I had to redo it at least 3-4 times. I wanted a maximum of diversity and complexity at the same time. The confined space of the hull gave me difficulties: how to integrate "likely" elements in so little volume ? I have lost my hair several times. Just those damn shower and toilet, I had to spend 3 hours each, to do, undo and redo in all the sauces. Like a little monkey who tests all combinations. Shouldn't bring me a banana at this time, because I think I would have been screwed to make a monkey cry as a bonus .... lol [Futuron] Retro Space Solar Ship by Horlack, on Flickr (Zoom on Flick, picture Full-HD 9216 x 4608 pixels) [Futuron] Retro Space Solar Ship by Horlack, sur Flickr (Zoom on Flick, picture Full-HD 9216 x 6144 pixels) [Futuron] Retro Space Solar Ship by Horlack, sur Flickr (Zoom on Flick, picture Full-HD 9216 x 4608 pixels) Shiptember 2021 [Futuron] Retro Space Solar Ship by Horlack, on Flickr ================================== Source / reference on my project (progression in the time) : ==================================
  4. These are builds inspired by or taken from the first MMO made for Lego: LEGO Universe. (or LU, as it was affectionately known) Here is my space base... ...the space vehicles, and below is the history + the LU story post-2010: This game had very few real world items in sets, but two things did come out: First, an astronaut for people who pre-ordered the game in 2010... and then a rocket that was modular in the style of the game (Nose + Cockpit + Engine) and was released in a LEGO Club event to build your own rocket. (both pictures from Brick Link) The game lasted barely past it's first birthday (October 2010 was when it started), with the plug being pulled on February 1st 12:01 AM 2012. As a testament to the game I played and loved, I built some models that continue the story past 2012 and beyond the current day. Here are those builds: - 16 soldier figures - 1 orange mini-fig robot (from Galaxy Squad) - 1 train engineer (in brown) - 2 scientists (in blue jackets) - 1 Bob (lab coat with white boots) - 2 astromech droids The NIFT-E robot was designed in 2015 to compliment the thousands of Sentry (set 4416) series robots produced in 2006 by the X-POD corporation for the original Nexus Force founders. Thirty-four of these newer robots were produced in 2018 as a test batch, called the Nexus Iron Friendly Teammate - Engineer class (NIFT-E) for use as spaceship ground-crew and heavy engineering duties, including fueling and heavy duty maintenance, computer updating, and guiding ships into landing zones. They are used alongside human counterparts who work on the harder to reach areas of a ship's engine, and on life support systems. Each human master mechanic (of which every base has at least two or three of them, plus several apprentices) is assigned an NIFT-E counterpart, in which they are equal partners working towards the same goal: keeping the ships flying, the base humming with life, and repair bay as empty as possible in case of emergencies. I copied this back in 2012 from a desktop download from the old LEGO Universe game. It was carefully cut out and switched to gray scale to save ink. It is the logo of the Nexus Force. Due to the Nexus Force logo not being found anywhere but a expensive mini-figure torso from a limited edition polybag, I have decided to change the logo to something different. This new logo is seen in the 2014 CITY Arctic sets. I figure this is my in-universe explanation of the logo change: This moon base-like space base model was inspired by set 60036 (Arctic Base Camp), with a rooftop shield generator partially lifted from set 75098 (Assault on Hoth) and a sensor array inspired by set 76157 (Wonder Woman VS. Cheetah) The base consists of eight separate, interchangeable, modular sections, all of which have opening roof / wall sections for ease of access. These sections include (but are not limited too): a common bunk room, a spaceship control tower, a fusion generator, communications room, break room, and several more. As you can see, I joined the base to the rail-line with a short siding for freight deliveries, and for the servicing of steam locomotives on services such as the Moonlighter passenger train. Fictional history of the base: The Nexus force landed on an ice world named DY-17, (this was soon to be renamed Ice Station Destiny) in a bit of desperation, as the Maelstrom had damaged their escape cruiser, the Bright Hope, to the point of near hyper-drive core failure. The ships sensors located no technology on the surface, and not many life forms, but a lot of geothermal activity in the form of large heat/steam vents from the core to the surface, which could be used for emergency power. The ship landed, and soon the base camp for the crew of the Bright Hope was set up. It was then discovered the planet had many mineral deposits that happen to be compatible with the metal in the Hyper-drive cooling system. So, the minerals began to be mined, and pretty soon the crew had a good operation going that was almost self-sufficient and very eco-friendly. A vote was taken, and the crew chose to stay on the ice world they re-named Ice Station Destiny, as the planet had supplied all of their wants and needs. The logo was repainted to show the original Nexus logo as a distant star, signifying the journey taken by the Bright Hope to their new home world, which was symbolized by the ice-covered world on the logo. The Bright Hope and crew were eventually discovered two years after their landing on Ice Station Destiny by the Norstas of the nearby world of Beta Polaris. Bob formed a friendship with this like-minded race, which eventually became an Alliance between the two forces, and the rest is history Common bunk room, as everyone on the base sleeps in shifts in these bunks. This corner hall module also leads outside via a back door. (not visible here) The beating Nuclear heart of the base. It is powered by cold fusion, and is situated at the center of the base, under the radio communications antenna. This deep-space communications room is where every listening post the Nexus Force has comes to bear it's potentially deadly load. What are they listening for? No, it's not the latest M-TRON corporate gossip or Blacktron III secret battle plans. It's whether the Maelstrom has figured out how to invade our universe from the old pocket dimension they have been sealed away in. This ultra top secret project has listening posts attached to an uninhibited asteroid or comet in almost every known sector of inhabited space. They plan on finding out where and when the Maelstrom ever invade (if they ever do) and planning a counterattack with all available forces before they can even fully emerge through the rip in space-time. The fusion reactor's control room. This module leads outside to the base's elevated landing pad. Upstairs is the flight control tower. This tower makes landing large spacecraft easier, and helps keep an eye out for unwanted guests. It sits on top of the previous module. These computers analyze rock samples looking for fuel traces to be mined. The break room is mostly taken from set 60036, with the addition of the Death Star plans. (Why not?) The radio array on top of the nuclear reactor. SPACE VEHICLES This ship was originally set 70816, Benny's spaceship (x3), with the Unkiitty seat and radar dish removed in favor of a skylight and laser gun turret instead. The sliding wings were redesigned to be stationary and thus provide space under the turret for commander Bob. The ship also has separate passageways for crew to walk so they don't have to go outside to go to Bob, engineering, or the bridge. More recently, I combined the ship with a more elongated nose taken from the 2015 DC Comics set 76028 (Darksied Invasion). I was inspired to build this model by this cool ship by Oran Cruzen over on MOCpages. (RIP) The ship has three areas for up to eight crew to be placed, with passageways for the figures to "walk" from section to section. The rear of the ship has three engines and a rotating, elevating laser turret above. This rocket was originally poly-bag number 55001 from the failed 2010 MMO Lego Universe. Just like in the game, it can split into three modular parts connected by Technic axles. These sections are the following: -Nose-Cone -Cockpit -Engine The rockets can be dissembled into the three component sections and are interchangeable with each other, and with about 15+ other rockets available in LDD form from the Lego Universe Wiki. Also, the completed rockets can seat 1 mini-figure each. The LEGO snow speeder design from Episode V (The Empire Strikes Back) of Star Wars fame has been using basically the same design for almost two decades (since 2004's set 4500, actually) and I have appropriated it for my LEGO Universe space fleet. Yes, I removed the gunners seat and added a new rear cockpit canopy, but it's the same basic overall design. (Ok, so I also placed fins on it from the EU Sandspeeder variant for added flair.) These two have replaced my original Nexus Force fighters from six years ago. (2016!) There is room inside each cockpit for a single figure. (Please note: The main cockpit canopies have the wrong "look" due to a mix-up. I want to order replacement ones without any printing soon.) Rear view showcasing the Speed Champions windscreen at the rear when the gunners seat / harpoon gun was. I am going to put a R2 droid head in behind the pilot for hyper-space navigation, but am as-yet unable to locate where I placed them in my collection. (I know I have some extra I just can't find them!) LAND VEHICLES This revamped model is one mean-looking space-driving machine! Partially inspired by Lola the car from the TV show Agents of Shield, (although this one doesn't fly) this is Bob's ultimate ride. It still seats one figure, although it now features a roof overhead for weather protection. The doors also open. ..and it even has room for taillights! (no exhaust pipe needed, this thing runs on clean fusion.) This model is a slightly modified version of set 60033, Arctic Ice Crawler that I call the Mobile Ice Driller . Whereas the original set has a crane hook, this one has a much more useful drill bit. The drill is used for mining energy crystals embedded deep within the ice of the frozen world on which the Neo Nexus Force is stationed. This is a very slightly modified version of set 60035: Arctic Outpost. All I really did to this one was add the symbol to the front fender. The inside of the mobile outpost is a lab, complete with Bunsen burner and microscope with crystal sample. It seems the computer hanging from the ceiling bar is off right now, as the scientist is out collecting more samples that were dug out with the Mobile Ice Drill. The rear of the model is pretty sparse in details, and as such, their isn't much to say about it. The snow speeder you see here is a simple vehicle to aid in fetching luggage and equipment across the base. It is armed with a flare gun and a radio. These come in mighty handy when the sun sets and temperatures plummet to well below minus 125 Fahrenheit! FINAL THOUGHTS Well, that's all I've built so far, but that's not the end of the story or the models. Scott Bourgeois from MOCpages has made some pretty awesome stuff related to the Neo Nexus Force, their first allies, the peaceful Norstas (from the planet Beta Polaris in orbit of the the North Star) and the common enemy, the Xantukans. (inspired by the snake cultists from Ninjago) These were visible on MOCpages, but are now long gone. EDITED 8/1/22: added pictures of the base as it was in July. (first two pics) Any thoughts / ideas / complaints would be appreciated!
  5. 6890 - Cosmic Cruiser, Version Intergalactic Girl With 4 parts Bionicle / Hero Factory All WYSIWYG. [NCS] 6890 - Cosmic Cruiser, Intergalactic Girl by Horlack, on Flickr [NCS] 6890 - Cosmic Cruiser, Intergalactic Girl by Horlack, on Flickr [NCS] 6890 - Cosmic Cruiser, Intergalactic Girl by Horlack, on Flickr [NCS] 6890 - Cosmic Cruiser, Intergalactic Girl by Horlack, on Flickr (CLICK FOR ZOOM)
  6. The Humble Bricksmith

    MOC: Brick-Built City Billboards

    8 Billboards so far... by Humble Bricksmith, on Flickr Over the past year, I've been working on making city billboards, depicting classic LEGO themes. Billboards are a great way to add unique flair and character to any LEGO city or diorama. Without using any printed bricks, it becomes very difficult to create small details without scaling up your creation. I figured that billboards are a good compromise between detail and scale. For anyone interested, check out my Flickr, or support me on LEGO Ideas! Also, you're welcome to download LDD or Studio files of these projects Here.
  7. How come LEGO Universe never got a line of sets? Considering it had a story, the factions and the Nexus could have been the main focus, with spare pieces to use on customizing minifigures. Heck, when the game was out, I envisioned LEGO adding a line where you could buy packs of minifigures that featured different weapons, armor, clothes, and accessories that either fit into LU generally or where part of a faction, like a proto-Minifigure line. I forget if my idea was based around mystery bags or not, but another idea I had was a set that had a collection of minifigures and small builds with tons of weapons and armor from in-game like the boxed collections of minifigures. But childhood ramblings aside, why didn't they promote it like they did with the LEGO Movie with sets? At the very least they could have added onto the price like it was a licensed line and diverge the extra money to the game itself to pay for moderators and admins (maybe even give some free time in the game so kids could try out the wider game, and maybe give their characters a collection of pieces to add to their existing collection in the freebuild islands, cars, and rockets). I remember seeing all the cool gear you could get in-game and how cool the enemies looked, and wondered why they didn't at least make the pieces available in some smaller line so kids (i.e. me and my friends) could use them in their builds and allow them the feeling of making stuff in the game. Wouldn't you like making a mech while having official pieces that had your faction logo and had a 1-to-1 recreation of your actual character's appearance and high-level gear with his pet skunk co-piloting? The only reason I say this is because there were instances where elements would show up in LU and there wouldn't be any real life equivalent, either because the designers took liberties with the pieces and their connections (even though ironically some could have been made real easily as the pieces were just edits of existing ones) or because they designed stuff, like the faction and enemy pieces, that don't have a clean, official real life counterpart. I don't even care if LU can't come back as an MMO, considering how hard it is to run a family friendly one without the world's best team of mods, admins, and (because it's LEGO) software algorithms, but considering how popular it was in general, making the move to sets and another medium for story, like a single player/local multiplayer game, tv show, or full line of comics wouldn't be outside the realm of a possible success. And it wouldn't have even been a bad idea to release the full code (I wouldn't even care if I had to pay for it) for the game to more easily let its own community continue hosting the game by letting them set up their own servers a la Minecraft. I just feel that there was too much wasted when the game ended and TLG left it fully in the dust with little to nothing salvaged.
  8. If there a Cinematic Universe based upon a particular franchise you'd like to see adapted, or aren't pleased with the direction it is currently going? Is there a book, graphic novel, or series of novels you'd love to see come to the big screen? Is there a movie you think deserves a new remake or reimagining? Is there a cinematic adaptation of a certain source material you think would perhaps instead be better suited for the small screen, as a TV show or Mini-Series? If you have any better ideas on how Hollywood can handle adapting some of your favorite books, movies, graphic novels, videogames, and more, these are only a few questions to help express your opinions on what you would do instead!
  9. This is the fourth version of the Joker's Lowrider-inspired car for Bob from the Neo Nexus Force. (a space faction I came up with after the LEGO Universe video game shut down, whose topic can be seen here) I was inspired to create a new front end grille for this car from two newer fender pieces, with one of them upside down to make a unique "O" effect. This very rare car is powered by a turbine, which means it can run on gasoline, diesel, alcohol, paint thinner, and even cheap perfume. It runs very efficiently at high speed, but gets very fuel-hungry at slow speeds, like sitting in bumper-to-bumper City traffic. Luckily for it's owner, Bob, the snowy tundra wastelands offer little time for sitting still, and plenty of space for getting up to very impressive speeds. And if he gets struck in a snowbank, the very high-heat exhaust (which can melt asphalt if stationary too long on City streets!), can easily break the car free with no problem. The rear of the car has a license plate and dual super-hot exhaust. As usual this printed part is missing from the hood. The roof of the car is easily removable to get at the mini-figures seats which allow for figures to sit side-by-side. The spacious opening trunk has plenty of room for luggage and the doors to the cabin area open as well. This LEGO model was partially inspired by the early 1960's Chrysler turbine car (one of the nine left is seen above, but it's not my picture). You can read more about the experimental car at this Wikipedia link on the car. Any thoughts, suggestions, complaints and ideas are always welcome. This car is on the "to be built" list after the current Western project is done. (and when funding allows!)
  10. Hello to everyone! This is my first topic in this forum, and I am glad to present you my first and biggest project on which I have been working for the last 6 years. It is the "Destiny" Starship, from the Stargate Universe (SGU) series of SyFy. It is a series that was based in the original Stargate movie of 1994, and continues the story of the two previous series, that followed the original movie (Stargate SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis). To begin with, and before the photos of my version, I would like to appose some photos of Destiny from the TV series; Original Destiny - Front View by George Patelis, on Flickr Original Destiny - Side View by George Patelis, on Flickr Below, you can see photos of my version of Destiny, for the implementation of which, valuable assistance was offered by the printings of Martin Steil, that were made in 2011. 1 - Top View by George Patelis, on Flickr 2 - View from Bottom by George Patelis, on Flickr 3 - Horizontal View by George Patelis, on Flickr Destiny, at its current form, consists of about 29,000 pieces, the majority of which are Technic Bricks, Technic Pins, and Slopes. Its dimentions, when it is placed horizontally, are 2,20m long, 1,75m wide, around 75cm high, and its weight exceeds 30Kg. Of course, due to its size, its weight, appears to be larger. From the design stage until the completion of its construction, it took me about six years. Of course, during that time there was a break of about a year due to some obligations, and also due to lack of funds, since the cost only for the building material exceeded the amount of € 2,000, without the inclusion of the transportation costs from America and Europe. Below, you can see more detailed photos; 4 - Top View from Front by George Patelis, on Flickr 5 - Botom View from Front by George Patelis, on Flickr 12 - Closer Look of the Cockpit Tower by George Patelis, on Flickr 14 - Side View of the Tail by George Patelis, on Flickr 16 - Detailed Side View by George Patelis, on Flickr 18 - View of the Main Starship by George Patelis, on Flickr You can find more photos of the completed project and from the construction stage at my FlickR, and in the original post that was made for I hope you like it! Any comments are welcome!
  11. Through a horrible bricklinking accident, I ended up with three of these guys when I really just wanted one. Oh well, now they're an alternate space faction. I built them vehicles. First, here's this truck, along with an escort car. The truck's robotic, meant to carry around a standard cargo container; here it is empty, along with a pile of cargo. The escort car carries two crew with personal weapons. Mounted gun can also be pulled off, wielded manually. Space is a dangerous place, pic related: Anyway, in case that's not enough, here's a lanky walker..mech..thing. Group shot, along with a space truck. There's something strange about these guys. What evil lurks behind those strange dark visors?! Oh Faction theme song:
  12. HruppertDK

    LEGO Universe

    Hi guys, Do any of you know if it is still possible to play this game? I thought it was amazing and sometimes i still play a little LEGO creator just for fun. Of course i also play LEGO the movie game, Jurassic World and star wars. But i just miss that Universe game :D
  13. Space Police XVIII

    [moc] Boats suck. Spaceships RULE.

    ...and if you disagree, then let me know, what's it like to be so wrong? Does it hurt? Anyway, I bought set 60085, and I'm not sure why. Eventually I rebuilt it into something else. In my mind City and Space were always part of the same theme, coterminous, and if I ever become rich I'm going to build a city to reflect this - futuristic buildings and cars with a decent spaceport, none of Lego's current space shuttle stuff. Anyway, here's something along those lines, a truck transporting a little spacecraft. Trailer has legs for parking, can also fit one of my standardized space cargo containers, and the little shuttle seats two. Then I had to think of something to do with that huge dumb boat hull,'s a spaceship of some alternate space faction. Yes, that's it. These guys like orange and gray for some reason. I need more orange parts, it never ends...
  14. Hello everyone, I'd like to introduce my original Minifigures series. While I use the title "Universe", which is based on "LEGO Universe"-- the massively multiplayer online game developed by NetDevil, I also included some other LEGO's original characters who's never been phsycal minifigures due to many different reasons. The parts are designed in 3D modeling softwares, then use 3D printings with ABS. There is still much room for improvement (decals, paintings..... etc), so most of the figures still look pretty sorrowful. Even worse, my camera had problems so I could only shoot with cellphone in super low quality t . If you guys don't mind hurting eyes, please follow this post below. 0) The righteous Natalia Kowalski from City Undercover Natalia, once the most popular reporter in LEGO City, now drives an ambulance to save anyone who has supported her. Previously in the witness protection program, she keeps a low profile to hide from the man she helped put behind bars—Rex Fury, and later begins a complex relationship with her police boyfriend Chase McCain. I gave her number 0 because she was a trial prototype of my decal practices, and she comes without any new mold. I wonder why TLG didn't actually include her in any medical-related set since she's really easy to deal with. 1) The imaginative Doctor Overbuild from Universe As leader of Assembly, Doctor Overbuild is a very intelligent genius as well as rather eccentric, much like the famed physicist Albert Einstein. His passion is building and pushing the uses of Imagination. He spends months at a time locked in his building laboratory, creating the visions in his head. Okay, when I began the project I just found Mr. Kaminoan, a talented MOC designer also made a different version. I only managed to get the paintings without transparency. Dr. Overbuild's design is the most complicated unconventiona; one among the four, IMO he's the one really represening the Universse style among the four leaders. 2) The charming Peg Mooring from The Adventures of Clutch Powers Peg Mooring is a marine biologist who worked for the LEGO Organization. She is calm, relaxed, kind-hearted, but sometimes can be bossy. She is also very intelligent and knows a lot of things to specific detail. Her only issue could be that those immediately coming missions leave her very little time to take care of her beauty. And here is a note, I didn't do Clutch Powers himself because Mr Kaminoan also made him. Peg probably one of my favorite non-physical LEGO female characters. 3) The wicked Madam Frost from Belville Madam Frost, the coldest witch of all, is best known for using ice-type magic and being in charge of the seasons in the land of Cold North. Even hough she tries to have her own remote lifestyle in Frost Forest, she never has a good time with her close neighbor --- the Cold North Royalty. She seems to be an annoying person, but deep in her heart, she wishes to have someone talk with her and share a hot cocoa sometimes. There are actually several different (but similar) witches throughout the Belville history, but Madam Frost is the only noted one in Cold North storyline. It shows that villainess is not very common in LEGO world, especially in girls-oriented themes nowadays. 4) The enraged Rex Fury from City Undercover Escaped from his incarceration in Albatross Island Prison thousand times, Rex Fury is the most ruthless criminal in LEGO City. He's been with different masterminds behind the current crime spree, but unfornately it never works when Chase McCain intervenes. Time for some LEGO City villain variations! We've had enough with those roublemakers from LEGO City physical sets who mostly wear black-white stripes. Rex represents a good image how a nature street muscle ruffian could look like. 5) The heroic Duke Exeter from Universe Duke Exeter is charismatic and brave, serving as an inspiration to everyone around him. He refuses to compromise his principles, and so far he has always been prepared to take on challenges and find a way to achieve victory with honor. Always trusting that the right will win, Duke Exeter also gives everyone second chances. Among the four leaders, Duke Exeter was often the spotlight in most Universe advertisings, and IMO he looks more heroic than most of the physical LEGO characters. 6) The arrogant Lacy from Friends It's not easy to keep the record as the champion of Heartlake City Horse Riding Competition every year. Becasue of this, Lacy, the talented girl never show respects and compassion to her rivals. Surprising to the others, she is actually a person willing to offer helps when she sees people having trouble. Despite having a role in the animtion, Lacy didn't actually get to any of the official sets along with many other generic female figures, as well as Tanya from later storyline. We actually don't really often see this kind of LEGO characters, so it would be nice to have her in order to create more storytellings. Additionally, despite her hairpiece appeas to be generic in the cartoon show, it's weirdly not a physical mold. 7) The decisive Sky Lane from Universe Sky Lane is a Venture League Explorer and former captain of the late Venture Explorer starship. After her starship was invaded by Maelstrom, she could only give up it and escape to Avant Gardens. Her wish is to start a Bowling Night and performs her best moves against her sisters. Well, I made her simply because she was one of the very early characters in the gameplay. I always wonder what the "Bowling Night" could be :p. 8) The sweettooth Frank Honey from City Undercover Frank is as green as they get on the LEGO City police force. He's been given the chance to show his idol Chase around the precinct on his first day, and couldn't be more excited about it. But in most times, his commander Ellie and donuts would make him even more excited. Frank played a successful jackpudding role in the whole Undercover storyline, especially compared to the depressing prequel when Chase didn't get along with his chief. He is definitely a welcome addition to the LEGO City Police scenarios. 9) The valiant Barresh Barbarian from Heroica Raised in the harsh northern mountains of Barresh, the barbarian is as strong and fierce as he is wild. While traveling the world he found out that his home had become overrun by monsters. Now he has vowed to free his people and has started to recruit other heroes to his cause. While Collectible Minifigures already had a Barbarian, I chose to do a version based on the microfig Barresh Barbarian from LEGO's Heroica, one of the discontinued Lego Games theme. He's look is more close to his original design shown in the 3D animation, this includes an actual fur decoration part on his arm. PS, I personally call him "Barret" in my headcanon. :p 10) The fierce Vanda Darkflame from Universe A ninja warrior, Vanda Darkflame's background is shrouded in mystery. Some sources suggest that she was an archaeologist, while others claim that she was a ninja princess. She was once the protégé of Baron Typhonus. One day, the Baron left her in charge of his work while he and Doctor Overbuild searched for Planet Crux. After the fateful event that shattered Planet Crux and created the Maelstrom, Vanda was recruited to form the Nexus Force and later becomes one of the four leaders. I always think some of the Paradox members like Vanda could be reintroduced to the Ninjago series since they're pretty compatible, much to the dismay that Ninjago was once part of the Universe too. 11) The commanding Ellie Phillips from City Undercover Ellie's a real tomboy and a darn fine cop. Her wicked sense of humour comes bundled with a maturity that others her age simply don't have – which could explain how she rose to the rank of Lieutenant so quickly. She's got one ear to the police channels, and keeps Chase informed of anything big that's going down. Compared with Natalia, Ellie seems to be the heroine that players are actually more familiar with, via the communicator. She is also a fairly great addition to physical LEGO Police Stations where police ladies aren't that inspiring :p. 12) The venturous Hael Storm from Universe Hael Storm, the Venture League Faction leader, is a notorious space pirate who plundered many worlds and is wanted on most of them. He is daring and cheerful in times of danger, adventurous and curious when exploring, and fearless and and wisecracking even in the darkest moments. His specialty is the sea and he is a seasoned explorer of all the oceans in the Universe. Hael Storm is my favorite leader among the fours. In his bio he should be originated from a Space theme, but his look is nothing different from an ordinary pirate captain. 13) The sunny Marvin from Friends A country boy living as a young farmer alongside with his father, he's much more capable than most of those Heartlake City teens in his age. He's not sensitive when being with any opposite gender, thus, his feeling for a girl from the neighbor farm is not noticed. Despite being featured in another Friends episode, Marvin also had nothing to do with the physical Sunshine Ranch set. I think he could beat down all other physical male Friends characters, but, perhaps an ordinary country boy doesn't cater to most FOLs' tastes? 14) The refreshing Velocity Lane from Universe Velocity Lane, the sister of Sky Lane and one of The Bowling Lanes, is a professional racer that guide and train rookies who just join Nexus to go on the racetrack. Just like Sky Lane, I chose her due to her likeable appearance. She feels like a good candidate for any LEGO racer-related theme. 15) The dedicated Daniella Capricorn from Hero Factory As the most popular reporter in Makuhero City, Daniella devotes herself to get every single detail from the powerful heroes. She can be truly dedicated by reporting during battles while nearly getting struck. However, she seems to have a very different side of personality when her Camera-Bot is off. Some other technic figure FOLs had tried to capture the physical shape of Daniella, and I try to capture her in a minidoll form instead. The last subtheme of Hero Factory, "Invasion from Below" featured a series of minidroid, unfortunately Daniella wasn't considered to be part of the line. The main defect is that minidolls height is not longer than HF minidroids, since Daniella should be taller than the heroes in the show. 16) The high-strung Bernie Von Beam from The Adventures of Clutch Powers Bernie is an engineer who worked for the LEGO Organization. He is rather nervous at times, and appears to be quite high-strung, although a bit shy. Bernie repetitively tries to gain Peg's attention by supporting whatever she says, although sometimes she fails to notice, embarrassing himself. Bernie is the other jackpudding character in the CP story, and yet another my favorite LEGO guy. 17) The graceful Princess Vanilla from Belville Born in the Royalty Family of Cold North, Princess Vanilla is pretty close to the cold nature. She is born to be a talented ice-skater, and she befriends with lots of arctic animals including Snowy the polar bear. She frequently invites Madam Frost to her parties, but inadvertently provokes her as result. Last but not the least, here is Princess Vanilla, the leading character of the Cold North storyline from 2001 to 2003 and rarely one of the recurring protagonist in the whole Belville theme. Conclusion: There are several reasons why I plan this series. One of them especially be The LEGO Movie. As discussed much in TLM canon thread, the main idea of TLM is to represent real experience of playing physical LEGO toys. Yes, that means any of the nonphysical themes or characters in the LEGO franchise has nothing to do with TLC's marketing trend. Though it makes sense, it's also a denial to all FOLs who have also been supporting the nonphysical LEGO world. But still, why can't the other side of LEGO world be AWESOME too? LEGO actually draws an invisible line to differentiate the two different realms. Other than TLM which was already tied with toy productions and marketings, recently, the success of several LEGO TV cartoon series do bring up some examples that cartoon exclusive characters can reintroduced to phyical sets, such as Dareth from Ninjago series. However, it seems like certain themes or discontinued mediaworks would not be able to have the same treat. The other main reason is the game: TLC is currently running their next MMO game --- Lego Minifigures Online, which is developed by Funcom and also directly based on the Minifigure series replacing the original . And after TLM, LEGO also keeps cooperating with WB and declares their very first interactive video game series--- LEGO Dimensions, which tells about heroes from different kinds of LEGO themes gather together and fight the evil. But somehow, even though both games share similarities with LEGO Universe, in the aspects of game systems or theme crossover ideas, none of both actually inherit the Universe characters or the storyline to give an official end to Universe. It's kinda like LEGO is wasting every single chance that can compensate for the loss of original LU fans. Again, both games have special associations with phyical minifigures, but sadly, at this point LEGO seems not to do anything more for LU. It would have been a good idea--- even if the game deceased, we could still have something left for us. After all, LEGO is "bricks", not "clicks". Several notes to the themes mentioned above: Clutch Powers: Although Clutch Powers was a crossover canon that involves several different LEGO themes, The LEGO Movie canon didn't actually refer to the "LEGO Organization" from this series. The reason may be some plot needs (new quirky characters instead of mature agents), but as mentionted above, it could also be due to the fact that Clutch Powers isn't considered as a "physical" canon. Recently we just got Ultra Agents, a new continuation to the agent themes, where the main hero Jack Fury looks pretty much like Clutch . Since LEGO Organization also happens to be an agent organization, I somewhat believe that Clutch Powers could have been part of the Agent subtheme and storylines if LEGO designers add some adjustments. City Undercover: While being the very first WiiU game, it was meant to promote the LEGO City line, but its influence on the whole City lineup is pretty insignifcant and not even to talk about Dimensions. I believe that providing some Undercover characters or materials along with the generic ones would enrich our conservative LEGO CITY Police line. Friends: As mentioned in Ninjago's example, despite Friends keeps extending their storyline and Heartlake City details as much as other story-based themes do, the original characters/settings from the 3D cartoon and webisodes aren't reintroduced to the physical line so far. LEGO should push it harder if they expect Friends to keep going to appeal their targeted market. Belville: Uhrrrrr ..... you hus know that CMF series introduced "Fairytale Princess" and "Witch" in the recent series while I was still making the figures . Belville has been a pretty underrated theme in LEGO's history, both due to their failure to appeal the market and their non-mainstream figure scale. However, I think Belville could be part of the regular Castle line to make up for the lack of princess side story (not the damsel-in-distress, though) if LEGO can seriously treat this theme. Promotional poster Hope that everyone endured the whole boring post. Comments and criticisms are strongly welcomed. Although I'm not sure if I'd go further to make more, I'd like to know which other non-physical characters (with non-physical molds) or themes weren't mentioned but also deserve to be noticed by LEGO official?
  15. The rocket's crew. Based off of the original nexus astronauts. The rocket itself, which is built using the main rocket instructions but has many changes. I hope you enjoyed my MOC, and I apologize for the blurry pictures that were originally there. Edit by Hinckley: Pictures turned to links due to violation of size restrictions. Please see the Site Guidelines and adhere to them when posting. Thank you.
  16. This MOC's story-line takes place after the first LEGO MMORPG (Lego Universe) was determined a failure and canceled at midnight on Jan 31st, 2012. This story suggests that the Nexus Force (the protectors of imagination in the game) was over-run by a huge armies of Stromlings (bad guys, agents of The Maelstrom, a chaos entity) and the decision was made to evacuate the remaining mini-figures inside Nexus Tower (The home of the nexus force) in the Bright Hope, and head for a tear in the space-time continuum to our Universe. Here is where the story starts: The Bright Hope was ejected from Nexus Tower during the final battle for LEGO Universe, fleeing to Gallant 5 and the space / time rip nearby. With her crew of 1 Grand Admiral (Bob) 6,000 crew, 7,000 soldiers, along with a handful of the best and brightest minds the Nexus Force could gather in their darkest hour. After reaching our universe (and sealing the Rip behind it), the Bright Hope searched for their new home, eventually settling on a small ice planet somewhere near the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy. A base camp was constructed, and after a time, the Bright Hope was sent on a new mission: to make contact with their new neighbors, and forge alliances while defending their new home from invasion from the forces of evil. (The front saucer was inspired by Eurobricks user hachiroku and his version of the 2009 Starship Enterprise.) The Bright Hope is powered by two Imagination Reactors and can reach 70% of the speed of light. It has 510 laser cannons, has consumables (food & water) capable of lasting 2 years, and contains a compliment of 250 fighter craft and 50 shuttles, plus 200 escape pods. The fighters and shuttles come from a landing bay in the center of the two two engine bays. The 2x2 curved slope on the front is supposed to have this CITY Arctic print: http://www.bricklink...sp?P=15068pb004 The Bright Hope's bridge (it is supposed to be located in the 4x4 dish on the ship model) features three seats, two for senior officers and the large swivel chair is for the Nexus Force supreme commander, which happens to be Grand Admiral Bob. The rear of the bridge is the briefing room with a large hologram projector in the center. (The bridge was heavily inspired by the 2009 Star Wars set 7754, Home One Mon Calimari Star Cruiser.) Ship Name: Bright Hope Commander: Grand Admiral Bob Owner: Nexus Force Designer: Dr. Albert Overbuild Manufacturer: Assembly Shipyards Weapons: 510 Laser Turrets Engines: 2 Imagination Reactors Max Speed: 25,000 MPH Max Hyper Speed: 70% speed of light Personnel: 1 Grand Admiral, 6,000 crew Troops: 7,000 soldiers, 300 pilots Consumables: 2 years Max. Complement: 250 space fighters, 50 escape pods, 200 shuttles LDD file for both models: EDIT 1/15/15: The LDD file and pictures have been updated.
  17. Reekardoo

    MOC: Grand Admiral Thrawn

    Hello, Here to present the MOC I posted on - It's all about grand admiral THRAWN and his seat of power :) He is a beloved character from the former STAR WARS' EU. But if you feel like me then this one should become canon as well because there is plenty of room between episode VI and VII. Hope you like it. Set - It is a pretty simple set. There is a moveable arm console that let's you place a small holocron image. The seat spins 360º because of turntable element underneath the seat. But the main attraction is in fact the minifigure :) Let me know what you think and if it deserves your support or why not :) Cheers