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Found 33 results

  1. Hey all, ive been customizing LEGO clone troopers for some time now. However, one issue I have is the varnish. My process is to simply paint with apple barrel and then apply a coat of Golden acrylic archival varnish (glossy or matte). I applied the glossy one onto this model (Kix) and, like usual, it gets sticky and attracts a lot of dirt that coats the LEGO. Is there any solution to this? Should I try a different spray? http://imgur.com/nqZt8dq http://imgur.com/7cAmVTh
  2. While preparing the next exhibition, I am building some small modules to place along my Star Wars 12V train layout. Those modules will be integrated into larger layouts. So first, find a couple of small Twin Laser Turrets, that are very effective against flying speeders or fighters. Twin Laser Turrets by Veynom, on Flickr Turrets can rotate and laser can elevate. Part of the design is directly inspired from one of the recent battle packs. Twin Laser Turrets by Veynom, on Flickr Next comes a watchtower made in collaboration with my 11-year son. He had the original idea and first design. I mainly added some details and industrialized the built so that we could build 2 of them. The Watchtower by Veynom, on Flickr Rear view with the ladder: The Watchtower by Veynom, on Flickr Tower top with mounted blaster and light projector. Watching the area by Veynom, on Flickr Those modules are easy to duplicate, relocate and provide a nice immersive feeling to large layout. Comments welcome.
  3. [MOD LDD] AT TE

    Here's a MOD of captain Rex's AT TE. I removed the platforms and added as well as modding the turrets The main turret. I will be building this soon in real life.
  4. Three years ago, I bought a large amount of the exclusively new "Kashyyyk battle pack" sets. Agreed by everyone, the primary reason for these sets were the highly detailed Scout trooper, whilst lurking in the background, remained the non-cannon Kashyyyk clone trooper. Although, the value for the ordinary troop barely suffices over £5, there was a rather stranger peculiar misprint, which was briefly spotted 2 days prior construction. This misprint, annoyingly encouraged me to discard the misprint, however with conversations with Lego, a replacement was offered. Fortunately, I still have this misprinted helmet piece, where the front facing detail is reversed, meaning that the front helmet is plain, olive green, whilst the detailing is behind. Anyone have any clue, on the value behind this misprint? Please find the image attached below. Kind regards, http://imgur.com/a/rCEsW
  5. Republic Gunship

    I am proud to introduce myself with my Republic Gunship.
  6. [MOC] Medical Corps

    Medical Corps by Veynom, on Flickr The Medical Corps is a military unit providing medical services too all army personnel, in war and peace. The Medical corps services were formed during the Clone Wars and incorporated to the Grand Army of the Republic. The decision to create such unit was taken by the Senate of the Republic as the war started to prolongate and to expand onto a growing number of planets through the Galaxy. A majority of senators acted that then that it would be less expensive and faster to attempt “fixing battle-damaged clones” than growing more. However, and still for budgetary reasons, the future Medical Corps would be granted only second-grade equipment: modified outdated ships and speeders, old droids and equipment… Still, the Medical Corps was voted in and assigned with the task of identifying, evacuating, healing clones wounded on the various battlefields before sending them back to active duty. With the rise of the Empire, the Medical Corps was simply renamed into Imperial Medical Corps. Equipment were barely upgraded on a strict necessity basis and the overall budget did not really increase. Classified documents from the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) later revealed that showing wounded troops and casualties had to be considered as negative propaganda that could only serve any rebellion movement. Therefore appearance, size, and image of the medical care activities should keep a low-visibility profile. Armor and Gear Medical Platoon by Veynom, on Flickr Medical Corps members were first clones and as such had standard clone armors retrieved from the Grand Army surplus. Only a specific medical marking pattern based on dark red was applied to distinguish them from regular combat units. Because of the budget restrictions, not all armors were similar across the unit. HowTo: Helmets are from Clone Army customs. All minifig torsos, arms, legs and accessories have custom decals (water transfer). 614-AvA Speeder Bike Medic-Variant 614-AvA Speeder Bike Medic-Variant by Veynom, on Flickr Several types of speeder bikes, including 614-AvA types, were used by the Medical Corps after an adequate painting job was performed to add the medical logo and standardize markings. Several container crates were also generously lent to the Medical Corps. Rumours from the field report that often, speeders, crates, and other equipment were simply recycled from various battlefields and repaired for active duty inside the Medical Corps HowTo: The speeder bike is a MOD from the 75090 set while the crate is a recolouring of the 75141 crate. The crate can be attached to the speeder. The medical logo is a custom decal (water transfer) Medivac Platoon in action by Veynom, on Flickr QH-6 LAVr Medilance QH-6 LAVr Medilance by Veynom, on Flickr The LAVr QH-6 chariot is a multi-functional speeder universally exploited by various ground forces as a light transport vehicle. The Medilance variant has been adapted to medical care and can carry one stretcher. QH-6 LAVr Medilance by Veynom, on Flickr HowTo: MOC with custom decals inspired by the old LL-924 design. The root can be opened to add or remove the pilot. Several accessories can be moved inside to simulate medical activities. The stretcher easily slide in and out. Medivac Speeders by Veynom, on Flickr Sheathipede-class Medivac Shuttle Sheathipede-class Medivac Shuttle by Veynom, on Flickr Several old separatist Sheathipede shuttles were retrofitted into medivac shuttles. These could carry up to two wounded troopers on stretchers, a droid (often a EG-6 Power droid to power medical devices), and the pilot. Medivac Sheathipede back by Veynom, on Flickr Medivac Sheathipede top by Veynom, on Flickr HowTo: MOD based on the 75170 Phantom set. 8 studs longer, with custom decals (water transfer), additional details and greeble, detailed interior and place for a custom power droid. Medical Corps by Veynom, on Flickr All vehicles have playable features (opening compartments, rotating devices…). They are all highly swooshable and quite sturdy. So, what is your favourite element of this Medical Corps ? · The custom medic minifigs · The Speeder bike · The Medilance speeder · The Sheatipede Medivac shuttle · Gonky, the power droid I’m now considering building a capital ship for the Medical Corps. Maybe a Pelta-class or something more exotic. Ideas welcome …. Size matters not. Comments, remarks and constructive criticisms are most welcome.
  7. [PURIST FIG] Commander Cody Phase II

    INFO: Commander Cody has always been my favorite character of the Clone Wars Era despite his betrayal of his Jedi master, General Kenobi. I decided that, since I had a few 212th battalion figures around, to try to make as accurate of a phase 2 Cody as possible. This is the result. PARTS: -The main body is that of the Clone Wars Commander Cody. -The legs are of the 212th Airborne Trooper. -The helmet is from the 212th Trooper. -The head is from Boba Fett. -The backpack is from a First Order Stormtrooper polybag. -The hair is a military-style black haircut. -The rifle is composed of a blaster rifle and a black connector piece. -The Palpatine hologram is from the Republic Frigate. The binoculars are macro-binoculars. PICTURE:
  8. Upon receiving the 2016 Clone Turbo Tank I soon became curious of it's potential. I had seen rather negative reviews with the Tank as the subject matter, and soon became worried that I had made an unwise purchase. However, I happened upon BrickBros UK YouTube channel and soon thought of an idea. Perhaps I could turn this around. Using pieces from the Clone Turbo Tank I began work first on a Venator-Class Star Destroyer. Within a short period of time I became convinced that this particular vessel wouldn't work, so I decided to start over again and attempt a Pelta-Class Frigate due to the 2016 Rebel Combat Frigate being on my mind. Once finished and run out of plates I glared down upon my abomination and decided that I would rather see what Eurobricks may try. So here I leave you with a quandary. Imagine: The Galactic Republic ordered a shipment of cruisers from Kuat-Drive Yards to be delivered to Coruscant. Upon arrival it became apparent that there had been some sort of misunderstanding: the shipment contained only Turbo-Tanks! Instead of succumbing to dread, republic engineers decided to use the parts from the tanks to construct the cruisers they had ordered. Your Goal: (If you choose to accept it) Construct an alternate vessel using ONLY parts from the 2016 Clone Turbo Tank. This can either be done in LDD or reality. Upon completion upload an image (or more) to this topic. I suggest for the LDD creation that you use the following file: Clone Turbo Tank Sadly, due to my economic status there will be no prizes for a "winner." However, the best looking ship will most certainly join my fleet of Republic Vessels. The following vessels would be appreciated: + Consular-Class Cruiser + Pelta-Class Frigate + Aquarius-Class Light-Cruiser + Acclamator-Class Frigate + Venator-Class Star Destroyer I would share images of my failed attempt but I fear that its disturbing complexion my cause a disruption in your appetite or cause nausea. I thank you dearly for reading this long and rather odd post. I do hope that you attempt this challenge and post your own creation, whatever it may be! I wish you the best of luck, and may the alternate building begin!
  9. LEGO Clone Building Event (2002)

    Well hello, today I have some what of a question/general discussion about an item Please please don't merge this topic with anyone else or else I may not get an appropriate response So I recently purchased 34 of the Episode 2 clones from the gunship 7163 and ATTE 4482 back from 2002/2003. Here is a picture: I understand that sometime in May of 2002, Walmart held an event of which kids built as many of these in 1 minute as possible. They were under orders by lego to destroy all items after the event. Here is a look at that: As you can see this came with 150 clones. A few people managed to get away with these. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find one of these? I would pay hundreds upon hundreds of dollars for something like this. I have seen them on eBay before, but they never had the box. What is someone's thought on this? Again, plz plz plz don't merge this topic and let it stand on its own. I know there may be similar topics, but I hope to get an appropriate response. Thank you.
  10. Star Wars: Micro MOCs | mini kits

    Hi everyone! I'm quite new, but I build lego Star Wars MicroMOCs; in other words 'mini minikits'. I got my ideas from the Star Wars advent calendar series- style micro kits. I have built over 200 so far and I'm still going, so if you want to see any of these regularly, check out my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/James.Arts2172 and my YouTube Channel "James_Arts_2172: Lego" https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmYOMZz6DyvM1euY2qrRfpA All I did was go through every page of both DK Star Wars Visual Dictionaries and build every single ship and vehicle in them. Of course I have made many more besides (2014-present sets, Ep 7, Rogue One, Clone Wars, Rebel, Force Unleashed, Old Republic).
  11. 41ST Elite Corps

    Create New costom Clone Trooper made of lego
  12. [MOC] Republic Fighter Tank

    A few months ago I built a TX-130T Imperial Fighter Tank since then I have been reworking the design to make it both more accurate and more sturdy. I also ordered the parts in different colors so that I could built a Republic Version of the tank as I was very keen to see how it would look and well... here is the result.Personally I am very happy with how it came out, but I'll let you judge for yourselves: Here is the tank accompanied by some clone troopers this should give you an idea of the size compared to a minifigure, overall I'd say it is pretty much in perfect minifig scale. Here you can see all the movable parts of the tank; the cannons can move up and down, the hatch opens up and the side engines and flaps can also move. Like with my previous design I left some place for a gunner to fit in and I can finally showcase this to you. Here we have a look at both this tank and my reworked Imperial tank, overal there aren't many changes between the two. Which one is your favourite? (Note you can also see a Stormtrooper in the gunners seat of the imperial one as I didn't highlight this in my previous pictures) And here are both tanks with their hatches closed. So that was pretty much it. I hope that you liked my version of the Republic Fighter tank, if you did (or didn't) be sure to leave me some feedback as I would greatly appreciate it.As always have a nice day!
  13. Far from my usual MOCs, here come my first custom minifigs. They are all based on Star Wars The Clone War serie and the famous 501st Legion Captain Rex & his clones by Veynom, on Flickr From left to right: Captain Rex, Sergeant Appo, Kix, Jesse, Dogma, Havoc, Echo. Rex is the TLC minifig with custom accessories. All other clones mix custom decals, custom helmets, custom weapons, custom pauldrons. Quarter turn right, right! by Veynom, on Flickr Decals on arms provide real appeal and some are even different. But admittedly, the medical logo on Krix's arm is not fully correct. Backview by Veynom, on Flickr Back view showing again some differences. 6 custom clone troopers by Veynom, on Flickr The 6 custom clones with decals on their torso, back, arms and legs. Jesse has also a custom belt. Zoom on Dogma: Dogma by Veynom, on Flickr And now on Kix: Jesse by Veynom, on Flickr The Arc Troopers Havoc & Echo: Havoc & Echo by Veynom, on Flickr And all of my 501st as of today: 501st Legion by Veynom, on Flickr For your info: - Weapons come from The Little Arms Shop - Pauldrons come from Cape Madness - Custom helmets are from Clone Army Custom - Decals are homemade. I scanned a sticker sheet purchased on eBay then printed (inkjet) it on an empty decal sheet (hard to find). Afterward, I had to apply varnish all over the printed sheet, using a spray (because using a pencil was diluting the color). Once your decal sheet is dry, cut carefully the decals, put them into the water and wait until they slip off their support. Apply carefully on the minifig. I also use Microscale products to ensure that decals can stick to curved surfaces (arms & legs) and on the borders. Finally, I apply one last touch of varnish so that my son can play with them. I learned a lot during the process and there are a few mistake I will not do anymore. on the bright side, I am now fully equipped to produce a battalion of clones. :) My army is progressing :mrgreen: Comments welcome...
  14. Hello all, I apologize for bringing up the subject of megablocks but there is some news that I HAD to share. I am a Huge Star Trek TOS (The original series) and star trek in general and was considering buying some of the Kre-o (sorry) star trek sets when I saw this: MegaBlocks (sorry) are making Star Trek TOS sets!!!!!! That was the enterprise, here is the interior, a bird of prey and the next generation enterprise: Again, apologies for bringing up Megablocks but Live Long And Prosper! Columbus
  15. So can any one give me some ideas of what I should do to modify my set. I would like to keep some what the way it is as it is modeled after the version seen in season 2 of star Wars the Clone Wars Holocron Heist. It would also be nice if they could be done medium to minimal requirement of pieces as I would be using the spare pieces I have already not going to go and buy new pieces just to mod it. Thanks to all who can help me!
  16. Hi guys! It's my first Topic here, on Eurobricks, hope you'd love it(: I called this base "CargoB-808": its name consists of words "Cargo" and "Base". Train have quite a lot of place inside its aim is to transport some sort of ammunition, weapons, usefull little things^^ Some pictures made from the front: The ground floor plays the role of warehouse: Here u can see a jail and and a surgery: And there are a lot of control pannels on the first floor(: One more beautifull photo and thats it!)
  17. Clone Decals, Help!

    Hello custom-izers! I've been wanting to make some custom clones (or at least design some decals). Before I start, I'd like to know if anyone has, or knows, a good decal for this kind of clone: http://alpha.brickli...ode 2]#T=S&O={} That torso is used (I think) on all the new phase II clones as well. When I search the EU index, and the web I can only find decals for this kind: http://alpha.brickli... Wars]#T=S&O={} Also, which is you're favorite? Thanks!
  18. Hi guys, Just recently completed my first Star Wars oriented MOC, the Republic Laat/c with ATTE. I started this build about 3 years ago and it was going to be just the ship itself before I took up the walker project about a month ago. This is probably my largest MOC to date, and it's by far the heaviest. The hardest part was allowing the walker to connect and detach from the ship easily without the walker's weight putting too much strain on the bricks. Republic Dropship and AT-TE by James Asbury, on Flickr Let me know what you think! You can find all of my creations and more photos of the build at flickr.com/photos/jasbury
  19. 42026 Lego Technic Black Champion Racer clone, kept as close to the original model as possible. Different color scheme, uses pieces mostly from 31313 Mindstorms Ev3 Retail Set and 42000 Technic Grand Prix Racer. NOTE: Tires have a slightly larger diameter.
  20. [SWBP] Battlefront : Geonosis Battle Pack

    Star Wars Battlefront : Geonosis Battle pack Fight Separatists with the new , Grand Army of the Republic ! Take cover behind the rocks to avoid the Droideka's heavy fire ! Then fly using the Jet Trooper's Super Jumper and shoot the droids with his rocket launcher ! Recreate the epic battle of Geonosis as you played it in Star Wars : Battlefront 2 . Includes 4 minifigures : Clone Trooper , Jet Trooper , Battle Droid (Geonosis) and Droideka ! Both Troopers and Battle Droid (Geonosis) are armed with game - accurate weapons ! Fire the Jet Trooper's rocket launcher ! Have the Jet Trooper fly for a limited amount of time ( just like in the game ) with the Super Jumper ! Have the Clone Trooper take cover behind the rocks Notes : - The gonk droid design is inspired by Sage C's design - The set contains 70 parts ( excluding minifigs and weapons ) and the droideka is made with 29 parts
  21. [MOC] Republic Base On Florrum

    This is my first Star wars moc- the first of many I hope! The idea for this started with my purchase of the geonosis troopers set (75089), modifying the walkers and it went on from there.
  22. Clone 01354: E1: The Outbreak (Part 1 of 2)

    Hey guys! I present to you my first stop motion; originally, it was posted on YouTube in December of last year, but I decided to post it here to (hopefully) get more viewers. Hope you all enjoy! BTW Part 2 is almost done. Expect it to be out by May..... https://youtu.be/lkseCJU-RSs I know it's not the best, but keep in mind that it is my first. Part 2 is much better with lighting, voice acting, and movements.
  23. Briefing Room, Rogue Clone Base, Nar Eurbrikka: Clone Commander: "Troops, while doing some recon work, I found the cannon the Imperials are using to shell our main base. It's manned by recruits and not our brothers, so take no prisoners." Clone Scout: "Sir, can I take my new sniper rifle? Pleeease?" Commander: "Sure, but remember, it'll be heavy." Scout: "Yay!" (Stormtrooper to himself, listening): "I'd better get back to base and tell the commander. That's an important artillery piece!" Landing Pad, Rogue base: Commander: "Get a move on there, Tix!" Scout (Tix): "This sniper rifle is...[grunt]...heavy!" Commander: "Told you. Now get in the RIG!" [Nomenclature: RIG, Rapid Insertion Gunship, my own invention] Tix: "Sure...Hey! Why do you get the speeder bike?" Commander: "Because, well, I'm the commander and I assign vehicles. Get in the ship!" Meanwhile... Forest between Rogue base and Imperial Outpost Stormtrooper: "Ouch! Oohh..myanklemyanklemyankle!!! Darned planet! Now I can't move, and our gun will be destroyed. Arghh!!" Imperial Outpost: Commander Smith: "Eat fried artillery cannon, stormies!" [Cue loud explosion] Smith: "Hey! There's one less dead stormtrooper than there should be! Let's keep a sharp eye out on the way back to base." Forest between Rogue base and Imperial Outpost Smith: "Here he is...[in a loud voice] You! Are you a clone or a recruit!" Stormtrooper: "Just a clone." Smith: "How would you like to have a life where you get to shoot the guys who enslaved you, drive huge gunships, and make those worthless recruits eat lasers?" Stormtrooper: "Really? Awesome!!" Smith: "I'm Commander Smith. Let's get you some new armor." To be continued... The speeder is an Aratech Industries LRS-14 (non-canon). It does have steering vanes; the grooves in the wheel piece act as them. The steering rod doubles as a Mark IV armor-piercing laser cannon, which gets one shot before it needs to recharge. Thanks, and as always, please comment! ---fmmmlee---
  24. [SoNE Freebuild] AT-PT

    Hi- Today I'm posting a new 1-seat walker. Here it is with the cockpit open: Smith and Tix created this walker out of parts after their gunship crashed on their planet in the outer rim. They're going to use it to return to base. ---fmmmlee--- P.S. My photo studio was a roll of butcher paper, a table, and a smartphone!
  25. SONE Freebuild-backstory of my character

    Hi all- Since I joined SoNE I decided to give a bit of a backstory to my character. Here it is: After the closure of the Clone Wars, Mar, Rane, Smith, and Tix (sorry for the crazy names) felt their duty was done. Smith realized they were being used. They weren't getting their rights as humans. So they determined to strike out on their own, take down the Empire and set their brothers free. So they deserted. After procuring their old armor from an Imperial base, they departed to the mid-outer rim and built their own. Here is a small guard-house: That's all for now. One of my first MOC posts! Bye. --fmmmlee--- P.S. Sorry for the bad backgrounds and pic quality. Can't exceed 100 kb, and I don't have really good background materials. P.P.S. Oh, yes, should this go in the main SW Forum because it's a freebuild? I've heard about freebuilds being in Watto's Junkyard, though. Clue me in.