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  1. "automobiles" for train layouts ... 5+ wides?

    Indeed, the width in smaller scales is an issue making it hard to build any vehicles fitting figs in properly, but if you accomondate the width its actually far worse imo, since then the figs dont just look "too wide" but small aswell. There will always be a "too widish" appeal to them in any scale, thus having at least the height more in the "western world" average heights (175 cm with hairpiece), it will only be "one" flaw to their design. The Thing with trains is (or at least i guess) that they vary a lot in sizes also depending on gauges. I personally think 1/42 to 1/44 to be the best scale range, making the figs average high in height, which sets most trains i googled (european) to 8,5 wide. So from there it might be practical issues if you decide to go 8 or 9 (or even do the exact 8,5 somehow with SNOT), but i dont think that 8 wide is based on practical reasons alone. Or is it a known fact around here that trains should be 10 wide? Do you have some pics or a flickr account displaying some of your 10 wides next to figs so i can get a complete picture of your scaling thoughts? I also did an 8 wide next to the 5 wide (which would perhaps be my minimum with of train cars for future builds in my scale). 5/6 wide cars to 8 wide trains by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr
  2. "automobiles" for train layouts ... 5+ wides?

    First thank you all for your amazing lots of feedback into this topic, nice to see the discussion/input getting along! If i have the chance i will post a few more 5 wides next to trains soon.... Dont have time to quote you all, but i did read em and will conclude some of my thoughts in the following quotes ;) Yeah, that would be quite something - allthough i believe with a bunch of people all agreeing to a certain scale that shouldnt be a problem. Didnt hear about that with the train modelers since i knew they had lots of different scales to buy from, but perhaps the cars wont be too "unseen" then... About the sizing depending on "what is larger to what is smaller" - i think thats like the best idea if you really want figs fitting at least in some of the vehicles. I think that works out great in the links provided!! Actually a good point to start from there - since its the only constant factor in this case. However, what tells you the gauge is great in scale when compared to the minifig height? Perhaps assuming that a minifig is 175 cm high irl (average height), a minifig scale might need a different gauge alltogether - Some very serious math you did there aswell. I personally strongly believe that TLG intended the whole minifig world to be around 1/42 - 1/45 in scale when inventing the minifig. Especially if you look at their early era 4 wide cars fitting no figs inside at all and especially the still used bicycle mould from 1985. If you measure their diameter compared to an average real life bicycle, you will eventually end up in that scale range. Same goes for the old motorbike mould or 2x2 stud wheels (tiny turbo diameter) in total. Compared to real life, thats about the size of a tire when you look at it height wise. As for the gauge, the european 1435mm is the closest it gets (according to 1/43 ., 4 studs = 1333mm, so the lego gauge is actually too narrow). But not by far, so it definately works.... Yes and no really, just cause the minifigs proportions are odd, doenst mean you cant scale or will always encounter "trouble". You need to choose either going with the minfig width or the minifig height. If you do both, only then it will get messed up. I am very fond of going by minifig height only. Keeps everything small and realistically looking in proportion to human height (which does matter more than width imo since our perspective of surrounding is rather height biased). But indeed, fitting the figs is a real bummer! Definately the correct math and very good example - but perhaps the fig relevance does get kinda lost here. I mean, how many 5 feet tall people do we see - (not meant in a discriminating way!) - its possible, but not very realistic. In that case one might also consider building figs with bricks to accomondate the scale to the correct human heigt. 1/38 is still in a good looking minifig fashion, but technically speaking - when going with 10 wide trains, the figs do look a lil tiny....especially given their width which then additionally creates the illusion of even smaller height. Must not bother ones layout really since its mainly about the trains, but the issue certainly is there ;) Nice demonstration of scaling btw! cheers!
  3. Hey there, i usually dont post in this forum (being an automobile builder mainly), but i just couldnt help but notice... I do see many layouts where Train Mocs and City sets are assembled together (obviously out of practical reasons). But the thing is, that it seems totally out of scale and relation to each other, not? Now i know some here really take their train scaling to an extreme level of detail and even apply a proper mathematical scale to them (especially 7 to 8 wide fraction). Yet, from my perspective adding City set vehicles or even Speed Champions into the same layout is kinda a bummer when it comes to size relations. It just makes the trains look small After trying out a few train cabs from 6 to 8 wide and comparing them to set vehicles and most 6 wide cars, it simply screams for the automobiles to be smaller in height, length and width. Cause actually most vehicles are oversized compared to the trains - it makes em somewhat "alien" to the whole display - IMO. Having lived through the 9V era, i think that even to this very day any 4 wide automobile will eventually look more true in scale to the layout than any 6 wide ever could. Since the Train widths (offical Lego scale) havent changed, yet their City vehicle scale did, why not go back to the roots a bit more? ;) 4 wides in displays these days are quite rare and tend to look plain, so perhaps something in between? I personally find that 5 wide is a good scale to work upon for standard automobile vehicles, since no matter if 6,7 or 8 wide trains, it simply passes as being in the same "universe" somewhat - just by being "smaller". One might think the detail is getting lost with a smaller automobile scale, but actually, using some of the professional train techniques people use on their Train MOCs, i personally figured that its possible to have the cars "as good looking and detailed" as their counterparts on rails....or at least i believe so^^ Here a supercar example in 5+ wide compared to an offical SC car on a flatbed cargo wagon compared to the "scaling" of the Emerald Express Train Cab. I personally think it blends in better with the allready small 6 wide trains (or 7 wide aswell)...thoughts? Cars and trains - the scale issue. by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr
  4. Indeed, can only agree on that one. Lowering these to city scale is definately a must for any serious joint layout of all types of vehicles. This line is the best yet - part wise the mustang and the ford wrc (man, that has like 3 pairs of the new slope and 2 pairs of the wedge tiles) are a real joy to see. Will be excellent "slaughter for parts" material to finally get some cars done in dark blue and dark green colours. Also a few more neon green parts on the porsche... Now if they would make the minifig head brackets in more colours, we'd have pretty much all that we asked for the recent years... Looking forward to your guys mocs on flickr;)
  5. [MOC] Yacht/Boat 4011 "Cabin Cruiser" remake

    thanks mate!
  6. Lego Beach House MOC

    Excellent colour choices and building design, looks so fresh and has that good old paradisa flare without using any pinkish colours - would also fit nicely with my Yacht! ;) any plans on extending your beach house with other buildings in the future? Or are you planing on getting the fishing store? Cheers, keep it up!
  7. [MOC] Yacht/Boat 4011 "Cabin Cruiser" remake

    Many thanks - yeah, with that technique its not that much of a challenge really - spent ages looking for something to do digitally (since most excellent techniques by more experienced builders on boat hulls only work with physical bricks) Thanks a lot :) - no i havend posted that car before (since 1/43 scaled mocs are not that "townish" really. I used to post a few 1/43 cars about a year ago on EB but i moved the car business completely to flickr where you will find the whole collection)
  8. [MOC] Yacht/Boat 4011 "Cabin Cruiser" remake

    another angle, if you want the LDD file send email request. Cabin Cruiser Yacht by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr
  9. [MOC] Yacht/Boat 4011 "Cabin Cruiser" remake

    Nice, i will post the file (its internals arent really that great yet and perhaps some connections are too weak and can be optimised in a real brick model - yet i bet its an easy fix in most cases. i tried my best at making sure all is connected somehow) thanks man!
  10. Hi there, I'm barely active anymore but i finally finished my old WIP from the 4011 "Cabin Cruiser" remake from 1991. Its completely brick build without using hull elements. Fits about 6 Minifigs inside. For a scale comparisson i included a 1/43 scale model car i recently finished aswell. Hope you like it, comments and critics welcome, more pics will follow... Cabin Cruiser 4011 - REMAKE by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr
  11. What is Town Forum to you?

    Hi guys, Here i want to ask what really is Town Forum to you? An akward question perhaps: The thing is - and i've been watching EB for quite a few years now - that almost all posts and new MOCs are mainly related to Winter Village or Modular Sets, Set mods and layouts. (i said almost all!) Now, its without question that most of them are amazing sets/improvisations of TLG sets and belong into this forum for sure BUT: Is it just me or does it feel that the topics posted are becoming a bit one-dimensional and too much set based instead of being crafted from the own creative mind? A mod of set number xy here, a layout there, who is getting set xy ... - yet people going for completly own made creations, lil cars, motorbikes and the likes get like a few comments, while MODs and Layouts of Modulars we all allready know have several pages of conversation... Is the demand for things not concering modulars and its bretheren so little? Has this become mainly a collectors thing who don't dare modding their beloved sets any more than needed? Who dont pay much attention to anything smaller, anything not TLG based? This may sound a bit provocative (intended), but one might expect creations named: "litterboxes and containes", "supermarket interiour", "helicopter and planes" etc - just not the M word or Winter Village all the time. Its impressive if you own and row your Modulars into a layout, but whats the heart and intention of this forum really? I sometimes even get the feeling that the "train forum" offers more diverse "town" buildings, structures and vehicles than the forum that should have those by name alone. Now this is just my impression, i might be dead wrong - so i would really like to hear what others think (so i can complete the picture). Thanks in advance, Ron
  12. [MOC] Lamborghini Aventador

    200 views and not a sinlge comment on something as genius as this front end! Well done!
  13. Somewhat City scaled cars

    Many thanks, indeed - there are different things and issues when it comes to minifig building as are there preferences on functionality and co... This here is a 1/43 scale replica, so its actually more a scale model than anything else. Yet, not being able to post them in the scale modeling forum, i think its still townish enough ;) also, some real rendered pictures: Porsche 991 by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr Aston_Jaguar by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr
  14. Somewhat City scaled cars

    next batch, Aston DB7 and Jaguar X100 Year 1996, Aston Martin DB7 and Jaguar X100 by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr
  15. Somewhat City scaled cars

    Ah cool to hear - yeah the forum is definately worth a look since it contains the most precise remakes of real things in the bricks. But i cant participate with my scale, so i will keep this thread here running and more is to come ;)