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  1. Ron Dayes


    Seems impossible - BUT - Yes, that was exactly the case. The site was down for over a month and on the 4th of June it simply ceased to exist. No warning to its active users - the site simply vanished. Sean Kenny never responded to any messages, not even to the ones from the official moderators who tried improving the website. Many proposals on buying the website in order to save it were made in the past, but for whatever reason, there was never a respone from its creator. Feel free to read the official Lego Car blog article about it (the one i linked above) - its worth to read the comment section aswell!
  2. Thats actually incorrect. "TAN" number code 2 in the color palette was officially introduced in 1957 and the minifig came out 20 years later in 1978! They could have made tan minifigs, in fact, there is tan based figurines for the old town layouts. But they chose not to, to avoid the skin color political aspects at the time. It was stated in several interviews aswell. Yellow is a "happy" colour. As it was also used for the first castle instead of a militaristic grey... But knowing the rather limited color palette used in sets at that time, it might seem that they didnt have those colors - but in fact, they did have a huge array, just never used them because it was quite pricey and not reall necessary back in a day. But yeah, TLG doesnt need to change anything atm. agreed.
  3. Ron Dayes


    But dont expect him to reply. Before we left mocpages years ago, we tried to reach out to him to get any answer/statement on it whatsoever. Noone ever got through. If you wish to do it anyway, keep it brief and dont expect miracles. Perhaps once Mocshare is finished, it will restart a LEGO dedicated website in the style of mocpages again. thats actually quite a cool idea^^ That picture would have been lost forever by now if it wasnt for you saving it as a profile pic ;) indeed, actual maintenace for mocpages stopped years ago. I wonder who really did the server maitenance to get it back up again all those times it broke down the last 2 years or so.
  4. Since the 4th of June 2020 (so 2 days ago from this post), the website "" no longer exist! Mocpages has - without any media news/final warning from its creator Sean Kenny - simply been deleted. The plug has been pulled and there are no hints on ever being restored again. If you search for it now, you wont even find the official link that lead to it. It is now listed on "crunshbase" as a website that (used to) run. Many users left mocpages a few years ago for, yet for those who remained and still actively posted on this website this certainly is a shock i believe. If data wasnt backed up, pictures saved etc - it seems all that data is lost forever now. Immediately after its deletion, TLCB posted an article that really sums it up well. Its worth the read. I just want to spread those news here on this Forum so you people are aware that this former milestone for the AFOL community with fond memories of contests and discussions has silently passed away... Apparently most people didnt even notice (yet) since i didnt find a Post on any AFOL forum yet. Feel free to share your fond memories you've had on!
  5. Ron Dayes

    Lego is dropping behind dragon designs

    Whilst many good points were given in this discussion why not to compare a 700 part set to a 130 part set (or whatever), the true question is: What the hell are the TLG designers doing lately to dragon designs? I must agree with @Medzomorak, TLG really doesnt hit the nail in many modern dragon designs. The Harry Potter Dragon and recent Hogwarts Castle Basilisk (yes, not a dragon) are just plain awful. Yep, on the last one the part count was amazingly low - but why even try when its impossible to recreate it that small for them? Could have just used the classic snake in green (considering the micro size model), would have been better actually than that utter garbage they offered. That Horned Dragon - again - is just another example of them obviously not knowing how to recreate it with that part limitation. Looks like a bird went to the gym and never skipped leg day^^ Dont they look at source material? Or dont they care? It almost feels like they are too lazy to try, or dont have enough time at hand on designing it well. A good MOC takes time, we all know that. Maybe the sheer array of sets they have in each theme is just too much to manage in a short time. Who knows... But im hoping, a company that big, has at least one guy ONLY doing the dragon digitally and giving his/her heart and soul for this ONE Set. Otherwise it could really explain these poor offerings. Just knowing the parts availiable, and how decent some ninjago dragons look, i just refuse to believe thats all they could do. And since it was further up stated " the dragon probably wasnt the main focus in the set" - well, when there is a DRAGON in the set, make it the focus! Its a sales argument. In my honest opinion, TLG is missing out on quite a lot of basic moulds, to get a cool system dragon done easily. Just check some wedge parts on that chinese GoT thing. I wish TLG offered these. Would it hurt so bad to release a few more spike, scales, teeth, claws, wings elements? It seems they should...
  6. Ron Dayes

    LEGO Speed Champions 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    I only agree that 8 wides is "okay" for SC product line since it definately shapes the car better with those huge wheel diameters they have been using. It looks more harmonic than a 6 wide with "hot wheels" type oversize wheels. Yet going from 6 to 8 wide it literally lost the connection to "Town" even further, since it really wont work well with modulars or even raod plates. They wont go well with 6 trains anymore either for quite obvious "real world realism" issues. SC were regularly used as display items, yet im sure many AFOLs wont agree on 8 wide meeting the same criteria. I mean, may the minifig be wide and small, but now it will appear even more tiny. By itself its a nice toy that you can go vroom vroom, screeeech with on a table, the 8 studs allow all detail, stability and play features any kid could ever want. So good choice TLG. It can also be a nice display item without any figs even. Yet for the tiny amount of AFOLs with a sense of height based scale, its -understandably- somewhat horrible. Offtopic thought: "When you put a minifigure inside, the only thing you're going to see is the head and the hands so I think that's a good point to prefer the 8 studs cars." Well, if its only the head (and hands) you see anyway, why even bother fitting a full minifig inside and risk having oversized cars in an AFOL layout then? You could save bricks, build smaller in the height based scale of 1/43, have cars that go well with Modulars, Buses, Trucks and Trains. Looks amazing. My 5 wide cars also show minifig heads inside, even 2 side by side - so i dont think that this argument really leads me to prefer 8 studs. Id only prefer 8 studs for playability tbh. And i think thats exactly the reason TLG chose to move on to 8 wide.
  7. Ron Dayes

    LEGO Speed Champions 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Um, no - the SC wheel type fits perfectly into 8 wide size/scale. Its actually way too huge for 6 wides if you do the math based on the real life counterparts. So 8 wide with these wheels, yes. But 8 wide with minifigs...hmm, not my cup of tea tbh.
  8. Ron Dayes

    LEGO Speed Champions 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    what a pity, Speed Champions is even getting more way out of scale. A nice toy for kids, yet no relevance to a lot from the AFOL market now. Glad i build my own stuff and never sets, otherwise that would be very frustrating. 2019 definately ended the usual SC line. However, always a good place for new parts^^ Thats all i ever cared about in SC...
  9. Ron Dayes

    What Exactly is Minifig Scale?

    so whats the difference? And what in seven hells is that "system scale" supposed to be. There is no exact definition - shall it refer to minifig usage? what does the "system" stand for? There is no real "system scale", with bricks you can build in any scale! Large, mini, micro - whatever. There is so many shapes of bricks, you cant define them to a certain scale To be precise you should just call them the scales they are ( 1/10, 1/25 etc) Only exception: TLG made a few moulds for minifigs to be used with minifigs. Once you use these parts, you are automatically working with elements of the "minifig scale" they intended for us. (just look at the bicycle moulds etc) Minifig scale is officially a height based scale. You can alter it by making it width based, but then most parts TLG moulded for us dont make sense anymore, concerning the math behind it. If you stray away from math, and build using what you "think" is right, thats not "scaling" at all! Scaling is always based objects that exists and contain mathmatical data. If you build a fantasy spaceship from your own imagination, you set your own parameters. Thats a size you defined yourself. Now if i were to rebuild that spaceship half the size, then that would be a 1/2 scale of your object, which now exists for me to be scaled down using math. See the difference? What most Moccers do is build a car that fits minifigs, check a bit if it looks like its real life counterpart and call it minifig scale. Some say "a fig fits in" so its "minifig scale". But thats NOT how a scale works! A scale is a defined term - most Car mocs i see arent in scale at all to their real life counterparts. Thats why its better to call it "minifig sized", since its design originated from their own perception of an object. Its not a scale. Its a Term definition thing. People just tend to use the term "scale" wrong since it is commonly used amongst AFOLS (which doesnt justify its use btw!). Instead they should use "size" to describe their mocs.
  10. Ron Dayes

    What Exactly is Minifig Scale?

    Well, the Minifig actually fits in the system scale. Literally, the system scale IS the real minifig scale mathmatically speaking. People who build larger than that shouldnt use the word "minfig scale" to be honest. A proper term would be "minifig play size".... (since there is no real math behind it, scale = math). That term allows all those variations size wise, witdth wise etc.
  11. Ron Dayes

    What Exactly is Minifig Scale?

    Ok, this will be my last real effort to really explain what a Minifig scale is and how you do it! 1. What is a scale? (sorry, but some seem to not understand how a scale is defined) originates from the word "scala", used since ancient times, meaning: ladder/stairs, which were often mathmatically defined. So from "how many stairs", similar to other measurements units you could base a "scale" on how tall something is. Thats how the verb "to escalade" originated! Nowadays its one "height" divided by another "height" giving you a ratio. Thats it! Its not based on your own perception, playability, functionality, does it look realistic to me etc. - its based on math and math alone! You can actually base a scale on whatever you think is right, but read below why its usually height irl... 2 Why schould a scale always be HEIGHT based? Remember when you were a kid and measured your own body height like every week with a pencil on the door frame? Why is that? Well, humans self awareness and the perception of other individuals is based on height - because humans are naturally longer than they are wide/thick - so height is our dominant feature. You are rather afraid of a tall person as a kid, than a person same height but more pounds. Its somewhat a genetic instinct that we calculate our risks (=environment) by how tall the other or environment (mountain,...)is. It is our perception of our own height compared to an object that lets us define things after we experienced them: example: catching a fish, common instinct is how long it is, you measure = how does its height compare to my own, ok, that fish is small or huge! Statement! Weighing the fish is your second thought, cause it gives you a second info to add to the info you allready got by measuring it = completing your experience of what you caught). That also results to why a lot of things in the real world are primarily height based and then normed to a certain height, like the calculations of door frames, ceiling heights, tables etc..It simply is the way we understand the world, even if we dont really think about math or scaling at that moment, our brain automatically does it for us ;-) 3. How do you scale Lego with a Minifig? Since i mentioned that we experience the world by height, and that professional scaling in industry/construction is also focused on height (building a tower, first you estimate height, and after that comes the diameter analysis to support the structure) - it should be a natural thing to use height. Obviously. Now the issue: The Lego Minifig isnt naturally proportioned - bummer, no secret! So now we choose: Do you use the height of the minifig or its width?. If you want your minifig world to be as close to your own perception of the world, you definately use height! The only reason why somebody would choose width is to have great function and playability in their MOCs .But apart from that, the results are all unrealistic by our own perception. This literally leads to this discussion all the time, and then the term MINIFIG SCALE is used and debated!!! So there is actually 2 possible scales we can dwell on. But be honest to yourself - the WIDTH is a secondary instinct to humans. It just happens that when it comes to LEGO, we have been so focused over the years to fit a minifig inside a car, that we just assumed that its width is "OK" and the norm, even I as a kid didnt question this AT ALL. Yet, it results to a problem chain, that literally everything would need to be adjusted towards that. Everything starts to get huge, way too "tall" for the fig. Now if you are a "playsensitive" Afol, with functionality as a goal, this is definately an option. But lets look at what TLG actually intended to be Minifig scale, using standard parts they NORMED for us scale proof by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr aha, id say its very close to 1/43! Those moulds really define the scale, especially the door frame sizes and the bicycle mould! Further overview of both scales: no 5 /13 by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr
  12. Ron Dayes

    What Exactly is Minifig Scale?

    well, i was hoping you'd guide us there. I was expecting a Number/Number, just like 1/43 - i mean, a scale is just that. I do the searching myself then -.- I dont think a lot of people understand the scale discussion because most people dont know on what to base the scale. Im quite sure an action figure collector has no idea what "system scale" is when it comes to Lego System... Actually TLG themselves set the Minifigure and Town scale to a 1/50 intentionally (watching several interviews, also Legoland Allianz Arena). But because the minifig is slightly larger than 1/50, they tend to narrow it down in a range from 1/46 to 1/43 since 1978. If you take parts like window frames, door frames, lego bicycle mould, you land on 1/43.... Furthermore, 1/43 is a common scale in Toys also from other manufacturers (die cast etc). Makes quite a lot of sense...
  13. @pooda@Aanchir Since i got tagged earlier in the discussion, i feel the need to join in, also to calm the heat a little. Thanks to @Aanchir long winded and detailed write up (which is perfectly fine, i also tend to wind up with long texts usually on EB!). Everyone is free to share his opinion in any form, may it be a long text or just a short statement. Further, thanks to naming also the Set numbers, I can only come to the conclusion that in the last decade TLG has had more Sets than classic town of certain type in: -Museums -Banks (actually, for quite some time TLG kept their products "money" and still "war free", the classic dollar bill being released in 1995, so why have banks?) -Shops -Bus Stations But to be fair, in all other categories, the current City Series isnt very far advanced in concerning -harbours -civilian buildings -Airports -Hospitals Now one could make a long list of modern and old sets and compare all of them with each other BUT. There is two important facts than can not be overlooked! TLG now is one of the greated Toy producers world wide! They now have the financial status to hit out a new set in each category every year due to the high sales, coming in from multiple product lines, like Star Wars, Ninjago, licensed Disney etc That wasnt the case before 2006! Before the 90ies even, there was no licensed themes! (I wouldnt count shell, maersk and others = promotional sets!) So, that meant, some Sets had to be a somewhat a hit, cause each Set needed to make income. Nowadays, they can make do with a few flops, they survive easily. Compare a Lego Section in a Toy store from 1989 to 2019 - Its more than double as many sets now availiable in total. Heck, there is a whole room full. That furthermore also explains, why some sets from the past werent just a "1 year set", but were actually produced for a couple of years or intended to be in stores for a couple of years. Therefore you cant really compare the amount of sets "today" (lets say 5 police stations in one decade) to the few police stations back before the milennia in 2 decades, if we are really honest! One example: 6380 Hospital from 1987 is also still a 90ies set, since i got if from a Store as late as 1997 - Even in 2006 there was a always a few 90ies sets availiable in stores. So a set was "longer" up to date at least store wise. Still they hit out new Sets each year in Classic Town, which seems even more impressive back then. Yet, considering the financial status Lego had back then, they made a Town Palette thats quite diverse. @Aanchir you also mention Sets containing "buildings" a lot, yet there is an even larger variety when it comes to VEHICLES since 1980. And thats the key point here. The old strategy from TLG = classic Town. From the Legoland / Town Series or even the Early "Soccer" Town subtheme, you were able to obtain Sets that ONLY cointain a vehicle and a minifig to add on to your city: -Highway Maintenance -Telekom Bike Race Transport - diverse Construction units, not a multi set, but literally "just a bulldozer". "just a "crane", just a "hauler". - about 6 different Bussses in 3 Colours with individual Soccer teams (I admit, thats a far stretch, but its still a Bus and Town related) - Civilian Cars in like one colour - The Lego Truck - shell gas truck - lots of 4x4 vehicles - just a few ambulance vehicles Hell, i have so many individual sets with "just" a vehicle at home, its crazy. The list goes on... The modern strategy of TLG is to have mainly "large sets", that contain like one or two vehicles next to a structure. Only Speed Champions allow you to buy a single Car unit. Its true, City now pretty much has as many sets, if not even more than back in the 80ies. BUT, if i just want to "add" to my city, a single Building, a single car, maybe 5 of them - now thats a lot harder these days. Speed champions are used for that, but thats not really City, its supercars, like the racing product line. It doenst even fit the scale dimensions like the good old Classic Town vehicles certainly did. You need to buy larger sets to complete the city, not a lot of individuality here. If a kid wanted to focus on construction only, you could buy him 10 bulldozers for a fair price.... Last example why i persoanlly think Town is still superior = how real it looks! Classic Fire Station 1981 Set 6382 vs Modern Fire Station from 2013 the first one looks like a real building you could see in your Suburb, the modern Set looks like the toy it is. It doesnt get better after 2013... Its a real shame they use these "blue" windows all the time since the 90ies. Gosh, the 80ies had such great trans clear parts...or are your windows at home blue? 90ies Police HQ vs 2011 Police HQ The first is allready "modern'ish", but most Police Stations are somewhat an experimental 70ies lots of glass building. Whilst the modern thing, i mean, does it look like a real building even? Is that a Prison Motel? Or take a look at this gem: Old, yes, but building wise, looks realsitic, doenst it? Your average 70ies Building 1976 Police HQ with modern techniques, part access i think TLG could pull of realistic looking buildings (much like the modulars, just less 1800s detail mania), but apparently for kids this stuff sells better as it is now. Yet, as an Afol, i cant stop scratching my head over this. To be fair, we can just build our own stuff. yet if an AFOL claims that the new Sets are super amazing, i can just say: look around that realistic? The only good thing the modern sets have is advanced play features, but thats the toy intention behind it. Back in a day, lego was a downsized realistic looking suburbian world in bright colours, now its like an "action" theme. Unrealistic looking, but maybe more fun to play with. Its a personal opinion after all, but the nostalgic vibe isnt just because we loved them when we were kids - they are also really appealing because they represent the real world a lot more "truthful".
  14. Yes, Classic Town was better and more realistic Why? Just look at the amount of Jobs they portrayed back in those days. Anyone remember those Harbour Scenes, Cargo Ships etc? And everything came in colours and parts you could reuse easily for other builds. Also imo it was more Minifig scaled. Now everything is really bloated, huge and expensive. TLG releases a lot of parts, yet not many in the "standard" colours. A lot of vehicles included in sets dont look like real life counterparts or are super made up/dont exist. And do we really need a new Police station like every year? ugh... maybe kids need it these days like that - i mean they do the research. But as an Afol, Classic Town offered much more, diverse areas and fields of play...
  15. Ron Dayes

    Cars for Trains! (6w to 8wide)

    Thanks, glad you took your time for the read through. Indeed, those are the options, yet option 3 seems to be very experimental. A train might need to be 12 wide then^^ But ey, its possible! If you do, please share a pic, im interested in a real life build! thanks man Yep. even in scale modelling, sometimes its a compromise! Its definately prefence what we chose :) Thanks for the car praise, indeed that train belongs to 99% to sergio, my add ons are really minor...indeed, he is one busy bee^^ thanks mate! Glad you read it, always good to hear that it doesnt hit dull ears ;) You are very welcome, thanks a lot (also for commenting on the original thread!)