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  1. What is Town Forum to you?

    Hi guys, Here i want to ask what really is Town Forum to you? An akward question perhaps: The thing is - and i've been watching EB for quite a few years now - that almost all posts and new MOCs are mainly related to Winter Village or Modular Sets, Set mods and layouts. (i said almost all!) Now, its without question that most of them are amazing sets/improvisations of TLG sets and belong into this forum for sure BUT: Is it just me or does it feel that the topics posted are becoming a bit one-dimensional and too much set based instead of being crafted from the own creative mind? A mod of set number xy here, a layout there, who is getting set xy ... - yet people going for completly own made creations, lil cars, motorbikes and the likes get like a few comments, while MODs and Layouts of Modulars we all allready know have several pages of conversation... Is the demand for things not concering modulars and its bretheren so little? Has this become mainly a collectors thing who don't dare modding their beloved sets any more than needed? Who dont pay much attention to anything smaller, anything not TLG based? This may sound a bit provocative (intended), but one might expect creations named: "litterboxes and containes", "supermarket interiour", "helicopter and planes" etc - just not the M word or Winter Village all the time. Its impressive if you own and row your Modulars into a layout, but whats the heart and intention of this forum really? I sometimes even get the feeling that the "train forum" offers more diverse "town" buildings, structures and vehicles than the forum that should have those by name alone. Now this is just my impression, i might be dead wrong - so i would really like to hear what others think (so i can complete the picture). Thanks in advance, Ron
  2. [MOC] Lamborghini Aventador

    200 views and not a sinlge comment on something as genius as this front end! Well done!
  3. Somewhat City scaled cars

    Many thanks, indeed - there are different things and issues when it comes to minifig building as are there preferences on functionality and co... This here is a 1/43 scale replica, so its actually more a scale model than anything else. Yet, not being able to post them in the scale modeling forum, i think its still townish enough ;) also, some real rendered pictures: Porsche 991 by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr Aston_Jaguar by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr
  4. Somewhat City scaled cars

    next batch, Aston DB7 and Jaguar X100 Year 1996, Aston Martin DB7 and Jaguar X100 by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr
  5. Somewhat City scaled cars

    Ah cool to hear - yeah the forum is definately worth a look since it contains the most precise remakes of real things in the bricks. But i cant participate with my scale, so i will keep this thread here running and more is to come ;)
  6. Scale Modeling General Discussion

    Nice liebherr! That sub forum would be quite something, allthough i doubt that they ever consider opening it for a handfull of people. Furthermore i also noticed in Town forum the main interaction is about buildings and town layouts themselves (like you stated), not cars or vehicles on their own. So that kinda puts us in the refugee list of certain interests. Perhaps special themes despite it being also everything else? its just a bummer since it literally is a scale model, yet where to place it, right? Not everything below 1/20 has minifig relevance and equals town imo. maybe smaller scales just need some time and more users, perhaps then it might be up for discussion (i hope). So long, see you in town ;) PS: i believe your work has eventually paid of for you despite not being able to post it, perhaps join us small scalers on flickr for the time being? We do give quite some feedback there...
  7. Somewhat City scaled cars

    After the kind of letdown in the scaling model forum which excluded MOCs smaller than 1/20, i'm back in with my 1/43 scales in this forum. Hope you dont mind. IMO the scale is nice for modular layouts and looks splendid next to figs, yet i know how different opinions are on functionality, minifig fitting etc. i will keep this as a single thread with new cars to follow, so stay tuned if you like em. First off, a Porsche 991 (a 911 from 2011) Porsche 991 a by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr Porsche 991 b by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr its 5,6 to 5,2 studs wide and about 13 studs long. Fits no fig, but has window details instead.
  8. Scale Modeling General Discussion

    i can totally relate, now i need to post in Town forum despite the fact that my creations clearly arent "town". Just seems to me that large scales are the winner here out of tradition. But well, if that is what the community demands i wont bother stirring it up any further. its just sad that a "scale" forum was announced and now its excluding actual scales just cause it seems unplausible to build any smaller than people being used to...
  9. Long live the 4-stud wide [MOC]

    Excellent stuff, especially that Beetle! Being somewhat from that era before that juniorification began i can definately relate. However, if you check the Spiderman sets from the early 2000s they did have quite a few excellent 4 wides right there literally going "back to the roots" and using TT wheel sizes again! Mhm, if you want my thoughts on this: No matter how hard 5 and 6 stud cars are, its worth it. I mean i once did a thread here for modular cars 2 years ago or so which has been updated in other threads of mine with new ideas (quite sure u'll find it if you look for). Since i see modulars as "puzzeling" full of detail, i expect cars to be the same simply to fit the critera of being "expert" series like the modulars themselves. That does also include some technic parts from time to time and PU thats a bit unusual. The biggest issue i see with City sets is the different style and also scaling. There simply aint none with City Series cars (trucks are more or less ok), literally ending up to have your modulars look tiny. As quoted above, DeMarcos approach is genius - its simple and cheap in parts, yet very cleverly executed definately upgrading any modular layout. Like him, i also dont use any mudguards for cars - thats where the whole "oversize" issue comes from anyway. Too big tires, just place a fig next to those wheels and try to compare to your real life counterpart... I can only suggest using the good ol TT wheel diameter of 14mm from the 4 wide cars, just widen the things to 5 wide and you are good to go imo.
  10. MOCs to Move

    Since the new rule of 1/20 to be the minimum entry for SMF Forum excludes my 1/43 models, where can i post them? Town really doenst want them since its not "townish" and literally following a scale that excludes Minifigs relevance. Special Themes? Model Team?
  11. very cool replicas - not my type of cars, yet after some picture research these are spot on! Excellent scale model!
  12. Edwin Korstanje scaled custom construction kits

    I can only agree with @kieran Incredible to actually see someone selling his Mocs as exclusive sets - and in such high numbers! That really is something!
  13. 1/43 Small Scale Cars

    Many Thanks Edwin, im glad you like em! Very cool ships you making! Big Thanks Jim! :) Also thanks for probably making this forum happen ;) Thanks a lot for the welcome! I promise more to come ;) Thanks! The result of 3 years of micro engineering with bricks^^ Im glad it pays off eventually, didnt start out that way.
  14. Scale Modelling Forum needs your input!

    Well, probably time i tune in... I build 1/43 scale models only- which is small. Per Definition a scale model only needs to be an "actual" thing mathmatically scaled down in size. However, i think the follwing rules are needed to actually keep this forum "scaled only" 1) It must be based on our "modern day" world of existing things that excludes the UCS millenium falcon since its really a great scale model, yet sci fi. Houses are, like @Erik Leppen suggested modern day, so they should have a home in this forum. An own "scale architecture" subforum sounds a nice idea. 2) Whatever scale, it must be close to the blueprints in shape and proportions that excludes the 6 wide Porsche really, cause if you imagine this car in real life size you'd certainly have a hot wheels car apperance given its way too large tires. So wheel size, length, wheelbase, height etc must all be above 95% true to the original Despite it looking a lot like a Porsche, its a typical town car designed with classic town elements (windshield, mudguard bricks) in order to fit a minifigure. Perhaps that leads to point 3 3) The techniques used must be advanced and creative. Especially in small scales so it can meet the criteria of point 2). Larger scales can mainly do without given the space for structure! that excludes every Speed Champion series and City scale car in points 2) and 3), since 50% of these builds are based on large moulds forming the car and dont follow the real blueprints in proportion. They are also very sticker heavy so that without them it would be hard to really tell which car it is. I think this should settle the matter with the smaller scales in general.. BTW Functions dont make a scale model, if included - very nice! - yet, scale is about shape and proportion, trying to make it "look" as much as the original as possible. Every Car designers in companies do non functional scale models first. Also on a personal note i was really looking forward to this forum for quite some time. As mentioned, i use a small scale which works without any minifig relevance or town association. When building, i make no use of any of the typical town elements. I build my own windscreens, my own mudguards and next to a blueprint im not far off. So im following those 3 rules myself But judge for yourselves perhaps. I'd be interested to know what the community here thinks about it! ambulance US by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr
  15. 1/43 Small Scale Cars

    Hey there, just noticed the scaleres finally got their own forum which is great news When it came to my small scale of 1/43 its always been kind of on the edge of being somewhat "good with minifigs" yet not really made for them, so i mainly posted into town forum despite them not being the standard town cars apporach. The figs mainly serve as a size relevance here. 6 studs is 2m. A minifig is 1,7 m high. Now onto some pictures of my recent ones, i hope you enjoy :) Ferrari on model stand by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr Ford Speed Champions by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr Familia Lamborghini by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr ambulance US by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr Vintage Racing Porsche by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr Sports SUV by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr T3 German Ambulance by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr A Smart choice 1 by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr VW T1 redesigns by Ron Dayes, auf Flickr