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  1. Yes, it's that one, it's pretty stock printer, but I've got a BL touch sensor added to it now. The print takes more time when you make the precision like this, but if you're making small parts that are critical for some mechanisms that you make just few of them, then it's worth it taking an hour or two to print those. I think that there is a newer version of Ender that has quite a lot of improvements btw
  2. I print them at pedantic resolution meaning 0.12mm layer thickness. Apart from that it's just orienting parts for printing in a way that is optimal for print, but it's case by case.
  3. I loved this one when rebrickable shown it to me. One of best small set alts I've seen recently. I love that it retains the core functionality of the original model (steering and tipper) and completely changes the vehicle. Great job, especially if this is your first alt.
  4. I'm not sure. I would have to back-track my whole history of MOCs to figure it out. It could've been here, youtube, discord or my local Polish LUG forum. I'm pretty sure though that I heard it from someone more experienced in making quality MOCs that you should protect the bigger linear actuators.
  5. I know that the small ones do have those, but I read somewhere that the bigger ones either don't have it or tend to wear out if you overuse that. May be wrong though. Thanks!
  6. One more cool pick, not sure why xxwassermannxx is dropping those one by one
  7. Yeah, I think I need to revisit this truck for myself too when I'm done with other active projects. I did some prototypes trying to squeeze in a third motor and linear actuator on a four-axle chassis some time ago: But it gets cumbersome to fit all of these. Maybe try building something like this, or a non-semi truck, something like the winged body etc? I've also built a truck that had the additional motor placed after the last axle and hub was centrally positioned, so maybe I should revisit this idea here:
  8. xxwassermannxx built my truck with additional axle and shared the photos:
  9. xxwassermannxx built the tractor with additional axle and shared the photos:
  10. @Milan / @Jim I've got a question about this, just out of curiosity: What happens if top-3 is taken by entries by Pro/medal winners and the best Regular is out of the podium? Will this mean that a person out of the podium, is winning a set but not getting a medal? Also for future reference - wouldn't it make more sense to make split voting between pro and regulars? I feel like we might end up with big discrepancies in points between pros who are all fighting for that first place and the first regular up there.
  11. Thanks! Wow, I didn't think about that because there were links to the RC model there, but I didn't think about specifying size/scale. I didn't make the trailer design for it.
  12. I like how the body is shape and how responsive it is. I would really like if you could use an integrated battery hub like buwizz or cada and cable manage this mess because it's breaking the effect of well thought out build.
  13. I would kindly ask to allow @Ctan to put his entry into the contest. Previously we had extensions for additional weeks when people didn't get their parts delivered, this time he was just hours late, but he did start the project thread over a month ago, so it's not like someone who came last minute and asked for extension to finish the build. And I believe we have people that started the threads just last week and even just yesterday as well which I thought is kind of against the spirit of the competition where the progress thread posted throughout the competition is required, so I really hope @Ctan can be treated with some lenience here as well. Side note @Milan - will there be a post on the main page encouraging people to vote in the contest? Like a mozaik of all first photos of each entry? - to not put focus on any of those but also pick on people's curiosity?
  14. Ah yes, silly me. I totally missed that part. I've had builds where I did move the steering axle away from the centre of the turntable. But still managing the hoses around it would be cumbersome so it's understandable to not go that route at this scale. Anyway, once again - great model and it seems like the competition will be really strong this time around where there's a lot of almost perfect models with just small shortcomings that you could pick on, and it'll be a hard decision with voting. Good luck :)