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  1. Actually, I've built one exactly the way you see it here (colours and all). So yes, I can absolutely confirm it balances perfectly, and very much stably, I may add. If your interested in the system: Those two chains on either side of the island connect onto 2 bars from the cloud sections left and right (you can see this in the last rendered pic). Due to the weight the island would now still flip backwards, so now you need to connect the anchor into that front cloud section, preventing the backward flip, and voilĂ , the island stays put in a floating position. Is it 100% tensegrity? Don't know, but I'm pretty happy with the floating effect, even if it's maybe not 100% tensegrity.
  2. Welcome to Feel Good Island! This is your Captain DoubleBU speaking. Thank you for chosing Air "Feel Good Island" for your trip. We're ready for take-off in about 10 minutes, so please switch off your mobile phones and fasten your seat belts. During your flight with us you can experience and enjoy the following features: - Power Functions as well as (switchable) manual mode - Many rotating/moving elements - Detailed environment (with some Easter Eggs) for nice display - Also a stable and heavy structure for heavy play - Accessible battery box withoutdisassembling the whole island, completely hidden inside the structure - A landing mode, optionally with or without the specially designed tensegrity stand. - A tensegrity stand that very stably supports the island in a floating position but also allows you to easily pick it up for play. For further information please refer to our brochures "Feel Good Island" or "Tensegrity Stand" right in front of you. Thank you very much for your attention and I wish you a pleasant flight...!
  3. If you're familiar with this one of a kind band I probably don't need to introduce this mini build to you... Added also the missiles that can be folded out for some serious 'moose action'. Intro to 19/2000 (minus logo, of course) A blatant crossover attempt - just for fun & giggles... Nothing huge or complex but still a fun little build for fans of the band. Free instructions available @ Thanks & have fun!
  4. DoubleBU

    [MOC] Lego Robocop (1987 movie)

    New pic added. Lego Robocop's own movie poster. Just for fun (and Gimp exercise...)
  5. Just in case, here are the links to some of the other cool Mobile City portable play sets (by Brick-o-Tronic): - Police station - Hospital center - Ghost hunters HQ
  6. Agreed! Those storybooks are a step into that direction, I guess. So it probably depends on the success of those play sets whether Lego will continue with more self-contained sets. Only time (and money) will tell. Until then have fun downloading, building and maybe even expanding Mobile City yourself. Unfortunately I do no longer own any Micro Machines so I can't really tell if they fit into these Lego sets. Would be cool if they did, though...
  7. That's the concept idea of it, yes. You can use the base and then go from there and build your own ideas that fit into the box. Simple in concept... but also challenging in size.
  8. A collaboration project with the original concept designer Brick-o-Tronic, my "Time Travel Ep.1 Portable Play Set" (instructions downloadable for free) is fully compatible and part of his modular Mobile City line. You can find more cool MC sets over @ => Mobile City. Hope you like it. Play features: Step by step storage: Yes, it's Back to the Future and yes, it's Micro Machines - but this time in Lego... nearly endless possibilities ;)
  9. DoubleBU

    [MOC] Scrat the Ice Age Lego squirrel

    MANNY thanks ;) Early on I was determined to use that large curved piece as the basis for his tail but then it also needed to look like a bushy squirrel tail so that bush piece came in very handy (though not available in brown or tan, unfortunately).
  10. By accident I stumbled across Scrat's face from Pixar's animated movie 'Ice Age' while messing around for a different MOC. Fate? Maybe. A reason to complete him? Absolutely! So here he is, in all his disaster provoking glory. Because he retired from film making a while ago and had a good deal of vacation in sunny Hawaii he turned out to be more brown than tan (so not at all because the required parts weren't available in tan, no of course not...) Hope you like him. Instructions & more pics also available @ And if you want Scrat chasing after the acorn on your desk/mantelpiece/DVD collection or in your kitchen/bedroom/toilet (ok, better not in your toilet), you can get the full set here.
  11. DoubleBU

    [MOC] Lego Robocop (1987 movie)

    Thanks very much! No, I don't exactly remember how long it took for the first finished prototype, mainly because Robo is one of my favorite movie characters of all time and I had too much fun designing, tweaking and building him, so I wasn't really bothered with time ;) I'd say all in all a couple of days (with breaks, of course, and not counting the wait for all required parts I had to order). But all that time was worth it seeing how some weird building ideas* eventually came together quite pleasantly and surprisingly smoothly... *the leg holsters, chest assembly, hip plus ab joints, collapsible Auto-9 etc.
  12. DoubleBU

    [MOC] Lego Robocop (1987 movie)

    It was finally time for some Lego Robo upgrades -- one flamethrower arm & one jet-pack coming up... "I believe I can fly...... I believe I can touch the sky....." [*quote R.(obocop) Kelly]* Thanks for checking out Robo's latest hardware. You can also find them here as free instructions download. HF building.
  13. DoubleBU

    [MOC] Blue Thunder (1983 Movie Helicopter)

    Good idea! I'm not familiar with Black Shark but I was indeed thinking about tackling Airwolf next. However, a quick Google search revealed that there are already quite a few Airwolf MOCs out there and with a much better design I could ever come up with, so I think I'll spare myself the humiliation and pass on that one... But thanks for the input.
  14. Once again I dug up something from the 80s... and once again it's something related to a movie police character called "Murphy" - Frank Murphy this time, to be precise. But although this Lego version of the Blue Thunder helicopter is in minifig scale unfortunately for Frank I wasn't able to incorporate functional cockpit doors... sorry Frank, you're stuck in there for all eternity! I hope you like my take on the iconic Blue Thunder from the 1983 movie. If you like it and you're up for a bit of a challenge you can find the free instructions here & some more pics here. Thanks & may the Gods have mercy upon poor old trapped Frank's soul...