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  1. DoubleBU

    [MOC] Scrat the Ice Age Lego squirrel

    MANNY thanks ;) Early on I was determined to use that large curved piece as the basis for his tail but then it also needed to look like a bushy squirrel tail so that bush piece came in very handy (though not available in brown or tan, unfortunately).
  2. By accident I stumbled across Scrat's face from Pixar's animated movie 'Ice Age' while messing around for a different MOC. Fate? Maybe. A reason to complete him? Absolutely! So here he is, in all his disaster provoking glory. Because he retired from film making a while ago and had a good deal of vacation in sunny Hawaii he turned out to be more brown than tan (so not at all because the required parts weren't available in tan, no of course not...) Hope you like him. Instructions & more pics also available @ And if you want Scrat chasing after the acorn on your desk/mantelpiece/DVD collection or in your kitchen/bedroom/toilet (ok, better not in your toilet), you can get the full set here.
  3. DoubleBU

    [MOC] Lego Robocop (1987 movie)

    Thanks very much! No, I don't exactly remember how long it took for the first finished prototype, mainly because Robo is one of my favorite movie characters of all time and I had too much fun designing, tweaking and building him, so I wasn't really bothered with time ;) I'd say all in all a couple of days (with breaks, of course, and not counting the wait for all required parts I had to order). But all that time was worth it seeing how some weird building ideas* eventually came together quite pleasantly and surprisingly smoothly... *the leg holsters, chest assembly, hip plus ab joints, collapsible Auto-9 etc.
  4. DoubleBU

    [MOC] Lego Robocop (1987 movie)

    It was finally time for some Lego Robo upgrades -- one flamethrower arm & one jet-pack coming up... "I believe I can fly...... I believe I can touch the sky....." [*quote R.(obocop) Kelly]* Thanks for checking out Robo's latest hardware. You can also find them here as free instructions download. HF building.
  5. DoubleBU

    [MOC] Blue Thunder (1983 Movie Helicopter)

    Good idea! I'm not familiar with Black Shark but I was indeed thinking about tackling Airwolf next. However, a quick Google search revealed that there are already quite a few Airwolf MOCs out there and with a much better design I could ever come up with, so I think I'll spare myself the humiliation and pass on that one... But thanks for the input.
  6. Once again I dug up something from the 80s... and once again it's something related to a movie police character called "Murphy" - Frank Murphy this time, to be precise. But although this Lego version of the Blue Thunder helicopter is in minifig scale unfortunately for Frank I wasn't able to incorporate functional cockpit doors... sorry Frank, you're stuck in there for all eternity! I hope you like my take on the iconic Blue Thunder from the 1983 movie. If you like it and you're up for a bit of a challenge you can find the free instructions here & some more pics here. Thanks & may the Gods have mercy upon poor old trapped Frank's soul...
  7. DoubleBU

    [MOC] StarFox Arwing - Classic SNES Design (mini)

    Thanks a lot! Now all I'm waiting for is for someone to come up with some crazy ideas for those awesome bosses from this game to put these Arwings up against...
  8. Always loved the unique design of the Arwings from Starfox. Many cool Arwing MOCs already out there but with this I especially aimed for the classic blocky design from the original game (which is the best, imo) and I tried to keep it as small and simple but also as recognizable and playable as possible. Now that Lego has partnered with Nintendo a Lego Starfox franchise might be a thing?!?
  9. DoubleBU

    Star Trek Enterprise Transformer [Lego MOC]

    Thanks very much for the positive feedback!
  10. Introducing Cpt. Jean-Mech Picard! When I came up with this idea, I thought this was probably quite a common concept for a Lego MOC. turned out it wasn't so, but now I also know why... it took me forever to design a mech that could fit into the model of the Enterprise. So here it finally is. Thanks for checking this out. For more pics head over to and if you're interested in building one for yourself, instructions are available (though not for free, sorry) over at Battling Robo for top shelf domination!!! Live long, and prosper!
  11. DoubleBU

    Guessing game!

    Clever girl!... No wait, wrong movie ;) Indeed that was the "twist"! I'm calling this "Gandalf riding Shadowfaximile"... obviously. Well done! Stay tuned for the next riddle...
  12. DoubleBU

    Guessing game!

    Thanks! And for your guess: , BUT there's more to it! As I mentioned in the description: There's a... twist - and without the shadow of a doubt once revealed you'll get the joke... hopefully.
  13. DoubleBU

    Guessing game!

    Not quite but close-ish... The green background is just a very very very very minor clue - so I wouldn't refer to that particularly. You might want to think more outside the ring... I mean, box...
  14. DoubleBU

    Guessing game!

    Nobody?? Awwwww...