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Found 297 results

  1. So far in the past years, we've seen in a Christmas Winter Village: *Toy Shop *Winter Bakery *Post Office What else would you like to see in the future for the Winter Village? My prediction is it's going to be a church or a simple village home. What is your prediction?
  2. Since there are the first leaked pictures out now and we seem to (surprisingly) have no thread for it yet, I thought it would be the time to just make one ;). First of all the facts we know so far: Pieces: 3745 Estimated Price: 360$/320£ Release:1st April 2024The Set was made based on a fan design from an Lego Ideas Contest, you can find the winner announcement here. The leaked picture is, as always quite bad quality and can be found in the usual places, so I will wait to judge the build when we got better pictures of it. So far I would say they added a lot details including D&D creatures such as the Beholder and seems to include at least 6 minifigures including a dragonborn using the vidiyo-dragon head in green. Nice catch, as always I fail to see so many details in those low quality-pics. Rogue looks quite obvious but I couldn´t have identyfied the High Elven Druid exactly as this. Also it seems like we are getting a D&D CMF in September: 21348 Lego Ideas Dungeons & Dragons and D&D CMF - Page 3 - LEGO Historic Themes - Eurobricks Forums
  3. Lego Ambassador Network - The LEGO Group is Set to Launch its Brand-New Lead User Lab
  4. About The idea represents ball-and-stick models of molecules using LEGO bricks. Atoms are made of cubes with technic holes. Bonds are made using soft axles. Many chemical compounds can be easily and quickly created by connecting and disconnecting atoms. To represent valence electrons and bond abilities, the hydrogen atom has one connection point (one technic hole), oxygen has two, etc. Soft axles enable the creation of complex compounds with angled, double, or even triple bonds. Many variations can be made by applying different stickers to the top tiles of atoms. For a set, I have selected 80 atoms and an adequate number of bonds, for a total of 742 LEGO bricks. I have already successfully used this system to show my kids the difference between atoms, molecules, and various compounds. What you can see on the images All molecules in the proposed set. Selection of gases: ammonia, nitrogen molecule, carbon dioxide, oxygen molecule, and hydrogen molecule. Molecules of liquids: sulfuric acid, water, chloroform. Organic compounds: methane, ethane, methanol, ethanol, and benzene. Solid matter: a unit cell of silicon dioxide. Overview of atoms. Two versions are presented: the top one has only simple chemical symbols. The bottom one also shows the proton number and oxidation state. Photo of my real build of molecules. System The idea is the system. One can take only a few bricks and switch top tiles with stickers, or one can build a whole periodic table of elements. However, for most molecules, one needs multiple hydrogens, but helium is not used at all (because it does not create molecules under normal conditions). Changing bonds is very quick, so one can also demonstrate chemical reactions. Two possibilities For myself, I have used simple paper stickers with a chemical symbol, proton number, and oxidation state. The oxidation state was quite easy to explain; kids understood that the number of 'holes' in the element is relevant to the number of 'bonds' the element can make. Sulphur is good to show that oxidation states can differ. The atomic number was perfect for explaining why CO2 falls down to bottom in a standard atmosphere made mostly of lighter nitrogen molecules. The other possibility is to make stickers with only chemical symbols, as shown in most images. Because I had issues uploading images to the Lego ideas, I used it for most images. There is some rule that texts have to be readable, and in the first image, that was the only way to make all texts readable. Why Kids were asking about atoms/molecules/matter etc. So I thought I will find some nice chemistry system using lego and explain the topic. I have found several chemistry Lego systems or ideas, yet all seemed quite complex or too abstract. So I tried to think about something more easy to understand, and easy to build. If you like it, you can support it on Ideas:
  5. This was originally made for idea D&D contest, but after talking about the gelatinous cubes I made for this in D&D thread I realised I never posted it here. Sadly enough I think it never even made it to voting stage as though I uploaded it before the deadline (only just), I think it had to be verified or whatever before the deadline too. These pictures are relatively low res as I had originally rendered it at too high a quality for ideas and I might have over-compensated when rerendering. The idea was to have a functional DM screen (a screen used to hide the game master's plans and dice rolls form the players) with integrated dice tower (a way of rolling dice, you drop them into the top of the tower and they are knocked on bumps on the way down that helps give a random roll), that also function a minifig scale D&D display. Also included are a dice tray (styled as a magma pit) for the players to roll their dice into, 6 player minis (though I've never actually used minis when playing D&D), 9 monster minis, 2 brick built D6s and a large selection of additional parts and accessories to customise the minis. The main build of the DM screen has a cave dungeon a base with the ground above and a tower with some minor fortifications built atop of that. The left side of the tower functions as the aforementioned dice tower, whilst the right side has storage space inside for the surplus accessories not currently in use by the minis. The owner of the tower is a pale Tiefling nobleman inspired by a particularly memorable session of D&D that I played. I've decorated the ground around the tower with plants, and a washing line. Here's a back view of the build. The curved sections of the roof can be opened to put the dice in, and the will come out in the tan courtyard area on the ground level. There is a goat, that is a given in any ideas project I submit where one could possibly fit, and actually I've included 2 here, the other one is round the front nibbling on the washing line. The amount of spare parts for character customisation is definitely far more generous than Lego would actually ever be. Here are the Minis! (Well actually I forgot one, I was rendering this in quite a rush at the time, but its a goblin (you can call him Boblin) and can be seen in the other images). First up the player minis, the default selection is a tiefling rogue, a human bard, a half-elf ranger, a water genasi sorcerer, a half-orc wizard and a dwarf paladin. the monster minis are a skeleton warrior, a Storm Dragon (It's called dungeons and dragons so I had to include both a dungeon and a dragon.), 2 gelatinous cubes, 3 Kobolds, a Beholder and the aforementioned goblin. Of course the build can be enclosed, the small area with the crates is attached with axels allowing it be moved for a fully shut shape but there are also a few other places it can attach. here you can also see a better look at the dice tray with a golden statue that may well be the treasure our party of adventurers is seeking. talking about the adventurers here you can see that I have remixed them using the surplus parts and accessories that I've included. And here is a look at it enclosed from the front, where I think it makes for a decent display set, as well as being functional when opened up. Finally we have look at how everything included looks head on.
  6. King_Arthur

    Eagles from space: 1999 TV show

    Who doesn't love the Moonbase Alpha Universe borns during the TVShow aired from 1975 to 1977 called "SPACE: 1999" and produced by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson creators of other cult series like the Thunderbirds and UFO. The eagles are iconic spacecrafts from the serie which I always wanted to build in Lego. Since few time Lego production give me the opportunity to get some parts which fit perfectly with the design of these. Of course I made them take part of Lego.Ideas in order to make a real fleet, one day... You can support this project if you want.
  7. StudWorks

    X and Zero - Mega Man X

    Introducing my 1:12 scale figures of X and Zero from Mega Man X! The figures have authentic articulated joints and many fun accessories from the game series. X has his X-Buster with normal and charged shot effects, and all of his armor upgrades (head, body, arm, and foot) with the super charge shot effect, as well as four changeable facial expressions (normal, angry, shouting, and smiling) for normal X and for his upgraded helmet. Zero has his Z-Buster with the same shot effects as X, and parts to swap his armor to the lightsaber-wielding Zero in Mega Man X2 and onward with his X3 Z-Buster and Z-Saber, as well as four changeable facial expressions (same as X). Both X and Zero also have posing stands and plaques with famous in-game quotes on them, plus a plate with a Heart Tank, Sub Tank, and 1-Up. There's even a Dr. Light Capsule for X to stand in! Free instructions will be available on Rebrickable in the near future. The figures are part of my Mega Man X 30th Anniversary LEGO Ideas project. Your votes would be appreciated!
  8. According to Promobricks, one of the LEGO 90th anniversary set's will be a Castle set, inspired by the 1984 set 6080. Set number: 10305 Name: King’s Queen's Lion Knights' Castle Piece count: 4514 Release date: August 8 2022 (August 3 for VIP's) Availability: probably LEGO exclusive Price: 349.99 399.99 Euro Size (closed up): W = 44.5 cm, H = 38 cm Nr. of minifigures: 21 (Queen, Majisto, 9 Lion knights, 3 Black Falcon knights, 2 Forestmen, a young female forest ranger, maid, farmer, baker, boy) + 1 skeleton Animals: tan horse with Black Falcons barding, dark orange horse with Lion Knights barding, dark tan cow, white lamb Accessories: A variety of swords, axes, maces, lances, bows and shields, various helmets and breastplates, as well as a trumpet, a lute, a drum and several flags. LEGO Designers: Mike Psiaki & Milan Madge *castle seen in the DeLorean commercial is only a prototype version of the castle Official images:
  9. This is a MOC I originally created for the "15 Years of Lego Ideas" challenge. This version was rejected for use because it contained microscale versions of existing Lego Ideas products which was evidently not allowed as part of the contest. I had to swap the microscale models above his head for more generic elements. You can see the final version of this model here: Lego Ideas - 15 Year Challenge. Check out my other projects on Instagram and Flickr.
  10. BrickHammer's Viking Village ideas set, which was previously passed over, may now be produces with Target X LEGO. If you'd like it produced, vote at:
  11. SpacePolice89

    [MOC] Diamond Explorer, Lego Ideas

    This is my latest contribution to Lego Ideas. I got inspiration for it from the poster that came with the Explorien Starship. If you like it please vote for it at:
  12. SpacePolice89

    [MOC] Futuron Space Cruiser

    This is my contribution to Lego Ideas, if you like it you can vote for it in the link below.
  13. Everyone remembers galaxy squad. Some liked it, some didn't. But everyone can probably agree that it was our last original,thought out, classic space theme. I liked it, but probably not the kids. At least that's what I suspect, considering the mark downs at Walmart. Because "nooooooo no no no"! Kids didn't want this. They wanted this! "Sigh" So where does that leave us? Stuck buying something like this? So I'm thinking "If kids want Star Wars, why not make sets aimed towards adults?" Creator Expert Series anyone? Why not make a $100 to $500 dollar classic space for AFOL? What do you think?
  14. Hi all! After the 1st & 2nd wave of collectable minifigs, TLG has filled gaps (and then some ) in the variety of minifigs. But I like to here what you still think is missing! Please post them here and make them detailed like this: Gender: Occupation/print on torso: Type of headgear: Type of facial expression: Color on torso/legs: Accessory: This is not an offical request through the Ambassador program, I just want to get the feel for what we´re missing and possible send a list to TLG!
  15. scarovich

    [MOC] Kraken Sushi Bar

    What if the Kraken decided to quit his day job of wrecking ships and terrorizing sailors on the high seas and instead followed his passion to master the delicate art of sushi. This was something I originally created just for fun. I liked it enough to post it on Lego Ideas yesterday. Would love to hear your thoughts on it or possibly get your support:
  16. Noisemaker

    [MOC] F1 Racetrack with paddocks

    After some work in my (not so much ) freetime, I almost finished my project for a F1 racetrack with paddocks. I started to work on it some months ago, due to I like F1 and motorsports and I was partially inspired by old LEGO sets I played with when I was a child. First design idea was based on old road plates, but I cannot find a plate that really matched my idea and needs. So I decided to move on to new LEGO modular roads and I think it was a very good choice: they gave you ability to reach high details level. I was able to reproduce racetrack start line, cars positioning lines, pit lane markers and so on. In addiction to it I was able to add studs on pitlane so you can attach mechanics minifigs. The top section of each team-box can be detached easily and can be swapped togheter as you prefer. I designed some race commentary rooms with microphones, race statistics on monitor and so on and a podium part. The podium section is two team-box wide, fully detachable and has a pilots after race interview room on the back. MOC has width compatible with standard 32x32 road plates (2 of them) so it can be easily added to an existing layout. I also tried to imagine some stickers to be placed on podium section top panels. I tried to design this as modular and extendable as possible and now I'm working also on the part for the spectators which will be attached in front of paddocks (where there's the small green grass part) and it will be also compatible with 32x32 road plates. I added my MOC to LEGO Ideas, if you like it you can support me here: NOTE: I cannot edit the project on Ideas yet, so some images here are newer and a bit different. In a couple of weeks I will be able to edit the images on Ideas as well :D
  17. Lego just rejected my submission to Lego Ideas. According to their canned response, it was rejected because it pertains to a "third party license" that they already produce. I'm incredibly frustrated right now because I put a lot of work into this project and I couldn't even get a chance to see people's response to it. I've thought about removing the larger ship to differentiate it more from the Galaxy Explorer and focus on the micro ships. But honestly, I'm not very motivated to do it at this point because it will probably just be rejected again. Since I couldn't submit it there, I'm posting the pictures here to share with everyone. I hope you like it.
  18. Dr Snotson

    LEGO IDEAS: Homage to 4551 Hi, please check out my new entry for LEGO IDEAS. I mixed up my latest DB E94/194 version with the coloursceme of one of the greatest LEGO locos. If you like my rendition please support my idea and check out my other entry: DB BR 194 LEGO IDEAS 4551 SIMON JAKOBI #01 by Simon Jakobi, auf Flickr
  19. Hello! My entry for LEGO IDEAS/Dungeons and Dragons challenge. Wanted to build this kind of MOC for a really long time and finally competition motivated me to do that. Tried to connect two worlds - real one where players are sitting by the table and fantasy one where they go using their imagination and PRG system. Hope that you like it. ;) Team of brave adventurers has to stop Dark Wizard! Will they succeed in this mission? Will the troubadours sing songs in their honor? Will there be piece in the kingdom? Or maybe mom will call everyone for a dinner earlier? If you enjoy my build, visit LEGO IDEAS and leave some comment there:
  20. Hey all I am back to making models again, starting off with my Japanese Garden Shrine, always loved the Japanese architecture and was lucky enough to go out and visit for a few months before all this lockdown stuff, This model is loosely based on and contains many iconic features of the amazing Daigoji Temple in Kyoto hope you like it and if you feel like wanting to support you can find it on ideas :) Project has now been removed by lego as they claimed this was stolen/copied, currently in the middle of a dispute on this claim as they removed my project for pretty much no reason and with no proof
  21. Hi folks, I am not only new here, but also currently trying to get my Ideas project to become the first ever DUPLO submission reaching 100 supporters. There have been thousands and thousands of projects submitted, but only a handful of DUPLO ideas. I actually like DUPLO bricks better than LEGO bricks... are there other people around, having the same "disorder" ? And of course I'd really like to know what you think about my project: DUPLO Mysteries of The White House: If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them - I mean, obviously there are not too many adults around building MOCs with DUPLO bricks, so don't hesitate to ask.
  22. This project I came up with is based on the house of Ole Kirk Kristiansen, the founder of the LEGO group that celebrates its 90th anniversary this year. I made several rooms in the house. The workroom contains various details such as his typewriter and various blueprints.  Ole Kirk Christiansen's living room. Ole's woodworking shop. Several well-known wooden toy models. If you want you can support this project
  23. Robert8


    In their second try, HOCUS POCUS - THE SANDERSON SISTERS' COTTAGE passed the review phase and will become an official LEGO IDEAS set Is this the first time a re-submitted project is selected in the review? Also, I wonder why was approved this time around? Because of the sequel coming soon? This set will be released several months after Hocus Pocus 2, so even that reason sounds odd
  24. Mandalorianknight

    Clash of Clans MOC! Ideas submission.

    Here's my lego ideas, submission, for the video game clash of clans! The way it works is parts are included to "upgrade" each building to levels 2 and 3 like in the game. Let me know what you think, and if you would like to, please support my project on lego ideas so we can make this happen!
  25. *A Lego IDEAS submission* Frankie's Farm by Nick Jackson, on Flickr Welcome to the farm! This is a farm-themed freight train set that features the small diesel engine Shiro-chan. Shiro-chan v2 (front) by Nick Jackson, on Flickr There are three freight cars to transport cargo from the farm to your LEGO town. These are an all-purpose gondola, a tanker car, and a wood-paneled livestock car. Gondola (v2) by Nick Jackson, on Flickr Tank Car by Nick Jackson, on Flickr Stock Car (open) by Nick Jackson, on Flickr The farm consists of a barn with a loft, a mini tractor with a trailer, and a raised goods platform with a crane hoist. Barn Full by Nick Jackson, on Flickr Tractor (front) by Nick Jackson, on Flickr Farm Platform by Nick Jackson, on Flickr In the barn's loft there is a spot where a minifigure can take a quick nap next to the hay! Barn Loft by Nick Jackson, on Flickr Barn Open by Nick Jackson, on Flickr Drive the tractor and trailer to haul crates' worth of goods and supplies between the barn and the platform. The cargo platform has attachment points in the base which allow you to rearrange the ramps and staircase. The barn can also attach to the platform. For minifigures, there are two train operators, three farmhands, and an assortment of farm animals including cows, chickens, dogs and cats. Barn, Tractor, & Minifigs by Nick Jackson, on Flickr I built this digitally via, but I have also built Shiro-chan (the engine) in real life. Depending on how the support campaign goes, I will attempt to construct the rest of the set. Not all of the parts exist (yet) in the colors depicted however. Thanks so much for taking some time to look at my project! **UPDATE** 6/28/22 So, I ordered some parts and set about building this in real bricks! I think the set turned out rather well! Can you spot the differences between the renders and the irl build…?