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  1. IronFish

    21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V (LEGO Ideas)

    Does anyone know the availability of this set in the US? I mean specifically in store, but I'll do online if that's not possible.
  2. IronFish

    Battle on Scarif MOC

    Great MOC! my only criticism would be the water looks a bit too choppy for Scarif. All the water near the shore is very shallow, therefore very still and calm, where as this almost wouldn't look out of place Kamino that aside I love everything else about this MOC!
  3. IronFish

    [MOC] UT-60D U-Wing - SB00101 UCS

    Will you releases the sicker on its own? Your Moc is very nice, but too big for what I'm looking for. The sticker for the windscreen is perfect, and I would be willing to pay for one by its self, granted it's cheaper than what the printed instructions would be.
  4. IronFish

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I personally don't get all the negativity for the delta 7. For the price maybe, but we don't know that for certain, but I think the model looks fine to me, and (if it's the same size as the other Delta 7's) it fits in well with the other star wars ships of that scale. I think people's expectations were too high for this set, remember this is a official Lego set, they have to make the build simple enough for kids to follow, so they can't design a model with the same methods as some of the other mocs of this ship. At the very least we get some nice printed/stickered parts for and nice/mods people want to do. The hyperdrive ring it's self looks decent enough too. Clear technic beams are always nice to get, and it's an improvement over the last one that didn't really have a good place to hold onto to "swoosh" it.
  5. I'm not an expert, but I can tell the plastic is ever so slightly translucent, and the printing is off a little bit, and the lines aren't as "hard". That's just what I can see anyway.
  6. IronFish

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Okay, not specifically a star wars question, but I'm building a MOD of a Star Wars ship, and I can just upload the mock-up (no pun intended) from LDD to a brick link wanted list, I already have the origninal set and that's half the parts I need, and I can do it manually but that will take a while ,so my question is, is there is some way I can "filter out" the parts that are already in the original set that I'm modding from the wanted list? Thanks!
  7. IronFish

    [MOC] UT-60D U-Wing - SB00101 UCS

    I have to ask, how did you get the sticker on the canopy piece? Obviously it's a custom decal, but did you make the design yourself, and plan on releasing it with the instructions, or is it someone else's design?
  8. Awesome thanks, I'm looking at the instructions for the Shuttle, and I see what you mean, a worm gear system should work.
  9. Awesome Moc! Is possible to get more pictures of the gears for the wings?
  10. IronFish

    U-Wing Mechanism Help

    Wow thanks, I'll have to take a look at your Moc and how to do the wings. I did want to borrow from too many other people's designs with my version, but I guess I borrow from one more
  11. IronFish

    U-Wing Mechanism Help

    Seems like I posted this in the wrong place, could a mod maybe move this to the Technic Forum?
  12. First off, I wasn't sure whether to post this here or in the Star Wars forum, but as this is a more general Lego type question, not specifically a Star Wars one, I'll put it here. To the point, I'm working on my own version of a U Wing MOC/MOD from Star Wars, using the several that have been done already as inspiration. Most of the ones that have been done so far have had two distinct differences in the wing/s-foil area, that is whether they're build with plates, like in the original set, or with Technic elements, and Bricks. I'm personally more inclined to the Technic/Brick method, but here's where the problem comes. The U Wings s-foils move from the forward position to and to the rear angel position, and are able to lock in place in both positions. The Original set, rather cleverly does this with small ball joint plates positioned on the main fuselage, and the wings. But if I'm to use the Technic method, I need to use some other way to keep the wings In place I'm not super familiar with Technic elements, but I've seen other people use a worm gear system that lets the wings move, but only with the turning of a knob, at least they're stiff enough they don't move from their own weight. Anyway my question is, how do I get the Technic/Brick built wings to move, but be able to stay in position, either by locking or just stiff joints? Sorry if this is in the wrong place, Thanks for any help!
  13. IronFish

    Tie round cockpit help

    What you could do is take the official tie striker, and modify the fuselage part to make it a lot shorter, then change the wing connection and configuration. That should get the round eyeball shape, and have a way to attach the wings.
  14. IronFish

    [MOC] TIE Collection

    Wow, awesome tie fighter. I need one of these for my collection but the last official Lego one is so outdated, this would be perfect! Are you going to add the LFX to the main post, or are you going to give it out via PM?
  15. IronFish

    Updating Your Minifigs

    It's also used for one of the resistance soldiers in the Battle pack from last year of anyone wants a cheaper option for that head.