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  1. socalbricks

    [MOC WIP] Horgaard Hall

    Looking great so far! The roof turned out nicely, and I like the curved design that you put at the center of the floor and the light-up fireplace! I also like how you used the sideways 1 x 2 bricks in the "walls"! I know what it's like to have slow progress on a build. I'm in college, so there are large amounts of time where I am away from home (and my LEGO collection) - I can only build during vacations. Good luck on the moving process!
  2. socalbricks

    Rhalyf and the Sorcerer

    Great work! I love the cracked floor and the rest of the dais structure. I don't personally mind the skull, but to each his own!
  3. socalbricks

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    That's a good way to put it...
  4. socalbricks

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Yes - though there are ads on the website. As a regular user, I think they're tolerable. In order to remove the ads, you would have to pay for FlickrPro.
  5. Some great parts usage here! I especially like the construction of the throne - that use of the ship wheel is very inspired! You also did a great job on the lighting - very cinematic!
  6. This is amazing! It's great to see Parzival's story continue. There's very little I can say that hasn't already been said. The two of you have created a city full of life - something hard to pull off with inanimate toys. The two buildings you made (the embassy and Hidamus family residence) are fantastic - the use of colors on both is phenomenal! Quick question - what is inside the Hidamus family residence? Is it hollow? The techniques and parts use in both buildings is phenomenal as well. I especially like the printed turquoise domes and subtle brick/masonry effect on the Hidamus family residence and the use of the sand green "wallpaper" pieces wrapping around the embassy. Great work as always!
  7. socalbricks

    [Freebuild] Out Through the Market

    So many awesome techniques on display here! I especially love the statue (and its base) and the patio! Great work!
  8. socalbricks

    [MOC] RCSN Gunzerker

    Thank you! Thank you! I wasn't personally interviewed, but other members of the group were!
  9. socalbricks

    [Freebuild] Unsought but Welcome

    Great work! So many awesome techniques on display here - especially the map!
  10. socalbricks

    [MOC] RCSN Gunzerker

    RCSN Gunzerker (1) by socalbricks, on Flickr RCSN Gunzerker (2) by socalbricks, on Flickr A heavily armed minifigure I made as my sole contribution to the "Dispute on LV-4273" collab, which was displayed at Bricks Cascade 2020. I just got a lightbox, so now I'm finally able to photograph it! More info on the collab: Dispute on LV-4273 by Douglas Hughes, on Flickr
  11. socalbricks

    Autumn Ambush

    Lovely build! I especially like the birch trees and the "mini ballista".
  12. socalbricks

    MOC Coral reef

    Some wonderful parts usage here. Great work!
  13. socalbricks

    The Nightwolves, Monster Hunters for hire.

    That's a neat group you have there! I like how you were able to make their personalities distinct with such concise descriptions. The designs are great as well! I can't wait to see more from them...
  14. socalbricks

    Avalonian Elven Stag Cavalry

    Thanks for the advice! I'll definitely make sure to call them.
  15. socalbricks

    Avalonian Elven Stag Cavalry

    That's an impressive army you've got there! I myself am trying to get some of those stags off of Bricks and Pieces; it's currently sold out, though. Hopefully they'll restock soon...