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Found 12 results

  1. nerdsforprez

    Size of photos allowed

    Okay, we all know the size rule of photos. No larger than 1000 in any dimension. It has been a long time since I fiddled with photos, and camera/phones these days take huge photos. So in resizing some photos I took of a build I recently did I noticed a decrease in quality. I am not using anything fancy. I have tried various photos apps in my phone, various microsoft apps, etc. All decrease the photo quality. Does it matter what software you use to resize images? I tried also the built-in features in Flickr and I saw the same results. I have used GIMP in the past, but not recently. I did not notice such decrease in quality in GIMP. Should I download GIMP again? Is it necessary to use some high-powered, or at least with more power, software to down-size images so as to not lose quality? Took quite some time and effort to get good quality phots, I would hate to lose some quality.
  2. ummester

    [MOC] The Gilded Crow

    164C Ahoy! She is finally complete and here are a whole bunch of photos. She appears in most photos as I have her on display - turning to port under full sail, flying her red flag of attack, with guns ready for a full broadside. Approximate dimensions of the Crow, based on a 1:40 scale. Length - 128 ft Beam - 55 ft Height from waterline - 115 ft First, some shots displaying functional minifig areas of the build, like the midships. Poop deck. "I think this compass is broken, Captain." Dining cabin. Then we move fully below decks. Fore to aft, the crew quarters (note the rat in the brig to the left of frame - it took me ages to find one of them and so disappointing that it looks more like a possum then a rat ). Main gun deck: And, astern, the galley. Next, some model type shots, that show the crow as she appears on her display base. The final crow design on the main course. The crew bids you and your ships fair winds and following seas... until such time as her Captain stops playing his organ ( ) and sets the Crow on the hunt. There are more images on flickr Hope you enjoy the images.
  3. Recently got the chance to splurge on a few things I've been wanting, among them were the first two official LEGO sets I've bought in years. I look forward to fiddling with all the new pieces I've never held in my hands before. I'm a sucker for gray and orange, cool planes, sharp angles, things that go vroom; these features determine all my buying decisions. If a computer chair doesn't scream VROOM! in my head when I see it, I won't buy it. Send it back to the factory, it's faulty. Yeah, I also got a MegaConstrux fig because I remembered my Cortana minifig was lonely. It's like a blind-bagged blind date for her, maybe she dates an alien, maybe a strapping space marine, or maybe even a microscale battleship, how exciting! (By the way, I got a racecar, a jetplane, and a I covered land, air, and USM-C[sea], wahahaha) Switching gears back to LEGO, the boxes are still easy to open by sliding a ruler along the edge of the glued panel. You don't have to tear it open at the designated tab, to keep the box looking good. It's weird that the instruction booklet is folded because it fits just fine without needing to be. Maybe the extra thickness protects the stickers better? There's a scanable QR Code on the booklet and one of the bags that will take you to "extra content" associated with the set. To me that sounds like photocomics or something, made with the set, so I bit on that hook. The code takes you to a site to download the "LEGO Social Life App", so you can then download low-res digital instructions. So, you have to download the LEGO social media app, a QR scanner and a PDF reader just to read blurry instructions. I might be missing something here, but I'd rather avoid this hassle next time and just use the paper booklet. Whatever, lets get to building! (I might be channeling the times I've worked sorting parts for Bricklink stores haha) We start by building a...stargate? Oh, a giant fan. It's probably a windtunnel, I like the idea. I'm already working with bits I've never handled before, awesome. I wasn't sure why this section called for a "fancy" piece since it just gets covered up, but later on you see it's a bit exposed and adds a touch of gap detail. The reason I haven't bought a LEGO set in years is because they're hecka expensive and I'm not into most of the themes currently out there. I don't have kids that can learn critical thinking from building things, I don't have any interest in superheroes, etc. However, I figured it was time to invest in me, in my own building skills. With all these new pieces, I was bound to learn something new. I love me some me. I love me even more when I build stuff that doesn't fall apart! Soon the car starts taking shape. I get to learn new techniques and Cortana gets to practice her welding skills. When I design my 8-wide cars, the guts definitely don't look like this. I work digitally and tend to outline the model's shell first to get the proportions right, then fill it in as needed to make it structurally sound. I like simple guts that don't require exotic (expensive) parts. I like to keep my cars as hollow as possible to add an engine bay, trunk, etc. This build is the total opposite. We start with the core and the guts are wild, there are tiles and slopes and panels flying around already and we haven't even touched the outside yet. MADNESS! There are clever techniques used from nose to tail, it's inspiring. I hope the other Speed Champions series cars provide a similar experience. Well...that went downhill faster than I expected. This is one of the best LEGO sets of all time, no question, I wouldn't change a thing. (Well, I'm going to convert it to 8-wide before applying stickers, but let's stick with the spirit of the sentiment.) ---------- If you take nothing else away from this, realize that the smarter your AI assistant gets, the less it will want to do anything you tell it. (And she'll probably steal your racecar and zoom away with her crooked alien boyfriend.)
  4. Hello! I already happened to get first of new elves sets - it appeared in some shops in Russia. So I can't wait to share my impressions with you :) Hope you'll like it too! In my opinion this year designesrs really succeed to make a bit more gender-neutral buildings in this series - as I began to unpack the box, my husband grabbed bags and started to build, he said this will be his dragon :D (to mention, he is not intresed much in other dragons) So, here's what is inside the box: And what it become: It's look really dangerous because it's horns, claws and thorns, and I liked curved design and how posable it is. Leg joints is solid and move only in one dimension, it is made as Draqon Queen legs with "+" holes in it. Earlier I worried that new color combination is not very harmonic, but in real it looks better than on photos, so as most of Lego sets. Also bionicle ball joints and details makes it different from good dragons, and this is fresh but still keeps familiar style. View from the top: There are whole 5 horns on it's head! Also nice printed symbol of Goblin King. Comparision to Zonya, the fire dragon, thay are the same size. Wyvern may fold it's wings and stand on them like on front limbs. That's epic! Some intresting steps from instructions: And new illustration in the end of book: There is some images from new app, and characters are depicted in the old realistic style :) And this surprised me a lot! A piece of rocky enviroment has simple and elegant mechanism that tosses up the crystal plate. 1x1 crystals is nice new feature. And there's new little blue piece with rounded corner: All characters: Goblin hair and shirt are not printed, it's moulded from different colours of plastic like baby dragons. Also, King's crown made with same method. I liked textile used for coat, it's dense and hanging under its own weight. I just a little worried why King and wyvern don't have names :( Little bear and her baby will complement the zoo of cute animals! By the way, squirrel, fox, pigeon and others are favorite charachers of my young sister :) And at last, I have such diorama of dark elves! I rebuilded green pool to make it look as it is in movie. By the way, ninjago ghosts became castle guards :) And so, I glad that new set gives feeling of new turn of elves' story and adds depth to it - that is most important :)
  5. legostarwars1425

    Image Uploading / Posting

    Please let me know how I would get my MOC photos down to 10.24 KB. I can't seem to find a way to do this. I have seen awesome people post their MOCS here. I can't seem to get it to the file size. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.
  6. Hey there, I recently started a photographic series of LEGO Batman travels & adventures and here I am introducing them to you. I will try to keep this side project alive as much as I can and I will upload all the photos to my Instagram account I hope that you will like them, I would really appreciate to hear your opinions, ideas, suggestions, etc. Since the World Cup started few weeks ago, here we go Enjoying a beer at Australia - Olanda Enjoying a Sangria and wondering if Spain will go home so soon And ready for the last game of the day Friday games start. Warming up with a beer. Italy or Costa Rica? Will the Queen kiss Mario? Du fromage et du vin... Switzerland vs France. Already 0-3, any final predictions? Budweiser beer or Porto wine? I can has both? Let's see a good game: USA vs Portugal Explain to your girlfriend the offside rule... :D Chilling... ITA vs. URU Bud meet Krombacher, Krombacher meet Bud! aka USA vs. GER :) Brazil - Chile, 1-1, few moments until penalty shots Aaaaaand the winner is: Allez les bleus! #FRA vs #NGA :) A walk by in Timisoara (Romania) - notice the I (batman) TM - the city abbreviation - with Batman as a heart Working on a flyer design (since I am a graphic designer in my real life) "I'm your father" Because of the lengthy post and in case you want to follow the project on Instagram here is the link again That's it for now, if you like them and want to see more I will keep you posted
  7. nerdsforprez

    MOCpages help

    Hello All, Although this is probably more appropriate for MOCpages forum, the forum has little activity and is not nearly as cool as eurobricks! -- so I am posting my question here. I know that many are members of MOCpages so I am looking for a little help. I am about to post a new project (on mocpages) but all my last projects, when I post the photos are small except for the main photo. Now, one can click on the image and it will blow up, but the initial impression that people get is a small photo. This has not always been the case, and I have not changes anything about how I post the pics (see my unimog versus my rockcrawler in yellow; initially, (crawler) the photos are all large, but the unimog, all the pics other than the main one are small). They are of good size for web pages (around 600x800) so the actual size of the pic is not the problem, and from my memory I have not changed the size of the pictures that I post. I want my pics to be posted around the same size of those seen on my rockcrawler (yellow) project. You can see all the pictures that I am referring to on my pages (see signature block). Did MOCpages change something? I would just put each pic here but it will not show up the same size as it does on my page, you have to go to my page to see what I am talking about. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  8. Hey there a few weeks ago the 3. SteineWahn was startet in Berlin, germany. THE BRICK TIME Team and our moc´s , like the Colonial Outpost and our Dunholm Castle Projekt, were there. We met a lot of other builder´s and fans. It was a great event with many visitors and a very nice atmosphere. So, check up our photo´s and be sure to visit the 4. SteineWahn next year in Berlin. Lets have a look: Enjoy Learn more up THE BRICK TIME (was a big thread in german) and see all picture´s on FlickR. Best regards from germany BoB
  9. What we are looking for: Dozens of brilliant LEGO Pirate minifigure photos for the exciting new LEGO Pirates Forum Skin. Minifigures include: Pirates (1989-1991, 1992-1995 & 1996-1997), Soldiers, Imperial Guards, Islanders, Imperial Armada , Pirates II and Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean. To qualify Please provide a sample of your work by posting up to three images in this thread. PhotographersPlease submit at least one LEGO Pirate photo you've taken for this project. Image EditorsPlease submit at least one LEGO Pirate photo you've edited for this project. Your images MUST be in PNG format with 8 bit alpha transparency. Transparent GIFs will not be accepted. Don't have a photo? Find one here. BEFORE YOU SUMBIT!!! Please read the terms & conditions in the Special Project Auditions - FAQ thread and ask any questions there. Keep this thread for image submissions only!
  10. Lego Batman T-Shirts by Oky - Space Ranger, on Flickr Hello everyone! I'm not sure if this is okay to post here, but here it goes. If you've been around this site (or the internet in general) in the past few years, you have probably seen some of my Lego funnies and photos. If you are a fan of them, then you're in luck because I have decided to make T-shirts out of my pictures! To start off, here are three Lego Batman themed shirts! If you like any of them and would like to own them, please visit TeePublic and fund my design. It's just $20 per shirt and I need 30 funders in the first month to make it a reality, so spread the word! And don't forget to follow me on there to be notified of any future projects! Let me know in the comments what you think of this idea and which of my pictures you would like to see turned into a T-Shirt! Here are the links to the individual shirts: Lego Batman Animated Series Lego Batman Beyond Lego Batman Arkham City
  11. I recently got my old childhood collection back. I unboxed it yesterday and took some photos to share, if anybody is interested. If you have any advice or comments, feel free to post here. I have yet to sift through pieces. Everything seems to be packed up into these Ziploc bags and sorted surprisingly well. I think my mother must have done this. I have to say, it's so strange because my memories of my Lego collection are different from what is actually here. I remember us having repurposed paint buckets for our toys and the Lego was just kind of jumbled up in there, but what I unboxed here... it almost seems to be sorted by set, or at least theme. Who sorted this? I don't want to ramble on too long and bore you all, though. Anyway on with the photos. Here is a shot of everything together as it came out of the bin. Don't squint too hard, because I have other better photos with things grouped. DSC_0044 by ZeyaV, on Flickr I must admit, I had feared the worst. I was expecting everything to be a hopeless jumble, scratched up, abused. But I think we were pretty tame kids and my mom made sure we took care of our things. Rarely would we leave toys out overnight, and it would all go back in the bucket for storage. Sure, there are a couple plates and things here and there that are snapped. But by and large, this is in pretty good condition. Of particular note are the instructions. I would have bet these were long gone! I'm going to have to go through this over time, but these instructions are in good shape. A couple of the ones from way back that we inherited from our cousins are a little torn, but still usable. Again, don't squint too much/long at this photo, but here are all the instructions together in one shot: DSC_0030 by ZeyaV, on Flickr And here are the instructions laid out by theme. Pirates! My favorite theme, especially as an adult. DSC_0033 by ZeyaV, on Flickr And castle! Wow. There's quite a few large sets here. These were some really nice Christmas presents. I remember my big Christmas present at the bottom of my stack was almost always a big Lego set. Well one year it was an Erector set. DSC_0037 by ZeyaV, on Flickr Space! I'm fairly sure the classic space sets were my older cousin's, originally. I definitely remember the parts, such as the technic pieces that make a bendy thing and the brackets with side-facing studs, and the little rocket-like things that face down (usually used as missile cannons or something, hehe). The couple of Blacktron sets were mine though. DSC_0039 by ZeyaV, on Flickr And here are the other instructions for what Brickset terms "Basic", "Legoland", a Town racer set, and a McDonald's promo thing. Also 3 advertisement inserts that probably came from some of these sets. DSC_0041 by ZeyaV, on Flickr And two random Technic sets. DSC_0032 by ZeyaV, on Flickr And last item for the paper goods, the Lego Idea book. Inside, I found a sticker sheet, and one pristine sail from a Castle set. I think I got this when I was getting on the older side, maybe 12 years old, and I don't think I used this book too much. Hardcore video game phase. Spoiled brat. :/ DSC_0010 by ZeyaV, on Flickr DSC_0011 by ZeyaV, on Flickr Anyone know if those stickers came with the book? Edit: L@go confirmed that these stickers are in fact from the idea book. Okay, on to the gratuitous shots of bricks and elements. Keep in mind I'm just sharing photos at this point for anyone interested. I also want to say, this is going to be a long project for me to get these all washed and parted together. I'm thinking that 2013 and into 2014 are going to be light on the Lego purchasing for me. First up, here are all the baseplates (except maybe some very small ones): DSC_0042 by ZeyaV, on Flickr Those are 48x48 light gray baseplates. Do those even get made anymore? They're huge! Also, I'm not sure what the broken plate is on the far right, but it's got to be older, probably from my cousins. I have a dim recollection of snapping it in two as a kid. Lessons learned. On to bags of mostly Pirate stuff: DSC_0013 by ZeyaV, on Flickr DSC_0014 by ZeyaV, on Flickr DSC_0015 by ZeyaV, on Flickr DSC_0016 by ZeyaV, on Flickr DSC_0017 by ZeyaV, on Flickr DSC_0018 by ZeyaV, on Flickr And now onto Castle, which probably makes up 1/3 of all the bricks. So much gray. DSC_0019 by ZeyaV, on Flickr DSC_0020 by ZeyaV, on Flickr DSC_0021 by ZeyaV, on Flickr DSC_0022 by ZeyaV, on Flickr DSC_0023 by ZeyaV, on Flickr DSC_0024 by ZeyaV, on Flickr DSC_0025 by ZeyaV, on Flickr This is some of that Blacktron and other space stuff: DSC_0027 by ZeyaV, on Flickr And onto some more miscellaneous bags. This is mostly that Basic theme stuff, and I'm hoping the classic space is mixed in there too. DSC_0026 by ZeyaV, on Flickr DSC_0027 by ZeyaV, on Flickr DSC_0028 by ZeyaV, on Flickr DSC_0029 by ZeyaV, on Flickr And that's all the photos I took. Like I said, I have my work cut out for me. My mom liked to use moth balls, and that stuff stinks pretty bad. It's all going to have to get washed. I know there's a thread here somewhere on how to clean Lego, which I'll read up on again. I plan to wash everything (gonna have to be a dishwasher or clothes washer), and then try and put together every set. I figure some of the really old ones like the Sea Plane and Classic Space sets might be lacking some parts, for which I might turn to Bricklink if it's not too painful. I might also try my hand at writing some reviews for these sets, if that would be welcome. But overall, I'm pretty excited. It's going to be a lot of work, but it should be fun. So what do you guys think? Please share any advice or thoughts.
  12. Hello! I am James, and I have been hanging around for well over 5 years now. Now, I have finally joined the forums. For a little over year I have been taking photos of Minifigs and Lego under the LegoGenre name. You too can check out these photos on Twitter (, Instagram (, and a few on Flickr. Feel free to let me know what you think. I hope to start making more elaborate MOCs as my collection is finally at a point that can support such a hobby! I think I can remember to not pluralize Lego…