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  1. Gabor

    [MOC] Westbahn Stadler Kiss 2

    Thank you very much! Thanks again, Ashi to draw my attention to Brick Train Awards!
  2. Gabor

    [MOC] Westbahn Stadler Kiss 2

    The Age of Normal Trains is over. The Time of Dancing Trains has come. :D
  3. Gabor

    [MOC] Westbahn Stadler Kiss 2

    Thank you! Because of the length of the train another small extension wire would be needed, if not a pole reverser switch. I used this, because I prefer using only one port for motors, which have to wirk really together. Thanks! I´m so happy, that it was successful!
  4. Gabor

    [MOC] Westbahn Stadler Kiss 2

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to share with you a small update in connection with this MOC. Since posting it I got all wires, the Sbrick and time to do a test. I was a bit stressed, how these extremely heavy and extremely long cars can drive on the very unfriendly Lego train tracks. The result is in the video: It works quite well, but of course the ~80° is not so nice between the cars in the curves. The curves are at first the normal Lego curves. After that straight, curve, straight, curve, etc. In the last scene the radius is 107 cm. I used two normal train motors in the bogies under the phantographs. There are two 50 cm long extension wires and a switch with pole reverser going through the train to the Sbrick, which is in one of the middle cars, together with a small extension wire and the batteries. Thanks for visiting!
  5. Gabor

    [MOC] Westbahn Stadler Kiss 2

    Thanks for the idea! Oh, will we do it definitely! It´s superb! I used again something different instead of magnets, but I will create an alternative solution to be able to attach my train to your one! What will you nominate?
  6. Gabor

    MOC 7 width

    A solution is for example a technic chassis. Technic works basically with odd numbers. I find it more difficult to build the body in 7 wide with traditional bricks.
  7. Gabor

    [MOC] Westbahn Stadler Kiss 2

    Thanks everyone for your kinds words! I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  8. Gabor

    [MOC] Westbahn Stadler Kiss 2

    Thanks! Normally I take part in two exhibitions in Germany every year: Zusammengebaut and Bricks am Meer. So you have the chance to see it! Thank you very much! Oh, yes, the front cars are heavy, but I hope the two motors will be enough. If not, I have still some bogies to change them to motors! Thank you! Yes, I have enough straight tracks at home, but not enough place :D That´s why I have to wait a bit with the test. Thanks for the tip about the bearings, but I don´t really like to use custom parts. I will use the Sbrick, but only because the IR receiver simply don´t reliable enough... Thank you! Yes, you are right! As you suggested in an e-mail, I reduced the height, but only with a few plates. It was not enough to reach the correct size, but it made the overall look. a bit better. It was a compromise: I don´t have the correct height, but I was able to keep the nose design, which works very well. Yes, it was a bit stressful, but luckily the picture is ready, so everything is awesome :D
  9. Hi everyone! I´m really happy to present you again something! This is a minifig scaled model of a Stadler Kiss 2 train, in the colours of Westbahn. It contains 7216 bricks and it took 14 months to create it. Somewhere I wrote earlier, that if I don´t post, I don´t disappear, just my creations are getting more and more difficult. It takes a long time to figure out every small lines and details, etc. You know, it has to be perfect… It´s the case with my newest creation on the pictures. Maybe some of you have already heard, that I´m currently working in Austria. I started on the workplace in October, 2019. One of the first things which I realized in the new environment was the train of the company Westbahn. (I arrived by train to the city) This is a passenger train company, which offers trains between Vienna and Salzburg. They have a stop in my city as well. The train has a really cool painting. Four colours, which are looking nice near each other and a lot of lines, which mean a really great challenge to build. Of course using stickers was prohibited, as nowadays always. So I started to build the front in LDD in November, just one month later. When it was possible to see, that the model is similar to the real one, I started to buy the pieces to try the concept in real life. Of course it looked bad. But in comparison with my ICE (read the story again here) the process was much better. There was no break in the developing. I was always able to work happily on it and in Mai 2020, during the first Covid-lockdown the front car became almost ready (~2200 parts). After that I just copied the construction for the other end. It was boring and deadly. I´ve already had problems during the first car with special parts in special colours. But the copy-period was the worst. Parallel with it I started to buy pieces of course for the middle section. It was a bit easier, because it doesn´t have diagonal lines. And a few days ago I was ready! Unfortunately Westbahn sold these trains to DB, but one of them stayed. The other trains of Westbahn are similar to this one, but they have small differences at doors and at painting. But I wanted to take the “Big Brother” picture with the correct train. It was very time-consuming to hunt it, so I decided, that I write to the company and ask it, when will be the train at my train station. It´s not the first time, that I´m trying to do similar pictures, and the owner, or the company have never helped. But Westbahn yes! They were very kind and helpful. They sent me, when the train comes. Despite of it I had to visit the train station three times, because I didn´t like first two pictures! So I would like to say a huge thanks to Westbahn here again! Btw the train has motors, so it will hopefully functional in the future! If I get the Sbrick and the cables, I test it and if it will be possible to take it to an exhibition where there is a long train track, I make a video, I promise! Thanks for watching the pictures and reading the story! Hope, you like the train, too! :)
  10. Gabor

    [MOC] RC Scania Milka Truck

    Thank you! Maybe the other brands are better, but they don't come from a purple cow...
  11. Gabor

    [MOC] RC Scania Milka Truck

    @Man with a hat: Thank you very much! I'm glad you lie it!
  12. Gabor

    [MOC] RC Scania Milka Truck

    @Selander, @carebear: Thank you, I´m glad you like it! :)
  13. Gabor

    [MOC] RC Scania Milka Truck

    Hello everyone! I´m really happy to present you my next MOC, the Milka truck, which is my 6th remote controlled vehicle at minifig scale! I have built it between December 2018 and March 2019. I have already shown it on two Lego events in Germany, there is an article about it on Zusammengebaut and there is a video on Youtube, in which I am interviewed. It is in German, so if you understand it, it is worth to watch it! Unfortunately I have found only now the time to make some pictures and an own video: The video is a new record from me. It contains the most visual effects among my other videos. I was very happy during the making of it, because last time I have made only rarely videos. It was nice to spend a time again with the camera. It took a little bit longer, as I planned. Because of the complexity I had to record some parts not only once and it was very time consuming to create some scenes on the computer. I´m really proud of the result, hope you will like it, too. Till now it is the most simple and most difficult tiny RC from me at the same time. Simple, because the technic costruction inside is very compact. Difficult, because the modelling of the Scania front and the letters of the word “Milka” meant a really big challenge for me. Now you can find the electric parts just simply near each other in the truck, and the chassis is under the electric parts. It is only 3 studs high. Earlier in the same vehicles you could find 3 pairs of gears, which brought the power from the motor to the wheels. Now it is only 2 pairs. The servo motor for the steering is exactly there, where we need to have it. It can steers the wheels directly, without any long and big construction. The original plane was that I put the receiver or the battery box in the trailer, but finally I found a place for all the parts in the truck. For the chassis I have used a lot of half liftarms and small pieces of rigid hoses. They are very good here, because I can cut them in for example 1 or 1,5 stud long pieces, too. In the truck the battery box is exactly over the driven wheels, so the truck can go very reliable on terrains, which are unfriendly. I mean, it can go up to the pedestrian area in a Lego City and it can destroy everything. The whole truck contains approx. 1020 parts. Most of the bricks are in the body. You can read the world “Milka” on the sides four times, but all the four sides are different. It is changing, how I could fit the side panels, what kind of other parts they have to hold, or how many place I had in the truck near the motors or the other things. During the designing of the cabin, I was afraid, that it will be ugly with the big white panel on the top, but finally I think, it´s ok. If you would like to see and try the truck in real life, visit the Bricky Way 2020 Lego exhibition in Györ, Hungary. It´s not far from Vienna. 7-8 March, 2020! Facebook: These are the infos, which I wanted to share you about my newest creation. Hope you like it! :)
  14. Gabor

    [MOC] Luxury Yacht with Coral Reef

    Thanks guys! It's great to read these nice wirds aboit my MOC! @Merlict, greg3: The colour of the ship is a message, I have made it on purpose. Most of them are white, so if someone has a dark grey one, the other ship owners know immediately, that this guy has a lot of money!
  15. I'm very happy, to present you today something, which I worked in the last 12 month on! The project is probably one of my craziest MOCs! At first I suggest you to watch this video, if you understand German. It was made on Zusammengebaut 2018. In the interview I tell the story of the creation. If you don't understand German, then please, read further below the video! The idea came into my mind at first in approx 2012. That was the first time, when I swam alone in deep water, in Lake Balaton. And during swimming I saw these ships, and I saw, what people usually are doing on the deck. They are sunbathing, while they hold a smartphone in one hand and something alcoholic in the other one! :D I thought, that it would be cool to copy the scene! The second thing, which influenced me, was our summer holiday in Venice, in 2017. That was the first time, when I swam in the see. And the present from the see was a jellyfish-bite... Well, under the water surface would be three jellyfishes a little bit too few, so I decided, that I make fishes, scuba divers, and a whole coral reef! You can see some crazy plants among the corals: broomplant, flipperplant, hairbrushplant, skeletonarmplant, etc. Some of you know, that in the last 1.5 years I had a store on Bricklink. So I saw usually all of the new elements, and colours. Sometimes I thought, that a part would be cool for corals, so I didn't sell it :) A lot of things, which I did or do in my life, helped to create this MOC! We can see sometimes on exhibitions things, which imitate flying. The solution is usually something trans-clear (Lego bricks, glasses), but I wanted nothing between water and corals. So the only one way was me to hang the whole construction from the ceiling by string, which is used by anglers, so almost invisible! Finally the experience: the visitors often push the tables. If the ship sits on glasses, the first push means a disaster. But with this method the ship is independent from the table, so I was completely calm during the two days. That's the story of my newest creation, hope you like it! :) Thanks for visiting!