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  1. Gabor

    [MOC] RC Minifig Scaled Lego Flixbus

    Thanks! Thank you!
  2. Hi everyone! I´m happy that I can present my newest creation! It´s the next piece of my minifig scaled RC collection. This time I decided to build a Flixbus. After Flixbus bought the rivalry Eurolines, it became maybe the cheapest way for poor students from Hungary (or not only from Hungary) to travel across Europe. At least for me it was the perfect method at that time! Hope you like it! Unfortunately the last time I travelled somewhere by a Flixbus was in August 2019. But hopefully it will change in the near future! Flixbus came often in the middle of the night, just as the Knight Bus did in Harry Potter. That´s why it stands on the destination screen Before you start reading about the boring technical facts and irritating things during the building period, please watch the video! It took approx 4 months long to build the bus. It´s not the first tiny RC I build. Despite of it I can´t say it didn´t challenge me. Yes, I´m speaking about the lettering and arrows on the sides. Maybe you still remember of the Milka Truck. That lettering has only vertical or horizontal building techniques. That´s why it was possible to do the lettering on each side only 1 stud deep. It was important, because it allowed to put the battery box (the biggest and most inflexible element) between the two walls and staying with the width in 6 studs at the same time. But “FLIXBUS” is more difficult. It is also not always possible to have stud connections (for example letter X, or the diagonal arrows). In this case the letters have to have inside some bigger parts on them, which simply doesn’t allow them to fall out. It means it stays only a two-stud wide space in the middle. That’s enough for the technic chassis, but not for the batteries. And also not for the motors… So only the half of the lengths stayed for the functional parts. For the steering and propulsion I stole the method from the Milka truck (with vertical motors), where they´ve already proven, that they work really well. The only possible (long enough) space for the battery box was at the back. Fortunately right above the driven wheels. They need the weight on them to increase the friction between the tires and the street. Another positive feature is, that the Sbrick is small enough to be above the letters, so I didn´t have to make the whole bus longer. Another part of the challenge was to create the diagonal white lines on the front. There was almost nothing inside, which they could be attached to. The reason is, that the moving parts of the steering are there, so it´s simply impossible to put there any other parts without disablement of the steering. Other reason is, that the upside-down parts of the front have already used the space there. At the end I decided to use the rubber bands, without being irritated by the fact, that it´s possible to see them outside, too. The bus has three axles. The third one is again an axle with some kind of fake suspension. It is just hanging there and doesn´t hold anything, so in theory it can never happen, that the driven wheels leave the ground. Please notice the detail that there are brackets instead of plates on the top of the third mudguards. It creates a bit bigger space in the mudguard for the wheels with the fake suspension. It means, that the bus can win against bigger obstructions. All in all I really enjoyed working on the bus. Hope you like the result, too! Thanks for watching and reading! Feel free to visit my Photostream on Flickr, to see some of my other creations:
  3. Gabor

    [MOC] Lidl Grocery Store

    Thank you! Thanks! We will see in the future, how the roads work, if it gets some modulad editions. The first intersection will be exciting! Thanks! Thank you! I know that there are some Lidl stores in the US as well. Are they very different? Thanks! Thanks! I´m glad you still have the Milka truck in mind!
  4. Gabor

    [MOC] Lidl Grocery Store

    Hi everyone! What you can see on the pictures is the end of a story, which began in 2017. At that time I studied on a university in Hungary. All in all that was a horrible time, but it had also some advantages. One of them was, that in Hungary it is really easy to find a job as a student. The companies need always people, and of course the students need always money. That’s why there is a very good system there for finding a job or finding employees. In my current place in Austria, the marketplace for jobs is completely different. As far as I experienced, people don´t need so much money and companies also don´t really need employees. That´s strange… (Maybe it´s necessary to add, that these jobs I´m speaking about - in both countries -, are bad jobs, like cleaning, working on the fields, factory jobs, etc. So jobs you can calmly do parallel to the university and don´t need your whole brain capacity.) It doesn´t matter. Much more important is the story. Because of the facts above I could try during the school years more that 15 different workplaces. Including better ones, like being a guide in a very old monastery. And including Lidl. Actually Lidl was a better one, too! It was also interesting. So I decided to build an exact model of it. I started to build the model immediately, but after that a lot of things happened. I went to Germany for a year, after that I came to Austria, I always found something more interesting to build, etc. So the model was always at the background. But now, finally it became ready! Before I started working in Lidl I had to read the product placing strategy. This is something you never forget. That´s why the interior is completely detailed. Because of scale reasons it has not so many things in it, as a real store, but the different groups of products are exactly there, where they have to be. After the entrance there are chips and stuff like that, after them the fresh things, like bakery products and vegetables. At the back there is the non-food part and the refrigerators (mopro). On the way back to the cashdesks are the drinks for example. Notice the two different sizes of the pallets. The 3x4 stud variation is the Euro pallet, the other one which´ size is the half of the Euro pallet is the Düsseldorf pallet. It is also very important in Lidl. It was also said to me, that there are only shopping carts and no baskets, because the parents always allowed the kids to sit in the baskets. And it´s not hygienic. Well, the kids are sitting in the shopping carts as well. And not on the seat, actually in the cart. Another things you never forget are also on the model. For example a student, who is cleaning the floor with a pushbroom. In Lidl it is really taught you, ho you have to use the pushbroom. Let´s see what a customer doesn´t see. The warehouse and the offices. The machine near the garage door is for the empty paper boxes. It presses them, you put cables aroud them to keep it together and after that you can bring the package out on a pallet. That´s a cool thing. Which is not cool is that there are no place in the warehouse. If you want to bring out pallet “A”, you often have to bring out pallet “B”, “C” and “D” before. After that you can bring out pallet “A”. After that you have to bring back pallet “B”, “C” and “D”. After that you can start to fill the shelves from pallet “A”. That is also a mission impossible scene about it in the warehouse with a pallet jack and an employee. The most interesting thing outside is maybe the big Lidl sign. It contains more that 100 parts and is of course completely without glue and stickers! You can read the word “Lidl” on both sides. Another thing is the parking spot for disabled people, which I posted a bit earlier. Here you can find details about that. What I like on the building is the roof. I guess it turned out great with the angles. The different chimneys and the parts of the ventillation systems are also designed after the real ones. Hope you like the model! Thanks for watching and reading! You can find more MOCs from me on my Flickr page!
  5. Gabor

    [MOC] Parking spot for disabled people

    Thank you! I´m glad you like it!
  6. Gabor

    [MOC] Parking spot for disabled people

    Thanks everyone! I´m really happy you like it!
  7. Hi everyone! It happened to me earlier as well, that I worked on a part of a MOC so much, as on the MOC. In such a case this part deserves an own picture! So here it is, the parking spot for disabled people. Downtowns are problematic places. At the city where I spent most of my time during the school years (Győr, Hungary), these spots were only signed by a road sign. But it was often not clear, which spot, or how many spots are actually for disabled people. And the downtown has in general too many sings with too many information on them. So it happened often, that people parked their cars not on purpose there. A few years ago the city decided to paint the whole spots blue to make it easier to realise them. It looks really cool! So I decided I recreate it with Lego bricks. I build the first version in 2018 I guess. I didn´t published it because it looked like a man sitting on a toilet and not on a wheelchair. A few month later I went back to the model and changed it a bit. A few month ago I could travel back to Hungary despite of the COVID-rules. And I took the BIG Brother picture. Hope you like it! The MOC in which it is will come a bit later! Thank for watching!
  8. Gabor

    [MOC] Westbahn Stadler Kiss 2

    Thank you very much! Thanks again, Ashi to draw my attention to Brick Train Awards!
  9. Gabor

    [MOC] Westbahn Stadler Kiss 2

    The Age of Normal Trains is over. The Time of Dancing Trains has come. :D
  10. Gabor

    [MOC] Westbahn Stadler Kiss 2

    Thank you! Because of the length of the train another small extension wire would be needed, if not a pole reverser switch. I used this, because I prefer using only one port for motors, which have to wirk really together. Thanks! I´m so happy, that it was successful!
  11. Gabor

    [MOC] Westbahn Stadler Kiss 2

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to share with you a small update in connection with this MOC. Since posting it I got all wires, the Sbrick and time to do a test. I was a bit stressed, how these extremely heavy and extremely long cars can drive on the very unfriendly Lego train tracks. The result is in the video: It works quite well, but of course the ~80° is not so nice between the cars in the curves. The curves are at first the normal Lego curves. After that straight, curve, straight, curve, etc. In the last scene the radius is 107 cm. I used two normal train motors in the bogies under the phantographs. There are two 50 cm long extension wires and a switch with pole reverser going through the train to the Sbrick, which is in one of the middle cars, together with a small extension wire and the batteries. Thanks for visiting!
  12. Gabor

    [MOC] Westbahn Stadler Kiss 2

    Thanks for the idea! Oh, will we do it definitely! It´s superb! I used again something different instead of magnets, but I will create an alternative solution to be able to attach my train to your one! What will you nominate?
  13. Gabor

    MOC 7 width

    A solution is for example a technic chassis. Technic works basically with odd numbers. I find it more difficult to build the body in 7 wide with traditional bricks.
  14. Gabor

    [MOC] Westbahn Stadler Kiss 2

    Thanks everyone for your kinds words! I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  15. Gabor

    [MOC] Westbahn Stadler Kiss 2

    Thanks! Normally I take part in two exhibitions in Germany every year: Zusammengebaut and Bricks am Meer. So you have the chance to see it! Thank you very much! Oh, yes, the front cars are heavy, but I hope the two motors will be enough. If not, I have still some bogies to change them to motors! Thank you! Yes, I have enough straight tracks at home, but not enough place :D That´s why I have to wait a bit with the test. Thanks for the tip about the bearings, but I don´t really like to use custom parts. I will use the Sbrick, but only because the IR receiver simply don´t reliable enough... Thank you! Yes, you are right! As you suggested in an e-mail, I reduced the height, but only with a few plates. It was not enough to reach the correct size, but it made the overall look. a bit better. It was a compromise: I don´t have the correct height, but I was able to keep the nose design, which works very well. Yes, it was a bit stressful, but luckily the picture is ready, so everything is awesome :D