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  1. Well, it´s more of manatee in a polybag than loose figs this time .....
  2. Congrats to all the winners! It´s been a pleasure as always to check out all the great entries! There is a big box filled with manatees now at my house ! I´ll get the sorting and adress collecting and printing and putting on&in the envelopes going the next few days - I´ll be back with shipping info. And I´ll do last years prizes also with what I got - better than nothing at least!
  3. Hi all With help from staffer Siegfried, the winner calender is now up & running ! Go here to check if your name won a manatee!!!
  4. CopMike

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    And closed for this year - great entries all of you !
  5. CopMike

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    Soooooooo much great stuff ! I really hope the fun part of this is felt among you all! And entry time extended with 23 hours!
  6. It´s time for the yearly fun! The challange this year is build your take on Santa! Rules and then the entries here in the Town forum! Build ON!
  7. Xmas Raffle Building Challenge 2018! It's soon that time again, when somebody sneaks into your home down the chimney and leaves a lot of presents under the tree, and this is your chance to get even more ......! This years prizes will yet again be cool & hard to get minifigs manatees as the new tradition goes ! This year the MOC theme is your idea of how Santa should look like So build him any way you like and take a pic/screen shot and post it! Read the rules & post your entry in this thread! The only rules are: You need to be a member of Eurobricks who joined before the 8th of November 2018. This is a fun thing, so have FUN! The MOC needs to have at least two (2) original Lego pieces in it, NO clone ones. You can build either with real parts or use LDD, MLCad etc. The MOC needs to be new - no recycling here please - just fresh stuff. The entry must be posted in this thread before 9 pm GMT, by the 30th of November, 2018. Your entry must include one image (and only one image) and be no larger than 1000x800 pixels. One entry per qualified member. All members including the Staff can join! Did I mention that you need to have fun? I'm the judge and will randomly draw the winners, with the help of a random generator which randomness comes from atmospheric noise. The winners, six per day, will be announced in a special thread, the advent calender thread, from 1st dec - 24th dec. And yes - there will be prizes, and yes - I´m still working on getting the last stuff for two prize catagory winners from last year !
  8. Thanks - after a good sleep it finally became clear what you ment and I should have understood ! Thanks for the help!
  9. Thanks for your patience! The first part is ok - I have my X. But I can´t click so I get both the middle disc AND the other end to move, and I get an angled green arrow all the time.
  10. Sorry but I must be slow. I can get three different things to move - each end (big redlined boxes) and the middle (small thin box). But it still moves sideways, on the angle of the joint itself - the X - instead of straight up or down. What´s my mistake? Or do you mind making a .lxf file of just the joint with say 45 degrees for me to import? This is the three:
  11. Hi there! Is there a way to get the A2 combination? I can´t get the joint move like that - it just gives me B2 or A1! Thanks!
  12. Great stuff @Fangy! I especially like the swedish Fabuland one ! Here´s a swedish version of the german Police station from my comic magazine (scanned): and a space one from 1981:
  13. CopMike

    [MOC] Bofors Archer

    Great to see your MOC here mortil! I’m lucky because I’ve seen it in “action” on the floor of a couple of Swedish events, it always brings a smile to the children’s faces !
  14. CopMike

    WhiteFang's LEGO Studio

    Excellent setup there WhiteFang! I love that you now have easier access to all the minifigs for the coming reviews!
  15. Wow, yet another very well done review from you WhiteFang ! Thanks for the effort and details, and the great pictures! One absolutely needs to get a full box of these!