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  1. Wow, yet another very well done review from you WhiteFang ! Thanks for the effort and details, and the great pictures! One absolutely needs to get a full box of these!
  2. Solid and informational as always. This tips the scale for me as a non-Technic builder to get the set anyway !
  3. On the LEGO® Ideas blog, information has surfaced about the long awaited Voltron 21311 Ideas set . Head over to the LEGO Licensed forum and get all the details!
  4. TLG wants your questions about Powered Up! System So start posting then here in the point form of: Why ..... How ....... Deadline for you guys are: Bring your A-game!
  5. Looks like a ArcelorMittal Dofasco’s Kress Straddle Carrier
  6. Thanks everyone that came for a great time! A special thanks to the organisers of the event - Bonaparte & Holodoc ! And Brickthing for the really cool presentation of Galidor! And all the ones I´d forgotten to mention! Now let the storys and pictures bonaza begin .............. !
  7. 10 - 3 points 1 - 1 point 3 - 1 point 9 - 1 point
  8. CopMike

    Event countdown 2018

    And here we go - I´ll be late to everyone of the 10 !
  9. CopMike

    lego fan events in canada?

    BrickCan this weekend -
  10. CopMike

    EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    That’s the perk of being the winner on the 24th!
  11. CopMike

    EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    This week some more parts arrived so here goes manatee D: Prize D It´s been shipped out to: Cecilie SonnyRed jjackbat lluisgib Bob De Quatre alex54 broachpurger paul_delahaye Tariq j BEAVeR LegoFan117 Mattallica Cakeman Foxes Productionz Legopard Quarryman Marian20 Athos Sir Brickalot Kalais AndersI
  12. Hi! For a competition on Swebrick, I thought I´d do a scene that´s not really been done before. Without further ado here´s the EPIC scene from SW Ep I The Phantom Menace of the Brodo Asogi delegation in the Galactic Senate ! They of course have a phone the "phone home" ! And they´ve learned how to ride the bike themselfs to work, not just sit in the front !