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  1. Thanks - after a good sleep it finally became clear what you ment and I should have understood ! Thanks for the help!
  2. Thanks for your patience! The first part is ok - I have my X. But I can´t click so I get both the middle disc AND the other end to move, and I get an angled green arrow all the time.
  3. Sorry but I must be slow. I can get three different things to move - each end (big redlined boxes) and the middle (small thin box). But it still moves sideways, on the angle of the joint itself - the X - instead of straight up or down. What´s my mistake? Or do you mind making a .lxf file of just the joint with say 45 degrees for me to import? This is the three:
  4. Hi there! Is there a way to get the A2 combination? I can´t get the joint move like that - it just gives me B2 or A1! Thanks!
  5. Great stuff @Fangy! I especially like the swedish Fabuland one ! Here´s a swedish version of the german Police station from my comic magazine (scanned): and a space one from 1981:
  6. CopMike

    [MOC] Bofors Archer

    Great to see your MOC here mortil! I’m lucky because I’ve seen it in “action” on the floor of a couple of Swedish events, it always brings a smile to the children’s faces !
  7. CopMike

    WhiteFang's LEGO Studio

    Excellent setup there WhiteFang! I love that you now have easier access to all the minifigs for the coming reviews!
  8. Wow, yet another very well done review from you WhiteFang ! Thanks for the effort and details, and the great pictures! One absolutely needs to get a full box of these!
  9. Solid and informational as always. This tips the scale for me as a non-Technic builder to get the set anyway !
  10. On the LEGO® Ideas blog, information has surfaced about the long awaited Voltron 21311 Ideas set . Head over to the LEGO Licensed forum and get all the details!
  11. TLG wants your questions about Powered Up! System So start posting then here in the point form of: Why ..... How ....... Deadline for you guys are: Bring your A-game!
  12. Looks like a ArcelorMittal Dofasco’s Kress Straddle Carrier
  13. Thanks everyone that came for a great time! A special thanks to the organisers of the event - Bonaparte & Holodoc ! And Brickthing for the really cool presentation of Galidor! And all the ones I´d forgotten to mention! Now let the storys and pictures bonaza begin .............. !