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  1. Event countdown 2018

    And here we go - I´ll be late to everyone of the 10 !
  2. lego fan events in canada?

    BrickCan this weekend -
  3. EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    That’s the perk of being the winner on the 24th!
  4. EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    This week some more parts arrived so here goes manatee D: Prize D It´s been shipped out to: Cecilie SonnyRed jjackbat lluisgib Bob De Quatre alex54 broachpurger paul_delahaye Tariq j BEAVeR LegoFan117 Mattallica Cakeman Foxes Productionz Legopard Quarryman Marian20 Athos Sir Brickalot Kalais AndersI
  5. Hi! For a competition on Swebrick, I thought I´d do a scene that´s not really been done before. Without further ado here´s the EPIC scene from SW Ep I The Phantom Menace of the Brodo Asogi delegation in the Galactic Senate ! They of course have a phone the "phone home" ! And they´ve learned how to ride the bike themselfs to work, not just sit in the front !
  6. Avatars etc

  7. Frontpage

    Pics for FP
  8. EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    Today these manatees, Prize C and E, shipped out to ....... Artanis I mediumsnowman Draxx BaraSH MAB burlogh nixtron1 Actor Builder Jacob Nion farkas1014 S.I Pate-keetongu Legoroni Mike S pkp Maple Illarion pacc shiftaltcmd teljesnegyzet Blakstone Lancethecat and: Splat Tuinman folsombricks Supersonic Kristel fatum Aventador2004 LittleJohn Csacsa234 LucasLaughing mouseketeer Iria Isavarg legolegolegolego Legofin2012 vriverajr3 gussguss SteampunkDoc dr_spock Ryushi Mr Meleca Peppermint_M Still waiting for some parts for B, D and F. I´ll be back !
  9. EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    Busy, busy, busy ! But today these manatees, Prize A, shipped out to ....... Mr Lyo Kez TheLegoDr Legocity2713 SilentWolf Donnie Bricko LB2341 reddx Miro78 baby Or2ME2 papacharly Ex cinno Wedge09 SirNagek Don Neimoidte de la Mancha Rick pranas naugem Tom Bombadil AllanSmith Andy D
  10. EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    The day is fine - all gets the same in each catagory except the winner on the 24th ! I have the list but it takes a while to look up each winner by prize, to sort out the adresses.
  11. colours

    Hi! They been made in both the dark grey colors, Dark Grey & Dark Bluish Grey: and
  12. EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    Prize A: First Order Shuttle Pilot - Han Solo, Young (75192) - Princess Leia (75192) - Han Solo, Old - BB-9E Prize C: Captain Salazar - Henry - Carina - Captain Jack Sparrow - Lieutenant Lesaro Prize E: Beast Boy - Beetlejuice - Starfire - Raven - Sloth
  13. EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    This friday a shoal of manatees arrived at the shore of “World’s End” ! Half of them have now sorted themselves out into these families: They will begin the next leg of their journey in about a week. I´ll post here the names of the new family head when they leave. The rest of the manatees has also arrived but they apparantly left some of the calfs at home, so it will be a little more time before they are reunited!
  14. EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    Congrats to all the 144 winners and better luck next year to the runner-ups! The manatees have been delayed some, but I´ll post here when they´re spotted and will include fuzzy pictures of them also. Merry Xmas to all of you !
  15. Signing in & up! Looking forward to meeting all again!