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  1. CopMike

    Classic Space Era Spaceship Contest - Voting thread

    Spyrius Robot Retreiver - The Librarian Classic Space Unarmed Personnel Carrier - Skandinavc FH M-Tron Mobile Recon Fighter - jkupitz79
  2. CopMike

    Avatars etc

  3. Mike are you still in to LEGO ?

  4. CopMike

    [MOC] BrickHeadz Shrek

    Here´s my BH of Shrek, hope you like it !
  5. CopMike

    [MOC/MOD] Winter Village Santamobile

    Well, that is the design of the Comic Con Batmobile and I wanted to stay with that look. But you´re right of course that one could smooth it out quite a bit!
  6. Our superheroes Santa & Elf can now ride between their challenges in the Santamobile ! It´s heavily based on the Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile, BL comcon037-1. I hope you like it!
  7. CopMike

    [MOD] The Child get airsick

    Hi! In season 2 ep 4 The Mandalorian doesn´t really fly his ship straight all the time. The Child who has been eating cookies has an accident ! This is my small MOD of set 75318 - the episode pic: My MOD:
  8. Just a couple of days left, it´s dramatic !
  9. Finally built this with effermans MOD 42111 Dom's Charger how it should be! Great MOD - good work! Here´s two pictures with Homemaker Dom proudly at his ride :
  10. CopMike

    [MOC] Final scene

    Really good build, love the focus/out of focus setup!
  11. CopMike

    [MOC] My train stuff

    Nice use of the bucket handle ! I like the Minifigure, Footgear Ice Skate part# 93555 also in a technic brick!
  12. CopMike

    [WIP] 1:14 Swedish electric locomotive Rc1

    Slow building but I´ve started on the couplings while I wait for more Hose, Rigid 3mm D for the pantographs.
  13. CopMike

    [WIP] 1:14 Swedish electric locomotive Rc1

    Thanks! Actually 29 studs but who’s counting ? And thanks again Davide & Phil for the input. Due to the design of the windows even using cheaper 1x8 rail plates would look a bit strange compared to the close shave approach that I went for! I also got a good suggestion about using part 4175 plate modified 1x2 with ladder or 2412 tile modified 1x2 grille.
  14. CopMike

    [WIP] 1:14 Swedish electric locomotive Rc1

    Hi Davide! Well it would be doable and not as expensive as rail plates! But the effekt I would have liked is the offset structure of the surface, like with a rail plate or jumper plate. Your fine example gives a good view of each element that could possible be seen as structure but it wouldn’t differ much from the smoother parts of the side both in the front & back. But thanks for the idea!