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  1. The Auckland LEGO User Group is holding its annual Brick Show on November 3rd and 4th. This year our show will take place at the North Shore Event Centre in Auckland. Please visit for more information about the show, including pre-show ticket sales. Thank you.
  2. djm

    [GBC] Cardan Lift

    Try here for a BrickStick parts list, which BrickLink should be able to upload. I just created it from the LDraw mpd file, via Rebrickable. Rebrickable is my "go to" place for parts list building these days as it is very easy to import models, correct part errors (e.g. colours) and then create other output formats by exporting from Rebrickable. David
  3. My R56 order was delivered (to New Zealand) two days ago. Very nice indeed. Now I'm just hanging out for the R72 and the R88 production to commence. David
  4. djm

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Unfortunately not. The photos that did exist for it were from a public display run by my LUG. Somewhere along the way, the LUG photo galleries were lost during a web site upgrade. I had dismantled it and used the parts for building other things in the meantime as I couldn't get it running reliably enough for use in a public display. I agree that the pricing is reasonable. Considering the time it would take to reverse engineer and then create the building instructions, I'm happy to to purchase the instructions (and have in fact already done so). As your subsequent post says, one can always reverse engineer the build from the video. David
  5. djm

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    I agree wholeheartedly with @RohanBeckett, @Berthil and @Ankoku, building the Ball Factory as your first build will likely be somewhat challenging. The other thing to bear in mind if you are going to build it in red is that one to two parts may be pricey compared to other colours. Writing as someone who built their Ball Factory in red, the price of the Technic 1x14 brick can be a bit eye-watering. Good luck, enjoy your building and welcome to EuroBricks. David
  6. djm

    First MoC 20 years ago

    I can do an old picture (well video) but not of a MOC. Try LEGOLAND in 1969: I had just turned six. This was shot by my dad on a cine camera (hence no sound) and I had it transferred to a DVD a few years back. David
  7. djm

    [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    If you want some building instructions made for those two new switches, drop me a line. David
  8. 7939 - Cargo Train (Train / RC Train) Download MPD Known errors: No stickers No string No train track parts 2x Orange minifig torso used as patterned torso unavailable as LDraw part 1x Yellow plain minifig head used as head unavailable as LDraw part Built with LDCAD 1.6b
  9. djm

    [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    Four of these curves are required for a 180 degree turn, so eight for a full circle. The diameter of the curve (centre of track to centre of track) is roughly 1950 LDUs i.e. 97.5 "studs". David
  10. Possibly ? Only available in yellow though. Via rebrickable, the LEGO id looks to be design number 10015 and (for the piece in yellow) via LEGO's Bricks and pieces, an element number of 6000284. David
  11. If you go to and look under the "Announcements" title, there is one labelled "LDraw file for SBrick". Try that link (and post back to let everyone know if it works!). David
  12. djm

    Custom LDraw parts

    So these answers are applicable to LDCAD. I don't use so have no knowledge of their applicability there. Option #1 - use the Rigid Hose Template 1.1) Starting with a new model in LDCAD (it makes the following screenshots cleaner), invoke the search function. Make sure the "Name" checkbox is ticked and click "Accept". 1.2) Your search results will be returned something like this: 1.3) Double-click on the Rigid Hose 3mm (i.e. the one highlighted with a green square in 2). This will display a dialog window. Click "Select". 1.4) You will now be editing an instance of the rigid hose. Click on the end of the hose. 1.5) Drag it horizontally towards the other end of the hose. 1.6) Release the mouse when the Z value equals 40. 1.7) Hit the "End" key to return to the parent model. The hose will be inserted into your LDraw model. In the screenshot below, I have also inserted a 1x2 plate to illustrate the length of the hose. Option #2 - Build the hose segment by segment This approach is more painful but may be what you require if you want to do this in N.B. It requires that you have installed the LDraw Unofficial Library. 2.1) If you have the LDraw Unofficial Parts library installed, the initial search results will have returned two other results. One is the end of a hose and the other is a segment of the hose. 2.2) Just as with any part, these hose elements can be added to your model. First a hose end cap; 2.3) And then individual segments; 2.4) You can either manually add 38 segments and 2 end caps, or add a few segments, save the model and then edit it with your choice of text editor. The end caps and segments are fairly obvious in the LDraw model. Copy and paste the segments and alter the Z value by 1 until you have all 40 segments/end caps done. 2.5) If you want to, in the source window in LDCAD, select the segments and end caps and reorganize them into a sub-file. Perhaps name your subfile 75c02? Option #3 Download the LDraw model for the above examples from here. It contains both options. Caopy them into your own LDraw model as you see fit. N.B. Using the template approach allows you to bend the hose. Using the end cap & segments does not. Quiz me further if required. Regards, David
  13. djm

    Custom LDraw parts

    I may have an answer, depending on whether or not you are using LDCAD as your modelling tool i.e. if you are using LDCAD, I can provide an answer. David
  14. Thank you for taking the time to confirm that. David
  15. djm

    [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    As promised previously, I'm now making available the NXT program I wrote which controls monorail switches. / The program can be seen in operation in the video contained within this prior post: I've written a User Guide for the program, which includes details on how to install and use the program on your NXT. There is a zip file available for download, which contains the NXT program, User Guide and the other files used by the program. The user guide contains links to monorail track elements (left and right switches and the trigger track) used in the solution. While I have successfully tested the program installation process on another PC, if you have any issues when trying to install the program, please contact me. Regards, David