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  1. djm

    [MOC] Minifig Mover

    Well someone could. The LDraw files are available via The premise of the MOC is to serve as a foundation for others builders to incorporate into their own MOC. David
  2. djm

    [MOC] Quarter Scale Rail

    I've completed producing building instructions for the Minifig Mover. It struck me that as a MOC, the Minifig Mover was more suited to being posted in the Town forum, so I created a post on that forum and referenced this original thread. Regards, David
  3. djm

    [MOC] Minifig Mover

    Over on the Train forum a few months ago, @SavaTheAggie posted about his MOC called Quarter Scale Rail: Having worked out how the chain was made by watching the video, that post inspired me to come up with a MOC to allow moving Minifigs to be added to a MOC. The video below illustrates a sample of the Minifig Mover in action. Cutting straight to the case, building instructions are available on The primary design considerations were; for it to be compatible with the MILS system it was desirable for it to be possible to be run very slowly make it suitable for incorporation into MOCs Secondary design considerations were; to be able to achieve a 180 degree turn within the with of a single baseplate to aim to have small modules which could be joined to form a larger be assembly Comments/learnings/observations Each set of building instructions illustrates a baseplate within a building step. The baseplate is for reference purposes only and is not listed in the parts. The premise of including the baseplate is to show the relative placing of the parts with respect to a MILS baseplate. Experience suggests that the channel in which the chain runs needs to be perhaps 22 LDUs (LDraw units) wide. This width is reflected in the construction. If you try to build the channel 20 LDUs wide (i.e. the width of a 1 x N brick) you will likely find it too tight for the chain to run smoothly. The Minifig Mover is presented as a foundation on which to build. Thus, as can be seen in the video, the motor and tensioner assemblies are exposed. The suggestion is to build appropriate elements of a MOC to contain/hide these assemblies. Via the MOC posting on Rebrickable, you can download not only the building instructions but the original LDraw files too. The premise of doing this is to encourage others to use the design as a starting point and then publish improvements or alternative track modules. Regards, David
  4. The Auckland LUG held its annual brick show in October, as part of Auckland Armageddon 2020. In recent years we have sold a member designed MOC to contribute to the costs of running the LUG. This year, a MOC I was chuffed when a MOC of mine was selected as the show model. There are still some boxed versions of this available, which can be ordered via this link. This is primarily intended for people in New Zealand but if you really want one shipped somewhere else, you would be welcome to inquire (but bear in mind the potential shipping cost). Building instructions and part inventory for model are available for downloaded from Rebrickable, so you are able to build it without having to purchase the model from AuckLUG. Regards, David
  5. The first thing I would suggest is to download the updated ldraw.xml, which @SylvainLS does a wonderful job of updating and can be downloaded from the first post in this topic: If the updated ldraw.xml file doesn't contain what you are after, the same post describes the file structure. But try downloading the updated file first! David
  6. Bingo! From the LEGO education site elsewhere in the Wayback Machine. Classic Clock, Advanced Classic Clock, Simple Colour Sorter Grand Four Belt Rover Humanoid Intelligent Car Robot Arm Scorpion Sound Bot Advanced Tribot I think that these differ from the four I found earlier. Again, I can't vouch for their content but if you try them out it would be nice to know which ones work. It may keep you busy for a bit. Regards, David
  7. I dig some further digging via using the Wayback Machine. While there were links to the other 4 programs, sadly the zip files for them weren't available via the Wayback Machine. Hopefully someone else has a copy they can post. David
  8. I dug up programs for four of the above models (Humanoid, Scorpion, Tribot & Soundbot). Refer to this post in the Mindstorms forum
  9. Per the request by @Coder Shah in the Technic Forum for programs for some known LEGO Education NXT models. I did some trawling of LEGO website via the Wayback Machine and found the program files (which I've uploaded to for; Alpha Rex (referenced by Coder Shah as "9797 + 9695 Humanoid") Music Player ("9797 + 9695 Soundbot") Scorpion ("9797 + 9695 Scorpion") Tribot ("9797 + 9695 Tribot") N.B. Use at your own risk. I have not tried uploading the programs to my NXT and cannot vouch for either their content or whether they actually work. Regards, David
  10. djm

    [MOC] Quarter Scale Rail

    So I've taken the next step with the Minifig Mover and built a motorized proof of concept. I'm happy enough with the way this is shaping. The linear actuator enables the position of the third wheel to be adjusted to the most appropriate position. I've created some (hopefully) better designs for corners and straights. My intended next steps are; to "BrickLink" the parts for my designs wait some for the parts to arrive! build to the design. Where necessary, refine the design if all goes well, create building instructions for the designs post a "show and tell" on EuroBricks Given current shipping times to New Zealand, I suspect the earliest I'll be posting more will be late October or early November. Regards, David
  11. djm

    [MOC] Quarter Scale Rail

    As a proof of concept, I applied a tweak to the chain for @SavaTheAggie's Quarter Scale Rail: and knocked together (and hence without the build quality of the original video) a Minifig Mover: The premise being that it should be feasible to incorporate an arbitrary path built into a model to allow Minifigs (or anything else that can use a stud attachment) to be freed from being fixed in one place! Regards, David
  12. djm

    Automatically Reversing Gearbox

    Such as MOC - Improved GBC Reverser?
  13. Thank you @Cosmik42, that is generous of you. Regards, David
  14. I would suggest that 150 Euros for a second hand NXT set is far too expensive. I'm in New Zealand but take a look at an ebay site much closer to you ( and search for LEGO NXT sets to see what is on offer. Then use the advanced search in ebay to list "Sold Listings" to get a feel for what they normally sell for. For that kind of price you may be better to look at something like the much more recent LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox (set #17101). The programming environment for Boost is a lot easier for children to understand than than the NXT-G environment, which comes bundled with the NXT sets. My rule of thumb is that if I can buy just the NXT brick for NZ$ 50 (about EUR 25) or an NXT set for NZ$100 (about EUR 55), I might consider buying it. Others may have a different opinion. Regards, David
  15. Hi Peter, the premise of the spreadsheet is to leverage any part images cached by other applications so that it doesn't need to the BrickLink API. FYI although Brickficiency was a valid application at the time the spreadsheet was written, it isn't any longer as Brickficiency development ceased. Can you try creating a new list in BrickStock, add something simple to it e.g. a 2x4 Black Brick (part id is 3001). An image should be displayed in the BrickStock "Add Item to Untitled" dialog window, click the "Add" button and then the "Close" button. That should be sufficient to cause the image to be cached by Brickstock. Close BrickStock (you don't need to save the list), try clicking the "Populate Image Library" button and let me know the outcome. My expectation is that the Image Library should contain at least the image for the Black 2x2 Brick. Regards, David