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  1. Accompanied by an article with an explanation and a series of photographs, which should make creating building instructions easier. David
  2. Try Regards, David
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I has tried adding another gear to add some resistance but it tended to cause too much resistance. Similarly friction on the gear shifting mechanism while it would stop the incidental rotation, it caused the sliding arm movement to stick when moving between the two sides. However, your observation about friction made me think a little harder. I have significantly reduced the gearing "path" required to turn the differential in the opposite direction and this has solved the incidental rotation. I'm all for simpler mechanisms - it means there is less to go wrong! I'm now working on eliminated the slider mechanism altogether. Instead, I'm thinking of adapting Sariel's 4-speed sequential transmission, changing it to be 2-speed forward and reverse directions only, with the gear changer driven from the differential's gear. All dependent on parts from BrickLink orders arriving. Regards, David
  4. As part of Splat's To-and-Fro GBC, the mechanism that provides a means to halt the GBC if there is a jam I found to be particularly interesting. RohanBeckett then posed a challenge (half in jest?) to adapt the mechanism to automatically reverse the GBC for a short period of time and then for it to resume normal behaviour. So I decided to take up the challenge and came up with the following. In the video, my hand simulates the case of a GBC mechanism becoming jammed by holding the output axle. Following the "jam" there is a pause, the output axle momentarily reverses, pauses once more before resuming the original rotational direction. This mechanism is in the experimental stage and there is a minor defect. The defect, as shown in this second video, is that the differential continues to turn a very small amount even when there is no jam. The gearing ratios are correct, so I suspect that the rotation is being caused simply by the rotation of the axle. I'm posting this thread for two reasons; 1) to garner possible solutions to address the defect 2) to see whether anyone else has interest to/is able to improve/alter the mechanism. I'd be open to any suggestions as to how the incidental rotation of the differential could be eliminated. I'd also be open to seeing other peoples' interpretations to make a mechanism to achieve a similar result. For convenience, I have made the build instructions (PDF format) and the LDraw file (MPD format) available for download from BrickSafe. There are also a couple of images of the two sides of the build: Regards, David
  5. (I'm not a lawyer but ...) I'd imagine that the copyright holder of the models lies with Akiyuki and the copyright holder of these instructions lies with those who authored them. As the website which 9V fortunately spotted was selling the instructions, I believed that it was breaching the copyright of the later. Akiyuki is aware of this project. Refer to I also think that someone previously mentioned in a thread somewhere (though I can't find it at the moment) that they had communicated with Akiyuki in respect of producing instructions of his models. He indicated he was okay with this being done on the condition that the instructions explicitly recognize/acknowledge that he was the originator/designer of the model. Regards, David
  6. That would be a Chinese website selling the instructions which we have collectively made and posted here for free. David I contacted the website's help desk and told them that the product was being sold illegally. They have said that they will end business with the supplier. We will have to see whether or not that actually happens. The text of the chat is shown below:
  7. Here is a longer video of the same GBC circuit.
  8. Do you have each layer contained within a subfile? If you don't, you can put it in a subfile and then include the subfile multiple times. The instructions will then generate a single instance of building steps for the bricks in one layer and show a multiplier for the number of layer instances. Using your example (assuming I have understood it correctly), this would result in one set of build steps for each segment (i.e. 5 build step sequences) and a multiplier for each instance (i.e. first sequence would show "X 15" at the end, second sequence would show "X 15" at the end, ...). Regards, David
  9. Compact train door solution

    You may want to take a look at this topic where something similar has been achieved. Regards, David
  10. You may want to take a look at adapting the mechanism of torso's Cardan Lift GBC. It achieves two delays for each rotation, which would appear to suit the needs of your GBC. Regards, David
  11. You are not alone, so patience seems to a key criteria. David
  12. Dachshund [LEGO Club, 2010] Download MPD Known errors: none Modelled using LDCad 1.6 alpha 4
  13. Would you care to post an image to assist in understanding your suggestion?
  14. My suggestion would be to definitely begin with a simpler module. For example, Catch and Release is among the lower part count and the mechanism is straight forward. I've built the bucket factory and it can be a challenge to get it running smoothly for long periods of time (e.g. such as at a public display). If you elect to build Cup to Cup, be aware that buried somewhere in this thread (here we go) is an amendment to the "loading" mechanism which improves the reliability of getting the balls onto the first cup. Regards, David
  15. Sometimes I find the blue one struggles to shoot far enough yet other times it is okay. I think sometimes that if the whole shooting assembly isn't quite squeezed together well enough it can impact the range. Though as Blakbird says, I think the strength (or otherwise) of the spring is the most likely factor. David