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Found 24 results

  1. TheRiddlersMind

    w.i.p rebel troopers

    Hi everyone Here is a wip of my rebel cell. there will be more minifigs added and a midi scale fleet to help protect there corner of the galaxy let me know what you guys think i'm struggling for a name for them, any help would be appreciated many thanks tom Rebel troopers by TED D'Arcy, on Flickr
  2. First up, I want to give a shout out to Jerac, Krispy and Renegade Clone for their fantastic MOC designs... especially Renegade Clone, whose A-Wing design this is based on. My goal with adapting Renegade Clones design was to provide a base platform that all the colour variants could readily be produced using only bricks, whilst achieving the proportions and angles of the SW Rebels source material. In reviewing these renders, one change I'll likely make is to replace the 4 1x1 round tiles (98138) on the aft thruster assembly with transparent bright-orange to match the main engines. When looking at source material, there were some variations not only in the colours for the main ship, but in the style of the wing mounted weapons, so I decided to get a little creative with those. Feedback and constructive criticisms welcomed.
  3. “We Are Being Boarded!” Aboard an Imperial medical frigate above Naboo Imperial Crew: *Over com* -Bzzt- “All units report to Section C3! Repeat, All units report to Section C3” -Bzzt- *Flashback Starts* Stormtrooper #1 (Flashback): “Rebels- Aghh!” *Shot in head by Rebel Soldier* Stormtrooper #2 (Flashback): “They’re Everywhere!” AwesomeToa (Flashback): “Die Rebel Scum- Aghh!” *Shot in arm by Rebel Soldier* Imperial Crew (Flashback): *Over com* -Bzzt- “We are being boarded! All personnel Evacuate! Report to your designated escape-” *Blaster fire heard over com* -Bzzt- AwesomeToa (Flashback): *Heavy Breathing* “No! Wait help me! I’m still alive! No! Please… help me…” *Blacks out* Imperial Crew (Flashback): *Over com* -Bzzt- “The rebel forces have taken the bridge! I repeat we have been boarded, all personnel to the escape pods!-Bzzt- *Flashback Ends* Shoretrooper Captain: “Wake up!” AwesomeToa: *Heavy Breathing, Half Asleep* “Huh? Sorry sir.” Imperial Crew: *Over com* -Bzzt- “We are being boarded, all units move to intercept the rebel forces in section C3” -Bzzt- Shoretrooper Captain: “All units means you too, get up! Here’s your blaster.” AwesomeToa: *Less Heavy Breathing* “Yes sir.” AwesomeToa: “Wait, section C3!? That section is filled with civilians!” Shoretrooper Captain: “Exactly, that’s why you have to move, now!” Later, in section C3 Shoretrooper Captain: *Over Loudspeaker* “Attention Rebels! Please release your hostages to us, we will not fire as you do so!” Rebel Trooper: “We don’t bargain with imperial Bucketheads!” *Shoots Shoretrooper Captain* Shoretrooper Captain: “Aghh!!!” Stormtrooper #3: “Medic! Somebody get a Medic!” Imperial Navy Trooper: “Fire!!! And don’t stop until every single rebel is dead!” AwesomeToa: “But sir, the civilians-” Imperial Navy Trooper: “-are of no concern to us. We have orders to kill these rebels and that's what we’ll do!” AwesomeToa: “Yes sir!” Imperial Navy Trooper: “We need reinforcements!” Imperial Crew: *Over com* -Bzzt- “Reinforcements are on there way to your position now sir.” -Bzzt- Two Death Troopers enter the hallway, one has a Thermal Detonator… The Death Trooper throws the Thermal Detonator. AwesomeToa: “Take Cover!!!” The Thermal Detonator explodes, killing the majority of the rebel fighters along with a dozen or so civilians, AwesomeToa is also knocked unconscious. *Flashback Starts* Stormtrooper #4 (Flashback): “Run, to the escape pods!” AwesomeToa (Flashback): *Heavy Breathing* “No! Don’t leave! Don’t leave. Please, don’t leave...” *collapses to floor* Imperial Crew (Flashback): *Over com, slowly getting quieter (until silent at end)* -Bzzt- “All personnel to escape pods, we have been boarded! Escape pods launching in: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...” *Flashback Ends* *Out of Character* Please Judge!
  4. Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka Episode XII: Siege of Javin Javin, back end of the Corellian Trade Spine. After the disaster at Kuat Alliance High Command scrambled to regain the losses we suffered in the heart of the imperial war machine. The core worlds were too highly defended to make feasible targets. My battalion suddenly found itself jumping from back water sector to back water sector. Eventually after a month of system skipping we were given our orders. We along with an entire division were to liberate the rebel sympathetic planet of Javin, the center of Imperial control in the surrounding five sectors in this small corner of the Outer Rim. If we took Javin's capital of Babusa, the Empire's position in this area of space would be untenable. From what we learned in mission briefing COM-SCAN detected the presence of heavy ion cannons encircling the city along with extensive trench works that would prevent orbital and atmospheric bombardment. To a grunt like me that's the worst news in the world. This would be an exclusively infantry and armor based operation, which only ever results in high casualties for both sides just like at Hoth. Everyone in the battalion is a survivor of Hoth, somehow managed to escape the onslaught and make it onboard a GR transport. Unlike Hoth we would not be running with state of the art AT-ATs, only what the engineers could scrounge up. Command's strategy, under the guidance of an anorexic looking Bothan general, was to simultaneously charge the defenses at key points along the fortifications. Since the Imperials would be stretched thin if they manned the entire perimeter they instead operated mainly around communication towers that networked with the entire defense network. If we took the towers out en mass the Imps would be running blind and unable to reinforce their various garrisons. From there we could press our advantage after we secured our objective. We deployed fifty clicks out from the imps and made our way through the Javin bogs, riding on top of the T2-Bs. Luck, or command, smiled on us that day. We were one of the few battalions to be assigned to a pathfinder commando squadron, who would clear the way for us. I met the shistavanen, he mentioned something about hunting Luke Skywalker's enemies, and jabbed furiously with a double tipped weapon he always carries. No blaster madman...wolf...guy. Still as we waded through waist deep marsh or hugged onto the durasteel plating of a tank, I remember worming my way through the snow on my belly to hide from an AT-ST's chin guns, hiding under the bodies of comrades. Most of us weren't coming home. Most of us forgot how hard the Imps fought. 4 ABY: Imperial Defenses Encircling Capital City "Shut those blast doors! Now! if Colonel Jerres can't hold this rabble at bay we need to scrub the mainframe of all evidence of the Skywalker fil-" "Sher'al I have your Intelligence Agent down here." *growls* "At last!" [imperial Security Camera Data Recovery] "Let's talk, Agent Ferad." Behind the Scenes: Episode List:
  5. Jix, an Ugnaught, has been living on Felucia since Zaael and his team freed him from his slavers. He had been working as a slave in a mine on Kessel for a crime lord that had ties with the Empire. After years and years of hard labor and sour circumstances, in a lost moment, Jix found a transponder. He was looking for some equipment to repair his mining drill in the office of his boss, Kar’ta. There it was, just lying around. Without a thought he took the transponder and send out a message. Zaael and his crew were just passing by Kessel, on a “trade” mission, when they received the message. After much debate where especially Bill and Fe’ya were against Zaael’s plan to save Jix and the other slaves and put a dent in the Empire’s supplies, the rebels freed the slaves and put a heavy blow (and many explosions, courtesy of Bill) to the Empire. Having nowhere else to go Jix joined the rebel crew for a while. He and Bill learned a lot from each other, as it turned out Jix was a nifty engineer. Jix proved to be a valuable member to the team and he and Zaael became true friends. After a while though, Jix felt the need to live a more peaceful life without the danger and action. He liked the jungle feel of Felucia and it gave him a true feeling of freedom, so he settled there. Zaael hadn’t heard from his old friend ever since, until now. Zaael: Jix, old friend! It is good to see you! Jix: Hah! Are those watery eyes I see? Zaael: It’s the humidity of this hump of clay. Jix: Ah of course… Ghehehe. Zaael: How are you? That’s a nice cabin you have there. Jix: Yes, thanks, it is! I am doing great friend. I like it a lot here. I have made friends with the locals, grow my own food and, most importantly, don’t have to be scared of losing my life to one of Bill’s gadgets. Zaael: Haha, I can imagine. Bill gave me this and told me to give it to you. You might want to be careful with it, he told me not to drop it as well. Jix: Oh no! Haha, this is an inside joke. It does not explode for sure. We used this to fool a band of Stormtroopers on Corellia. They bought it, thinking they were real, and we made a good profit. Zaael: All I do remember is we had a great dinner. You and Bill treated us, I never understood why, but now I get it. Jix: Haha, yeah! Zaael: As much as I’d like to talk to you about the old days, I came here with a mission. You had some intel for me? Jix: Yes, as I told you, I made friends with the Felucian village not too far from here. When I was there a few days ago I saw a shady figure moving about there. I saw her face for a nanosecond. She saw me too and seemed startled. Not long after I saw a ship leaving the planet. It appears she was hiding or living close by the village and she was getting supplies. One of the Felucians found the stuff she left behind and gave it to me. Zaael: Interesting, this is some valuable stuff indeed! Jix: I thought so too, that’s why I responded to your message. It is some high tech stuff, might even be Imperial. Zaael: Thank you Jix. The Rebellion and me are, once again, very grateful for your help. Jix: It’s nothing, everything I can do to repay you for my freedom is something. I still owe you a lot! Zaael: Hah, no you don’t. You’ve got yourself to thank for your freedom. Jix: Ever the humble person my friend. Zaael: I’ll be off to get these goods to the right people. Thank you again old friend. Till next we meet. Jix: Be safe and may the force be with you. --- Overview of the build: The Forseti prototype starfighter: C&C is much appreciated!
  6. Hello, today I will show you my MOC of the Star Wars Battlefront (I and II) Laser/Beam turret (Anti-Infantry, and small damage to vehicles), used by the Republic and Separatists, Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire. There's 2 Photos of this turret: http://vignette2.wik...=20080811171358 http://vignette4.wik...=20080223032009 I made 2 designs for this turret, because I'm not Sure what is the best of my designs... LEGO Laser-Beam Turret by Kuek Cuac de Koki, en Flickr LEGO Laser-Beam Turret-1 by Kuek Cuac de Koki, en Flickr LEGO Laser-Beam Turret-2 by Kuek Cuac de Koki, en Flickr LEGO Laser-Beam Turret-3 by Kuek Cuac de Koki, en Flickr The 6x6 plate is not necessary, you can put it in where you want. And a optional cannon for this LEGO Laser-Beam Turret-4 by Kuek Cuac de Koki, en Flickr And the LDD: LEGO Laser-Beam Turret.lxf All the Comments and Constructive-Critics are welcome. Thanks.
  7. Hello, i'm Searching who can build a Rebels Hammerhead Corvette. http://vignette4.wik...=20160121200715 http://img.lum.dolim...on=0,0,1560,780 http://img.lum.dolim...on=0,0,1280,762 http://vignette3.wik...=20160115202745 A MOC Comparable to the UCS Set 10019, or Veynom's MOC http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=87222. Or Comparable to TheNerdyOne_ MOC http://www.eurobrick...pic=120314&st=0 (This two are amazing and incredible jobs). Im reffering in a detailed-minifig scale. Maybe I can Build one, but I Don't Believe I't can Be so Good. This will be a Contest. Good Luck. Thanks.
  8. This weapon is another one of my favorites from the original trilogy and Star Wars: Battlefront. I was very disappointed, though, with the design included in both 75138 and 75098. It doesn't do the original cannon justice at all. Given that, I decided to try my hand at creating one, and I think it turned out really well. Please let me know what you think in the comments. God bless.
  9. LegoStarWarsLDDShop

    [LDD][MOC] 1.4 FD P-Tower

    This weapon is one of my favorites from the original trilogy. I'm very happy it also made it into the Battlefront game and allowed me to operate it. I was very disappointed, though, with the cannon design in 75098. It doesn't look anywhere close to the original cannon, so I set out to make one myself. I am very happy with the end result. http://www.moc-pages.../moc.php/428860 Please let me know what you think in the comments. God bless.
  10. Previously from Ninja Nin’s SoNE story : YEAR 1 Freebuild 1 : Learn from the Great Warriors Freebuild 2 : First Encounter Episode I : A Dirty Escape Episode II : Escaping from the Wreckage Episode III : Return to Echo Base Episode IV : Secrets of the Empire Freebuild 3 : Missing in Action YEAR 2 Episode VI : Bounty Hunter Hunt Part [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [soNE Freebuild 4] Reunion on Redemption After the Battle of Sullust, for the first time in the past 6 months, I finally returned to the Redemption. I was greeted by fellow Rebels in the Command Centre, and surprisingly, Mon Mothma was there. Although we lost our chance to capture Boba Fett, we celebrated another victory in a close match against the Empire. Graham Gidman bought us a cake to the party. MKJoshA was too tired after commanding this entire operation. He got his promotion, and now he finally could take some rest. Or could he ? I had a short conversation with Mon Mothma, Commander LegoFjotten and Bob de Quatre. As I said, the right bright side always wins ! Greetings Mon Mothma. Greetings Ninja Nin. It ‘s good to see you back in the Alliance and survived. I’m sorry that the search team couldn’t find any sign of you back in Sullust. How did you manage to survive after the battle ? One more thing, how did you learn about our operation in this Episode mission ? I was rescued by General Nagato, and he provided me the information to track down Boba Fett. General Who ? (suddenly looks unhappy) General Cier Nagato, one of the students from the legendary General Kota. Ninja Nin, we’ll discuss this in later time. I think we should start our briefing for the next mission. =============================================================================== Redemption Command Centre vignette Expanding from the design of the SoNE main page by the staff. Sorry that I cannot include all of the Rebel members. Hope you ‘ll like it and can you name all the Rebels ? And yes I want this to be judged. Thanks.
  11. Donnie Bricko

    [SWBP] Rebel Ground and Air Attack

    Bring an all out assault on the Imperial Forces with this Rebel battlepack. The set includes two rock formations, two Rebel Jetpack Troopers, one ground soldier and a communication speeder piloted by the Communication Officer. Battlepack: Figures: Additional communication speeder view: The Rebel Jetpack Troopers are inspired by the Star Wars Commander App. Thanks for looking! -D Updated pics -D
  12. The new assignment: Work with Imperial defector Blax Ritton to track and capture the bounty hunter Boba Fett. The first leg of the mission begins on the planet Fondor. Our intel leads us to an underground technology factory where Fett was known to visit where we meet the factory operator. Tell us What you know of this Boba Fett? Is he here? I know of Boba Fett but he is not here. We have not seen him lately. You're lying...give up the truth or I'll blast you! Okay, Okay...he was here. He departed yesterday for Ord Mantell I think. Please don't shoot me, I'm only a factory operator. I believe him, let's go.
  13. We raced to Ord Mantell and traced Fett's path to a junk droid dealer. Hello fellows...what brings you to Bent's Droid Parts shop? Can I interest you in an R4 motivator? Sorry Bent, we're looking for information not droid parts. We're tracking a guy named Boba Fett, do you know him? Beeeweeeeuuweeeeuuu Oh sorry that's my assistant droid Bonk, don't mind him. I deal with a lot of outlanders but I think I know the guy...does he wear Mandalorian armor? If so, he passed through here yesterday. He bought a bibe sensor for an IG unit that he said he was going to pick up on Felucia. You've been a great help, we thank you.
  14. On Bothawui, we met with a Rebel sympathetic Bothan named Erd Roynt. He discovered that Fett was on Bothawui looking for information regarding Rebel Alliance presence on Tatooine. It seems that the bounty hunter is headed to Tatooine. Blax was not comfortable about being on Bothawui because he isn't particualry fond of Bothans. "This rebel smells of Imperial stench!" Erd said, pointing to Blax "I smell, ha! You're the stinky Bothan!!" Blax replied. "C'mon, we need to get outta here now." I said as I grabbed Blax and headed towards the docking bay. -D
  15. Blax and I departed from Mon Calamari after receiving information that Fett was headed to Bothawui. Before we were able to hit hyperspace we recieved a transmission from Captain Denk. We are to rendevous with the fleet and report to him ASAP. Captain Denk wanted a debrief on the mission and an update on the defector Blax. Now that you've been out in the field with Blax, what do you think? He seems to hate the Empire and has some good contacts, but I still don't fully trust him. Maybe training against Stormdroids will fuel his dislike of the Imperials. Head to Bothawui and capture Fett then we can further discuss Blax's future. The Force is with us. Stormdroids are easy to create...we just dumb down the AI and plop on Stormtrooper helmets. Please judge this freebuild. Thanks -D
  16. After we visited the droid dealer in the junk lands on Ord Mantell, Blax requested that we head to the casino district to follow up on a lead on Boba Fett. The casino district was buzzing with aliens of all kind. I'm not sure this is best place for Alliance troops to be seen. Hopefully this lead is worth the trouble. Time will tell. Please judge this freebuild -D
  17. Aboard a recently seized Imperial Nebulon-B2 frigate docked at a secret Alliance location, Rebel intelligence specialist operatives work to retrieve information from the ship's mainframe. Captain Denk called me on to the ship to discuss my next mission. DonnieBricko this is Blax Ritton. He's a former Imperial pilot that has defected to the Alliance. Looks like a scumbag that can't be trusted. Nice to meet you, too! I may be a scumbag but I have no loyalty to the Empire. Now that we've dispensed with the pleasantries let's get to business. Blax appropriated this Nebulon frigate from the Imperial forces. This ship could be a tide turner in this conflict. We believe the mainframe contains nav coordinates and entry codes to some unknown Imperial installations. What does that have to do with my mission? You and Blax are going to depart for Fondor in search of the bounty hunter Boba Fett. We believe that he is in possession of Captain Solo. There is a transport ready...go get Cpt. Solo back. Alternate views Please judge this freebuild...thanks -D
  18. Blax and I landed on Mon Calamari and were greeted by a delegate elder. Unfortunately we were informed that Boba Fett was not on the planet. The Mon Calamari delegate received information that Fett was headed to Bothawui. Alliance Intelligence confirmed this intel. I guess we're not quite done with our search. . -D
  19. We landed on Felucia and met up with a small Rebel scout squad stationed here. Our scouts had info and led us through the tie-dyed foliage. You should be able to see the landing port from up there. Yeah, it's empty. Are you sure that the Slave 1 was spotted there? Our intel was solid. We must have just missed Fett. Okay, let's get over there and question the town folks. I'm ready to get off this botanical membrane of a planet!
  20. When we heard blaster shots coming from the corridors, we knew something was going on. We, pilots, were informed by our commanding officer that a group of rebels have infiltrated our base and were trying to rescue some prisoners from the facility. We acted quickly to secure the hangar bay, first we incapacitated the rebel transport ship which was ready to flee the prisoners, than we alerted the stormtrooper corps to prepare an ambush for the rebel infiltrators. The rebels were shocked to see that their only means of escape was blocked... "It's a trap!" The rebels were caught in the crossfire between our troops. This is my entry for Episode 4, hope you like it and please feel free to comment!
  21. Immediately after the 103rd finished the rescue mission in Cloud City, we were sent to Corellia to investigate a string of robberies that had been going on for a while. The rebel alliance wanted us to look into it. Why, I didn't know, but as long as it was for the better of the Rebel Alliance it was fine by me. After about a day we were able to locate the criminals next target, it turned out that they were mandelorians.As soon as we got there they were on their way out. After their leader came out the back door he turned on his jet pack and launched himself through the window and into the skylanes of Corellia. Hunter shot one as they came out the back door behind the leader. As the leader flew off, I saw him carrying a brief case, their mission was a success while ours was a failure,or maybe not. Modified: (this is the tile in front of the couch in the main room) Please judge this as a free build. C&C is welcome,
  22. Legostein

    MINI Y-Wing Starfighter

    Hello everybody! It's been a while since my last Star Wars mini model has been posted here, thus I think it's time that we move along. Today I'd like to share an Y-Wing Starfighter with you. Due to the complicated engine fuselage, this is a particular hard to build model with increasing difficulty the smaller you get by maintaining all details. I hope you will enjoy the following images. See you soon with more new mini models! Cheers, Christopher
  23. Jacob Nion

    [SoNE] The Runaway

    Here's my first free build for Nar Eurbrikka. I had to wait a week for Master Splinter to kitbash my character, so I couldn't start earlier. I would like to have this free build judged. Jacob's story Part I: the runaway "Every member of the Alliance joined for a reason. A story. Something that made them hating the Empire...not very difficult. And my story? Like always the Empire attacked and everything changed. Many Bothans died on that day, but I survived and was brought to Nar Eurbrikka. The Empire always needs workers for their mines and facilities. Five years of slavery, without sunlight. Five years of surviving only to see the next day. But I didn't lost hope. And one day I had a chance. And I used it." To be continued...