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Found 23 results

  1. Geonosians are always good for a quick Imperial scalp. With Imperial movements on once Black Sun worlds, there is plenty of opportunity for some prey that has been flushed out of hiding. It also doesn't hurt that the new local garrisons will be available for easy delivery. Political upheavals are good for business.
  2. General Magma

    [MOC] Ord Mantell: Kyo's Cantina

    Ord Mantell Kyo's Cantina "Kyo's Cantina, located on the lawless planet of Ord Mantell in Artellon City, is a location frequently visited by spacers, as well as smugglers, bounty hunters and scum alike." [Also view on Flickr]
  3. MontyPython

    [BH - Geonosian] Disarmed

    [bH - Geonosian] Disarmed Location: Ord Mantell We landed on Ord Mantell at around 6 am. Our connection said, that target owns a small piece of land in the eastern corridor, section B12, small part in the north-western region. The part with largest population of wild Savrips. We have to took some more serious weapons with us. Unprepaired Geonosian is a easy task. But if we'd had to beat a Savrip or two, well, that would bring some troubles. We left the ship in one of the secured hangars. You can never be to sure. I was very eager to complete the task. False informations made us fly to a lot of planets before we heard that our target's hiding on Fondor. This was true but unfortunately he left two days before we got there. Luckily we got new informations and now we're here. Monty was nervous. He was on Ord Mantell before so he knows it's a dangerous place. And it's even more dangerous when you're hunting someone. You can quickly become the hunted one. But so far everything seemed to be okay. He and his partner in this mission, Sid Bass were approaching the target. Locator said they're only 50 metres away. They quickly got there. "Sid, I think we're too late" said Monty. "Really? What makes you think that" replied Sid. "Well," said Monty, "I believe this mission is accomplished. But who could do something like this?" Sid smiled and said: "Have you ever seen a savrip before?" "Yes ..." said Monty. "I played dejarik a lot when I was young and ..." "No, I mean the real savrip. Have you ever seen it in the battle? Well you don't want to. Let's leave." ---------- More pictures in the spoiler.
  4. On the muddy streets of Little Phatrong on the western fringes of Worldport, Ord Mantell, Black Sun Regent Asanu follows his well armed escort. A local peasant kneels to honor the hero of the Kyuzo community. Bubbling tanks of fuel steadily hum and slowly leak into the barren soil. One guard distracts himself with the carnivorous wildlife feeding off the loose fuel. As much as he despised getting up close, the Kyuzo fashion rendered his sniper rifle ineffective. Besides, with such a popular community figure, friendly rooftops for a perch would be hard to come by. The district would be on full lock-down soon and the bounty hunter has a long night ahead of him if he's going to escape.
  5. LucasLaughing

    [Anthology] - Large - Cold Blooded

    Han's story: Look, it wasn't my fault, ok? When I told the princess that I could acquire “any piece of hardware in the galaxy, no questions asked,” I figured she wanted something easy, like a nexu fur coat or a box of disruptor rifles. I wasn't expecting her highness to request a power capacitor for a v-150 ion cannon. I had to call in a lot of favors before someone connected me with the salvage dealer on Ord Mantell. I don't know if the dealer burned us or if it was someone else down the line, but the bounty hunter was waiting for us at the rendezvous point. Waiting for me. This clown was no Boba Fett but he was several steps up from Greedo, which meant Jabba had raised the price on my head. I'd left Chewie to guard the Falcon, of course. The old girl looks a little too much like scrap to be safe around salvage yards. The princess had insisted on coming with me, to make sure I didn't screw up the deal I guess. At least she had the sense to get behind me when the bounty hunter showed up. I could have talked my way out of it. I mean, that's what I do, right? It turned out to be a moot point. The rodian behind the bounty hunter managed to drop his spanner. The bounty hunter turned his head for a second … ...and the next thing I know, I'm deaf in my right ear and the bounty hunter is flat on his back, with a smoking hole where his eye used to be. I turned around, and her worshipfulness just shrugged and asked if we could still get our hands on the capacitor. I guess watching your home planet get blown away tends to leave you a little cold blooded. That's okay, though. No problem. I can handle cold blooded ... but I'm still trying to wrap my head around the princess thing.
  6. Following the destruction of the Death Star, the newly commissioned Captain Solo lead a group of Rebels to a remote location on Ord Mantell. The people of this planet had been locked in a gruesome civil war for years. Unknown to most, the Empire operated a covert facility on the planet for gathering resources and information on everything it could. Following their return to the planet Yavin 4, the rebels were informed of this facility by astromech droid R2-D2 who uncovered the plans while on board the Death Star. With the alliance preparing to withdraw from Yavin 4 and relocate to the planet Hoth, resources and man power were at an all time low. General Rieekan tasked Han Solo with getting a group of rebels together to land on Ord Mantell and dispose of this facility. Young Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, trusted companion Chewbacca, and the dynamic duo of R2-D2 set out with Han Solo to destroy the facility. After being discovered inside the facility, the Imperials scrambled to take out the rebels before they could destroy their Refinery. The Storm Troopers were to be expected, but Han was caught off guard by the bounty hunters who were coming after him with a vengeance. After narrowly escaping with his life, he is forced to think long and hard about his future and what he intends to do about his bounty. Our heroes sneaking into the facility The alerted enemy The Ensuing Battle (Edited Picture) The bounty hunter(s) The empty facility The lighting The Behind the Scenes So this is my larger entry. When I posted about the smaller one, I commented saying I was low on time due to travel. That is entirely true, but part of that was also building the bigger entry as well haha. I read that there is a dark horse comic version of this in which a Bounty Hunter never seen on screen confronts Han. I decided to take my own spin on this with placing Fett and IG-88 in the build. All in all, built on a 48x48 Base Plate.The glass tunnel bridge was my initial idea for what this would look like and then worked from there. I decided to go with white as my main color scheme mainly because my Grey stock is being used towards another MOC right now (Ninja Turtles). I am pretty happy with how this turned out, I hope you all enjoyed it. I am of course welcoming of all comments and criticisms. I love the feedback. Thank you to those putting on this contest. Win or lose, these contests are a great way to generate ideas and get people's gears turning. The concept of this contest is great and opens up so many possibilities for others. I look forward to seeing others builds. Link to my Flickr Stream for HiRes photos and other builds.
  7. Lord Tyrus had lost hope. He had absolutely no idea where Fett would be. He started to head back to his shuttle, which was parked in the tidiest and least junk-occupied area of the planet he could find. "Wait, where's the letter?" He suddenly shouted. Before he could interrogate the two Stormtroopers behind him, he heard a little beep from the device from in his pocket. He took out the smallish iP4d datapad, made by the very respectable electronics company, App13. One message popped up in the centre of the shiny, black screen: 'The mission is over. Fett has the message. All troopers and officers to return to the Avenger.' After the message came a long list of all the officers and troopers that had completed the mission. He sighed, dropped the datapad on the floor and slumped down onto a rock. "Thanks to you two," He directed at the troopers, "I'm probably facing a demotion now." Just at that moment he heard a roar followed by a very recognisable Firespray starship flying above. He nearly cracked. "We could still get him, maybe Brickdoctor will spare me the demotion. Where's the card?" He said desperately. "Troopers 27491 and 44783?" "We don't have it sir..." Trooper 44783 said. "...But Boba does." Said trooper 27491. "Arghhh.... wait what? You mean YOU two delivered it?" He looked at the top of the list on his datapad. His name was at the top. "When?" "While you were messing around asking people and hacking computer terminals, I simply folded it into a paper aeroplane and threw it into his ship before he took of on Felucia." Trooper 44783 replied. "And you never told me! I flew round the galaxy for weeks and you never told me it was pointless! ARGHHHH" Can I have this judged please.
  8. Below is BEAVeR and I's consolidated stories and builds from SoNE: Episode VI. We hope that you enjoy the contrasting story arcs of our characters and how two vastly different Imperial officers interact on their missions. 1.1 - When did the killer become the hero? Officer VeR is glad that he is finally on a peaceful mission, but he has his questions about it. Landing a craft on Mon Calamari, the troopers in the back start talking about how awesome Boba Fett is, and that he can do everything. He doesn't mind that they adore him as long as that prevents worse, but he wonders... why is that murderer celebrated like a hero? Because he can do anything? And what does that make Officer VeR? [soNE Ep. VI] 1 - When did the killer become the hero? by Bert.VR, on Flickr 1.2 - Something smells fishy While between missions, Agent Goatm An joins Officer VeR in his mission to find Boba Fett. The two pilots drop chatty troopers off at various floating cities before following one up on one of Goatm’s local contacts located on a shipyard orbiting the planet. The officers receive a far too formal welcome, leading Goatm to wonder what the Calamari are really up to. [soNE VI] Mon Calamari - 2 by goatman461, on Flickr2 - Worse than war The bounty hunter is said to frequent a certain mining company on Fondor and Officer VeR plans to interrogate the boss of the facility. The mining boss reveals that he gives missions to the bounty hunter. Certain competitors have to be eliminated to terrorize the people in the name of the Rebels. And that terror is good for business, so war should be maintained as long as possible. Officer VeR finds this horrible, and calls that terror worse than war. And he questions the role of the bounty hunter in this. He's not just a blaster someone else fires. By offering such a possibility, he encourages others to commit these crimes. This is atrocious to Officer VeR. [soNE Ep. VI] 2 - Worse than war by Bert.VR, on Flickr 2.2 - Worse than war (part 2) While Officer VeR is checking out a mining company, Goatm seeks out local union workers that Fett would have likely used for repairs. After starting, and finishing, a street fight with a group of them, Goatm starts to interrogate the workers. However, Officer VeR calls Goatm back to the shuttle and Goatm leaves the workers bleeding on the wet, busy street. [soNE Ep VI] Fondor 2 by goatman461, on Flickr3.1 - Just another horror The last assignment Boba Fett received on Fondor, was to eliminate a competitor on Ord Mantell. In a recycling facility, officer VeR and Agent An discover that the target died in a trash compactor, along with his family. A datapad left behind indicates that Rebels were responsible, so that there's nothing left to be done, and people are left without hope. Officer VeR is utterly disgusted by this. Not only the atrocious murder, but that it took hope from the people. Instead, they just accepted it, as something normal, as just another horror of the war. He realizes that this cannot happen, that people need to wake up. But how? [soNE Ep. VI] 3 - Just another horror by Bert.VR, on Flickr 3.2 - Just another horror (part 2) Officer VeR is visibly distraught by the murder of recycling center owner and Goatm decides to interrogate the remaining worker elsewhere. As they walk back to the janitor’s home and shop they discuss life on Ord Mantell and the implications of this attack. The janitor gives Goatm directions to a local Hutt arms dealer where Goatm is hopeful to get a lead on Fett. Goatm is interrupted again by Officer VeR before getting to the dealer and the two officers head to Bothawui. [soNE VI] Ord Mantell - 3 by goatman461, on Flickr4.1 - Ruins among ruins The datapad from Ord Mantell still contained some information, and Agent An and Officer VeR reach a ruined temple on Bothawui. The former descends into a hatch leading to what might be a Rebel base, while the latter stands guard. When two Bothans happen on the place, the only thing he can do is to hide and contact his colleague. Then the horror becomes apparent to him, but luckily the Bothans value their lives and leave the place. Now that he knows the Rebels are after the bounty hunter as well, officer VeR sees what the real objective of their mission is. Not to find the Boba Fett, but to find the Rebels that are after him. But it puzzles him why this should be hidden. His ideas about the Empire become ruins among the ruins. He despises that kind of hidden warfare, and decides that something has to be done about that. [soNE Ep. VI] 4 - Ruins among ruins by Bert.VR, on Flickr 4.2 - Ruins on top of ruins (part 2) When they discover the Rebel hideout, Goatm eagerly descends into the unknown below. The reluctant Officer VeR stays behind to guard the escape route. Goatm quickly finds and dispatches a hapless Rebel scout and continues further below. Further below, he finds a large weapons depot, an arms dealer in the middle of a procedure, and a mysterious hatch emanating the sounds of alarm and ambush below. After arguing with Officer VeR, Goatm throws open the hatch and generously fills the room with blaster fire. Once the smoke clears and the room is quite, Goatm grabs the arms dealer who will lead them to their next lead on Felucia. [soNE Ep VI] Bothawui by goatman461, on Flickr 5.1 - Felucia (part 1) On the way to Felucia, Goatm discovers that imperial troops are scanning Felucian sarlacc pits in search of Boba Fett. To hide his favorite dump site, Goatm mounts a speeder and departs from the shuttle as soon as Officer VeR hits the planet’s damp atmosphere. Just in time, Goatm turns a squad away from the pit and races back to VeR’s landing coordinates to lead a squad in the wrong direction. VeR is up to something, but Goatm knows that whatever it is, Goatm will gain some leverage if VeR ever discovers Goatm’s own deviations. [soNE Ep VI] Felucia 1 by goatman461, on Flickr5.2 - Delivery, deliverance The two found themselves on Felucia after a tip from the arms dealer. The datapad, however, revealed a more exact location to officer VeR. But after all he has been through, he can't allow Boba Fett to get a thank you message for his cruelties. Instead, VeR sends Agent An and the troopers in the wrong direction, while he will try to deliver his very own 'thank you' message to the bounty hunter, in the hope that that delivery might bring deliverance. [soNE Ep. VI] 5 - Delivery, deliverance by Bert.VR, on Flickr
  9. Lord Vladivus

    Episode VI: Ord Mantell

    Ord Mantell. Captain Jak is with, after mine and Deran's failure on Mon Calamari. I've got a bomb to blow a hole in the floor. Apparently Fett is hiding underground round here in this horrible junkyard. Captain Jak: "Get that demo charge set!" A few moments later, BOOM! The hole was blown, and Captain Jak had thrown himself into the hole blaster, ready. We heard Jak scream, and Deran ran to the edge of the hole to see what was wrong. Turns out Jak had dropped straight into an Imperial installation housing an Imperial officer and his Stormtroopers were firing back. The blaster fire intensified and others screamed, before silence reigned. A Kel Dor climbed out of the hole, easily carrying Captain Jak's wounded body. Kel Dor: "You would be wise to leave. There are more troopers coming. For your quest, you must unlearn what you have learned. You will find me again once your heads are clearer." The Kel Dor disappeared, leaving the cryptic message lingering, an empty junkyard and a room full of bodies below. What next? And an overview: So, my second entry, this time for Ord Mantell! C+C welcome!
  10. Felucia Mon Calamari "No trace of Fett. But look what I found in the junk! Uuuiiiiieeeeeeeh!" Thanks for your attention and good luck to all participants (but more luck to rebels of course).
  11. As I entered the junkyard on Ord Mantell looking for Boba Fett...I quickly realized I had made a grave mistake...I forgot about the junkyard DOG!
  12. After my dust-up on Fondor, I decided that a new outfit was in order for my next mission. It didn't matter much what, so long as it didn't scream "IMPERIAL!" at the top of its lungs. Rather than waste time with the tedious process of requisitioning an outfit from the Scout Service supplies, I raided the wardrobe of the Avenger Enlisted Drama Club. A few minutes work and I had a get-up that, if somewhat lacking in protective material, was certainly less obvious than my armor. I was deployed to a barren region of Ord Mantell, a desert whose once-fertile soil had been ruined by toxic fluids that leached from the debris deposited here decades ago. Streams ran here and there, and the temperature was not intolerably hot, but there was hardly a plant to be seen anywhere. There were Rebels, though. And, unfortunately, they didn't really care whether I was an Imperial, a bounty hunter, or a bit of shriveled bush that had gotten tired of the place where it was growing. The opened fire, and of course I returned the favor. The Rebel training regimen is not especially effective, I think. I was easily able to down one Rebel as I approached their position behind an old thruster pylon, and the other fled after sparing a shot for a bundle lying under the large wing that was propped up as a sort of sunshade. I finished off the other Rebel, then went to investigate. The bundle was in fact a body. A Mandalorian, though fortunately (or perhaps not so fortunately) he was not Boba Fett. He still bore a thank-you note, one of the many notes that the Avenger was distributing and carrying, trying to get them to the elusive Fett. But his hands were in binders, with the gauntlets removed. As were his fingers. A pool of blood was gathered on the hard, sandy ground, and severed fingers lay steeping in the dark fluid. Close by lay the tool with which this mutilation had been done: a large wire-cutters whose blades were crusted with blood. I studied the bodies around me grimly. Torture, then. There could be no other explanation. The Rebels had caught one of our messengers, perhaps the contact obtained by Behemoth, and had sought to torture him into revealing Fett's location. And when I arrived on the scene, they sought to silence the poor fellow by killing him. And, whether for good or ill, they had succeeded, and put the man out of his considerable misery. There was no opportunity to bury him, and I had not the tools. Neither could I have buried the Rebels if I had wanted too, though I didn't. Killing in battle is one thing, and some defend it as an entirely moral and ethical action. But torture is something else. Whatever the officers may do, no soldier who tortures a prisoner is worthy of the name of warrior, and by the unwritten code of war his life is forfeit to any who may capture him. Let these two rot, and their flesh be devoured by flies; it would be a fitting end for such Rebel scum. But my encounter with these scoundrels was not entirely unproductive. The Rebels had dropped their datapad. And even without taking the time to search it carefully, I could plainly see that it contained a trove of potentially useful intelligence. Nothing to win a war with, to be sure. But we would give the Rebels a hot time of it now. So, despite my distaste at the scene I had just discovered, I was smiling when I left the spot to return to the rendezvous point. OoC: I made some modifications, after receiving the posted advice from MstrOfPppts, BEAVeR, and others. The original should be in spoiler tags below.
  13. We raced to Ord Mantell and traced Fett's path to a junk droid dealer. Hello fellows...what brings you to Bent's Droid Parts shop? Can I interest you in an R4 motivator? Sorry Bent, we're looking for information not droid parts. We're tracking a guy named Boba Fett, do you know him? Beeeweeeeuuweeeeuuu Oh sorry that's my assistant droid Bonk, don't mind him. I deal with a lot of outlanders but I think I know the guy...does he wear Mandalorian armor? If so, he passed through here yesterday. He bought a bibe sensor for an IG unit that he said he was going to pick up on Felucia. You've been a great help, we thank you.
  14. GallardoLU

    [SoNE ep. VI] Hazard Pay

    Officer: Pilot, you are needed for a Patrol mission over Ord Mantell. Gallardo: Sir, what am i paroling for? Officer: this is a special mission from Lord Vader, you are to fly to the surface and look for any indication the Bounty Hunter known as Boba Fett, is still on the planet. Gallardo: Understood sir, if i should find this hunter what is the objective? Officer: umm.. tell him Lord Vader says "Thank You" Gallardo: affirmative, *chuckling* does this come with Hazard pay? Officer: Yes actually, and if you are successful in delivering the message you will have the freedom to chose your next deployment. Gallardo: Yes sir! i will leave immediately! *Patroling the war torn Surface a ship matching that of Boba Fett's is spotted* Gallardo: Star Ship Firespray, Identify yourself! Firespray: ------ Gallardo: Star Ship Fierspray, i repeat Identify yourself! Firespray: ------ Gallardo: Command, this is Imperial Patrol 300418, I'm in pursute of a Firespray class ship, its not responding, what are your orders? Command: Do Not Fire! this is a peace mission. follow that ship, Boba Fett is notorious for not responding when spoken to. Gallardo: Affirmative, pursuing unidentified Firespray class ship. the Junk wall, notto be confused with rocks, i wanted the appearance that this was a cliff made from ancient structures, ships, and who knows what else, with the possibility of collapse at any moment. imperial hallway, simple efficient and clean I had quite a lot of fun with this challenge, below are a couple pictures showing the scene in full and how it managed to fit in a 16x16 box! (barely) Changes from original: Base has been redone to remove the white, and to clean up the presentation. Rusted junk wall/rocks have been redone to minimize floating bricks, this wasn't completely achieved due to my small assortment of browns. check the spoiler below to see the originals. over all it was minor changes. Hope you enjoyed this episode! and Constructive Criticism is welcomed!
  15. Donnie: When you said we were heading to Ord Mantell I pictured us trekking through endless junkyards... Good call on checking the casino too! LegoFjotten: Yeah, I figured odds are Boba Fett is just as likely to show up here as in some random junkyard. Let's hang around a few hours and see if he shows up. Of course we will need to blend in, so let's get started on one of the tables. Donnie: Good thinking! The band is pretty good too... LegoFjotten: ...and check out that dancer. Youwza! Donnie: I gotta say... bringing the wookie was sheer brilliance... a sure way to beat the odds! Chewbacca: RAWRGWAWGGR Boba Fett: Yikes! I know that wookie, better get the heck out of here...
  16. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The team that was sent to Ord Mantell had finally been able to locate the smugglers' refueling station in the middle of a large junkyard. As the smugglers' activities were of no interest for the team, it was only the information what mattered. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- - "What do you know on the location of a bounty hunter named Boba Fett?" - "Who? Boby Fiatt? Haven't heard of the guy with such a name." - "Don't you try to play with us on that. We know that he was on Ord Mantell, and we've located the ship leaving this sector. We already told you that we are not interested in your little business here and we shall leave as we arrived: quietly and with no other questions asked... unless you decide to keep the information we are looking for undisclosed. In this case we 'd have to stay here for a little longer. And you wouldn't want that to happen." - "Sir! The refueling station mainframe on the lower level shows that the Slave II was exactly here three standard days ago." - "Anything else to add you have?" - "So... The Fett, huh. He 'd been here a while ago. You 've missed him for a few days, actually. Always thought you rebels are quicker in such matters." - "Have you got any information on his final destination?" - "Ummmm... not really. He uses this place only to refuel. The only thing he told was something about Felucia... and the information on the scanner shows the direction of his hyperjump towards there as well." - "It seems that you may tell truth on that... Unfortunately, there is no new information here. However, as we promised, we will leave now." -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Overview of the location. The base is located underground. One of the entrances is marked by a wreck of an AT-AT leg directly above. The lowest level houses the refueling station mainframe, directly above it are the walkways and one of the computer terminals. Directly above the entrance, on the carcass of the AT-AT leg the smugglers had installed a satellite dish and small platform. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Some technical specs and extra comments: The base is 13*13 studs, and the overhang there brings it to 14*14. On top, where the rock piece is, it is 15*15 in the widest spot, And there is some (small) overhang of the AT-AT leg's "claws" on top of the rock. I've always wanted to build a proper size AT-AT, and this leg was staying on the table for a year now already, but I didn't move any further with the construction since. Even been thinking of disassembling it ... but luckily didn't do that. The moment I've red the task for this episode, I new what will be put on top of that.
  17. After we visited the droid dealer in the junk lands on Ord Mantell, Blax requested that we head to the casino district to follow up on a lead on Boba Fett. The casino district was buzzing with aliens of all kind. I'm not sure this is best place for Alliance troops to be seen. Hopefully this lead is worth the trouble. Time will tell. Please judge this freebuild -D
  18. Here we with my second entry for SoNE Episode VI: Bounty Hunter Hunt on Ord Mantell: Intercepting the communications... C&C are always welcome, I hope you Enjoy it, now let's the story talk! The spaceport of the capital of Ord Mantell, Worlport, had barely a IT infrastructure that could be defined like this, so the team of the rebel soldier Wedge09 had been diverted to another type of interception: all the ships that want land and depart, had, even little, to communicate with the spaceport, if only to know what docking bay they would use or if their route was clear, so if you could monitor the communication, you would know who and what was coming and going. Installed an interception antenna away from prying eyes, the rebel team began the slow work of sifting the telecommunications from their new location. "Hey, boss!" called the technician doing the interception "We've got something!" An identification code of a vessel was connected to the Slave I "Found it!" "Wait... there's a problem..." the technician remained silent for a moment continuing to watch the screen and listening to the communications in his headphones "They report that is departing from Ord Mantell!" "Damn!" This meant that the Slave I and with it, Boba Fett, were already on the planet when they arrived but that they were very well hidden. "Another hole in the water, but this time we were closer..."
  19. [Note - anyone who owned a Nintendo-64 should play this soundtrack whilst reading my entry] "Join the Empire," they said. "See the Galaxy," they said. “Spend the better part of a day traveling through a city-sized salvage yard on an absurdly dangerous hover train,” they most certainly did not say. And yet here we are. We’re dispatched following reports of an explosion and fighting at one of the large salvage plants. Intel informs us that it appears a hover train has crashed into the building. Next, they let us know that we’ll have to ride a hover train in ourselves, as it’s too dangerous to land at the plant. So, we head out; Romeo up front, Crash in the middle, and yours truly securing the aft; what choice do we have? The bitter, stinging scent of chemicals is overpowering, despite the filters in our helmets. If I had any illusions about living through this war, I might be worried about cancer down the line. Instead, I just hang on through the sharp turns, not eager to meet any of the native fauna. We reach the salvage plant eventually. The building has definitely seen fighting, but there's no sign of the combatants, and no sign of the bounty hunter. I wonder if they'll upgrade us to first class for the trip back.
  20. Going against Imperial Intelligence's advise proved to fail Lord Tyrus. Boba Fett wasn't on Fondor either. The only other place he might be, Lord Tyrus thought, was where Imperial Intel suggested in the first place: Ord Mantell. Upon landing, Imperial Survey Corps officer, Lord Tyrus, could see a lone figure, walking about a pile of Firespray ship parts. Lord Tyrus walked over to him, but it wasn't Boba. It was a junk dealer. He was holding a droid head, and was looking round the scrap, carefully avoiding the river of slime that flowed through the junk. He told Tyrus that he would take him to his home, where he would ask his mates whether they knew Fett's location. Somehow, Lord Tyrus knew the answer... He had his troops and blaster should it be a trap, but he highly doubted it. The junk dealer would probably say the cogs of his memory needed refuelling, with cash, and the officer was glad he still had a small fortune of fake coins in his pocket from his old life... I would like this judged please.
  21. And now for something completly diffrent ... After an unsuccesful mission on Bothawui, our troops continued their searching on planet Ord Mantell, old, deserted planet, full of diffrent unwanted stuff. Here you can find many things; engines, wings, whole ships, bombs and maybe also a Mandalorian? -Monty, we've been walking through this mess for two hours but there's no sign of Boba Fett ... I think we should leave, before we run into a Savrip or two ... -I think you're wright Wolf, if he would really be located on location the Bothans gave us, we would found him before ...
  22. During their investigation of Fett's possible involvement in the recycling plant murders, Goatm notices a familiar look in his colleague's eyes. Officer VeR has started staring off in the distance again and Goatm knew it was only a matter of time before he started muttering to himself about war. The janitor did not look like the type interested in the philosophical discussion so Goatm decides to continue their conversation elsewhere. “... Still, you can have no objection for my colleague taking a closer look here. I would like to have a word with you in the meantime." Goatm and the janitor make their way back to the plant's entrance. "I don't want to keep you from your work, where were you headed when we ran into you?" "No work here anymore, at least for the time being. I was headed to my shop back home; you’re welcome to join me if you have more questions.” “That’d be great. I’m sorry to hear you lost your job. Any prospects for something new?” The janitor laughs. “Don’t worry; I’m not without a job. Very few people on Ord Mantell are ever without work to do. We’ve got a lot of service jobs available around the tourist hubs and plenty of scrap to sort through for the entrepreneurial types.” “It must be harder though without the steady work the recycling plant brought. And your boss seemed to be an alright guy, setting up shop in the area as he did.” “With all due respect officer, that man was a fool. This whole planet is a recycling plant. Do you think that we’re disregarding anything of value out here? There’s an entire industry of individuals picking through this ‘junk’ and putting it to good use in our shops. This planet is a working man’s paradise. No shortage of materials, no limit on what we can create, and no government leaching off our efforts.” The janitor’s words take Goatm back to his time mining asteroids in the Outer Rim. There was a certain freedom out there that many “civilized” folks can’t understand. Was there government? No. Were there rules? You bet your greasy tauntaun there were rules. Unspoken rules. Take a man’s equipment, you die. Welch on a bet, you die. Act a fool in port, you die. Those rules had real consequences (for all but the craftiest, but even Goatm knew when not push his luck). Places like these have governments of individuals, consciences of communities, and laws based on thousands of years of hard fought customs. “I think I know what you mean about the economy here, but if your boss’s plant was so unnecessary, why’d somebody want him dead?” “Since when do terrorist need a reason for blowing something up?” “Well, deranged as they are, they usually have some attenuated connection between their cause and the targets they choose. Let’s say it wasn't the Rebels; who else wanted your boss dead and why kill his family, too?” The janitor carefully considers Goatm’s question as they move onto the street outside the factory. “Bossman was an off-worlder, had plants and manufacturing interests all over. Maybe he made enemies there. I do know that the killers weren't from around here. I suppose it could be a tourist, but they don’t usually stray far from the casinos.” “Why not a local? I know this place is pretty violent.” “Yeah, it can be violent here, but it’s usually for a reason. Those that just go around killing for fun usually get shot in the back sooner or later. Nobody wants to live around scum like that. But give a man a reason to kill you and you won’t live long. Very efficient justice system here.” “Couldn't somebody find a reason for killing your boss?” “Not enough to kill him the way they did. I’ll admit that the bossman had it coming, but not like that.” “How so?” “The man didn’t understand what it meant to live on Ord Mantell. He came here wanting to make a difference, to save us from our despair, give us jobs, government, police, taxes, ‘safety.’ He didn’t understand that we didn’t want his help, that we didn’t need to live the way he did, that we could be happy the way we were. Heck, the fool wouldn’t even carry a blaster. He was either suicidal or so arrogant that he thought it was everybody else's job to protect him. But this attitude of his would only get him killed if he mouthed off to the wrong guy or walked down the wrong alley, which he didn't do. No, this definitely wasn't local.” Goatm considers the janitor’s assessment as they turn down an alley to the janitor’s home. He has a small hut next to a scrap pile. His wife is inside putting their child to bed. “Up ahead of you is real wealth, officer. A good roof on top of four sturdy walls, a relatively safe part of town, and a thriving business on the side. No taxman in my pocket and no policeman’s boot on my neck. I hope you can find your way back to the factory. It’s getting dark now and these streets can be tricky.” “I’m well aware. Don’t worry; I can be pretty tricky myself. Know where a guy can get disintegrators around here?” “Sure, the back entrance to a Hutt supplier is close by. There’s been a lot of activity there lately. Be careful.” “Will do. Thank you for your time. You've been a lot of help.” Goatm leaves the janitor and makes his way to a familiar franchise. This’ll be his first visit in uniform so he’ll have to be prudent; not a trait Goatm likes to entertain. Crooked Imperial officers are nothing new to the Hutts, but dropping in unannounced in uniform is frowned upon. Up ahead, Goatm sees the guard and the entrance … [soNE VI] Ord Mantell - 3 by goatman461, on Flickr but he is interrupted by a transmission from Officer VeR. “Agent An, report back to the recycling plant. The datapad used in the murder is from a supplier on Bothawui. I’m going to leave a contingent here in case Fett is still around but I’d like us to go check out this supplier to see if Fett has returned.” Goatm turns around. “On my way.” “Where are you anyway?” ... to be continued
  23. After the successful mission on Endor I got promoted to the Imperial Survey Corps. With my promotion I got the commadership over two regular stormtroopers. Our first mission in the Survey Corps was to find Boba Fett to thank him for capturing the smuggler Han Solo. Our Imperial Dropship Transport dropped us at the outskirts of Worlport, the capital of Ord Mantel, a truly inhospitable place, a planet that is just one big junkyard. We asked all the retainers at the market if they have seen Boba Fett's Slave landing on the planet. A Rodian junkdealer claimed that he has seen Fett in his cousin's spaceport cantina but that was two nights ago, so we have missed him. I gave him some credits for his cooperativeness and then ordered the Dropship to pick us up and bring us back to our shuttle. We are heading back to the ISD Avenger now to wait for further commands. To be continued...