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Found 399 results

  1. Freebuild #1: Distant Stations Freebuild #2: Belly of the Beast It was all going so well. We’d traversed a maze of hallways and turbolifts, following instructions from Tyria who remained on the ship. The admiral’s kid was in his room, his bunkmate left without a fuss once we mentioned ISB business, and he was going to come with us willingly. His exact words were “I didn’t sign on to blow up planets.” And yet, here we are. His bunkmate should have been a red flag. At least one of them should have been on duty, but we got overconfident and let it slip. We were halfway through trading outfits when we heard from Maze in the hallway. Trouble coming. What kind? Officer class. Looks like a captain. Alone so far. So, the bunkmate was a snitch. At least the captain's come alone, no doubt wanting to take credit for “catching” the kid. Even now, at the end, they’re playing politics. See what you can do I’m sorry ma’am, you can’t come in. ISB business. Step aside, or I’ll put you out an airlock. Yes ma’am, right away. Lieutenant Jepson Captain Corso I should have known I’d find you fleeing like a coward. You are all under arrest, for aiding and abetting a deserter. And as for you – What are you staring at? She was on our side- No. She was wearing the same uniform as us. That’s not the same thing. I thought you’d have learned that by now. What’s going on in there?! Stand by, we’re fine. Kirana, head out there, make sure they’re ready for company. Hey boys, I hate to rush you but the Rebel fleet just jumped into system so faster is better. Fierfek. Arjun, help the kid get the rest of that armor on or we’re leaving him here. Get ready, we’re gonna have company. It doesn't take long for Jepson's bunkmate to show up. Where’s Captain Corso? What do I look like, a staffing droid? Sir, until we figure out exactly what’s going on here, I’m going to need your men to lay down their weapons. Alright, alright, take it easy. Jepson ran off, and the captain came looking for him. They both went that way. Troopers, weapons on the ground. Now. What the kriff is - Felth is down! More troopers inbound! Hit the blast door controls! What the hell happened?! I'm seeing a massive security alert in your sector- We've had a problem...
  2. My next job took me to Mimban. Here are five old imperial mining towns, where illegal mining is still active. The target is an Iakaru, who works as a miner here. Most of the miners are addicted intoxicants, so I guess I know where to find him. I'll disguise myself as a miner and than waiting for him in the pub. In this case, the best way to make this done, is using poison. So here he is. Human - Do not touch me, dirty monkey. Twi'lek - Hesuag boba ba bouba. I'ts the perfect time to swap the cups. It's just a matter of time, that the poison kills him.
  3. Commander Beltar

    [SoNE] A day long remembered...

    ///Transmission Received///LOC:ENDOR/// The Death Star is gone. After grueling months of battle for soldiers of both the Alliance and the Empire, the battle is over. The Rebel Alliance are closing in on the dwindling outmanned and outgunned Imperial forces both in space and on the ground. The Empire is left disorganized and in chaos as the chain of command is all but wiped out. 00:00 - Zero Hour Alarms ring aboard the Medical Frigate Consolation. Failsafe orders are beginning to be distributed from the Emperor with his final orders, yet still most aboard cannot even comprehend what happened moments ago. The new Admiral of the freshly christened Consolation stares in disbelief out the bridge of the destroyer. Admiral Horche: Karabast. Move us away from the debris field. Emergency Code 0-33 is now in effect. Status report! NOW! Lt. Roex: The Death Star is gone, a few transports away... The Executor is down... Troops on the moon falling back.... Rebel fleet closing- Wait! Massacre was just caught in the debris field. She's gone. What's left of Imperial upper command is jumping. Rebel fleet closing in... This is bad. Admiral Horche: Get Bludgeon away from the debris field now! Deploy all rescue parties, get those transports in the air! And raise me all wing commanders in our frequencies! Lt. Roex: We have our orders sir, to fall back to rendezvous point S-15. Admiral Horche: To Kessel with it! Other destroyers are staying, and you said yourself command is gone, that is an order. I refuse to leave our men out here. Lt. Roex: Understood, deploying transports... 01:00 It was a trap. The trail was too perfect. The Rebels had, with the help of the natives, set multiple traps throughout the region to draw troops to be captured or killed. The rest of Beltar’s and Marc’s unit were killed. With the destruction above, Beltar and Marc began falling back to the evacuation points, in hopes of catching a transport before it was to late. TK-1702: Beltar, move it! Evac point is just ahead! Beltar: I'm coming.... Watch it Marc! TK-1702: Rebels incoming! Get to the barrier! TK-1702: It's just like Yavin all over again. Beltar: But the Emperor…. Shadow-Trooper: Go soldiers! Beach point is just ahead! Beltar: So this is how the Empire comes undone, think of all the soldiers we know- TK-1702: No time for that kind of talk. We can mourn friends and leaders later. 02:00 Admiral Horche of the Consolation, scrapping up all resources, has ordered as many TIE transports as he can to the surface, but with the rest of the fleet disoriented, there are few commanders and squadrons able to provide air support for the evacuation on the ground. Admiral Horche: Commander, I want you to cover as many transports as you can down there. We are going to try to evacuate as many men as we can from the moon, our scanners show Rebel fighters enroute to evac points. Alyin: Roger that Admiral. We'll take care of the any unfriendliness up here. With all due respect sir, with the fleet in full retreat, they might call you a traitor and a fool for staying. Admiral Horche: I'd rather be a fool or traitor than a coward. Onward commander! Alyin: Aright, this is no time for sorrow or revenge. We need to cover what's left of our soldiers down there. Valkyrie-2: We've got your back commander. Admiral Horche: Be careful out there soldiers. 03:00 On the beach, Commander Kirk who was redeployed on Endor, is now facing immense odds as the Rebels close in, with few options of escape for the soldiers on the ground. Commander Kirk: Captain, report. Officer: Outer defenses in our encampment are crumbling. To the Rebels, it's line shooting womp rats in a barrel. Commander Kirk: Indeed. We've lost so many today... Any word on how many men we can evacuate? Officer: Unknown, the remaining Admirals are diverting as many resources as they can, but the Rebels are pressing hard up there. Commander Kirk: It's going to take a miracle to get us out of this one. === Officer: Put you blasters down grab a ration pack, and await your turn to get on a transport! We are all getting of this moon! Beltar: Like hell we all will. I imagine our fleet is near gone by now... TK-1702: I think a meal will be fine for starters Beltar, afterwards, we'll find a shuttle, get of this mudball. Have some faith, will you? Suddenly, alarms ring, as the sound of an Alliance vessel closes in. Officer: Bombers inbound! TK-1702: This is your cue! Beltar: This is pretty bad for these guys, I think I can- Officer: No, I want you two to find a transport now. Let the Rebel's deal with the injured... Beltar: But- Officer: Go! TK-1702: She's right, there's nothing you can do for these guys without a medbay. Beltar: We can't just leave them- TK-1702: The Rebels will save them, "its what they do". [SoNE] Finale by Commander Beltar, on Flickr d[SoNE] Finale by Commander Beltar, on04:00 Alyin: I got 4 on my scope. 1 friendly 3 hostile. Bomber going after one of ours. I'll take the Leader, 2, 3 have at the fighters. Valkyrie-3: roger. Alyin: Three, you with us? Syd-? Two did you see a shute or ejection? Valkyrie-2: Negative. Negative. Ah, too many loses today. Should we turn back? Save ourselves? Alyin: We have got to push forward. Karabast, Beltar and Marcus. Please be alive. 05:00 Lt. Roex: Admiral, the Rebel Alliance have nearly cut off our jump routes! And-and their sending boarding parities to capture the destroyers and frigates, we are losing ground and cover! We've got to go soon! Admiral Horche: At ease son. I reckon there's at plenty of platoons still on the moon, and we'd be lucky to get a few more. And when we're gone, I doubt the Command will care to deploy again for those boots on the ground. Lt. Roex: I... I understand sir. But with our casualty rates today… We should cut our losses and leave. Admiral Horche: Not just yet... But- prepare escape vectors in case. 06:00 Alyin: another squad coming in mark 3. Valkyrie-2: On it. After this we should head back to the fleet. At this point we may be jumping. Alyin: I've got soldiers I know down there Kye, I’m not leaving them behind. Alyin: Kye! Valkyrie-2: I'm going down! Alyin: Eject! Valkyrie-2: On it! 07:00 Officer: Shadow trooper fortifications on the south western bank have just fell. At this rate we will be overrun in the next few hours. Commander Kirk: Such is the case. I want you on the next transport. Officer: Sir? Commander Kirk: You heard me. You've got some promise kid. I'd rather die with the Empire today than pick up the scraps. You have a future, be a senator, or something. Make a difference. TK-1702: Come-on Marc! We are cleared for this transport! Beltar: Incoming! TK-1702: Aha, air support! Beltar: Those markings- That's Alyin! TK-1702: You two can catch up later. Let's get moving. Beltar: I'll try my old comm frequencies, see if I can reach her- no! TK-1702: She just saved our lives, Beltar. We can't do anything. Beltar: We're not leaving her behind! TK-1702: We are going, now! If we don't go, we'll be captured for sure! === Rebels: Do you see any survivors? Rebel: Negative... Wait. I got movement in the Wreckage! Alyin: Rebel...Scum… Rebel: Freeze! You're coming with us! 07:05 Lt. Roex: Beach flanks have fallen, the Rebels are taking prisoners by mass now. The last transport available is about to make it onboard. Admiral Horche: Good, set coordinates. What about our air support? Lt. Roex: All wing commanders confirmed down, most as losses. Admiral Horche: Align trajectories... By the Emperor. Lt. Roex: So much destruction, so much loss... Jumping momentarily. Admiral Horche: Where do we go from here? === After arriving on the Consolation, Beltar and Marc found themselves following the crowds: to the list of casualties and MIA... TK-1702: Ah don't beat yourself up, there was nothing you could've done. We're lucky to have escaped with our lives, we were in the one of the last transports... Beltar: We lost so many good people today. TK-1702: I'll be at the barracks. Don't worry man, I'm sure the Admiral has a plan. Beltar: They never did train us for a day like this. TK-1702: Beltar look here- Beltar: The entire crew of Massacre, The Executor… TK-1702: Well, looks like we all just got promoted if the Uppers are gone... Beltar: I’m going to get some rest. My blood is boiling for a fight, might as well prepare. TK-1702: See you around, the Empire got a whole lot smaller today. ///Transmission Ended///LOC:UNKNOWN/// This is a bit overdue, since the episode ended months ago. SoNE 1.0 was a ride, and it's odd to see it the 'original' SoNE gone, but 2.0 will definitely be exciting! And I can't wait for it to begin! Anyways this build right? Clearly I was kind of inspired by Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk in the way the story was organized, kind of. I wanted to try to get closer to something like the movie, like more wide shots of beaches with Stormtroopers boarding shuttles, but well, parts. I would've done digital, but this is it for Beltar's story in 1.0, wanted to do something physical. It is not as 'large' of a build as I would have liked, or had planned in my sketches, but this will suffice. Try to take some liberties with the story, the way I format these doesn't allow to much for me describing what is happening around the scene, nor am I very good at describing it anyways, but things are happening! As I was sorting some of my parts (Which I've been saying I've been doing for the last 4 years, I actually made progress this time!), I came across my AT-MP, so that ended up in this build, I even found part of my first SoNE build! Hopefully you enjoyed this picture heavy build, which was more focused on wrapping up Beltar's story than being impressive builds, as a lot of parts got stuck in a cycle of recycling because of limitations, which can be seen in that one big tree that is in practically every one of my Endor builds. If the judges have the time, I would appreciate this build to be judged! If not, no problem. Anyways, with 2.0, we'll see what happens! It's going to be good! Long live the Empire.
  4. MontyPython

    [BH - Talz] Summertime

    Early morning in Ken Roman's base ... "I've got great news for you two! There's summer on Hoth!" "Yeah? And what should this fact mean to us?" "You are going there today. I found a really nice job. A Pantoran called me and offered quite a lot for a Talz. And he needs the body as I was told. He seems to, uhm, collect them. A strange fellow, I must admit, he fought in the Clone wars and it seems that left a mark on him. But nevermind, here are the coordinates. He won't be expecting you so take it easy" Ashton and Sid, the Bass brothers, were born on the Mandalore, a planet infected by milleniums of war. Their father, a pacifist through and through, desired a better future for his two children so he sent them away to live with his friend on Coruscant. He raised the boys to live a nice and calm life. But they genes soon came out. They pursued a career of bounty hunters. Unaware of their heritage they became a deadly duo, known and feared through whole galaxy. Now, for the first time, they are headed to the unpleasant Hoth. Somewhere on the icy planet Hoth ... "Are you sure this is it?" "How many bases do you think there are around here?" "Alright, alright. Let's do it. Give me the wrench and I'll open the door. Then shoot the target and let's get out of here. I'm tired of this cold!" "Wait, he said the client needs the body. How will we carry him to the ship?" "We'll find something, we always do." "He'll probably hear this. So hurry up and shoot him before he escapes" "Suprise!" "Huh, that was easy." "We were lucky too. He has lots of radars I see. He was probably sleeping when we came here" "Looks like we haven't ran out of luck yet. Here's our transport!" "Hurry up, it's even colder here than outside" "Well if you'd helped me it would be a lot easier. Now let's go, I have enough of this planet for quite a while. I'll tell Ken to send me to a warmer destination next time. And perhaps the one where targets aren't so heavy!" To be continued ... ---- The photo of the whole build: EDIT: added some objects and a table and fridge so that our target can drink a sip of water before meeting the bounty hunters.
  5. Somewhere in the Outer Rim Territories ... Ken Roman, heir to a vast fortune of mining industry and an occasional bounty hunter summons his colleagues to discuss on an, as he calls it, important matter ... "Hello lads. It's nice to see that all of you managed to get here despite of your, I imagine, busy schedules. I'll be short. As you know I disbanded our little organization because I tried to start again and live with my new family and do nothing. Well it was a failure and now I'm divorcing my third wife, Penny. Uh, I'm going to tell it as it is: she's going to rip me off heavily. She'll be able to buy whole Ryloth with that money! So since I'm almost broke I was thinking that we could start operating again? I found a lot of nice little jobs - lots of credits, lots of action and lots of fun. Like in the old days!" The squad ofcourse agreed. What else will they do in this chaotic time when empires are falling apart and the whole space just waits for something new and strange to happen? --- I'm planning to make a BH MOC or two before SoNE 2.0 starts so I made this simple freebuild for the start. I'll try to write some backstory for these guys too in the future. Thanks for watching and judge this please, if possible.
  6. After I spent some time relaxing here, on Tatooine, it's time to work. I've found a decent job last week and I collected some information about it: The target is a Rodian named Eaklo Khzecez. He was a racing pilot, he did mostly podracing, but also did speeder bikes races too. He was sponsored by the Hutts, it meant that he had to do what he was told. Towards the end of his career he had to lose more and more times and he was satisfied with this. On his last race, instead of losing he won it. As later it turned out, he betted himself. He grabbed the money and disappeared with it. Since then he's probably traveling around the planet on his speeder, but no one has able to find him already. Until now... Eaklo Khzecez - Haku? (What?) Eaklo Khzecez - Ting cooing koo soo ah. (I've got the credits.) Bohr Gotta - Mala tram pee chock makacheesa. (You should have paid him when you had the chance.) Eaklo Khzecez- Ah'chu apenkee? (Who are you?) Bohr Gotta - Mee jewz ku! (Goodbye!)
  7. My name is Bohr Gotta, my job is travelling through the galaxy taking risky jobs for good price. This could be a smuggling work or hunting down the targets for who they are paying for. Some call us Bounty Hunters, but it's not only about the rewards, it's about the mission. You should study your target and need a lot of information is needed about the situation. I'm currently on Coruscant. I got some details about a commission in this city. The target is a Gungan named Uneew Sqaurs. Many of the Gungans remained from the republic's time here as the puppet of the Empire. These naive creatures serve the imperial bureaucracy and the members of the Naboo Resistance thought, they are traitors. Maybe one of them gave the order. The Empire is forgiving enough about our work and we have a good relationship. Unfortunately this planet is an exception, as it's a capital place, the Imperials have more attention. So for completing the mission, I need to study Uneew's life and find the best solution. I've been following him for weeks, then I find out he goes home the same route every day. There is an alley way, which is fairly isolated and dark. I broke into the house there, which fortunately seems deserted, so it will be the perfect place to do it. I'll be waiting for him here tomorrow... This job is done. I'm tired of this place's overcrowding, so now I want travel to a warmer and less populated planet...
  8. Last mission did not go unnoticed. We were followed. Each our move awaited and met. Each hyperjump tracked. Each hideout ransacked. The team had to split and one had to dig as deep as one could. It was more than a year since my last contact with the Alliance. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Place: Unknown. Year: 4 ABY. Being a scavenger is not easy. But the good news is that noone would ask for your ID. Just find something valuable and bring it to the dealer. This Mobquet M-68 speeder was a piece of art when it was produced. Brought here by some local mobster, probably. He should have paid a fortune for delivery from Corellia. But that was long ago. Before the Empire came here to bring "order". It is a piece of junk now. Even if I find someone interested in it - it'll bee to expensive to fix. The only option now is to look for some valuables inside. If anything is left... -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ... then, the comlink had started to beep. *** Incoming message. *** Wick. Do you copy?... If you are receiving this message - contact us. We have good news. *** End of message. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Previous chapters: Introduction. [SoNE Freebuild] The Story Begins Chapter 1. [SoNE Freebuild] A Fine Delivery Chapter 2. [SoNE Freebuild] Unexpected Arrival Chapter 3. [SoNE Ep. VII] "Before we leave this planet..." Chapter 4. [SoNE Ep. VIII] "This is not the race you are participating in." Chapter 5. [SoNE Ep. IX] Gathering Intel Chapter 6. [SoNE Ep. X] Counter-attack Chapter 7. [SoNE Ep. XI] On their own Chapter 8. [SoNE Ep. XII] Tech support Chapter 9. [SoNE Ep. XIII] Bothawui - Transfer Mission -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Comments:
  9. After the events of Endor, only a couple of the squads could make it out of the moon. We don't know a lot about, what really happened, most of it is highly classified. The overall info, is that the rebels attacked the space station and the shield generator as well. (We've noticed that.) All the available troops were ordered, to return to their original outposts, and need to secure the planets the empire controls. As we arrived back to Takodana, we went back to our everyday work. Our captain said we will maybe get a promotion cause the last mission, but it's will be real after the official announcement. Until that, we will continue serve as patrols and security units. Checkpoint 717 located at one of the main places of the town. This street nowadays is the home of the main market. It's mostly a quiet place but too, so we need to be carefully. Many don't know, but there have been several battles in the past as part of the Galactic Clone Wars. Today we'll patrolling here at the market... BN-0303 - What's all this? Come on, let's see some scandocs. TG-0222 - Watch out! Blaster! BN-0303 - Put it down! BN-0303 - Stop! "We were attacked. One of the suspects is heading to the checkpoint. Stop him!" Security Control - "Copy that BN-0303." Shock Trooper - Freez! Don't move! Shock Trooper - "Sir, we caught both of them." Security Control - "Copy that, bring them in. Is there any loss?" BN-0303 - "Negative Sir, we are fine." TG-0222 - We are fine except my blaster... Please judge.
  10. You find yourself on Nar Eurbrikka, one of the moons orbiting Nal Hutta, and home to some of the scum of the galaxy. Not to say that there aren't nice parts of Nar Eurbrikka, this just isn't one of them. You walk around glancing at the bars and shops when all of a sudden you hear a voice yelling at you... “Hey, you! Yeah you, with the eyeballs! Interested in making some easy credits? I need a bounty hunter and you look like you have the skills I require. All you have to do is take care of a little problem for me, and I’ll pay you handsomely. Take a look at my ‘shopping list’ and come back and see me when you’ve retrieved one of the ‘items.’" Mission List For builders with more than 0 XP: Rodian on Tatooine Geonosian on Ord Mantell For builders with more than 10 XP you have all the previous missions and: Wookiee on Endor Lasat on Lothal Weequay on Geonosia Talz on Hoth For builders with more than 25 XP you have all the previous missions and: Twi’lek on Corellia Mon Calamari on Fondor Zabrak on Felucia Gungan on Coruscant Gamorrean on Nar Eurbrikka For builders with more than 50 XP you have all the previous missions and: Neimoidian on Dantooine Bith on Bothawui Gran on Mon Cal Dug on Corellia Sullustan on Tatooine Tusken on Naboo For builders with more than 100 XP you have all the previous missions and: Kel Dor on Nal Hutta Trandoshan on Kashyyyk Duros on Endor Ewok on Naboo Ithorian on Dantooine Jawa on Lothal For builders with more than 125 XP you have all the previous missions and: Togruta on Felucia Vurk on Geonoisia Cerean on Commenor Mirialan on Kuat Toydarian on Fondor Kyuzo on Ord Mantell Nautolan on Naboo Besalisk on Sullust For builders with more than 150 XP you have all the previous missions and: Hutt on Hapes Umbaran on Endor Clawdite (Skin Changer) on Lothal "I know it can be difficult to get 'items' of this nature through spaceport security, so if your cargo gets detained, just bring me a holoimage. I still need to know it was you who got the item! For example, see that Trandosian? Bossk has been working for me for years. If you want to learn how to do this job, you should learn from his example. For instance, he never asks questions about why someone is on the list. He just does his job and receives the credits. He also doesn't leave any room for questions about whether he's done his job right or not. I always know he's gotten the right 'item.' On the other hand, I had a bounty hunter named Greedo who used to work for me and he had no clue how to do his job well.'" "See this holoimage? It's so blurry I can't even tell if that's Greedo or one of his cousins! And he claims that skeleton was the Sullustan he was supposed to take care of on Tatooine, but how was I to know he was telling the truth?" "And in this holoimage Greedo claimed he was on Endor, but it looks more like he was in one of the parks on Coruscant! He said he had used a flame-thrower on his Duros target, but there wasn't enough left to know if it was a Duros or barbecued Bantha!" "Now Bossk, he knows how to convince a guy! He was picking up a Wookie for me on Kashyyyk. His holoimage of him flying through the Wroshyr trees with that mass of fur hanging off the back of his speeder showed he had gotten the right 'item.'" "And here, even though I can't see the whole body, I know there was only one Gungan crazy enough to be in that back alley on Coruscant so I know he got his guy!" What is this? The Bounty Hunter Missions are a way for SoNE builders to expand their building skills and stories outside of just the normal troopers. With each rank you earn, more missions become available for you to complete. Show your bounty hunter collecting each of the different aliens to unlock a special tag as well as removal of the XP restriction on freebuilds for your normal SoNE character. Rules For these bounty hunter missions you get to create a new character to use as a bounty hunter. The bounty hunter you create can be human or alien regardless of whether you are part of the Rebels or the Empire, but you must use the same bounty hunter for every mission. You can have your current sig-fig help with the mission if you so choose, but you must also have your bounty hunter included. Your bounty hunter does not count towards any number of allowed character(s) for the episodes and freebuilds. While your bounty hunter may show up in any other SoNE builds (episodes or freebuilds), he/she should not be the main protagonist of any of these builds. Each build must show your bounty hunter capturing their target either alive or dead. You can write a backstory explaining why the target needed to be taken out, or you can just build. Each build must show specific details of the planet the target is located on. Information on the planets can be found here or on Wookiepedia. Your posts should be titled with a header following these guidelines [BH alien]. I.E. [BH - Rodian]. Each build has a minimum size limit of 512 square studs (or the equivalent of 16x32 baseplate). That means your build has to equal 512 square studs or larger. Builds with non-square bases that are another size are acceptable as long as it equals 512 total studs. These builds are not meant to be quick, they are meant to show skill. How much XP you’ve earned shows what Bounty Hunter Missions you’ve unlocked. As you gain more XP, more missions open up. As you gain the next level of XP, you still have access to all previous missions. As not everyone has a collection of every Star Wars minifigure, you are not required to use a full alien minifigure in your build. You can use creative methods to show your target without having to reveal that it’s not the official minifigure. Examples, such as those seen above, would be just an arm showing from inside a dumpster or "fur" showing through a net. To make up for the lack of minifigure, you should compensate by putting more detail into the surrounding showing what planet your target is on. The rule of thumb is that if you don't use the official minifigure, make up for it in creativity! If you don't have an Ewok minifigure and just show a pair of legs, make up a story for why your bounty hunter has to track him down on Naboo. The more creative the better! Your bounty hunter builds do not count towards your 4 freebuild limit per episode. There is no limit to how many bounty hunter builds you can enter per episode. Your entry will be judged by at least 3 judges with a pass/fail vote. If it is not up to the standards shown in these rules, you will be asked to try again. If your build does not pass the first time, you must wait until the next episode starts before trying that mission again. Not passing one mission does not prevent you from trying another mission during that episode. Results for the pass/fail will be posted by the SoNE Admin account. If the build fails, an explanation will be given for what needs to improve for it to pass. A special thanks to Bricklink for the use of their images for the Mission List. If you want to grow your Star Wars minifigure collection, trying looking on for a good deal! For each Bounty Hunter Mission you complete, you will earn 5XP. If you complete all the Bounty Hunter Missions, you will unlock this tag: Unlocking this tag will grant you the ability to build freebuilds on any planet without any team-control XP restrictions. You can have this tag in addition to another SoNE tag.
  11. Classification: Medicinal-Class Light Cruiser Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards ============================================================================== Constructed in the last two years, Consolation was constructed as a result of to Rebel forces dealing heavy blows to the Empire's finest after the victory on Hoth. Many top Imperial scientists contributed to the technology equipped on board. Due to being one of the Empire’s more pacifistic cruisers, it has stronger defensive capabilities, being equipped with stronger shields and only few turbo-lasers. However, the cruiser is also equipped with a hanger full of Medical TIE Transports and TIEs for escort. With recent orders, it was sent to the far side of the moon of Endor with the rest of the fleet. During the battle that will ensue, it will remain in the rear of the fleet to provide any medical care that will be necessary following the battle, and to deploy it’s fighters to the battlefield. ============================================================================== After the battle over Coruscant in the Skyhook and in the sewers, Beltar’s commanding officer was shot, and decided to transfer to a desk job after recovery. During the battle, two members of the squad were shot and killed by Black Sun mercenaries. The result most of Beltar’s squad being killed or transferred, Beltar fell under non-essential units to be deployed on a Star Destroyer, and thus was transferred to the Consolation as a medical staff member to be deployed on the ground as reinforcements. Valkyrie Squadron, headed by Alyin, was assigned to the Consolation temporarily, and will take part in the assault on the Rebel’s cruisers after the trap springs. ============================================================================== Imperial Control: Valkyrie squad you are cleared for boarding. Alyin: Roger that command. Drop off your last patient transport and let’s get going. Imperial Control: Preparations for Endor are already under way. Imperial Command: Fighters locked down- Entering hyperspace shortly. ============================================================================== Well, so I missed an episode sadly, but at least the Empire carried out a victory! Anyways, I’ve been insanely busy recently, stressed, etc. etc. So I didn’t really have time to build, and I will admit I went through a mini Lego withdraw over the last couple months and barely touched them. Seeing a new SoNE episode as well as the release of SWBFII got me back into it I guess! So this Light Cruiser, I made because the last episode was focused on ships, and I guess this would have been a possible entry I would have made. I also needed to somehow justify how Beltar will start in this episode, so that’s another reason. Also yes, the hangar actually is in the bottom of the cruiser, it's just I couldn't get it to render it with light even when I took it out, so I had to remove some walls to make light enter. Comments and criticism welcome! ~Beltar Oh, almost forgot: please judge this freebuild!
  12. Commander Beltar

    [SoNE Ep 17.2] Surface Skirmish

    While the ground forces of both the Empire and Rebellion compete to reach the shield generator in a last ditch effort to salvage the station after losing contact with the forces already deployed. Above the planet is another story, with the Rebellion moving closer to the Imperial Fleet for ship-to-ship combat to attempt to avoid the Death Star’s superlaser, most forces have been diverted to that location. However, several Rebel squadrons have broken off from the main battle and have been targeting construction zones on the far side of the Death Star, where the Consolation is resting for the aftermath of the assault while being guarded by Star Destroyers Bludgeon and Massacre, the escorts. Alyin’s squadron, fresh off the Consolation have just started their counterattack on the Rebels that have been taking advantage of construction areas weak, unactuated defenses. The Three freshly deployed TIEs catch on the comms: Imperial Overseer: If anyone’s listening: South construction Ridge 19 is under attack! Rebellion bombers and fighters are- *proton torpedo explosions* Alyin: Ridge 19, do you copy, over? We are en-route to provide air support. Imperial Officer: We read you Valkyrie One, the Rebellion Y-Wing Bombers just took out half of our construction forces, and the crane appears to be undamaged though. Wait- they’re coming for us next! Alyin: Not to worry sir, we have just arrived on scene. We’ll take care of this, get the construction crews off the surface now! Imperial Officer: Alarms are raised, but the crews in the walkers won’t be able to get out soon- Karabast, more light fighters in-bound! X-Wings! Alyin: Just- do your best to evac everyone. And we’ll do our best up here. 2 and 3, form up, let’s take care of these rebel scum. After this skirmish, Alyin’s squadron moved onward to the main battle, where chaos was erupting. ==== More Pics: ==== First off, before I forget: Please judge this freebuild! As I am slowly waiting for this episode to unfold, I almost forgot what else was happening during the Battle of Endor, the space portion! I think I may try to do a build attempting to showcase the chaos of what is happening in the main battlefield, but that would be a lot of posing fighters and such... And after the Skyhook... That was a huge pain… So maybe I will, maybe I won’t. Or maybe try to capture a sliver, like when the Executor goes down. After all I have some plans for some builds after someone reaches the shield generator… I have also learned now the upper limits of my rendering. At first there was probably like 20 more baseplates surrounding this build for more surface, which brought the parts count to like 60,000 ish parts, and well, my computer crashed a lot and didn’t render it at all. And so I deleted a lot of that surface and brought it to around 29,000 parts. I can’t wait to see how this episode will end, and what SoNE 2.0 will bring as well! Anyways, C & C welcome! ~Beltar
  13. Location: Coruscant This takes place immediately following my Episode XVI entry. Part of this build was featured in my episode entry, so this is probably only eligible for partial xp... So … the rumors were true. Apparently. This holoimage came to me this morning, from one of my deep cover agents within the rebellion. How long have the rebels had it? Not long, as far as we can tell. How long until they attack? Days; maybe less. You’ll be shipping out after this briefing. So … our target is the rebel command ship? Not quite… No, of course not. With Grace, things are never that simple. This is the same Ops Room that Grace and I met in a month ago, when I first came to Coruscant. I’d come directly from Saleucami, with Tyria, two of Grace’s men and her droid. Then: A naval trooper offered to show Tyria to her quarters, but 2B said he’d been ordered to take me directly to the Ops Room. Courtesy requires me to warn you: if you attempt to draw any weapons in the presence of my mistress, I shall disarm you. In a very literal and permanent sense. Sergeant Kirana reporting for duty, ma’am. Sergeant Kirana, come in. We’re nearly finished. I follow 2B into the room as everyone turns back to their monitors. I’m a little thrown off balance. The last time I saw Grace in person she was coming off an extended deep cover op, posing as a civilian. She looked harmless – well, right up to the point where she stepped out of cover and killed a rebel gunner. Still, in my mind, I’d been picturing her as an innocuous older woman, not the no-nonsense ISB officer currently commanding the room. It looks like they’re running a joint operation with the Navy – a rare thing these days, when it seems like each branch of the military is out for itself, fighting to secure funding and territory against their rivals. The naval officer outranks her, but it’s obvious that Grace is in charge. Everyone knows it – except for the naval man - which is no doubt why he’s here. They wrap things up about 10 minutes later, and everyone slowly files out of the room, leaving only Grace and I. Tank Bait The Damsel in Distress. You look terrible. Yeah, well … it’s been a rough couple of weeks. Get used to it; it’s going to get worse before it gets better. I do have some good news – you’re not on any official ISB hit list. So … the Imp Cruiser that tried to shoot us down over Commenor? Gunning for Agent An, but once they saw you there, I think they decided to try and tie up loose ends. I got away, though. Am I still a loose end that needs tying? Negative. Turns out, the ISB Colonel who set you on Agent An’s trail was acting on his own. I’m not sure why he wanted Agent An dead, but he frakked up. He either didn’t realize, or didn’t care, that the Royal Guard was also looking for Goatm. They didn’t want him dead, though. They had other plans for him, poor bastard. Ok, so the mission against Agent An is a no-go. Won't the Colonel still come after me? He’s dead, Kirana. Along with his family, and most of his staff. The Royal Guard does not screw around. Ah. Roger that. So … what now? Now, you work for me. Work turned out to be more varied than I’d expected. A few big, joint ops like the battle at Xizor’s palace, and plenty of the kind of ‘deniable’ jobs that I’d gotten used to with my old SpecOps squad. But, we also spent a surprising amount of time doing what seemed like public relations work. Bringing medical supplies to an outer rim colony, evacuating refugees in the path of a planetary storm; we even trained a local security force that was having trouble with raiders. I don’t know if the ‘hearts and minds’ jobs came from up the command chain, or if they were Grace’s own initiative, but one thing was clear: she was playing a long game. Which brings us back to today. Now: This is Lieutenant Thrace Jepson, currently assigned to DS2 as a Weapons Officer. He needs a ride off the station, and you’re it. Um - we’re sort of overkill for a taxi mission, yeah? His father’s an admiral. Loyal to the Empire, but worried that the battle station is going to become an unsafe work environment for his only son. Probably soon. Can’t his buir get him transferred off? And look like he betting on a rebel victory? Not a good career move. But getting an admiral in your debt would be a great career move for you. I like it. I don’t know, ma’am. Sneaking onto the battle station and helping an officer go AWOL seems like… … treason? Oh, that’s rich Kirana, especially coming from you. What’s that supposed to mean? Last month, when you thought ISB forces were trying to kill you, what did you do? Did you turn yourself in, trusting in Imperial justice? No, you called me to come save your shebs, and I had to call in more favors than I like to do it. Why do you think those people owed me favors? You think they get assigned randomly each month? This is how the game is played, Kirana. There are no heroes here. No villains. It’s all shades of gray, and everybody’s doing what they can to take care of their own people. Get your kit sorted – the shuttle lifts off in 20. You'll get the details en route, but we're up against the clock. The rebels are coming.
  14. Hello there! As I sat the last episode out, I still have to update my story progress to catch up with the events for the new episode, so I'll make way for that now with the release of this new freebuild and the latest part in my ongoing story about Cody Startale. If you like my comic-style narrative, feel free to plow through my previously released chapters for a sense of continuity: Episode 0 – The Introduction Episode XII – Den Of The Dragon XII-I – Sowing The Seed Episode XIII – Quantum Of Sunrise XIII-I - Quite A Mercenary Episode XIV - Day Of The Spectacle Part XIV-I – Welcome To The Rebellion Episode XV – Top Of The Class The last time we saw our protagonists, they were entangled in the ferocious sky battle over Coruscant and Prince Xizor's demise seemed mere minutes away... Please judge, and C&C is always very welcome. You will probably see that with this episode, even more focus than usual was on photography and storytelling, so let me know how that worked out.
  15. After one of our squads found the SG Switch and shout it down, the way to the Generator has come free. Finally we have reached the border of the base, where the force field has already been turned off. Shock Trooper - It looks like there is no friendly or enemy activity. We should find out what's going on. BN-0303 -Sir, maybe I can get some information from that console. BN-0303 -Sir, I found a bunch of classified infos, which we do not have access to. But there are some accessible ones: The the base was evacuated and all remaining units were ordered to leave the moon. Shock Trooper - In that case we need to found the way out here. BG-0329 - I think, That might help us: Switches clicking, generators starting, computers beeping. Pre-departure checks Please judge.
  16. This takes place immediately following my last freebuild. Incoming assault shuttle, we have you on our scopes, please identify. This is assault shuttle Mynock requesting a docking bay. Transmitting clearance code now. Assault Shuttle Mynock, you do not appear on our list of approved arrivals. We’re going to need to divert you to the Avenger for inspection. Negative. I need you to check that ISB prefix on our clearance code, and then consult your list of ships on top secret missions. Mynock, I don’t have a list of ships on top secr- … ah. Mynock, stand by. In a healthy organization it wouldn’t have worked, but the ISB’s been running unchecked for a long time now. Mynock, switch to heading point seven one five and proceed to docking bay two two eight. Acknowledged. Mynock, out. I've got a bad feeling about this. Very excited to share this build - I'm really happy with how it turned out. Full sized pics on my flickr. See below for an in-depth discussion of WIP, planning and behind the scenes shots.
  17. "This is Commander Ulric, we have broken through the rebel line." "Very good commander. My team will meet you 3 klicks from your position. Keep pushing forward." "Copy that. The rebels will have no idea whats waiting for them. They're finished." "Affirmative commander. This war ends today."
  18. Movements: Towards U-25 the fastest way possible After weeks of walking in the mud, it was bound things would go wrong. TK-9873 was supposed to be keeping watch one night, when the squad woke up there he was gone, and a day later they found his armor with an arrow in it. TK-1702’s paranoia dialed down a notch, however he still fears they are being hunted. Meanwhile, Acting-Colonel Faist’s wounds have mostly healed from his encounter with the rebels. Now, after receiving word from High Command the Rebels had found the switch, the hunt was on again, by triangulating the position of various known rebel encampments, the soldiers of the Empire have an idea where they are headed now. It seems the squad has picked up the scent: Beltar: Look what we found, fresh. This couldn’t have happened to long ago. TK-1702: What a wonderful smell you’ve discovered. Is it possible we could be walking into a trap? This seems set up too perfectly... Beltar: Perhaps... TK-1702: Colonel? Acting Colonel Faist: We are aware of rebel movements in these parts... I say we approach the next part of this trek with caution. Thoughts men? Keep walking in some direction or take this opportunity? TK-1702: I recommend we follow this trail as far as we can, perhaps we can catch a squad off guard, or perhaps find the master switch. Beltar: Well, we are on quite a deadline sir, so I agree, we need any sort of lead that can put is in a viable direction. Acting Colonel Faist: Very well, let’s not keep the boys at the shield generator waiting then, onward! Beltar thought as they moved out, how much longer on this mud ball would they have to endure? The battle in space was clearly taking a toll, he wondered how Alyin was fairing up there in that pit of death. The real surprise came when Beltar learned what the Emperor’s ‘special show’ was: the Death Star was operational already. Hopefully, with a little luck, the Empire would come out on top, and this war would be over. === Surprise: I’m building still! I’ve been very busy recently, just wanted to pop back in this week since I fear this episode is drawing to a conclusion and I will be extremely busy again the next few weeks so I wouldn’t be able to participate. Story was a bit rushed and not thought out too well, I had a rough idea, but then the build didn't let it come to fruition. Anyways, comments and criticism welcome! ~Beltar
  19. We want to move down. We still haven't found the switch to shot down the force field, so all squads are searching for it on different areas. Incoming Orders: To all squad leaders. The enemy found the security switch. All troops move on to south immediately! Shock Trooper - Squad! The rebels found it and possible they have already turned off the force field. We need to hurry, they can reach the generator any time.
  20. We want to move right to collect the bonus on G13 and than on D19. Our squad have find and followed a path trough pains, to cut off the road. We need to be careful, because these paths are used the native ewoks and if we meet them they could pull back us... BN-0303 - Sir, it looks like it's some kind of a raft made by the natives. Shock Trooper - Probably we could use it to crossing the Lake.
  21. We want to move right to collect the bonus on R22 and go back to Q19. Previous: We don't have much information about the status about the rebels, but our intelligencerepurted that they're near to reach the shield generator. So we're trying to move faster. Our team just reached an unexpected obstacle... TG-0222 - Sir, It looks like our intel was inaccurate. This mountain should be further. Shock Trooper - Yes, it should, but we could find a safe path to move cross. BN-0303 - Sir, I just received an incoming message: All the troops have to turn back and move back to the Generator on the easiest way. Shock Trooper - In that case, let's see the map.
  22. Personnel Files: Previously, Currently, on the Forest Moon of Endor... Skrogging mountainside! No shade and no cover! There's a lone tree up ahead. We could take a breather there. Alright, Razer Losers, you heard "Fiend"! Let's take five under that tree! Comments and criticisms are all welcome!
  23. Movement: We would like to move toward the bonus on R-22. For our first move, we'll move through two revealed squares to end up on R20. For our second move, I'm not sure if we can get to R22, since R21 is already revealed. If not, we'll end on R21. Pfilbee Jhorn, oh Pfilbee Jhorn, you came, you saw, you failed to warn! If I live through this tour, I’ll find you someday, you’d best watch your back when the drums start to play! -The Ballad of Pfilbee Jhorn, written by an unknown Scout Trooper stationed on Endor, 4 ABY We live off the land as much as possible, but there are some things that can't be gleaned or grown. When the time comes, every week or two, we load up the "bantha" with fruits and greens to trade, and make the trek to Firebase Pfilbee. The troopers there are happy to trade extra fuel and supplies for anything that makes the Imp Standard Rations more palatable. We also exchange news, and revel in the feeling of safety that comes from being surrounded by duracrete walls and fixed E-webs. The visits always seem to end too soon, but we know not to linger. It's unwise to be out in the open after dark. ------------------------------ Overall build: Base Details: The "Bantha" :
  24. We want to move right and up to collect the bonus on P14. Ep1 Ep2 Ep3 Ep4 Ep5 Ep6 Ep7 As the search any switch to shut down the forcefield lasts for a long time, the movements of our troops getting less week by week. Our squad, as others are getting tired and can't move forward as much as required. We are passing through forests and plains for weeks with, but it's racing with time and the enemy.
  25. Movement all to the right We just delivered Luke to the main base, and were heading to the shield generator and decided it was getting late to we set up a small camp. I woke up a little early so I went to check out if there was anyone or anything else near. Snip I first thought they were they were other Stormtroopers, but then I realized it was my brother and girlfriend in disguise. "I thought you died on Alderaann? how did you two survive? (Female Rebel) "We heard Leia's ship was destroyed so we went to investigate it,on are way back we heard it blew up so we joined the Rebels" (Male Rebel) "how did you stay with the Empire thinking they killed us? "When I lost you I still had friends in the Empire, they were the only family I had left" (Female Rebel) "What happened to them?" "One died taking a ship called Saber, and the other died on a beach a few days ago" (Female Rebel) "Oh, I'm sorry Charlie" "Where did you get those outfits from?" (Male Rebel) "Nowhere.." Looks around, sees two crashed speeder bikes, two dead biker scout helmets, and a Officer hanging from a tree. "Right..." Suddenly I hear the other troops in my squad coming (Female Rebel,) "Come on Charlie! We have to go!" "I can't, shoot me in the leg and run!" As the troopers walk in they look around (other troop) "What happened?" (me) "I woke up to shots, so I came here, by the time I arrived the others were dead, they shot me then left right before you came" (me) "speaking of that, why did you come?" (other troop) "This trooper right here(points to a man on his right) was searching the forest when he heard two rebels, one unidentified commander and private Johnson, are bring detonators to a small force to destroy our Hellfire turret. What should we do?" (me) We set a trap that's what we do! All troops prepare to move out! Now! My camera died!After I got up half of them, I hope judges dont mind but in 20ish minutes my build will be posted. But most photos are up. I spent for ever changing the text to words and they change back, and now I cant find a charger! Just Judge it.