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Found 18 results

  1. Felucia can be a most perilous place! It's been years since my last post! I'd been considering posting again and this contest and all the entries inspired me to make the jump. Felucia is a remarkable aesthetic and very inviting for unusual parts usage. I had blast building this scene and hope you enjoy.
  2. One of the finest wines along the Permilian Trade route comes from one of the most eclectic towns the galaxy has produced. It was a town of unlikely chance, born of honor, rebellion, and love. The sudden end of the Clone Wars brought many by surprise, particularly those fighting on its front lines. Following the execution of Count Dooku and Order 66, Separatist forces across the galaxy were in disarray. Then, the droids shut down; their one way to distance themselves from the violence, and preserve their own humanity, gone. Nemoidian commanders on Felucia were caught in mid-air when their droid staff suddenly crumpled. With their shuttle spinning out of control, their commander personally brought the ship down in a small valley, burying the nose in the mossy dirt. He had thought quickly, with his droids shutting down there would be no escape into orbit and no holdout strong enough to stop the clones. They scuttled their shuttle, sharpened their spears, and waited. Nothing happened. The new Empire overlooked their crash site. Other Separatist officers and ships were called into the valley. All kinds of shuttles and warships were downed strategically in the choke points of valley and the Nemoidian officers dug into the rock. They would holdout and wait for whatever sacrifice their duty demanded. Still nothing happened so they began to farm. When they needed supplies they traded. When they had a surplus they invested. When they found their true calling, they cultivated. It was the finest wine ever known to Felucia, wrought from years of meticulously nurtured vines, strict fermentation standards, and the artistry of an ancient culture. Today the town is still small but the people are secure and their larva pools, started early on when the Nemoidians were unsure if their species even survived the war outside, now gives them the permanence to strike out from their wasteland holdout on Felucia to a new prominence in the galaxy.
  3. *Your entry has earned 15XP* Year 8 ABY. Personal, subterranean quarters of elected Captain Mor Tuuk, former first mate to the Founder. ...125 days after the scuttling of Separatist ships on Felucia, year 19 BBY. There had always been division between the naval and special forces detachments. As the Founder led rock-works to burrow into the valley walls, the Black Brigade readied armaments and spent most of their time with drills and guard duty. When no onslaught of clones came over the hills, they refused to give up their bellicose duties to start crops or raise homes. As soon a naval crews had cleared a path out of the valley, the marine contingent set out to find laborers and sources of food. What they found were Felucians. The Black Brigade pillaged the Felucian farmers and brought back their young as slaves carrying whatever supplies looked most valuable. The Founder would have none of this. He stood firm and held the commandant in disgrace. Some of the warriors moved to fight, but the commandant gave no order. Finally, the Founder unshackled the Felucians as the warriors watched in horror and shame. That pass through the rocks became infamous for the division it caused between the Nemoidian warrior elites and the founders of the scuttled town. The rock beneath that very spot was eventually reserved as the official quarters of the town Captain, so he could always stand at the pass defending honor agains tyranny. Every day, in what is now his own quarters, Mor Tuuk is reminded of his Captain's stance long ago... ...and the growth of their town that refused to rule through violence, but instead through service to their fellow man.
  4. marathon_productions

    Felucia: The Heart Of Darkness MOC

    Hey there everyone, hope you're having a nice summer. Hope you enjoy this new MOC. based on the Star Wars Battlefront II story mode.
  5. Hey guys, I'm making a petition for Lego to create these sets, and I need your help! Below, list some of your own, and I might add them to the petition. State your name and why you'd like these sets made, and others you might like.These sets probably won't be made if we don't get enough people to petition it, but a Star Wars minifig series would be an awesome way to get figures that haven't even been made yet. Below, are a list of figures that haven't been made yet, or should just still be in the packs, as well. Leave down your favorites below! Ph. 2 Commander Cody Magna Guard Newer Clone Wars version of Anakin Newer Clone Wars version of Obi Wan Newer Clone Wars version of Ahsoka Hando Ohnaka Gregor Commander Wolffe Ph. 2 Commander Fox Mace Windu Bo-Katan Shaak Ti Obi Wan- Mandalorian disguise Mas Amedda These sets would also include new blaster, and weapons! Felucia battle​ pack- Commander Bly, 3 star corps troopers. (Can be a mic of maybe scouts, regular troopers or airborne, so we could get a good mix) Order 66- Includes three 501st troopers, and 1 Jedi. (Minor details might include an emperor palpatine hologram, and maybe some coruscant looking environmental details.) A new utapau set with greivous and obi wan that includes the Varactyl and maybe Commander Cody. The High Council Jedi Conference room- Obi-Wan, Yoda, Mace Windu, Aayla Secura, Kit Fisto and Agen Kolar along with chairs, and holographic images of each of them. Seige on Mygeto- Ki- Adi- Mundi, Galactic marine, Commander Bacara, 2x Super Battle Droids. This set will include an tri-droid along with a Spider Droid and a speeder.
  6. Below is BEAVeR and I's consolidated stories and builds from SoNE: Episode VI. We hope that you enjoy the contrasting story arcs of our characters and how two vastly different Imperial officers interact on their missions. 1.1 - When did the killer become the hero? Officer VeR is glad that he is finally on a peaceful mission, but he has his questions about it. Landing a craft on Mon Calamari, the troopers in the back start talking about how awesome Boba Fett is, and that he can do everything. He doesn't mind that they adore him as long as that prevents worse, but he wonders... why is that murderer celebrated like a hero? Because he can do anything? And what does that make Officer VeR? [soNE Ep. VI] 1 - When did the killer become the hero? by Bert.VR, on Flickr 1.2 - Something smells fishy While between missions, Agent Goatm An joins Officer VeR in his mission to find Boba Fett. The two pilots drop chatty troopers off at various floating cities before following one up on one of Goatm’s local contacts located on a shipyard orbiting the planet. The officers receive a far too formal welcome, leading Goatm to wonder what the Calamari are really up to. [soNE VI] Mon Calamari - 2 by goatman461, on Flickr2 - Worse than war The bounty hunter is said to frequent a certain mining company on Fondor and Officer VeR plans to interrogate the boss of the facility. The mining boss reveals that he gives missions to the bounty hunter. Certain competitors have to be eliminated to terrorize the people in the name of the Rebels. And that terror is good for business, so war should be maintained as long as possible. Officer VeR finds this horrible, and calls that terror worse than war. And he questions the role of the bounty hunter in this. He's not just a blaster someone else fires. By offering such a possibility, he encourages others to commit these crimes. This is atrocious to Officer VeR. [soNE Ep. VI] 2 - Worse than war by Bert.VR, on Flickr 2.2 - Worse than war (part 2) While Officer VeR is checking out a mining company, Goatm seeks out local union workers that Fett would have likely used for repairs. After starting, and finishing, a street fight with a group of them, Goatm starts to interrogate the workers. However, Officer VeR calls Goatm back to the shuttle and Goatm leaves the workers bleeding on the wet, busy street. [soNE Ep VI] Fondor 2 by goatman461, on Flickr3.1 - Just another horror The last assignment Boba Fett received on Fondor, was to eliminate a competitor on Ord Mantell. In a recycling facility, officer VeR and Agent An discover that the target died in a trash compactor, along with his family. A datapad left behind indicates that Rebels were responsible, so that there's nothing left to be done, and people are left without hope. Officer VeR is utterly disgusted by this. Not only the atrocious murder, but that it took hope from the people. Instead, they just accepted it, as something normal, as just another horror of the war. He realizes that this cannot happen, that people need to wake up. But how? [soNE Ep. VI] 3 - Just another horror by Bert.VR, on Flickr 3.2 - Just another horror (part 2) Officer VeR is visibly distraught by the murder of recycling center owner and Goatm decides to interrogate the remaining worker elsewhere. As they walk back to the janitor’s home and shop they discuss life on Ord Mantell and the implications of this attack. The janitor gives Goatm directions to a local Hutt arms dealer where Goatm is hopeful to get a lead on Fett. Goatm is interrupted again by Officer VeR before getting to the dealer and the two officers head to Bothawui. [soNE VI] Ord Mantell - 3 by goatman461, on Flickr4.1 - Ruins among ruins The datapad from Ord Mantell still contained some information, and Agent An and Officer VeR reach a ruined temple on Bothawui. The former descends into a hatch leading to what might be a Rebel base, while the latter stands guard. When two Bothans happen on the place, the only thing he can do is to hide and contact his colleague. Then the horror becomes apparent to him, but luckily the Bothans value their lives and leave the place. Now that he knows the Rebels are after the bounty hunter as well, officer VeR sees what the real objective of their mission is. Not to find the Boba Fett, but to find the Rebels that are after him. But it puzzles him why this should be hidden. His ideas about the Empire become ruins among the ruins. He despises that kind of hidden warfare, and decides that something has to be done about that. [soNE Ep. VI] 4 - Ruins among ruins by Bert.VR, on Flickr 4.2 - Ruins on top of ruins (part 2) When they discover the Rebel hideout, Goatm eagerly descends into the unknown below. The reluctant Officer VeR stays behind to guard the escape route. Goatm quickly finds and dispatches a hapless Rebel scout and continues further below. Further below, he finds a large weapons depot, an arms dealer in the middle of a procedure, and a mysterious hatch emanating the sounds of alarm and ambush below. After arguing with Officer VeR, Goatm throws open the hatch and generously fills the room with blaster fire. Once the smoke clears and the room is quite, Goatm grabs the arms dealer who will lead them to their next lead on Felucia. [soNE Ep VI] Bothawui by goatman461, on Flickr 5.1 - Felucia (part 1) On the way to Felucia, Goatm discovers that imperial troops are scanning Felucian sarlacc pits in search of Boba Fett. To hide his favorite dump site, Goatm mounts a speeder and departs from the shuttle as soon as Officer VeR hits the planet’s damp atmosphere. Just in time, Goatm turns a squad away from the pit and races back to VeR’s landing coordinates to lead a squad in the wrong direction. VeR is up to something, but Goatm knows that whatever it is, Goatm will gain some leverage if VeR ever discovers Goatm’s own deviations. [soNE Ep VI] Felucia 1 by goatman461, on Flickr5.2 - Delivery, deliverance The two found themselves on Felucia after a tip from the arms dealer. The datapad, however, revealed a more exact location to officer VeR. But after all he has been through, he can't allow Boba Fett to get a thank you message for his cruelties. Instead, VeR sends Agent An and the troopers in the wrong direction, while he will try to deliver his very own 'thank you' message to the bounty hunter, in the hope that that delivery might bring deliverance. [soNE Ep. VI] 5 - Delivery, deliverance by Bert.VR, on Flickr
  7. For reasons that are utterly beyond me, we've been pulled off the front lines and tasked with delivering a message to some bounty hunter. Command wasn't sure how much of a head start the bounty hunter had, so we decided to visit the third planet on his flight plan. So far, nothing on the scanner. Ah well, I guess this is better than getting shot at... ...although I do prefer a place where the plants seem less interested in my passing. We'll poke around a little longer here and then, assuming we don't get eaten by a flower, move on to a different planet.
  8. We’re approaching the surface of yet another planet. But this time, it’s going to be different. I’m not here to discover more atrocities. I’m here to end them. Let Felucia be the planet of life once again. The arms dealer told us we might find him here. But he is not my only source. That datapad, once used to disguise the bounty hunter’s actions, might serve to uncover him. It contained more information than I thought. The bounty hunter must have thought that as well, otherwise he would never have left it behind. The Rebel he took it from must have been very close to finding him. So close that Fett found him first. And the Rebel left all he knew on his datapad. He had a list of locations. One of them on Felucia. That knowledge is now mine to use. And I intend to use my inheritance well. I put the landing craft down near the location. Now is the time. “According to my information, the hideout of the bounty hunter is two hours north from here. I’ll stay with the ship. We don’t want to get stuck on this planet.” Nobody questions me. Agent An and the fantroopers of the bounty hunter depart, eager to meet and thank their idol. [soNE Ep. VI] 5 - Delivery, deliverance by Bert.VR, on Flickr But I don’t want them to. Boba Fett doesn’t deserve that kind of thank you. How could someone possible thank him for his work. For his work, his atrocities, all the horrors I’ve been through to find him. All the bad examples he gives. All the low things he inspires and propagates. How can this monster possibly be received like a hero? [soNE Ep. VI] 5 - Two ways by Bert.VR, on Flickr The troopers are out of sight. I leave the ship, and I start walking south, to where the datapad says I can find that bounty hunter. I’m going to bring him another message, another kind of thank you. I’m going to show him who he really is, what he really does. It’s about time I finally do something with all of those thoughts I had. No more hiding inside myself. I’m going to step to him and use the most effective weapon of all. A weapon that can destroy people. A weapon that shatters them. A weapon that can give them new life. A mirror. I pay no attention to the flora around me. I don’t care if it tries to kill me or tries to make me alive. I don’t care what my colleagues are doing. I wouldn’t care if they fell into a Sarlacc pit. I only feel determination. No turning back. But what if he isn’t there? What if he shoots me? What if… I don’t have the courage? Then that will not be the end of my mission. It will continue. I’ll track him down and deliver my message. I will evade his shots and prevail. I will deliver myself from my eternal passiveness. Because this can’t go on. Because everything can’t be in vain. Because these words… are true. To Boba Fett, bounty hunter Thank you. Thank you for showing that a killer can never become a hero. Thank you for teaching me that there are things, supported by you, worse than war. Thank you for waking me up that your deeds cannot be just another horror. Thank you for causing these ruins among ruins of war. For all of that was horrendous enough, not to scare me. It was atrocious enough to wake me up. It gave me a purpose. A purpose to end what you do. A motivation, that there are such horrors out here, that thinking about them is not enough. A meaning to this mission, that this delivery might bring deliverance. And a question. They say you can do everything, but can you look in a mirror? __________________ As usual, LDD file available here. I found Felucia the hardest planet to build on in this entire episode. Maybe because it came last, but the fact that it is really hard to do a lot of flexing in LDD (I hope overhang is still acceptable), and the fact that I couldn't use tons of transparent pieces without finishing my renders in a week or two, really didn't make things easier. It was also tricky to do something 'new' on this planet. So I just stayed with the over vegetated surface of the planet, with tons of weird plants. I had to be creative with parts, and I restricted myself further to not using parts that are intended to be used as vegetation. So hats, wigs, beards, animals and other oddities it is! I hope you enjoy spotting all kinds of far fetched parts usages in this creations. As I said, I found it hard to do something different, content wise. Therefor, I decided to make an original presentation. I hope you like the contrast between the greyscale and the colors, as it was hard to get it right. You have to have some kind of continuum in the vegetation, but not all of the parts are available both in color as in shades of grey. But I did my best, and I hope you like how it turned out. My goal was to make the story more visual, even on a symbolic level, and I hope that works. So that was it for this episode. I hope you enjoyed following the entire story, as we had a lot of fun writing it. Thanks again goatman461 for all of the feedback and the great ideas! I hope this can continue. Anyway, if you lost track of the rather big story, I don't blame you, and here is a little overview to help you out: Part 1 - When did the killer become the hero?by BEAVeR Part 2 - Something smells fishy by goatman461 Part 3 - Worse than war I by BEAVeR Part 4 - Worse than war II by goatman461 Part 5 - Just another horror I by BEAVeR Part 6 - Just another horror II by goatman461 Part 7 - Ruins among ruins by BEAVeR Part 8 - Ruins on top of ruins by goatman461 Part 9 - Delivery, deliverance by BEAVeR Part 10 - Felucia by goatman461
  9. Jacob Nion

    [SoNE Ep. VI] Felucia

    Ord Mantell Mon Calamari Nothing special to say here. Sorry for the blurry pics.
  10. After our unsuccessfull search for Boba Fett on Ord Mantell we got the order to continue our search on Felucia. The day we arrived there I thought this was the most beautiful place in the universe far and wide only psychedelic plants most of us have never see before. But after three days of planless searching in the endless and humid jungle of Felucia with all it's alien plants and all kinds of giant alien mushrooms we found nothing but a long time deserted Republic outpost. A relict of the days of the Clone Wars taken back by mother nature. After another quite unsuccessfull search for the Mandalorian bounty hunter Boba Fett we left Felucia and headed back to the ISD Avenger. To be continued...
  11. And now for something completly diffrent ... Part III: Searching on Felucia Indeed, Boba Fett wasn't on Ord Mantell, so Monty, our brave hero went searching on very strange, yet beautiful planet - Felucia. Felucia is planet full of diffrent unusual plants, usually in strange colours, which you wouldn't expect to see in jungles. Many of them are very beautiful, but there're also some very dangerous and big, some of them even that big, that can eat a whole Wookiee. But there aren't just dangerous plants, but dangerous beasts like Rancor, too. But Monty and Rog didn't travel half of universe just to deal with botany, they came to find that old scoundrel, Boba Fett. -Monty, pal, I think Boba isn't here. Since we're driving here for hours and ... -... Since Felucia is also known for Rancors..., I know, Rog. We're leaving this botanical garden at once. To be continued ...
  12. My first mission with my new unit and we ended up on the strangest planet, with plants like nothing I had ever seen. We had been walking for hours and I was struggling to keep up with the rest of the team. The look that the sergeant gave me whenever I lagged behind made me think he would rather leave me behind to be consumed by one of the giant fungii. Thankfully the vegetation seemed to get a little less wild as we reached the co-ordinates we were heading for. My orders were clear; stay out of sight behind the large tree and don't do anything else unless told to... The rest of the team took up positions around a small cave, where the bothan intelligence had said a lone figure dressed in Mandalorian armour had been seen coming and going. Catching a glimpse of his helmet they charged in hoping to catch him off gaurd. Sergeant Diggs seemed even less happy than usual when the team realised that what they had seen was just an empty helmet on a pole, left to scare away any unwanted visitors. It turns out it didn't even have belonged to the character we were looking for, Bobber something I think the Sargeant called him. It did it's job though as we were ordered away in case the place was booby trapped. As the others muttered about Bothan intelligence I was just glad that we would soon be leaving this strange place.... Overview of the MOC: Note: pictures updated following comments, originals are on
  13. My first time leading an assignment coordinating multiple groups. And what an absurd one?! We have to locate a bounty hunter on a rumored route, because Darth forgot to thank him ... as if he ever does. And for being even harder I have to coordinate the search mission from the Avenger with troops scattered over five planets. Anyway, the guys from Felucia were first to make contact. Trooper: This is squad from Felucia reporting ... MstrOfPppts: Trooper report your status. Trooper: We've landed about an hour of walk from each of the three settlements and we are half way to our target. MstrOfPppts: What about the other two groups? Trooper: We haven't heard from them, this planet truly is psychedelic, I wouldn't be surprised if something ate them. Maybe it'd be best if we return ... MstrOfPppts: Well since no one else made contact yet, you should proceed as planned. I'll keep you updated.
  14. Lord Tyrus had finally managed to haul his two lazy troopers out of the Avenger's troops' bar and into his standard issue Imperial Survey Corps shuttle to make their way to Felucia. Felucia was beautiful. He'd thought Endor was pretty, but it didn't compare to Felucia's glowing foliage and plants. But he wasn't here to do standard issue Imperial Survey Corps work, he was tasked with delivering a 'thank you' note. From Vader. Apparently the great lord of the Sith still hadn't heard of email, let alone Holo Messaging. But Lord Tyrus didn't dare question his superior. He soon found one of the many paths criss-crossing the planet's surface, dating from the Clone Wars. He'd yet to encounter the many wreckages left from the many battles there and he was glad about it. It was refreshing to be away from fighting for a bit. He looked down at the piece of paper in his hand. It read simply: 'Thanks! From Darth.'. How stupid. He was being sent around the galaxy looking for the legendary bounty hunter, Boba Fett, to deliver a tiny scrap of paper with three words on it. He took a deep breath and remembered that he should enjoy this freedom. No orders, no fighting and no pesky Rebels to deal with. He had no personal issue with the Rebels, but his superiors did, and his superiors were the ones putting the cash into Tyrus' pocket. The much needed cash. He looked over at his men behind him. They had stopped he walked. He walked back to see them sniffing flowers! He head their conversation: "Look at this little hydishua potorum, Joe. The north-east side of Felucia is the only place they grow in the whole galaxy, they won't grow anywhere else!" "Whoa Stan, that's amazing!" "And that smell, sniff it." "Lovely! Hang on, if it's so rare, why d'ya pick it?! Isn't it illegal or something?" "Well the Emperor don't give two dead banthas whether a species goes extinct or not, in fact, he probably encourages it in the case of aliens. He is such a xenophobe." "Okay, but let me have one as well, it would look very good frozen in carbonite." Suddenly both troopers stiffened up, or rather got into a slightly less slouchy slouch; Lord Tyrus had turned round. "Come on, get moving, we haven't got all day," he said. Both troopers sighed. "And I did hear you. I'll deal with you later." Both of the troopers started walking again. The group was only a few hundred metres from the refuelling station where Boba was thought to land to refuel. Lord Tyrus sincerely hoped this was where his mission was to end. Constant fighting was better than putting up with troopers 27491 and 44783... Old Version:
  15. We had been hot on the heels of what we thought were a group of bounty hunters through the forests of Felucia for several hours when we heard rapid blaster fire and a scream. We headed in the direction we thought the sound came from, and as we came upon a clearing a transporter had already taken off and was out of range... Donnie: Look, over there! A Trandoshan lay still on the ground... alarmingly still... Me: I think he's dead, let's check it out. We moved closer, and I bent down to take a closer look. Me: He is dead alright, multiple blaster wounds. Kaitain: Do you think he was part of Boba Fett's group? Me: The only Trandoshan bounty hunter I have heard of is Bossk, but as far as I know he is no friend of Boba Fett. I actually think they are enemies based on stories I have heard. But you never know with these bounty hunters, if there is money in it... Donnie: That isn't Bossk, I'm sure. I dealt with some trandoshans before, and this one is way to young to be Bossk. Me: No way we will catch up to whoever he was travelling with, might as well call it a day and head on to Mon Calamari.
  16. Officer VeR and Agent An now search their fifth planet for the elusive bounty hunter, Boba Fett. The journey started with a simple task on Mon Calamari; expanding to a fruitless search on Fondor; the discovery of a murder-for-hire on Ord Mantell; leading to an arms dealer on Bothawui; and now a bunch of hapless grunts trudging through the dangerous jungles of Felucia. The arms dealer on Bothawui couldn't stop running his mouth about where Fett might be after he witness Goatm unload his newfound autoblaster on an entire room of Imperial spies. (The status of this garrison as spies was hotly debated, though the final report did agree with Goatm’s assessment). Felucia was the best bet the dealer had and apparently we were late for the party. The planet seems to be swarmed with Imperials and Rebels in search of Fett. After getting word that Gen. Pppts was ordering scans of all the nearby sarlacc pits, Goatm quickly excused himself and hopped on a nearby speeder. He had to make sure that the Imperial forces didn’t scan one particular pit just north of a favorite refueling station of his. Goatm had used this particular pit in the past to dump the bodies and he didn't want his pet projects to be found. [soNE Ep VI] Felucia 5 by goatman461, on Flickr Luckily, Goatm arrives on the scene just in time to excuse the squad assign to this pit. [soNE Ep VI] Felucia 1 by goatman461, on Flickr
  17. We landed on Felucia and met up with a small Rebel scout squad stationed here. Our scouts had info and led us through the tie-dyed foliage. You should be able to see the landing port from up there. Yeah, it's empty. Are you sure that the Slave 1 was spotted there? Our intel was solid. We must have just missed Fett. Okay, let's get over there and question the town folks. I'm ready to get off this botanical membrane of a planet!
  18. pldeutelephonz

    [MOC] Lego Battle of Felucia project

    Hi guys, I just posted my first Lego project on CUUSOO and its a set based on the battle of felucia and the execution of order 66 where Aayla Secura's clone troops turned on her. The set is designed to inspire more sets based on the order 66 scenes and more sets with landscape and unique biomes included in Lego form.