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  1. The mandalorians, the most fiercest warriors in the galaxy. A force to be reckoned with in all systems. It was no different in the imperial world of Sullust. There too were the mandalorians, unmatched even by the empires best soldiers. For what motivates a mandalorian is not wealth or power but the creed. A mandalorian is a warrior that needs no leaders, that can fight with their bare hands. Warriors who have no species or bloodline, who span the far reaches of the galaxy. In the words of Mandalore The Destroyer, mandalorians are a culture, an idea. And you cannot kill an idea but the mandalorians can kill you. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, please excuse the poor photo quality. This is my entry for the June special challenge. It was originally a free build just to get back into building but I thought it would make a good entry for the mandalorian challenge. Its a small moc but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out (especially being my first build in over a year now ). So tell me what you guys think and thanks for viewing. I will add a story as soon as possible.
  2. I really like the Battlefront series since Bf and Bf2. I spent a lot of time with the 2015 version of the series and one of my favourite map in Walker-Assault game mode is SoroSuub Centroplex, which takes places on the planet Sullust. Here is it: Full MOC:
  3. Above the planet Sullust.... [-Accessing personal logs…….RYN……complete-] Only a few rotations after the fiasco with Prince Xizor on Coruscant, command assigned me to finish the mission over Sullust that had been so rudely interrupted before by the unfortunate kidnapping of Princess Leia. Already having gained access to the plans and access codes to one of the Star Destroyers being assembled above Sullust, my small team and I were assigned to sabotage it and bring it crashing down into the surrounding shipyards and hopefully put a small wrench in the Empire’s plans for the time being. A fighter squadron would be sent to harass the other Imperial forces surrounding the ship yard so we could slip unnoticed into the hangar bay of the Star Destroyer in a stolen Imperial medical ship, under the guise of bringing wounded men into the medical bay of the much larger Destroyer. From inside the medical frigate I could feel multiple explosions from the skirmish outside. Different alliance fighters, mostly Y-Wings and B-Wings, could be seen darting back and forth across the mostly empty expanse of space being chased by large amounts of Tie fighters. I cringed as one rebel ship exploded into a fireball and spiraled into the side of the Star Destroyer we were headed to, having been hit by a stray beam of anti aircraft fire from the Destroyers turbolasers. It seemed like an eternity to reach the open bay doors of the capital ship between the continuous fire of both factions, and the constant nagging worry that we would be shot on sight. We all collectively sighed in relief after our access codes worked and were allowed access into the hangar. Unsurprisingly, it was relatively empty due to the raging battle outside except for a few maintenance ships that looked old and out of use. Each of us pulled up a hollow map of the ship, where a red line directed us to the ship’s reactor. Command had directed us to place a few explosives inside the room and get out as fast as we could, to avoid getting caught in the explosion ourselves. Our pilot stayed with the ship while the rest of us began our journey towards the center of the ship. I hoped that most of the crew would be distracted with the ongoing battle and leave a relatively painless path to the reactor. We had made it to the reactor, after winding through the seemingly endless hallways. Suddenly I could see the shiny white armor of a stormtrooper from the reactor room adjacent to the hallway. I motioned for everyone to stop, and took it upon myself to take out the trooper alone. With his back facing me, I flipped out a small vibroblade from my hip and prepared myself to attack. The first step I took alerted him to my presence, causing him to turn around slowly. “Who’s ther-“ His speech was cut short by the vibroblade blade that was now stuck in his neck, causing him to fall over and bleed everywhere. I motioned for the rest of the squad to join me in the room, where they could plant the explosives while I stood watch. To my horror, I could hear the blast doors open and then the clink of armor on the metal floor. I quickly pressed myself to the wall closest to the computers, hoping to hide myself from the incoming troopers. The rest of my men were already hidden deeper in the room, but unfortunately the man I had just killed was still laying in plain sight. To my great surprise however, they did not bother to look in that direction and walked straight past the body of their dead comrade. I then readied my rifle, and prepared to pick off the two of them before they could advance further down the hallway…. [-Closing personal logs……RYN……complete-]
  4. Hey guys, The last weeks i have no time for eurobricks and all the new MOC`s here! But saw many great builds on flickr and watch something here when the time was enough. Here i want show you my newest MOC. It`s from Star Wars Battlefront, I love the game and the new lego figs and so i start to build a little MOC. At the last weeks i also build e little MOC to BF on Hoth (think the most people saw it on flickr), its not a big build but want to make a scene from the map (Snowspeeder ist the version from Lary Lars). Hope you like the build and can watch all photos on my flickr stream. Markus PS: The next days i must write some words to the mocs from the last time :-)
  5. (click for full size images) EDIT: Pictures of the final Version bellow EDIT: Rebrickable Page LDD files: The Long thing in the gun is a rigid cable which has to be cut to size so only about 1 mm of it sticks out of the front of the barrel(see the images of the prototype bellow). Is there any way to set custom lengths for rigid cables in LDD? The gun can be turned 360°and also can swivel up and down All lower side panels have different patterns, but those aren't visible due to the way LDD renders. I am trying to get LDD2POV-Ray to work to get some better renders. The sloped brick bellow the turret is supposed to be the gunners targeting display. I plan on using part 85984pb077 for that. Prototype: A prototype I build with parts from my collection. Obviously the colors are wrong and not even most of the parts are correct. I plan on making some better renders and creating a rebrickable site soon. EDIT: replaced expired download link
  6. Hello LEGO fans! I very like Star Wars Battlefront game and Sullust, that DICE presented to us. So I try to build the scene from the cover of Star Wars Battlefront in a small LEGO diorama. I hope you will enjoy my creation. Builded of different LEGO sets bricks, BRICKLINK hasn't used. More photos in video:
  7. Sullust. At least it isn’t as cold as Hoth. But the volcanic smoke has made a lot of patrolling missions a whole lot more difficult. Take KQ-351, now restoring in the sick bay after almost suffocating due to a minor failure in his ventilation system. Am I glad this base isn’t built near to any major streams of lava. That would be excellent for defence, but highly impractical… On the other side, this base doesn’t seem to be built to keep anyone out in the first place. Sure, the solid rock walls, the few but strong gates and the narrow entrances are good to keep people inside, but there isn’t much protection from attackers. [soNE Ep. IV] Eye on the skies by Bert.VR, on Flickr It was built when just the thought of attacking the Empire would have made everybody laugh. It was built when there was no real Rebellion trying to crack into it. When everything was peaceful… The main services got a place on the roof. Good for communications. Bad for protection. Cannons? Nowhere to see… So it’s up to us to defend the base. The pilots will have to save the day. The AT-AT pilots on the ground, the TIE pilots in the air. We’ll keep the forces of the Rebellion off, while our friends on the inside will stop the infiltrators. My rank got me this position at the main gate. Destroy everything that tries to get in, they said, until the backup arrives. So my eyes are scanning the air, in the hope of seeing reinforcements, in the expectation of seeing a horde of Rebel fighters. [soNE Ep. IV] Ground reinforcements by Bert.VR, on Flickr At least I’m not alone to stop that filth of the galaxy. Every pilot has been summoned. So I’m not the only one to stand up against this brutal Rebel attack. It will be a lonely battle though. In this atmosphere communication is hard, and in fear of abuse by the Rebel infiltrators, all communication has been abandoned after the distress call to our fleet. Look, there’s one of my colleagues in his TIE flying by, from the other side of the cliff where the hangar bay is. He’s heading for… the sky? Why isn’t he on his post in the first place? It could be a reconnaissance mission, but why? We have our detection equipment right here. We already know the place. And why doesn’t a take our usual routes? Why is he flying like a wampa anyway? Whoever it is, I… It might be a Rebel… And I pull the trigger. My instinct is a good shooter. Smoke coming from the crucial wing section, the TIE goes down. It disappears behind the rocks, where it will most certainly perish in the lava. [soNE Ep. IV] Every shot makes two victims by Bert.VR, on Flickr It might have been a friend… No… the thought petrifies me. But how? How could it have been a friend? That’s impossible. Why would he abandon his post? Why would he fly like that… No, it can not… may not… have been a friend. Surely, I have done what was best. There might be hundreds of explanations. A reconnaissance mission because our equipment failed, an emergency evacuation, some kind of special mission… or just a foolish act of heroism by a rookie. Is there another explanation? Couldn’t ir really have been a Rebel. Who somehow got past all security. But how? Who somehow managed to get away with a TIE fighter. Impossible, isn’t it? Aren’t all TIE fighters in the air? Except… KQ-351’s. Hope. Despair. I’m a hero I’m a murderer . I’ll never know. The wreckage will never be found. People will go missing today. Fighters will perish today. Who knows what chaos the upcoming battle brings. And what chaos might follow. I’ll never know if I did the right thing. Nobody’ll ever know. Nobody even saw it happen. Nobody goes through the same hell as I. No one to talk to. I’m alone with a killer. [soNE Ep. IV] What have I done? by Bert.VR, on Flickr Only now I see what this war is taking. I’ve killed before, but only now I realize I remember every single deadly shot I fired. Twelve. I already took the life of twelve people. People just like me. Friend or foe, I killed twelve people. I’ve killed myself twelve times. What’s left of me? I’m only a human. And humans are not made to kill. Whether I just shot down a Rebel or an Imperial, I’m still a murderer. And I can’t undo that. That’s what this war has turned me into. Not into a hero. Into a murderer. There are no heroes. Not in battle. I won’t claim a medal for what I’ve done. All I can do, is go on. Go on and end this war. I need to do the best I can to stop this war. Even if I’ll have to kill again. This war has to be stopped. And if battle is what it takes, so be it. I hope that one day, this war ends with throwing away weapons. That not the Rebellion, not the Empire wins, but peace. But that’s a thing for heroes. I’m just a simple pilot. All I can do is choose the lesser evil. Either way, I’ll have to kill again. I’ll have to kill others. I’ll have to kill myself again. But that’s the only way. Now that I’ve took this road, I can’t go back. I can only go on to be the victim of my own shots. _________________ OoC: LDD file here One more picture of the gate available on my Flickr Not everything is connected, bacause that's (nearly) impossible in LDD. Those Technic axles in the rock pillars aren't connected to each other, but in real life a (LEGO) grey rubber band should do the trick. Trust me, I tried it out. Same goes for the smallest tires in the smoke, that just hang on the bar. Also, I'm not entirely sure about the rigidity of the rock wall. I did add in some Technic support, but in LDD it's really hard to work with all those angled surfaces. Also, I used a couple of 2x2 dark tan plates, that never appeared in a Lego set, but are available on bricklink. I hope these aren't any major issues, and that you still can enjoy the build.
  8. Derp. forget to mention the sector. Sector A. Can any MOD please edit that for me? Thanks Lobot! We never came here for the prisoners themselves. The only real reason was the secret weapon. While most of the rebel troops were instructed to rescue prisoners who know something about the secret weapon, most of the really important informers had already been killed. The information they knew was stored in a special container, which was stored in a safe in the base, at least, that was what I assumed. The alliance first learned of it through me. I used to be head of security in this facility, so I know every corner of the base. First I thought I only was permitted to help planning the operation, but later I heard I had to assist a commando team there. Prologue: TWP: Almost there! Stormtrooper: In the name of the Emp... Nendo: Sector secured! Moving in on the safe-deposit! Rann: Hacking the safe... Waiting... Entire team: ... What?! <pause> Nendo: To command: It's gone, I repeat: It's gone! Aièl: What now? TWP? TWP: It should have been here - it should have been. Important containers like this always have been here, look at the marks and the security... Bonder: Any other places it could be? TWP: No. They most probalbly want to escape with it. There's one back entrance, on the entire other end of the base, the imperials often use it as a personal hangar of bigwigs and of the facilities commanders, they could be bringing it there - if they not already did. Nendo: We'll move there then! Team, move out! <while moving> Aièl: Which direction is it located? TWP: In the part still controlled by imperials. Rann: That will take too long! We have to act fast! Any other entrance? Maybe we can fly to it? TWP: Our shuttle will not work. We will have to get past turbo laser batteries. The only possible other option is with repulsorlift platforms located in the east corner of the base, we can then move under the radar. We'll have to look out they will not look themselves though, but they are probalbly too busy. Nendo: That's seems like a much better plan to me! At the east corner of the base Rann: Hostiles taken out! Aièl: Scanning the area. All clear! Nendo: So, TWP, those speeders? they are small! TWP: It should fit. I had expected more though. Rann: Where are those shields fore? TWP: Lava outbursts on the surface. They'll also protect for blaster fire, take them with you if you feel inclined, I will at least take one. Bonder: We'll take those then. I'll make the speeders ready. Nendo: To command: moving out to sector: hostile back entrance. Meanwhile, at the by-the-Empire-controlled back entrance. Field Commander: Be careful troops! We need not to damage the container with the intel! <shouting> Is our shuttle ready? Pilot: Everything ready sir! Ready for takeoff! Field Commander: Everything quiet over there? Officer: Nothing on the radar sir! Field Commander: Move along, do not dawdle. CT33458D: Sir, I see something in the distance with my binoculars. They are no friendly forces! They're moving in fast! Sweeesh. 1 trooper died. Sweesh. 1 trooper died. Rann: Nice shot! Field Commander: Send reinforcements, quick! Officer: Reinforcements on route, they'll be here any moment now! Main story: Nendo: Commando's, attack! Phew! Phew! Phew! Nendo: Imperials, Surrender! Field Commander: We'll think about that. TWP? You traitor! TWP: Just fighting for the good cause now! Aièl: Imperial reinforement forces! Take cover! Stormtrooper commander: Surrender! In the name of the Empire! You're outnumbered! Nendo: Rebels! Hold you're positions! Attack & Defend! Whole time: Yes sir! Bonder: This is where the fun begins! Out of character part: The MOC itself: The whole MOC is a cutout of a platform, as you can see when you look at the exposed electronics on the side. on the right there is an imaginary Imperial Shuttle On the left is the main back entrance of the facility. There's a guard tower above. The doors in the entrance are able to be closed and opened. The dark grey platform with the turret can move up and down, with reinforcements. The turret can be operated by a minifig. It has stud blasters on it's side, so they can really shoot! The whole MOC is a cutout of a platform, as you can see when you look at the exposed electronics on the side. For the lava technique I used my own blocky interpretation of this awesome MOC. My the team. From left to right: Bonder, Nendo (leader), TWP (me!), Aièl, Rann. More pictures on my Flickr. I'm sorry for the bad picture quality, in real my MOC looks even better! C&C welcome! BONUS: The mysterie of Harry: The prison is a really good secured one. No-one ever escaped. Except one little fellow. His name was Harry. One day, he wanted a pickaxe to mine for ores in the rocks of Sullust. I agreed. But then, one day, he just disappeared. Rumor held he dug a tunnel to escape. But nobody ever knew what really happened to him, neither if he really did escape.
  9. OoC: See the rest of the story: First They Came For the Qwohogs A Brother's Work Is Never Done A Night At Hao's The Breakout Commandeered Escape A Rebel Leaving Corellia "In The Shadows To The Left" Imperial Troops Have Entered the Base! Sand Crab Attack! "Rough Edges" There's No Place Like Hoth For the Holidays Junkyard Search After turning the computer components we had collected on Ord Mantell over to some of the best slicers the Alliance had at its disposal Yeoman and I received orders to head to Sullust to help with a rescue operation. Apparently what had started as a simple mission to free some prisoners had turned sour when the Empire caught wind of the operation. Now they needed the help of some intel staff to get everyone out alive. We landed the Rough Edges in a bunker previous Alliance troops had already cleared out for our safe landing. We quickly changed into mining uniforms used by the Sullustans so as to blend in better. The entire base was in chaos, but a little bit of native garb can go a long way to confuse the enemy even if only for a few seconds. When it comes to a fire-fight a few seconds usually makes the difference. We headed into the mining caves towards the sounds of blaster fire and saw a group of prisoners hiding behind an outcropping of rock. A couple stormtroopers were sweeping this particular cave and were getting closer to the escapees. The only way out for them was towards us. They couldn’t get to us though without crossing a narrow bridge right under the nose of the Imperial Officer in a comm center overlooking this cavern. The comm center was built into the rock over one of the many openings in the rock from which the lava flowed, probably to make use of the geo-thermal energy being released as the lava escaped the confinements of the planet’s crust. The lava wasn’t flowing very fast and was even starting to solidify just a few feet from where it was coming out of the rock-face. Probably one of the reasons this particular mining shaft existed. A constant source of minable lava rock meant you wouldn’t have to worry about your mine drying up anytime soon. Yeoman and I looked at each other and knew immediately what we were going to do. Working together for quite some time had really developed our ability to predict the other’s actions. He headed down the tunnel toward the prisoners, keeping in the shadows, while I raced up a side passage towards what I hoped was the entrance to the comm center. Yeoman crossed the bridge and started waving his arms at the Stormies. He was yammering in his native Qwohoggian and they couldn’t tell if he was trying to warn them or was up to no good. While he was distracting the troops I opened the door to the comm center and leveled my blaster at the officer. He tried to reach for his commlink so I shot him in the leg. Meanwhile the troopers grew tired of trying to understand Yeoman so they tried radioing for instructions. Since the man on the receiving end of their transmission was tied up and moaning from a blaster wound to the leg they received no response. Yeoman could tell by the Stormies’ cocked heads that they were radioing to the comm center. Not knowing if I had been successful in cutting off communications or not he pulled two blaster pistols from his back holsters and started shooting at the Stormtroopers. They dove for cover and the prisoners started running for the bridge. I watched from the comm center as Yeoman and one of the former prisoners covered their escape by laying down heavy fire on the Stormies. True to their nature the Stormies didn’t know when to give up and pressed forward as one by one they were shot down. There were only a few Stormtroopers left and it looked like all the prisoners were going to escape. I was already thinking through the fastest way to get them boarded on the Rough Edges as all of the escapees but Yeoman had crossed the bridge. I was just about ready to stun the officer before running out to meet them when the cavern shook. Whether it was an earthquake, turbolaser strike, or some blast from another cavern that had far reaching effects I’ll never know. It stopped just as suddenly as it had begun. At first it seemed like the only effects were the few loose stones falling from the walls, but then the lava flow erupted into chaos and a few spurts reached up through the bridge. I watched in horror as Yeoman tried to back off the bridge but wasn’t quick enough to avoid the spurt that caught his right leg on fire. I rushed down the passage and helped the prisoners carry Yeoman back to safety. We all got aboard the Rough Edges and blasted off to get to the nearest Alliance medical frigate. Yeoman’s vitals were stabilized, but he was still unconscious. I could only hope this mission wouldn’t be his last. OoC: The first picture is not meant to be judged as part of the build. It's from a previous freebuild of mine.
  10. If we're going to re-take our base on Sullust, it's vital that we secure the command post. To do that, our troops will need to fight through to the heart of the base, potentially giving the rebels time to escape. We need another way in. There are hundreds of miles of tunnels and old lava tubes forming a labyrinth under the surface of the planet. The odds of randomly finding the right one are extremely low. There is a vast amount of machinery dedicated to keeping our Sullust base habitable: air filters, purifiers and exchangers connect with miles of ventilation shafts and pipes to keep the air breathable. That’s good news for us; machinery requires maintenance, which means access hatches and schematics. Because we’re breaking into our own base, we can pull up the complete schematics from the Imperial archives. It doesn't take long for us to find a way in. As I follow Crash (the origin of his nickname is a whole other story) into a rift, I'm trusting that he's able to decipher the complicated diagrams and schematics. We walk through the pitch-black lava tubes, illuminated an eerie red by our optics; Crash leads the way at several tunnel junctions, and after about 10 minutes we arrive at a pressure door. So far, so good. We pass through the pressure door, and shimmy our way down a pipe. I'm thankful for the upgraded Shadow Trooper armor - I don't think I'd want to do this in a regular Stormtrooper outfit. As we reach the bottom, we find ourselves in another cavern. The tight spaces filled with pipes and the loud, low rumble of nearby machinery remind me of my first tour, on the Vigilant. Crash says it's not totally clear from the schematics, but he's pretty sure nothing horrible will happen if we pop open this maintenance hatch without turning off the machinery first. Once again, he's right, although it takes both of us to pull the hatch free. I follow him into the airduct, and then immediately wish I hadn't. Straight ahead is a double-bladed, industrial fan. Crash says not to worry. The trick is to take off our helmets, drop them down with our weapons, and then inch along on our bellies until we reach the next duct. No worries... Crash makes it. My turn. I want to clarify that the look on my face isn't fear; the lower blade is actually sucking the skin on my face downward, while the upper blade pulls my hair up. It's only a few feet across the shaft, but it's a long few feet. Finally, we make it into position. It looks like the rebels are using escaped prisoners to help guard the halls. They must be stretched thin, trying to cover as much ground as possible before our reinforcements overwhelm them. Imperial troops have entered the base. We're carrying slug-throwers. They're much heavier than blasters, and they carry far less ammo, but they can be fitted with sound suppressors. When we open the door to the command center, we catch the rebels totally by surprise. They assumed they'd hear a blaster fight if anyone tried to take out the guards in the hall. We neutralize the armed prisoner, and put the rebels in hoods and binders. It doesn't look like they had much success slicing into our systems. I keep an eye on the door while Crash logs onto the main computer. Something about the room feels wrong, and as I'm standing there it hits me: whoever killed the tech at this duty station must have been standing right about where I am. And the two Stormtroopers were killed by blaster fire from inside the control room. As Crash uses the computer to lock down the doors and get the security cameras back online, I get a sick feeling in my stomach. I think the attack on Sullust was an inside job. -------- Once again, this turned into a larger and more sprawling build than I first intended. This time, though, it is more interconnected. All the pipes and caves that look like they attach in the pictures actually fit together. UPDATE: here are some pics of each individual level. Surface Upper lava caves Lower lava caves and ducting Halls and command center
  11. This is my entry for Episode IV of SoNE Sector C: Communications station The fleeing rebels run through an endless maze of corridors and chambers and eventually stumble upon the main Communications centre. The unarmed Imperial Officers don't stand a chance against the evil rebels and prepare for the inevitable end. However, in the last moment one of the officers activates a trusty mouse droid and, at the sight of it, the rebels flee in terror I'm quite pleased with this, although it's been almost impossible to usual illuminated with Technic LEDs. I'd originally intended to build several searchlights to illuminate the main tower, but the LEDs aren't bright enough so I had to give up on that idea! I spent ages on the internal rocks, I know that it's very odd but it was probably the most fun part of the build. I'm still not 100% happy with the main communication tower, but this is about v15 and it's driving me nuts! Main shot (The rebels flee in terror, at the first sight of the little mouse droid): Daytime shot (I'm quite pleased with the design of the rocks): Overall layout (I can't believe how much time I've spent on the main tower!): Interior (with top section removed): Anyway, I hope that you like it, good luck to my Imperial brothers in the competition! C & C always welcome
  12. When we heard blaster shots coming from the corridors, we knew something was going on. We, pilots, were informed by our commanding officer that a group of rebels have infiltrated our base and were trying to rescue some prisoners from the facility. We acted quickly to secure the hangar bay, first we incapacitated the rebel transport ship which was ready to flee the prisoners, than we alerted the stormtrooper corps to prepare an ambush for the rebel infiltrators. The rebels were shocked to see that their only means of escape was blocked... "It's a trap!" The rebels were caught in the crossfire between our troops. This is my entry for Episode 4, hope you like it and please feel free to comment!
  13. Once we cleared the main command sector, Cpt LegoFjotten moved part of the squad to the upper detention sector. He ordered my squad to clear the detention block in the cavernous lower level. Leading the assault disguised as Storm Troopers we were able to surprise the small Imperial forces guarding the two cells. As we put down the Storm Troopers, the Imperial commander quickly dropped his blaster and surrendered. As I wrestled the last Storm Trooper I shouted "Trooper Tolo, open the cells and send the distress signal. We'll need those reinforcements to get out these prisioners of here alive." "Sir, what are we going to do with this Imp commander?" "Tie him up...we'll leave him to Vader's wrath!" More images available on Flickr