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Found 4 results

  1. Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka Episode XII: Siege of Javin Javin, back end of the Corellian Trade Spine. After the disaster at Kuat Alliance High Command scrambled to regain the losses we suffered in the heart of the imperial war machine. The core worlds were too highly defended to make feasible targets. My battalion suddenly found itself jumping from back water sector to back water sector. Eventually after a month of system skipping we were given our orders. We along with an entire division were to liberate the rebel sympathetic planet of Javin, the center of Imperial control in the surrounding five sectors in this small corner of the Outer Rim. If we took Javin's capital of Babusa, the Empire's position in this area of space would be untenable. From what we learned in mission briefing COM-SCAN detected the presence of heavy ion cannons encircling the city along with extensive trench works that would prevent orbital and atmospheric bombardment. To a grunt like me that's the worst news in the world. This would be an exclusively infantry and armor based operation, which only ever results in high casualties for both sides just like at Hoth. Everyone in the battalion is a survivor of Hoth, somehow managed to escape the onslaught and make it onboard a GR transport. Unlike Hoth we would not be running with state of the art AT-ATs, only what the engineers could scrounge up. Command's strategy, under the guidance of an anorexic looking Bothan general, was to simultaneously charge the defenses at key points along the fortifications. Since the Imperials would be stretched thin if they manned the entire perimeter they instead operated mainly around communication towers that networked with the entire defense network. If we took the towers out en mass the Imps would be running blind and unable to reinforce their various garrisons. From there we could press our advantage after we secured our objective. We deployed fifty clicks out from the imps and made our way through the Javin bogs, riding on top of the T2-Bs. Luck, or command, smiled on us that day. We were one of the few battalions to be assigned to a pathfinder commando squadron, who would clear the way for us. I met the shistavanen, he mentioned something about hunting Luke Skywalker's enemies, and jabbed furiously with a double tipped weapon he always carries. No blaster madman...wolf...guy. Still as we waded through waist deep marsh or hugged onto the durasteel plating of a tank, I remember worming my way through the snow on my belly to hide from an AT-ST's chin guns, hiding under the bodies of comrades. Most of us weren't coming home. Most of us forgot how hard the Imps fought. 4 ABY: Imperial Defenses Encircling Capital City "Shut those blast doors! Now! if Colonel Jerres can't hold this rabble at bay we need to scrub the mainframe of all evidence of the Skywalker fil-" "Sher'al I have your Intelligence Agent down here." *growls* "At last!" [imperial Security Camera Data Recovery] "Let's talk, Agent Ferad." Behind the Scenes: Episode List:
  2. Jix, an Ugnaught, has been living on Felucia since Zaael and his team freed him from his slavers. He had been working as a slave in a mine on Kessel for a crime lord that had ties with the Empire. After years and years of hard labor and sour circumstances, in a lost moment, Jix found a transponder. He was looking for some equipment to repair his mining drill in the office of his boss, Kar’ta. There it was, just lying around. Without a thought he took the transponder and send out a message. Zaael and his crew were just passing by Kessel, on a “trade” mission, when they received the message. After much debate where especially Bill and Fe’ya were against Zaael’s plan to save Jix and the other slaves and put a dent in the Empire’s supplies, the rebels freed the slaves and put a heavy blow (and many explosions, courtesy of Bill) to the Empire. Having nowhere else to go Jix joined the rebel crew for a while. He and Bill learned a lot from each other, as it turned out Jix was a nifty engineer. Jix proved to be a valuable member to the team and he and Zaael became true friends. After a while though, Jix felt the need to live a more peaceful life without the danger and action. He liked the jungle feel of Felucia and it gave him a true feeling of freedom, so he settled there. Zaael hadn’t heard from his old friend ever since, until now. Zaael: Jix, old friend! It is good to see you! Jix: Hah! Are those watery eyes I see? Zaael: It’s the humidity of this hump of clay. Jix: Ah of course… Ghehehe. Zaael: How are you? That’s a nice cabin you have there. Jix: Yes, thanks, it is! I am doing great friend. I like it a lot here. I have made friends with the locals, grow my own food and, most importantly, don’t have to be scared of losing my life to one of Bill’s gadgets. Zaael: Haha, I can imagine. Bill gave me this and told me to give it to you. You might want to be careful with it, he told me not to drop it as well. Jix: Oh no! Haha, this is an inside joke. It does not explode for sure. We used this to fool a band of Stormtroopers on Corellia. They bought it, thinking they were real, and we made a good profit. Zaael: All I do remember is we had a great dinner. You and Bill treated us, I never understood why, but now I get it. Jix: Haha, yeah! Zaael: As much as I’d like to talk to you about the old days, I came here with a mission. You had some intel for me? Jix: Yes, as I told you, I made friends with the Felucian village not too far from here. When I was there a few days ago I saw a shady figure moving about there. I saw her face for a nanosecond. She saw me too and seemed startled. Not long after I saw a ship leaving the planet. It appears she was hiding or living close by the village and she was getting supplies. One of the Felucians found the stuff she left behind and gave it to me. Zaael: Interesting, this is some valuable stuff indeed! Jix: I thought so too, that’s why I responded to your message. It is some high tech stuff, might even be Imperial. Zaael: Thank you Jix. The Rebellion and me are, once again, very grateful for your help. Jix: It’s nothing, everything I can do to repay you for my freedom is something. I still owe you a lot! Zaael: Hah, no you don’t. You’ve got yourself to thank for your freedom. Jix: Ever the humble person my friend. Zaael: I’ll be off to get these goods to the right people. Thank you again old friend. Till next we meet. Jix: Be safe and may the force be with you. --- Overview of the build: The Forseti prototype starfighter: C&C is much appreciated!
  3. Commander Beltar

    [SoNE Ep. XII] E04 The Rat

    *Random Story/Page Flow Things will be changed in the next few hours since its only 7pm for me* The story so far: First Day Aboard the Avenger At The Table-Before The Storm Rescue Mission Reassigned Eliminating The Competition Target Practice “Here we go again…” Evac Escape A Quick Transaction "Black Sunshine" Repel and Retreat Flatline Reflection A Promotional Meeting Previously: The New Squad Coruscant: 2200 Hours Beltar was still getting a feel for his new unit, quite an odd bunch. He had taken some time off at a temporary transfer, and as that ends, Alyin came to pick him up to take him back to the barracks for some interesting news about their next mission, which is more so an inspection. Alyin: Mr. Beltar, pleasure to see you again. Hope your time here was enjoyable at best, but now DC is awaiting our return as we have a possible lead in the attempted sabotage of Skywalker. I personally think that guy should get a medal, but if Imperial information is leaking, we need to clog it. Beltar: I agree. Though, if there if there is a Rat leaking that information, that is bad... I am disappointed that that guy couldn’t nail Skywalker though. Alyin: Yea, I guess it’s not that easy when it’s an astromech doing the shooting. Anyways, let’s go otherwise we will be late. Approximately 2 Hours Later Technician Hekthor: Yes, commander. The prototype fusion speeder engine should be ready for field testing within 3 weeks. Officer: Thasa good Hekthor- hello there my friends! DC: Hello there. We are conducting an inspection of this lab right now. Hekthor: Everything should be in tip top shape! DC: My crew will determine that. The technician seemed neverous, his hands where shaking and a few sweats broke, but Beltar, Alyin, and DC pretended to not notice.. Hekthor: Alright sir as I was saying, looking at the data… *whisper* next week is the perfect time for our mutual friend to come* *cough* sorry, but it looks like the data suggests that there is a possible increase the- DC: Excuse my interruption. But I believe my crew has found somethings amiss. Hekthor: Ah, what could those miniscule errors be sir? DC: First of all, cross-referencing data, and with Beltar’s insight. Are you aware you are working with a known rebel conspirator? Dar-Dar Cyonie. I am unaware of how he escaped Coruscant prisons and how he infiltrated us but that does not matter to me. We are shutting this lab down until further notice. Hekthor: NO! Please! Sir! This is my lifes work in here! You cant! I-I-ve worked so hard for this! And this project will benefit imperial troops everywhere! Sir! WHY COULDN’T HE COME SOONER! DC: Who…? Hekthor: MY MUTUAL FRIEND! GAHHH! DC: We shall deal with that later I guess, as for you Dar-Dar – just come with us quietly. Dar-Dar: Neverrrr! Beltar: Oh not again. Dar-Dar frantically tried to shoot the blaster, only to realize it was in stun, and he was holding it backwards. As he turned trying to correct his error, he stunned Hekthor, the Rat, and Beltar had to quickly dive, as a bolt barely missed him. The unit then easily subdued the weak gungan. Beltar quickly administered a stimulant to the technician, waking him up. The unit called over for a few extra troops to transport the two to a detention block. Hekthor: I-I-I- would’ve gotten away with this if it wasn’t for you meddling Imperials! He will help me, he already has all the information he needs! Besides, it’s to get Skywalker! That’s good for us! I did it for the Empire! DC: Right… And Luke Skywalker is Vader’s son. Look. You ratted. Your gonna be court marshaled trooper. Beltar’s thoughts faded from the current situation to when he was on Tatooine. Dar-Dar. “How could that idiot escape Coruscant security. Who are their… ‘Mutual Friends’?” Beltar thought… perhaps one day these questions would be answered. The extra two troops arrived, and Dar-Dar started to shout: “You will never get away with this! My friend will come for you! You will PAY for this day!” The two DT’s left as well, and the three officers turned their attention towards the now abandoned prototype. Alyin: Based on these schematics, the micro reactor is unstable, but a quick re direction of the tank should let it stabilize. DC: Well. Since this isn’t Hekthors pet project anymore. We might as well take it, perhaps strap it to once of DT’s speeders and let him go crazy. Beltar: Sounds like a plan. Let’s get this piece of junk off that stand. The three lifted the machine off its stand, tossed it on the ground and began working on it, perhaps it would come in handy one day. And as they began fixing it they heard the scream of a Gungan a few hallways away, blasterbolts, and Hekthor screaming to just take him to the detention block already.
  4. Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka; Episode XII: Stopping by Location: Kuat Time: 10 am Persons involved: Mads Heering; Stormtrooper Orwell Haggins; Stormtrooper Cornell Haggins; Stormtrooper The story: Three stormtroopers, Mads Heering the driver, Orwell Haggins the navigator and Cornell Haggins the gunner were driving through the wastelands of Kuat when they received a new message. They have to stop by at the nearest base, where they would search for clues. If they find anything suspicious, they have to report it to the base. What are we doing here? I thought we were leaving Felucia. Not yet. Something went wrong in the space and now we're searching for clues. What exactly do we have to do? I'm not sure ... Sgt. Wunderkind said we must report if we find something suspicious. What does suspicious means? ... ... It sounds nice though ... Conclusion: My first episode! I'm very excited to be part of it and part of the SoNE itself. I can't wait to see more entries. Please tell me your opinion and thanks for watching!