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  1. Disney almost always releases home media three months after release. Typically the quicker release date for home media has a lot to do with piracy prevention. A popular movie, especially one from a franchise such as Star Wars, is going to be more pirated then a less successful movie so a quick release time on the market counteracts that. When the price is fair and the product is easily accessible the theory is people are more likely going to pay then steal. Now lets not mince words, the Last Jedi is by no means a failure. Regardless of what people think about the film itself, it broke a billion, surpassed Rogue One slightly and created an upward trend financially. The controversy itself will fuel piracy, as a filmmaker myself I find this an entirely disturbing and insulting attitude when access has never been cheaper. Once the Blu-rays are manufactured the leaks are going to come out so Disney needs to mitigate that as soon as possible by releasing as soon as possible. Its part of their profit machine. For other companies they might have extended periods of time for home release after theatrical runs for myriad reasons but with Disney its always three months.
  2. That's not typically how distribution works.
  3. Star Wars

    @the last chronicler Excellent Analysis, i'm pretty much in total agreement with that. Also if you follow the stream of consciousness in the negative reaction to the Last Jedi, your right, it really is a fan claim that the Last Jedi is overly subversive for the sake of being subversive. Something I entirely disagree with. In other news has anyone seen this absolutely incredible fan video?
  4. Trial by Jury - Conclusion

    I didn't see this thread! This is one of the most riveting game of mafia i've ever played, excellently done MediumSnowMan, you are an incredible host! Everything was seamless on your end! Well played Mafioso! Especially Kwatchi, I never seriously suspected you and you totally put me on the innocent Lady K's trail! I was played like a fiddle and I salute you!
  5. I'm totally in, and i'm digging the theme! 1) Yes, i've played four-five mafia games on EB as of now. 2) Yes. 3) Fly Man!
  6. Star Wars Rebels

    My only problem is a blind man and woman intoxicated on hallucinatory drugs managed to kill Death Troopers who had the high really? Why even include Death Troopers? Make them regular stormies.
  7. What was the last movie you watched?

    Black Panther - As someone who cares little for Marvel but has seen all the films, this movie was absolutely refreshing! The African setting and POV on the world as presented is so unique compared to every other super hero movie. In fact I would say my only criticism is that Michael B Jordan's character needed more screen time, and I wish the film had delved deeper into the psyche's of its characters rather then give so much screen time to some of the action set pieces, that if not for the beautiful characters and costumes, feel a little generic. In fact one battle scene is almost taken from Game of Thrones.
  8. Star Wars Rebels

    WOAH! It had to happen, and i'm sad to see it because they were a fantastic character but wow, excellent story telling!
  9. Building Mortesv's Nebulon-B Thread

    I'm loving all of the fleet pictures but all I can think of is... Has anyone estimated how large a Star Destroyer would have to be next to this scale of ships? I bet pretty massive when you look at the CR-90.
  10. Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka Episode XIV: Boots in the Mud I've seen combat on twenty seven worlds since the Battle of Hoth, fifteen since reassignment to the Rathtar Raiders, 444th Pathfinder Specialist Unit. When our unit was devastated, fatalities including our Major and Commander, on Devaron by an alien bounty hunter two months ago, I was next in line for command. I've led my people through four hell holes since. I've killed Imperials, pirates, and in between the two, i'm certain several civilians. The military was in rough shape. Our major offensive into the Mid Rim had ultimately failed. Our ships were barely holding together with the Imperials containing most major shipyards. We never directly engaged anymore, not with the high casualties Kuat, Javin, Fondor, and Devaron produced. Fatigue was setting through most of the ranks, until we heard word the whole of the Alliance would be massing at Sullust, an odd event given the constant paranoia of exposure and destruction amongst the high command. Such an occurrence could mean only one thing. We were to commit to one final decisive offensive. General Solo, a nepotistic promotion from captain to be sure, would be leading a Pathfinder unit to the sanctuary moon of Endor. The Rathtar Raiders volunteered for the assignment, but were overlooked for that idiot Major Bren Derlin's unit. We however would land moon side shortly after General Solo's team, to support the 218th, Mynock Platoon, my former unit still led by Major Hesases. 4 ABY: Sanctuary Moon of Endor - Shore of a small Lake "WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE DON'T HAVE A COMM SIGNAL? GET UP THAT HILL AND FIND A LINK TO THE FLEET!" "I don't like this Major. We should keep moving!" "For once relax Sh'ral, we have twenty minutes to rest before we have to catch up with the Mynocks." "Hey Undula, how's your leg?" "Fine. Thanks for saving my hide back at Devaron." "Thanks? You saved mine, no thanks necessary. If you hadn't hit the bounty hunters blaster i'd be a foot shorter now." "Hey Sh'ral? If we make it off this moon...Would you want to go, grab a drink?" "I...I...we..." "Just say yes you Qhubast!" "Yes! I'd love a drink." "Trying to fish again Sergeant? You know you ain't catch anything ever! I don't understand why you keep trying! What's so great about fishing anyways?" "Patience pink eyes, patience is the name of the game. You set your bait and wait till the prey takes a bite, then when the moments right you snap the line. The fish didn't know what happened" "Like so." "Sh'ral says the Imperials are baiting us, and we're falling for their trap. You think he's right." "Maybe so...but when haven't they? if they are then we'll just have to break the trap, won't we?" "Sir! Sir!" "Our Ewok allies have returned." "Kia kizitch wa yub nub!" "She tells of a nearby Imperial facility, which I infer is the shield generator. She knows the way." "Sh'ral, talk with Thistle here and determine our route." "Yessir!" ~~~~~~~~~ Imperial Battle Station - Death Star II - In Orbit of Endor's Sanctuary Moon "Commander Orellos I must pro-" "I assure you Colonel Jaedon, my operations will not interrupt anything ISB has planned." "Sir!" "I have a report of rebel troops on Endor." "What does this concern me? Alert army command." "Amongst the rebels is a specialist unit commanded by a Bith." "He's here! Prepare me a shuttle to the surface!" "The rebels march into our trap and their doom, and the Bith will die along side them. This destructive conflict is close to the end Leftenant Wells, and finally the Empire shall know peace!" ~~~~~~~~ Behind the Scenes Episode List
  11. [SoNE Ep XVII][Freebuild 1] Heroes and Villains

    Wow! I need to go through and read the story but I flicked through the photos and the level of quality is outstanding! Highly engaging! Excellent work!
  12. Updating Your Minifigs

    The only thing I could forsee happening with the Stormtroopers is either improved leg printing that extends further down the leg or hip printing. My hope is that any hip printing works retroactively with the current generation of stormtroopers.
  13. What was the last movie you watched?

    Dune This is without a doubt one of my favorite Sci-Fi films of all time, based on one of my favorite Sci-Fi books of all time. Having now watched the mini-series of Dune and the live action cutscenes in the old games I have new found respect for the next level quality of David Lynch's version. Also it docent help that the story is somewhat incoherent in places due to the studio demanding Lynch remove an hour of footage from his original three hour plus cut.
  14. [Ep. XVII] [Rebels] [Week 10] What a b...

    Wow that looks fantastic! Excellent work!