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  1. 75204 Sandspeeder REVIEW

    The pilot figures are superb looking!
  2. Updated TIE Craft

    How sturdy are your tie designs? Are they swooshable because they look really awesome!
  3. [Ep. XVII][Rebels][Week 1] Plan B

    Wow, I love the miniature U-Wing, it makes sense there would be a smaller sub type.
  4. Updating Your Minifigs

    Thrawn torso is from Firestar Toys. The Emperor's cloak is the highwayman's cape.
  5. Star Wars Republic Commando

    The hanger is simply, absolutely incredible! Phenomenal job especially on those buttresses.
  6. So much for getting a Ponda Baba figure!
  7. Were they? I've been gone a while now. Yikes thats potentially disappointing.
  8. Can I just say the micro fighters and Luke's House from TLJ and a new cantina have single handedly made this wave. Affordable ways to get high quality minifigures is what i'm talking about! A tad disappointed though that Greedo yet again lacks arm printing when the original edition from way back when had some.
  9. Hello everyone! I was wondering if there was a list anywhere on all of the dual molded minifigure arms and legs currently out? If not such a list would be extremely useful for all AFOLs to have.
  10. [MOC] TIE Fighter (STARWARS REBELS Design)

    This maybe the greatest Tie Fighter MOC i've ever seen. Visually that is. The question remaining is how stable is it?
  11. Updating Your Minifigs

    I'm looking at their custom figures and I realize that someone on this thread posted Firestartoys' custom Thrawn figure. Who was that and is the figure any good? Does it have back printing? Thank you! That's good to know, I might actually buy some then being that they're near TLG level quality. I'm in the States so I need to figure out if they ship overseas.
  12. Star Trek

    Look obviously I am fond of Discovery, however I do get really frustrated at canon inconsistencies as well. I'm gonna give them the chance to figure themselves out and reconcile the show to the franchise. Such as none of the Klingon stuff looking very Klingon (i'm looking at you D-7 that isnt a D-7). However besides visuals I haven't really noticed any major or significant canon discrepancies short of say the holographic communications. Oddly enough the animated series is apparently canon again, for the most part, which is why Discovery has a tiny holodeck. In TAS the original Enterprise had a holodeck called the recreation room and Gene Roddenberry envisioned a holodeck in TOS but never had the budget to do it until TNG.
  13. Updating Your Minifigs

    Wow those are incredible looking with the arm insignias. Are you in the US? Last time I looked on the site they didnt have these particular arms. Also how is the plastic?
  14. Star Wars

    I for one like Solo. Only in the sense that it goes beautifully with the incredible Lando comic "Lando". It's a silly name though. Who wants to say they're going to see Solo without the immediate Star Wars context.
  15. Star Wars Rebels

    Especially considering Mando rockets can pierce Imperial hulls such as the interdictor at the Battle of Atollon last season. I must've selectively forgot about that... Still I have a lot of hope for the next two episodes, especially with Saw Gerrera involved!