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  1. Forresto

    [MOC] Star Wars: The X-Wing Story

    Most of it is legal...hmm I kid. While this is brought up, are there any areas where the pieces are under stress to maintain form or shape? The same question goes for your Tie Bomber. One thing I was extremely impressed by with your Tie Fighter (besides how gorgeous it looks ), is how sturdy it is without any forces holding it together other then standard techniques. If I do invest money to build this and your Tie Bomber I want to make sure they'll last longterm. As we all know to ask a piece to sustain pressure/stress permanently, eventually causes pieces to crack and break. As for swooshability are both the X-Wing and Bomber durable? I'm not expecting Lego kid proof level of hold, but your Tie Fighter other then a few fiddly places that fall off a lot (guns and cockpit window) is fairly solid. Would you say these are at least as durable as your Tie Fighter?
  2. They're gorgeous builds, perhaps the best I've seen of either. The hyena bomber is exceptional enough but the vulture is icing on the cake. The heads, the added texture of their build adds so much to the overall look in an overwhelmingly postive direction. Lego take notes. My only criticism would be color. I understand sand blue is limited in part variety however I think the Heyena looks off without any blue. It's a nitpick. I don't want to take away anything from your build as the design is impeccable. Its just the color. I recognize the Vulture you're pattern is based on with black and it looks fairly spot on.
  3. Forresto

    EB LEGO Star Wars Forum: Factions (coming this fall)

    Is that Black Sun? Woah.
  4. Forresto

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Mos Eisely Cantina UCS in the style of the death star and cloud city. If they did a ton of new alien molds I would buy this in a heartbeat.
  5. Forresto

    [MOC] Naboo Courier

    Wow what a great concept and executed well to boot. Excellent work.
  6. Forresto

    What was the last movie you watched?

    The Last Jedi. Loved it originally and after a year of people yelling at me that it's bad...I love it even more then before.
  7. Forresto

    Star Wars

    I would highly recommend this video below as well.
  8. People would hate it. I'm not saying that to be rude but no matter how good it was you would face the same level of criticism every Star Wars movie has faced since Return of the Jedi. A vocal group loathe Rogue One and Solo, the two most neutral, decent quality films produced. I wouldn't touch Star Wars with a ten foot pole if I was a director or film-maker. The fanbase is far too toxic. The problem is its universe has become an escapist fantasy for many, so everyone thinks their vision is how the story should be and will be intolerant of any disruption to that. Your version, Retroinferno''s version, my version. We would all take a clear stance on the direction of the universe should take and there will always a vocal cohort who will hate you for it.
  9. Really 70 bucks? I might buy that then. Considering the hundred dollar plus sets this year, the Porg is a steal, warts and all.
  10. I'd love to make a Mars Attacks film in the style of the original cards. I adore the Burton film, especially the design work, but nobody has made a serious film using a 60s futurism aesthetic with today's film magic. I'm imagining a really styalized alien invasion film.
  11. Forresto

    The Simpsons Movie 2

    I think the Simpsons was best early on and was great until the release of the first movie, which was also excellent. It worked as a series finale for me. I sortve view everything after as extra so I don't get upset if the quality is up or down with new content. It may seem random but I've been rewatching M*A*S*H and one thing that makes that show so great is how it evolves. Characters grow, leave, are added and the story grows rather then stick to the sthick. I think the Simpsons missed an oportunity to grow. Characters should've aged. Dynamics changed. It's a risk but honestly it doesn't feel right that now I'm much much older then Bart Simpson and at one point we were the same age at the same time. I think the writers played it safe when the whole premise of the show was full of incredible risks. HOWEVER I know there are people who enjoy the new stuff and that's great. More power to you and I hope the film is great as befitting a show like the Simpsons.
  12. Forresto

    Amazon Prime's The Man in the High Castle

    It looks incredible. The show is simply excellent, a truly haunting what could've been. I heard Phillip K Dick got quite depressed after researching it.
  13. Forresto

    Star Wars

    I must counter with this...
  14. Huh. That's bizzare. For the US release they announced it as Master Builder from day one so for me none of the above is news. Well then I agree totally. They needed to have made it clear from the beginning. The fact the box doesn't have it marked as special is also terrible. I seriously wonder what happened because while I could be wrong, I do think the concept of it being a seperate playset line was always the case. Communication between design departments failed somewhere.
  15. Forresto

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Rangetrooper helmets are still wildly inaccurate to a Tank Trooper. I think Lego decides these things by caricature rules. How does it look accurate but boiled down to its most rudimentary forms? And if they don't create a new mold, the forehead plate on the shoretrooper mold trumps the lack of forehead plate on the range trooper. I'm not sure why but these photos made me realize how almost ridiculously small the old helmets are. I wish they had made Merrick in the new style so we could convert the new X-Wing to a blue squadron fighter with new helmet and all.