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  1. Star Wars

    I absolutely love that! I remember reading the Tag & Bink comics when I was a kid and its so cool to see them appear in some form in the new canon.
  2. [MOC] ThanksGiving Wars

    How absolutely macabre! The scratch marks an amazing touch
  3. Star Wars

    Anyone notice the AT-STs and AT-ATs. Good to see the old surplus Imperial ships being used.
  4. Star Wars

    Awesome poster!!!
  5. Star Wars

    I really want to know how much money is being put into each episode. They shouldve gotten tgenndy tartakovsky to do them, then at least there would be art behind it. Imagine his style but in the Original Trilogy?
  6. As long as Thrawn gets a corrected torso, Rebel set torso prints don't have the best record.
  7. Star Trek

    Episode 3 of Discovery is the real pilot of the show. It's fantastic. So much better then the first two episodes. Theres a LOT of science in this episode. The pacing problems of episodes 1 & 2 have been fixed. Captain Lorca is super cool and mysterious. In fact that's a word i'd use to describe this show, mysterious. For the first time in a long time I have np idea where the series will go from here and that's a very good feeling.
  8. Star Trek

    Ya'll I'm not yelling at anyone specifically or yelling, the bold font is to simply make it perfectly clear links to pirated versions are the only thing not welcome in this thread. its okay it was just a misunderstanding but now we're all clear. @Capparezza yeah I feel like I remember the lore in the books used to be different there as well. It's not the only lore aspect from the books ST expanded universe changed, actually it may not even be the biggest change.
  9. Star Trek

  10. Star Trek

    Sorry if that came across to strongly. It wasnt aimed at anyone in particular its just i've read a report Star Trek Disco is being heavily pirated and I don't want the Mods shutting the thread down
  11. Star Trek

    NO PIRACY! If you want to pirate the show go somewhere else, this is not the place to discuss it. Regardless of how you feel about the show a lot of artistry and handwork went into creating it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am a Trekkie to the bone, I love Star Wars to death and yet I prefer Star Trek. I'm the type who owns all the technical manuals and Star Charts and Encyclopedias and even build models of the ships (although for time restraints I mostly buy). Canon and technical stuff in Trekverse is a very large part of my enjoyment of the series. Evidence of my collection: As for Discovery here is my opinion and I suspect here I will be in the minority: I loved it! I think opposite of BrickG my opinions have risen each time. I wrote my feel for it if anyone's interested in the spoilers here. This may seem obvious but I want to make sure people know this is a place all opinions on the show are welcome. I've noticed a lot of divisiveness on the internet in both directions where people are in places they can't openly love the show or dislike or even hate the show. All opinions are welcome here.
  12. Build Your Own Plus Size AT-AT

    This right here is why legends was getting out of hand Simultaneously awesome but ridiculous. It makes sense from a tactical POV and yet just seems so cartoonish.
  13. Star Trek

    It's Discovery Day in thr US ya'll! Tomorrow for the rest of the world. "Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam!" "Today is a good day to die!" ...okay maybe not, i'd like to watch the show tonight
  14. [MOC] Grand Admiral Thrawn & Captain Pellaeon

    I think the figure looks amazing but I do prefer the original window piece over the Rebel Tie Fighter cockpit piece. It just fits them being on a station or ship better buy thats just my preference.
  15. What was the last movie you watched?

    It. Excellent horror film, easily one of the best of the year and a new personal favorite. People have complainrd about terrible CGI buy I barely noticed it so it didnt bother me.