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  1. Thank you so much for the smoothly run game Kintobor, this was awesome!
  2. Great game everyone! @Asphalt our early bloc worked!
  3. Forresto

    Factions - General Discussion

    I don’t want to clutter each thread until I’ve made my choice however I’m loving how much hard work has been put into all of it. The faction pages look incredible!
  4. Forresto

    Factions - General Discussion

    I think they’re running this as a hybrid of canon and legends, but mostly canon, so here goes my guess. 22 bby - Battle of Geonosis sparks the beginning of the Clone Wars. (Events of Attack of the Clones) 19 bby - Clone Wars End, Republic reorganized into the Galactic Empire. (Events of Revenge of the Sith) 0 bby - Battle of Scarif, Roque One uploads Death Star plans to come the Rebel Fleet, and are eventually brought to the Rebel Base on Yavin. Rebels launch desperate attack on the Death Star and Luke Skywalker successfully destroy it. (Events of Rogue One and a New Hope) 3 aby - The Empire discovers and assaults the central rebel base in the Battle of Hoth. (Events of The Empire Strikes Back) 4 aby - The Battle of Endor (Events of The Return of the Jedi) 5 aby - The Battle of Jakku resulting in the end of the Galactic Empire (sortve. Politically it doesn’t make much sense the entire Empire would simply fall apart. More then likely there are Imperial Remnants that just stick to their own borders until the First Order invades thirty years later.)
  5. Pm me your hunch I’m curious to know.
  6. Well what's funny about the inclusion of a fourth member of Inferno Squad, when there's only three in the game, is that having only three helmets makes more sense upon further thought.
  7. D’oh That seems like a huge oversight...
  8. Well I’ve recieved several PMs from people asking to clarify this since I first logged on this morning. Posting in this thread is the easiest way to address everyone with complete transparency. They can corroborate if they choose to.
  9. Who did they not make from the Solo crew?
  10. Sorry I thought neutral and vanilla were interchangeable. for complete clarification I am vanilla with no role, hence why I’m coming out as proxy for the town bloc.
  11. With voting open I would like to be absolutely transparent. I am a neutral town member with no special ability HOWEVER I am in contact with members of the town bloc. Since I do not have a role and therefore I’m more expendable then my contacts, I’ve been elected to reveal a particular investigative result. Madeye Moody (MostlyTechnic) was revealed to my contact as anti town. As such I know how I must vote. Vote: Madeye Moody (MostlyTechnic)
  12. @Khscarymovie4 I’m starting to feel like a scapegoat for a vote that turned out somewhat poor for the town. If your suspicion is based on my late vote for Ellie on day one, then I have to point out the hypocrisy of you finding me more suspect then the nine other people to pile onto Finn. I’m suspect for being in a bandwagon but not the people who bandwagoned yesterday. No yesterday I’m guilty for “starting a bandwagon”, even though I voted for someone who wasn’t anyone’s radar to that point. You seem incredibly biased and not objective in your analysis. Let me break down my voting process. Day One: Ellie - I voted for Ellie simply because she had the most votes. I have always believed in voting someone off day one and have tried to do so in prior lives. I was and am open about this tactic. I was also suspect of her handling of Hera’s Miller claim, as I am somewhat suspicious of Hera’s role claim. I had a choice and went my usual pattern of trying to vote someone off day one. Day Two Hera - I decided I should’ve voted by my gut on day one and not my principle of voting someone off day one. Therefore I voted for Hera who was my gut choice for day one. However along comes Finn, who to this point has been fluffy, attempting to gather information out of me on the town block. I immediately vote for him and press back on him upon which he CONFESSES he’s scum. That’s what sealed his fate, nothing I said or did.
  13. I’ve tried to write a response several times now but I’m absolutely flabbergasted. Why did he admit he was scum if he wasn’t scum? This is absolutely frustrating. @mostlytechnic I’m curious as to why I’m so suspicious, and why you’re coming for me straight out the bat? @LegoMonorailFan let’s not pretend Finn wasn’t acting super sketchy before the vote started leaning toward him. Then he started acting real suspicious then way before the vote was sealed on him he came out and admitted he was scum. Keep in mind... People were happy to vote for me because they wanted a Day Two elimination, no matter who, justifying their vote for me simply because I wanted to vote someone off Day One when that’s precisely why everyone voted for me yesterday. Mark my words there was at least one scum hiding in the vote for me yesterday.
  14. Forresto

    Slave I Retrospective and UCS Comparison

    I’ve never seen this before and I simply have to comment phenomenal work. The amount of work to give us this excellent retrospective! Thank you!
  15. You know why the new Stormtrooper helmet looks wrong? The eye holes are an entire head above where a minifigure’s eyes are. It looks wrong next to other figures once you notice it.