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  1. It does not appear to attach but modifying shouldnt be hard. My concern is whether the width is enough between the arms to fit an AT-ST head.
  2. Range Troopers should've had light grey dual molded boots but oh well, they look fab otherwise. Will need snow trooper Kama to feel complete. The cold weather Imperial Gunner is gorgeous, too bad they weren't in the film. Conveyex doesn't look terrible but feels like needs one more car to feel like a proper train. The AT Hauler is a great looking set, will have to modify so it can latch onto my AT-ST model. Sortve dissapointed by the Rio four arm solution, if one sleeve cracks its ruined. At the very least I wish the arms had been spread out more. So far the Marauder Swoop Gang, Imperial Landing Craft, and AT Hauler are the only sets that interest me.
  3. I'm just dying to see whether they screwed up the Range Troopers or if we have another fantastic rendition for the Imperial war machine.
  4. I'm convinced the henchman in the upcoming set is actually what Dryden was orginally meant to look like. We never see the henchman it's supposedly based on without a helmet and the Lego figure doesn't have a helmet. The henchman is a lion alien that somewhat resembles the concept art of Lion Dryden. I think what we're seeing is Lego cleverly fixing something that once again got changed on them from the art they recieved to the final release.
  5. Dryden Vos is not a complated figure to produce. Just prints on a regular figure with a hair piece mold that's been done. To not have him would be completely bizzare. Unless the lion faced henchman was meant to be Vos before they had to change Vos's species. Originally he was meant to be the same species as his henchman.
  6. Tag and Bink are in the visual guide but their picture is at the back of the book in the index. Their scene was at the Imperial Flight Academy on Carida which was cut unfortunately. The above officers wearing trench coats are named as Commander Xodell and Major Staz.
  7. The Cloudrider Gang set is almost a mandatory buy for this theme. Great figures all important throughout the movie with two great builds, all at a low price. The Imperial Landing Craft does look really good. I think my only concern is that it has the gap between the sides that creates a shape that doesn't seem to exist on the actual ship. Probably something that's easily fixable so it's a purchase for me as well. Might order four of the long curving pieces used for the cabin (two for the bottom and top on each side) and extend it by another section as the actual ship is fairly long.
  8. Forresto

    Updating Your Minifigs

    The Igbo mask Killmonger wears in Blackpanther might work for a Cloudrider Gang Member. Very nice! Was he in the movie?
  9. Box pic of the Imperial Landing Craft I want to love it but just like the Rogue One AT-ST set it needs some TLC, but unlike the AT-ST it's nearly breaking a hundred.
  10. Forresto

    Episode XVII: The Battle For Endor

    To all those working behind the scenes thank you so much for the hard work you put into ensuring everything runs. To everyone congratulations, yes even Imperials, for slogging it out in what was truly an epic battle of builds. There were incredible builds and great storylines going on and its a treat to be able to follow how everyone progressed. Well done people and here's to 2.0 and the future of the game.
  11. Forresto

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Absolutely! My friend just showed me their Black Series Jaina Solo who has a Rebel Pilot helmet. That helmet is wonking. Proportional to the Lego update. I don't know if Lego went a tinge too big but the current helmets weve had for almost two decades are by no means close to accurate.
  12. Forresto

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Absolutely the helmet coming out in the new X Wing this summer. The MOST accurate design as of yet. ~ I'm partly kidding. Helmet accuracy has been a rigorous debate this past month. Some people love the upcoming hlemets most dont, I'm on the undecided side myself. There are some serious Rebel Pilot Helmet lovers on this thread so you've asked in the right place though.
  13. Hot Toys has released really good pictures of their 1/6th scale mud trooper. It's the same problem they're going to have with the Range Trooper, a large range () of tones Lego doesn't have the appropriate color for. For instance the mag boots are a tint lighter then the pants. With what colors Lego has they might as well both be LBG. This goes back to the Imperial Officer tunic. Dark Blue Grey isn't accurate but neither is dark tan OR olive. It's more a mix of the three. Then again it also depends on the lighting. In the visual guide and in some scenes on screen mudtrooper armor looks bluish like Veers, but on the Hot Toys figure and in certain shots on screen it looks slightly more green. The implication of mudtroopers is that they're Imperial Army Troopers with additional gear for the swamp. The Veers esque armor is possibly their standard armor. Under that guise I could see the green being made the prominent tone. Green is more army like. Do Lego designers just get reference pictures or do they receive briefs as well?
  14. Forresto

    Episode XVII: The Battle For Endor

    Aren't we on the shield generator?
  15. Forresto

    Updating Your Minifigs

    We know Range Troopers are coming soon. Their most prominent feature is huge magnetic boots. Dual molded legs, are a no brainer. Color accuracy though is another problem since everything waist down is a variation of grey. Maybe grey pant with white boot? Or white pants with grey boots? However given TLG's record it's unlikely we'll actually get dual molded legs with printing or a satisfactory solution for thr mag boots in the official release. So only going by what we know the troopers on screen look like what are our options for potential dual molded legs?