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Found 12 results

  1. Hello all, I am currently working on the Malevolence as seen in the clone wars, this is the first big build I am doing. Comments and criticism are welcome!
  2. Here's something familiar from The Clone Wars to share with you - the Munificent-class star frigate. This one is seen throughout The Clone Wars series and in Revenge of the Sith so it was on my Must-MOC list for a long time. I wanted to make sure it would look somewhat suitable in scale when displayed with the Venator 8039. There's likely no hope of TLG ever doing this ship. There's not much to it but a shell of a hull with some guns around it - I was hoping to place an interior somewhere but there's barely any space. I recycled a bit of familiar parts - that sticker from the front slope pieces are from the Mandalorian speeder. The black strut in the front is there only to keep the ship upright. I had a version without the ventral fin but it looked wrong. I also got some inspiration from stark mark 5's sweet build here: Comments welcome. I can see now that I have to fix those engines. Next build.
  3. One of the finest wines along the Permilian Trade route comes from one of the most eclectic towns the galaxy has produced. It was a town of unlikely chance, born of honor, rebellion, and love. The sudden end of the Clone Wars brought many by surprise, particularly those fighting on its front lines. Following the execution of Count Dooku and Order 66, Separatist forces across the galaxy were in disarray. Then, the droids shut down; their one way to distance themselves from the violence, and preserve their own humanity, gone. Nemoidian commanders on Felucia were caught in mid-air when their droid staff suddenly crumpled. With their shuttle spinning out of control, their commander personally brought the ship down in a small valley, burying the nose in the mossy dirt. He had thought quickly, with his droids shutting down there would be no escape into orbit and no holdout strong enough to stop the clones. They scuttled their shuttle, sharpened their spears, and waited. Nothing happened. The new Empire overlooked their crash site. Other Separatist officers and ships were called into the valley. All kinds of shuttles and warships were downed strategically in the choke points of valley and the Nemoidian officers dug into the rock. They would holdout and wait for whatever sacrifice their duty demanded. Still nothing happened so they began to farm. When they needed supplies they traded. When they had a surplus they invested. When they found their true calling, they cultivated. It was the finest wine ever known to Felucia, wrought from years of meticulously nurtured vines, strict fermentation standards, and the artistry of an ancient culture. Today the town is still small but the people are secure and their larva pools, started early on when the Nemoidians were unsure if their species even survived the war outside, now gives them the permanence to strike out from their wasteland holdout on Felucia to a new prominence in the galaxy.
  4. tfcrafter

    [MOC] Star Wars AAT

    This is my MOC of the Separatist AAT from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It features a moveable turret and seating for one battle droid.
  5. After getting an almost complete MTT 7662 set, I started building and as some bricks were missing, I also started modifying. It is a very nice set, with a nice size. It has become a bit obsolete by today's construction standards but it remains impressive. I thus decided to slightly improve it and remove a few other details that were buggering me. MTT (Multi-Troop Transport) by Veynom, on Flickr I decided to eradicate apparent studs and make this MTT stud-less. I wanted also to improve the bottom part of the transport as well as the various opening panels. MTT (Multi-Troop Transport) by Veynom, on Flickr Details have been added here and there as a kind of subtle greebling. MTT (Multi-Troop Transport) by Veynom, on Flickr The rear upper side has been rounded and more in line with the source material. The ending result is more massive. The front side also got a new lifting and some colouring alignment. MTT (Multi-Troop Transport) by Veynom, on Flickr The rear side is probably my favourite part. A detailed bumper highlights the model, the opening hatch is more realistic and detailed. Curves have been slightly tiles, smoothed and/or underlines. MTT (Multi-Troop Transport) by Veynom, on Flickr Of course, I made sure that all play features were maintained. Everything can be opened as before but when closing the panels, gaps have been minimised. MTT (Multi-Troop Transport) by Veynom, on Flickr And as a last picture, here is a field picture with my 7662 flanked by the more recent 75058 version. MTT in the field by Veynom, on Flickr I find it pretty as a lorry. :)
  6. JaydenIrwin

    [MOC] C-9979 Landing Craft

    The Separatist C-9979 Craft is one of the few Star Wars ships that doesn't have a LEGO model, years ago I set out to make one, and have been updating it ever since. This model has gone through many iterations, but I'm very confident in the current design. Hope you like it! YouTube Instructions
  7. Seen in episodes 7, 8, and 10 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 4, this creature proved to be a nuisance to the clone troopers fighting the Umbara troops. The design for this model is based on the concept art, which details the shape as well as the features of the creature. The design features glow-in-the-dark areas (to add the "Umbara" effect); adjustable frontal arms, ears, and body; and a tail that can be re-positioned based on play-ability desires. I'm really pleased with the end result of this design, and I hope you are too. Make sure you check out the other project page at MOCpages, and the promotional video on YouTube. God bless.
  8. Hello, today I will show you my MOC of the Star Wars Battlefront (I and II) Laser/Beam turret (Anti-Infantry, and small damage to vehicles), used by the Republic and Separatists, Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire. There's 2 Photos of this turret: http://vignette2.wik...=20080811171358 http://vignette4.wik...=20080223032009 I made 2 designs for this turret, because I'm not Sure what is the best of my designs... LEGO Laser-Beam Turret by Kuek Cuac de Koki, en Flickr LEGO Laser-Beam Turret-1 by Kuek Cuac de Koki, en Flickr LEGO Laser-Beam Turret-2 by Kuek Cuac de Koki, en Flickr LEGO Laser-Beam Turret-3 by Kuek Cuac de Koki, en Flickr The 6x6 plate is not necessary, you can put it in where you want. And a optional cannon for this LEGO Laser-Beam Turret-4 by Kuek Cuac de Koki, en Flickr And the LDD: LEGO Laser-Beam Turret.lxf All the Comments and Constructive-Critics are welcome. Thanks.
  9. Happy Force Friday everyone! The frigate is one of top ships for screen time during the Clone Wars, and also seen in Episode III, but it has no LEGO model, so I made one for it! It has 2 Separatist stickers on the side, and I think it works great on this scale! This is actually one of the only scales that will work since you need the shape of those 2 large front pieces, so I'm glad they exist! I also love the tiny details on the buildings on top. LEGO Ideas Page Please feel free to comment, and give me some feedback, and if you really like it, support it on LEGO Ideas!
  10. Csacsa234

    Review: 30059 Mini MTT

    First of all I request some help from an admin, because I don't know how to make a poll! Thank you Mini MTT When I first saw this set I didn't even know that they released a new mini MTT and I fell in love with it immediately. Then ordered it from a big Lego store in Hungary and I got it today, and I saw there isn't a review here on EB so I put one together for you guys (It's my first). Now let's have a look! Basic info Set Name: Mini MTT Set Number: 30059 Release: 2012 Price: I don't know exactly, probably was sol around 4-5$ (I bought it for 2000 HUF = 9$) Number of Pieces: 51 (http://www.brickset....ry/?Set=30059-1) Minifigs: 0 The bag It's decorated with the commonly disliked Darth Maul logo with his twisted neck and fierce look. In spite I have to say that I like that logo, he is my favorite short-lived Sith warrior. Moving our eyes below we can see the MTT itself in the middle of a fight on a beautiful planet (I'm guessing it's Ryloth concerning that the grey/blue MTT's were shown there first in CW). The content of the bag Here is the pile after a little sorting I have to say that those dark blue parts are astonishing, that color is so beautiful. None of them new but the 1x1 cone can be found in only 4 sets in this color. The instructions It is very little, we don't get a book but it's not necessary for a set this small, so we have the folded sheet with both side printed on. (I'm sorry for the first page) Very fast build, Took just a few minutes with taking the pictures, but it was very enjoyable. Now have a look at the builted set: The MTT Okay here we have it. It's looks very soild and it really is, except the binoculars, somehow they tend to pop off a little easily, maybe I was unlucky and those were made of worse quality ABS... Here are some more pictures: Side Front Back Top Underwear All together Oh and don't forget the spare parts!!! Overall Parts: I think they are okay, we get some rare, very nice dark blue parts, lots of cheese slopes and other common but useful parts. Price: A bit pricey, but it's Star Wars and in Hungary everything is more expensive so if you take that into account then I assume it could be worse. Playability: There is not much, A solid transport vehicle, it can swoosh and that's all. Minifigs: As usual we don't get any. Design: Compared to the size the mini MTT is as accurate to the original as it can be, Lego did a great work designing it, although the colors seem a little mixed up on the complete set, but again, you can't make better details on a set this size. Although it lacks the sense of scale, the rear part is too wide IMO. Final thoughts I've read some comments on this set throughout the web and there were more people who disliked it than those who liked it. I'm in the latter group and I recommend this set because it looks very good, relatively cheap (if you can find it in a store, but looking at ebay prices... ), contains rare DB parts and most importantly..... wait for it..... it's cute. I hope you enjoyed this review, it was my first so I tried to point out anything that you used to read in the experienced review writer's And I apologize for my english
  11. Hi, I just like to share my Cuusoo projects will all of y'all, since you're all SW-fans. Of course i'm aware that those projects are not likely to get made at all. But for me, it was kinda nice to develop some Lego-designs and I finally understood how to work with LDD. I drew myself some mini-figures (the accent on all these sets are the mini-figures by the way) and connected them with my LDD-designs. My main reason for these designs is that sometimes when you have an idea stuck in your mind, you want to execute that idea in the hope TLG will see it and gets inspired and uses some of those ideas :-) Anyhow, my first Cuusoo-project was called Star Wars Universe Packs and contained six boxes with five mini-figures in it, a stand and a mini-building. A little like the Planet-series. Biggest reason for those packs is of course the need of more typical SW universe people (the kind that won't show up in other Lego SW boxes, because they're not main characters) for us to make our Lego SW world more complete and detailed. The second project is all about the Mos Eisley Cantina. The thing is, we need a new cantina. A proper one. The set 4501 isn't sufficient in any ways (ok, except for bringing us Greedo). In trying to inspire TLG i designed a Mos Eisley Cantina in packs. So in order to complete your Cantina you'll need all the packs. The reason for this is of course the number of mini-figures. If you want a real SW Mos Eisley cantina you need a cantina-band, you'll need some space weirdo's, a bartender, some good folk, and a snitch with some bad folk. I thought this was a clever idea for TLG to avoid one big set with too many mini-figures and not being super expensive. I'm not the greatest Lego-designer so the designs may be pretty rough. I hope you'll like them, i just wanted to share with y'all! Oh, if you like to see them on Cuusoo: SW Universe Packs Mos Eisley Main Cantina Cantina Band Pack Cantina Benches Pack Cantina Entrance Pack