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    I like to listen to music when I build, I mostly listen to Skillet, Toby Mac, and love out loud. I also am a star wars fanatic, have all the movies and a few of the video games like battlefront 1&2.


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  1. Bkrosell

    SoNE Contest Episode V: Secret Plans

    Maybe I can find time for this, school ends the first week of June so I've got time.
  2. Bkrosell

    SoNE Contest Episode IV: Secrets of the Empire

    I'm beginning to feel bad for the stormies...only a little
  3. Bkrosell

    [SoNE Episode IV] Sector D:Narrow escape

    I get what your saying about the lava, but the worst thing happened to me...I ran out of pieces.Although I just didn't think of adding rocks, that would have been nice. Thanks for your input.
  4. Bkrosell

    Home Sweet Home - Sci-Fi contest

    Oh No! I actually forgot to enter! I hate school...
  5. Bkrosell

    Age of Mitgardia (free-build-challenge)

    thanks Sk, it might be awhile before I can get phase two put together, so much homework!
  6. I've been procrastinating with my build, I will try to get it up today...or next week.
  7. I'll go with the drow assault if possible.
  8. Bkrosell

    [SoNE Episode IV] Sector D:Narrow escape

    I see you want some close ups, can I still do that after the episode ended?
  9. Bkrosell

    [SoNE Ep IV] Sector E - Command and Conquer

    This is amazing, the story is just as good.
  10. It was time to move on Sullust. Many rebellion spies had been captured and stuffed in the prison along with even more soldiers. A month earlier we put a man on the inside, or a woman rather. One of my closest friends, Marian, volunteered for the job. We were then given the task of evacuating the prisoners on the same level as Marian. We were given a good number of small and large cargo ships, my team received a smaller one, which made sense considering we were to gather up any stragglers left behind. Not many of the ones we found made it on the ship alive, among the dead was one of Marian's friends. It was a struggle to get her on the ship, we barely made it out ourselves because a massive wave of storm troopers had just exited the building. It was truly a narrow escape.
  11. Bkrosell

    Age of Mitgardia (free-build-challenge)

    So I came back here after a while so I might work on phase two of my tower but I realized that the link for phase 1 isn't bellow my name, just wondering if that means I can't move on to phase two.
  12. Bkrosell

    GoH on Lego Fan Events

    I think that's a good idea, go for it.
  13. Bkrosell

    GoH on Lego Fan Events

    Thanks Gideon, I'm hoping I can make it to Brickworld Chicago, If I do I will hopefully display a GoH build I have had up on a shelf for a while
  14. Bkrosell

    GoH on Lego Fan Events

    Even though I probably won't be able to make it, does anyone know how I would register to have one of my builds shown at brick world?
  15. You should read the book Revan, he is intended to be male.