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    <p> Dear sirs and ladies, </p> <p> my favourite themes are castle and pirates, which you can tell by the fact that I'm both a knight and a pirate.  </p> <p> But a special place in my heart will always be occupied by the Adventuters theme (I also happen to be an expert adventurer). </p> <p> I wish all of you a wonderful weekend. </p> <p> Sincerely your Jacob Nion. </p>

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  1. Jacob Nion

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    Allright, I counted 179 entries this year (even though a few pics don't seem to work). Given 6 winners per day for 24 days that makes for a chance of ~80%! Not bad. But regardless I really enjoyed seeing again some pretty hilarious entries! Good luck everyone and remember the true christmas spirit: it's not about winning but having fun with your bricks.
  2. Jacob Nion

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    Baron von Santa by Jacob Nion, auf Flickr Phew! As every year, I just managed to throw something together on the very last day. So here he is: Baron von Santa. Only the naughtiest kids get their gifts.
  3. Jacob Nion

    EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    Ahoy! I received my pirates today. Thank you so, so much! I really enjoy these figures.
  4. Jacob Nion

    EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    I can't believe it. From the very beginning I was hoping for the Silent Mary figures to be part of the raffle. And not only did this become true, they actually happen to be the prize category I've won. Now this I call a little christmas wonder. Thank you very, very much for this @CopMike !
  5. Hope I'm still in time XMas Raffle 2017 by Jacob Nion, auf Flickr
  6. Jacob Nion

    [COR - FB] Visiting Tortuga

    Anyone who dares to cause Captain Morgan's guest discomfort will earn himself a hook. Bregir, I will come back to you about the details soon.
  7. Jacob Nion

    An Unexpected Move

    Unexpected twist! Can't wait for the next chapter, as usual!
  8. Jacob Nion

    [COR - FB] Visiting Tortuga

    No reason for becoming abusive. As long as you don't show me a working sewerage in a Corlandish town, I refuse to believe the common people of your nation are any more hygiene concious than the average Sea Rat. At least not significantly. A neat building! What I like in special is that the house is resting on stilts. That is exactly what I had in mind for Tortuga, since the water level is considerably fluctuating. So I can tell that you put much thinking into it. What I don't like that much is that window technique. That's nothing about you in special, these are present in many builds. I simply miss mullion and transom in them. And a frame. Now I'm eager to receive Don Montoya. If you have any certain topics to discuss, please let me know.
  9. Jacob Nion

    New Ship Classes - The Transition

  10. Jacob Nion

    New Ship Classes - The Transition

    @Bregir Both. The brick built hull is only 14 studs wide instead of the 16 studs width of the prefab hull pieces, so the tumblehome leaves only 10 studs for the deck. That was because I couldn't manage to build the bow any wider. I think I nailed exact the overall proportions where it doesn't feel awkward. But for level 6 I think it would just feel like too less tonnage. While I appreciate the evaluation system I wonder how much impact an altered width to length ratio would have. Of course there are not many reasonable ways to build a ship that's shorter but wider and bulkier than the archtypes, I find it interesting to think about something like that. Imagine I would build a complete square vessel that's comparable in mass to a certain arch type- how would the court rate it? On a side note: the arch types suggest that class 7 is the maximum one can achieve using prefab hulls. That sounds reasonable since a ship on prefab longer or higher than the Margot would definitely start to look out of place.
  11. Jacob Nion

    New Ship Classes - The Transition

    Sure, I didn't mean to heat up the topic again; just my personal decision. Every lost ship is an opportunity to build a better one. But one thing about the Queen Annetta's: for her size she had a very narrow deck with only 10 studs. I wonder how much this plays into account for considering the class.
  12. Jacob Nion

    New Ship Classes - The Transition

    Haha, aye, I was thinking the same when seeing the pictures. But who am I to complain about something like that. Personally, sistershipping is no option I'd like to use. But thanks for evaluating the Queen Annetta's. That will help me for future vessels. So, when will the licenses be refunded? As soon as the new mrca is ahead?
  13. Jacob Nion

    New Ship Classes - The Transition

    Lady Arlene, class 4T2 Longzhou, class 4A I would like to keep them both level 4, if suitable. I don't think about stats right now, but they will keep their roles as trader and warship. Additionally, I own the 5LA Blue Bonnet, unmoced.
  14. Jacob Nion

    An Unsuccessful Treasure Quest

    All those cliff hangers! And Game of Thrones is ahead too. I'm going to die by heart attack. Your task on that underwater look is magnificent. It's definitely a bold move to cover the ground with transclear plates. But it works so well, that I'm glad you dared to try it. It adds something enchanted to the atmosphere. Also the background and the wonderful effect the light source in the middle has. Amazing work!
  15. so be it! But I hope we don't have to put a full team into the moc- eleven topless men woul be a bit too much abs.