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    <p> Dear sirs and ladies,</p><p> my favourite themes are castle and pirates, which you can tell by the fact that I'm both a knight and a pirate. </p><p> But a special place in my heart will always be occupied by the Adventuters theme (I also happen to be an expert adventurer).</p><p> I wish all of you a wonderful weekend.</p><p> Sincerely your Jacob Nion.</p>
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    Sphinx Secret Surprise

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  1. So, is it one entry per category for everyone or can we enter more than that? I know it‘s unlikely, but it‘s one of those obligatory questions for contests
  2. Jacob Nion

    Classic Space Color meanings

    Folks, I had an epiphany. My new theory as to why we got a brown Spaceman in the CMF line is that somebody from Lego saw the potential to make a pun on Reservoir Dogs: Mr White Mr Blonde (yellow) Mr Blue Mr Orange Mr Pink Mr Brown It all makes sense now!
  3. Jacob Nion

    Classic Space Era Spaceship Contest

    Nah, I completely get that. It makes the challenge more…challenging. And hopefully encourages more people to join on in, since it can be done without a fancy parts collection. I like it! I completely zoned out on work and started doodling spaceships
  4. Jacob Nion

    Classic Space Era Spaceship Contest

    Hey, this sounds like a parsec of fun! May I ask, how strict is the rule about respecting the colour scheme? Does this extend to every last greebly bit or is it just about showing the affiliation to one faction? I‘m thinking about a ship that clearly shows it‘s original colour coating, but with Millennium Falcon like rust spots and lazy repair work. p.s.: and also technical details like exposed fuel tanks and modules
  5. Jacob Nion

    Faction: Corellian Security (CorSec)

    Jacob Nion hereby declares his affiliation to CorSec. CorSecavatar by Jacob Nion, auf Flickr
  6. Jacob Nion

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    It would be really odd if Lego needed BL to learn that people want more animal molds. I think they know that and that's why we get so many small animals in the cmf series. Like recently the flamingo and dachshund (by the way, let me use this opportunity to beg our Anglo-American friends to stop confusing themselves with the age old controversy whether it's "dashound", "dachson" or "dockson". It's either dackel or teckel. That's pronounced "duckle" and "tackle" for you. Two simple names that you can spell with ease. Please help me spread the truth about this beautiful breed of canine and call it by its proper name. And yes I am a proud owner).
  7. Jacob Nion

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    I don't want to make up any rumours, but there was this Beyond the brick video about their warehouse holding all the parts for the project. And it looked still very cramped.
  8. Jacob Nion

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    Thus far I find most arguments people bringing up very reasonable. Some may freak out, others say it's all fantastic and wonderful (which is a silly and naive point of view really), but the word I read the most is 'concerned'. @Exetrius thank you. I will make sure to rewrite my statement more eloquent and submit it to whatever TLG will offer for communication. As they stated they want to consult the community for opinion.
  9. I would say that it's mainly a standard ebay phrase somebody at some point started and now everyone uses, even if it's irrelevant. For furniture for example it's certainly an important point. And casual evay sellers are no expert Lego sellers. And so they adapted it.
  10. Jacob Nion

    Is the LEGO minifigure series made from ABS?

    I'm not sure to what you refer when saying ABS. ABS is just the shortening for the overly long name Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. And that's just the type of plastic used to produce Lego pieces. If you're asking because of variations in quality between bricks from various facilities, well that's just that: the ABS used in the Chinese factory seems to be a bit less awesome. But it is still ABS nonetheless. From my subjective point of view I would say that the quality did increase over the years. Partially at least. Some colours are a bit off still and some joints are loose. But overall it became better.
  11. Jacob Nion

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    Oh boy, I have a lot of thoughts about this. But for now I'll leave the whole economic aspect out as many others have already made valid points. What bothers me right now is that they try to make bricklink "relevant". I mean it is integral for us, but bricklink is not the heart of the community. The forums and blogs and channels are. Bricklink is the lungs that pump the ressources through the organism and enable us to create mocs. To me it appears that Lego is trying to assimilate the community. Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't there been a decrease in sponsored prizes from Lego for community run contests? Instead they hold building contests on ideas. Then the thing about LUG. And the same was happening on bricklink. Trying to be more than just the market place. All announcements state something about "great ambitions", "great plans" for the site and community. That's the usual business talk when a company intends to change a running system into something nobody wants or asked for. I guess many others can appreciate their efforts more than I do. But I prefer the communication and community life to be held on fan run sites instead of company owned ones. Lego can't be both the company and the community. That's just wrong. Communicate, yes. Support, appreciated. But don't try to own the infra structure fans have created. The Lego community is something beautiful that has grown naturally. With it's own structures and rules and traditions. And there's a difference between Lego community and Lego customer. Most consumers of Lego products are not inside this community. And while we are open minded and kind and welcome everyone, the individual person has to make some effort to come here. And you all know that because we all had this process. Coming out of the dark ages, search online, find forums and sources of information, learn the vocabulary and participate in activities. And that's wonderful. And without overestimating ourselves, but basically the value of the hard core of the fan base is not measureable in sales for TLG. We are all influencers, to use a modern term. Everyone who builds mocs, showing them online and on exhibitions adds to Lego's popularity. And how many actual set designers have derived from this community? TLG just needs to leave this organism intact. It would be for the better for both fans and Lego as a brand and company if they stood a bit away instead of intefering. Anyone read the statement from mr Christiansen himself? He was was very certain about telling us how awesome the community and bricklink are. Basically in his words everything is awesome. That left a bit of an aftertaste. I fear TLG wants to awesimilate all of us.
  12. Jacob Nion

    EB Xmas Build 2019

    This is sad. I hope it's not due to Lego not providing prizes anymore. I hope I'll be able to come up with something suitable, but I can't think of any other form of frozen water besides snow and ice right now.
  13. Jacob Nion

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    Allright, I counted 179 entries this year (even though a few pics don't seem to work). Given 6 winners per day for 24 days that makes for a chance of ~80%! Not bad. But regardless I really enjoyed seeing again some pretty hilarious entries! Good luck everyone and remember the true christmas spirit: it's not about winning but having fun with your bricks.
  14. Jacob Nion

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    Baron von Santa by Jacob Nion, auf Flickr Phew! As every year, I just managed to throw something together on the very last day. So here he is: Baron von Santa. Only the naughtiest kids get their gifts.
  15. Jacob Nion

    EB Xmas Raffle 2017 - Winners per day calendar

    Ahoy! I received my pirates today. Thank you so, so much! I really enjoy these figures.