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  1. UPDATE : 6th October 2017 The building instructions (PDF + partslist.xls) of my ITT are finally available! The rebrickable link is not valid yet (I'll do an update for that) but you can go to my website ( To help me a little to continue this passion, these instructions are paying (15 euros by paypal). Link to Rebrickable : My final MOC has 1154 pieces and has light f you want. I hope you enjoy! :) Keep on building! ----------------------------------------------- Hello from France Guys ! I'm Bricks Feeder and it's my first topic on Eurobricks! :) I show you my third version of my MOC of the ITT (Imperial Troop Transport) seen on the SW Rebels series. This MOC has the dimensions of the mining's scale with 1174 bricks. => Almost 21cm (L) x 10,5 cm (W) x 9cm (H) I'm trying to build a "cool" Interior of the cockpit. I'll continue to work on it. I am not satisfied yet ! I'll show you my advance and if I can, the real one! If you have some ideas or constructive criticisms, share with me please! I want to upgrade my skills! :) Enjoy and have a nice day! P.S. : If you have the time... Check my You Tube Channel! ;) My previous version can be seen in this video.
  2. [SoNE Ep. XVI] [Cat A.] The Sparrow

    I step into the hangar with captain Nik. "Well, here she is. The Sparrow. One of the fastest ships this side of Tatooine." I walk around to the front of the starfighter. "It's quite small." I remark. Nik smiles. "For what it lacks in size it make up for in speed." I walked around to the back of the ship, which housed a small engine. I climbed into the small cockpit to find a control array. "Here's the hyperdrive boost, the regulator, and the lasers." Nik went around showing different knobs and buttons. As I climbed back out, Nik looked off into the distance. "Make sure you take good care of her, Brick. I wish I could take here with me, but I'm being shipped out somewhere near Endor, and I can only take what I can put on my back." "Don't worry." I said. "She'll be waiting here for you when you get back. I promise." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This build was originally going to be a small freighter like my old ship, but I changed it up to the current model. BONUS PICS: Control Panel: Cockpit area without canopy: Hangar (I hastily threw this together in a few minutes to have somewhere to put the ship and figures) This should be counted as possible bonus points according to the rules. Please judge!
  3. I have been working on this since Rebels first came out, and I've seen a lot of really nice MOCs being built, mostly of the Phantom. But seeing so many talking about building a Ghost to match, I thought I'd show off what I have of mine so far. It is 134 studs long and 109 studs wide. The original intent was to have a full interior, I'm not 100% sure if that plan will make it through to the final design but we shall see. Currently the cockpit, main corridor, loading area, forward gun turret, Zeb&Ezra's room, Kanan's room and Sabine's room are fully fleshed out, I will probably do Hera's room since it was finally shown in season 2. I may upload those pictures in the future. But here is what I have for the exterior so far. I put in the official LEGO Ghost set for scale. Thoughts and opinions are welcome. I look forward to one day hopefully showing off the actualised model.
  4. I picked up a Phantom II set (75170) a couple of weeks ago for my 7 yr old son. I was immediately impressed with the figures adding key pieces to our collection, but the shuttle was severely lacking. Like usual, there was no room in the fuselage for any figures. Even the pilot barely fits...wth! So I gave it a go and chose to fix the issues. I wanted to start with a fresh piece so I could take my time and avoid my son asking for his toy every five minutes. Did some looking and found a shuttle, by itself, for $7.00. Grabbed it and got started the minute it arrived. The main idea was to add cargo and passenger room while connecting the rear of the hull with the cockpit, creating a walk through of sorts. I also wanted to maintain the exterior dimensions so we didn't lose the ability to dock with the Ghost. I wanted to keep the build simple and provide strength since it would still be played with. Like most ships, and sets for that matter, this shuttle was over-engineered. I can understand why, but it really was overkill for this application. Original set... Interior structure for top fin...
  5. [MOC] The Evacuation of Raada An Ahsoka Novel

    Hello all, hope you've had a good summer and September. After a two month hiatus I'm back with a new moc based off the Ahsoka novel form 2016
  6. [MDC] Little Phantom

    MDC is an abbreviation I made up for my digital creation Though I think that these are all existing colour (according to brickset ldd or both) so it could be built non-digitally. Little Phantom 1 by batalfie, on Flickr The Phantom is a modified VCX-series auxiliary starfighter that is used by the spectres of phoenix Squadron in missions against the galactic empire. Little Phantom 3 by batalfie, on Flickr My aim was to make a version of the phantom in a similar scale to that produced by Lego back in 2014 but with space for an interior and at least 3 minifigs. I have not entirely succeeded as using ldd only 2 figs can fit but in real life I am sure 3 or more could fit ,its just that positioning in LDD isn't exactly easy. The shape and proportions could also be better but I am happy with the current model, and maybe after a few modifications I will build it in the brick. Little Phantom 6 by batalfie, on Flickr Thanks for viewing.
  7. Hello from France Guys ! I'm Bricks Feeder and it's my first topic on Eurobricks! :) I show you my MOC of the TIE Advanced Prototype (aka The Sith Inquisitor's TIE) seen on the SW Rebels series. I will make some pictures of my advance in the future but for the moment, I give you some videos (of my YouTube Channel) of my prototype on LDD. This MOC is based on the original LEGO set 75082. The "wings" were directly inspired by this forum on Eurobricks ( I'm trying to build a "cool" Interior of the cockpit. For that point, I'm inspired by the awesome TIE Fighters short film. I'm trying to be "accurate" but it's difficult when you found pictures of a subject with different "shapes" or variations of shape between them. So I based my model on the first appearance of this fighter in the Rebels Show... I made a second version with some upgrades of the articulations of the "wings" to get it stronger. Moreover, I change all the back! I'll continue to work on it. I am not satisfied yet ! I'll show you my advance and if I can, the real one! If you have some ideas or constructive criticisms, share with me please! I want to upgrade my skills! :) Enjoy and have a nice day! P.S. : If you have the time... Check my You Tube Channel! ;)
  8. First up, I want to give a shout out to Jerac, Krispy and Renegade Clone for their fantastic MOC designs... especially Renegade Clone, whose A-Wing design this is based on. My goal with adapting Renegade Clones design was to provide a base platform that all the colour variants could readily be produced using only bricks, whilst achieving the proportions and angles of the SW Rebels source material. In reviewing these renders, one change I'll likely make is to replace the 4 1x1 round tiles (98138) on the aft thruster assembly with transparent bright-orange to match the main engines. When looking at source material, there were some variations not only in the colours for the main ship, but in the style of the wing mounted weapons, so I decided to get a little creative with those. Feedback and constructive criticisms welcomed.
  9. Hello Guys ! I show you my MOC of the Speeder Bike 614-AvA seen on the SW Rebels series. This MOC has closed dimensions of the minifig's scale (a little bigger) with 88 bricks. It's not perfect but better than the 75090 set I think. And next to my minifig's scale ITT (building instructions will come soon!) You can find my first tutorial to build it on my YouTube channel ! Link to Rebrickable : If you have some ideas or constructive criticisms, share with me please! I want to upgrade my skills! :) Enjoy and have a nice day! You can see my other topics : ITT : [MOC] ITT (Imperial Troop Transport) from SW Rebels TIE Advanced Prototype : [MOC] TIE Advanced Prototype (aka Inquisitor's TIE) from SW Rebels A-Wing (McQuarrie / SW Rebels Design) : [MOC] A-Wing (McQuarrie / SW Rebels Design) Batman's Batmech : [MOC] Batman's Batmech
  10. So I built this MOC of the A-Wing inspired by its snazzy blue colour scheme in Star Wars Rebels a while ago and it's sat on my shelf for a few weeks. I finally got around to finishing the back area of it although I'm not too pleased with how the engines turned out. Most of this was built from memory without comparing it constantly to reference pictures so I took a few "creative liberties" with the ship like with the guns on the sides. Also, I don't have any tiles in blue and didn't want to make any bricklink orders so I used bricks instead, hence why it doesn't feature the pointed tip the actual ship does (let's just say the rebels modified it). A Wing by R4canine, on Flickr A Wing by R4canine, on Flickr A Wing by R4canine, on Flickr A Wing by R4canine, on Flickr A Wing by R4canine, on Flickr A Wing by R4canine, on Flickr A Wing by R4canine, on Flickr This is my first post so if anything is wrong with formatting or something else please say! I've been browsing this forum for a few months now but never posted.
  11. [MOC] AT-DP from Star Wars Rebels

    I 'm planning on getting the Lego AT-DP set soon for the Agent Kallus minifig. Being an AFOL MOCer, though, I thought to myself: Why not build the vehicle right now? It's one of the three iconic 'Rebels'-specific vehicles in my eyes, alongside the Imperial Troop Transport and the Ghost. My aim was to build it as clean and accurate as possible. This meant to get the legs as thin as possible without compromising stability, which I think I succeeded in quite well. Here's the model: I didn't manage to add an opening hatch at the top, but made a hole that fits a minifig covered by a 2x4 tile that is not attached to any studs: The whole plating on the top of the cockpit area can bi hinged open to gain easy access to the interior which comfortably fits two drivers and is also built as clean as possible: I hope you like it. Constructive criticism and comments are welcome!
  12. Edit - Season 2 Phantom (thanks to ScottishDave's help) Star Wars REBELS - The Phantom by Goatman461 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Big thanks to ScottishDave for inspiring me to remake this ship, giving me some ideas to improve, and helping me along the way. He's a true credit to the forum. Check out my SoNE build, featuring the Phantom, here. I'm also going to keep this together for a while, so if you end up at a convention in Texas, keep an eye out for Chop. Original post/build - Phantom low angle by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Phantom back hatch by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Phantom side by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr I built this for a contest with the DFWLUG. It had to be Star Wars and on a 16x16 base. I chose to do a Rebels MOC because there are way to few out there and I thought it would be a good way to stand out. Hopefully my fellow LUG members follow the kids show, too. With the wings folded in, it just barely fits the 16x16 base. The three supports are not attached to the base; they just precariously sit on the SNOT'd top. The ship itself is minifigure scale with fold out seating for the pilot and 8 passengers. The interior is finished out, SNOT'd, and visible through a removable back hatch. The bottom should be white but I felt that the pictures allowed some leeway and I didn't have the white arches I would need to make the Ghost-Phantom access hatch. I also did not make the wings as smooth as I wanted because of the 16x16 size limit was already being tempted. Rebels Phantom 16x16 Base by goatman461, on Flickr The base is just a fun depiction of stormtroopers running in circles, Sabine ruining a perfectly good rooftop, Kanan facing off against the Inquisitor, and Zeb chasing down some bucket heads. I also wanted to add some Lothal-style greebling with a greebled Rebels "R" Thanks for looking. C&C appreciated. 5/12/15 Edit: New shots added
  13. Since I could not find any Star Wars REBELS MOCs in the MOC index, neither mine nor those of other MOCers, and since the MOC index has no category for MOCs based on the Star Wars REBELS animated series, I decided to collect all of my vehicles here in this thread for easy reference and document them with nicely edited photographs. This obviously means that I will update this thread regularly, since I continually build MOCs based on the show - from tiny speeder bikes to large transports. The GHOST This MOC is finished at last. This final version has been improved by building the outer edges in SNOT, which results in straight edges that perfectly define the basic shape of the ship and a cleaner, smoother look. Also, the proportions have been improved by elongating the hull between the dorsal gun turret and the PHANTOM's docking station by two studs and making the main engines as well as the fin a bit longer, too. The model is built at roughly half-minifig-scale, but fits minifigs in the cockpit and at the battle stations and also sports some other interior and play features. The PHANTOM can also be detached from the GHOST and has room for a minifig in the cockpit and another minifig or up to two cargo containers in the passenger/cargo area. The model is 62 studs long, 44 studs wide and 21 studs high. ***Will be updated with more pictures.*** ____________________________________________________________ Imperial Assault Carrier (Gozanti Class Cruiser) This MOC is finished and also includes a quite roomy interior. as with all my builds, it is very sturdy and can be picked up easily at the wings. As of now, the model has a retractable landing gear, but it is a little bit flimsy for the weight of the model and needs reinforcing when deployed. The model is built at roughly half-minifig-scale and is in scale to the GHOST. The model is 81 studs long, 40 studs wide and 20 studs high. ***Will be updated with more pictures.*** ____________________________________________________________ ***Pictures of other, smaller completed MOCs will follow.*** Enjoy!
  14. Hello from France Guys ! I'm Bricks Feeder and it's my third topic on Eurobricks! :) Today, I show you my MOC of the A-Wing using the design seen on the SW Rebels series and based on the Original A-Wing Concept of Mr. McQuarrie. I will make some pictures of my advance in the future but for the moment, I give you some videos (of my YouTube Channel) of my prototype on LDD. This MOC is based on the Jerac's A-Wing but I made a lot of change. For the moment, It's just a prototype on LDD. I tried to build a functional Landing gear. But I have to test the structure in real. I made Three version : Two A-Wing of the Phoenix Squadron (534 Bricks and 523 Bricks) and the A-Wing that Ezra used in the season 3 to go to Tatooine (523 Bricks). Although, These MOC need some stickers for the details. I take all advice if you have! :) You can see my other topics about SW : ITT : [MOC] ITT (Imperial Troop Transport) from SW Rebels TIE Advanced Prototype : [MOC] TIE Advanced Prototype (aka Inquisitor's TIE) from SW Rebels A-Wing (McQuarrie / SW Rebels Design) : [MOC] A-Wing (McQuarrie / SW Rebels Design) Batman's Batmech : [MOC] Batman's Batmech
  15. [MOC] Argus III: CR90 Corvette

    Since TheNerdyOne_ posted his first ships for his Rebel Fleet, I was inspired to build some capital rebel ships myself. The CR90 (a.k.a. Corellian Corvette or Blockade Runner) is propably my favorite rebel capital ship - its fast and pretty maneuverable for its size, heavily armed, easy to reconfigure for different tasks, and most importantly of all, it has interesting shapes as a model and a nice contrast between its elegant long shape and the massive engine array on the back. I initially started by building TheNerdyOne_'s Corvette according to his LDD files, but I quickly realized that this model could not be built with bricks without the application of glue. So, while his model still remained my inspiration, I set out to do what's most fun with LEGO: Come up with my very own build. The model is roughly the scale of TheNerdyOne_'s Corvette - it's slightly bigger - and built very differently to his model, so that I can now with confidence call it a MOC of my own. The core consists of alternating layers of bricks and two plates stacked in multiples with a footprint of 2x3 and 2x5 studs, with modified studs (one stud on the side) running along the middle. 1xX plates are connected to the studs that run along the sides of the core structure in the middle and make for a super-sturdy base with studs on the front, sides, and optionally on top and bottom where needed. Both the engine array and the display stand are connected deep into or with the core, which results in one of the most sturdy models I have ever build. The ship I built I have christened 'ARGUS III'. It's a ship attached to Phoenix Squadron which has been outfitted with a very powerful sensor array and the capability to mask its signature to some extend. The ARGUS III has been used on several occasions by FULCRUM (Ahsoka Tano) to spy on imperial facilities and intercept secret imperial transmissions - lastly near Mustafar. I hope you like the model, and I hope @TheNerdyOne_ likes it, too - your fleet is the inspiration for my own fleet, which will hopefully join the ARGUS III in time.
  16. OG Star Wars - Vader's Tie Fighter

    1st release of Darth Vader in LEGO form: Darth Vader's TIE Fighter in action, from Lego set 7150 Vader's Tie Fighter and Y-Wing.
  17. This is my entry in the Brickset Star Wars 'What's Missing?' building contest. 75213 Blade Wing Starfighter - £69.99, $79.99, €89.99 - Hera Syndulla, Garazeb Orrelios, Sabine Wren, Quarrie, BG-81 This set contains 704 parts. - Fly into battle aboard the prototype Blade Wing Starfighter! - Open the dual cockpits to seat the pilot and gunner inside. - Convert the Blade Wing from its landed configuration to flight mode. - Rotate the cockpits as the starfighter manoeuvres. - Fire the spring loaded shooters. - Includes Blade Wing Starfighter and five minifigures!
  18. "Let's go men!" We burst through the doors only to have Rod shot down. I dive behind a crate while the remainder of my squad scramble for cover. It's almost as if they expected us to be here. 2 human thugs and a cyborg were unleashing volleys of lasers in our direction. I shot one thug and he fell behind a crate. I jumped out and joined the rest of my troops as we pushed towards the door. The cyborg fell, hit by a laser bolt. We ran towards the last thug, and I hit him square in chest. He fell back and into a control panel, opening the other door into the palace. "Well, at least we don't have to hack into the panel now." We advanced through the door and into the palace halls.
  19. [MOC] Rebel U-wing from Rogue One

    I'm currently busy collecting minifigure parts for and assembling lots of new, original Star Wars characters for a slightly fanboyish and ambitioned continuation of a certain story, leading into new stories around favored characters and lots of new ones. We'll see where this will go, if anywhere... In the meantime, I assembled a new MOC of the Rebel U-wing featured in Rogue One. I like this ship because it presents a new, sturdy and easily recognizable shape among the already established rebel ships, and because I love the idea of a troop-transport with hyperspace capability, as befits the tactics employed by the rebels. I went for stability and sturdyness - as I like to do - and getting the shapes and proportions right. A sleek appearance also was a main goal, so as to underline the straight, sharp lines defining the design of this craft. I hope you like it: The cockpit section can be removed to access the pilot seat and the (smallish) troop compartment: The wings fold back and line up perfectly with the back section of the fuselage to which the engines are attached, leaving no gap in flight mode. When in flight mode, the wings snap into place via a ball joint-connection similar to the official set. When in landing mode, the inner side of each wing is firmly attached to the side of the front part of the fuselage via two studs: The doors to each side of the troop compartment slide open and close without leaving gaps: Enjoy, comment, nitpick, or just leave a reply.
  20. Hi all. I've begun a project to build a Minifigure scale Ghost from the show Star Wars Rebels, complete with interior. I've looked online to see if anyone else had attempted the same, but to my surprise I haven't found anything. The closest I've seen is the rather impressive half-Minifigure scale model built by a member of this forum. I'm in the process of organizing/sorting my collection, so build progress will probably be slow until that's complete. So far I've worked out two parts of the ship; the central corridor and the front gunning bubble. I have prototypes of each built in person with mishmash colors, so I remade them in LDD and rendered some images with BlueRender. The front gunner station is the first part I worked out. Sadly, the very piece that inspired this entire build isn't included. The front bubble is supposed to be made of two construct-a-buzz outer shells that plug into the front pegs. The result is an 8x9 dome that perfectly recreates the slightly oblate bubble of the gunner station. I might upload an image of my miscolored mockup later to show how the attached dome looks. Here's the central corridor. In the show, the four doors lead to the ship's lounge, two airlocks, and an elongated corridor that leads to the cockpit. The ladder leads up to the top turret. You may notice that there are gaps in the angled corners. unfortunately, the 1x6 plated that would normally fill the gap is too tight a fit for LDD. The ladder is not yet connected to the room, and as of right now the connection will likely be higher up towards the turret. Thanks for taking a look, I hope you guys like what I've got so far

    I am currently working on a Ghost MOC from Star Wars Rebels. I'm basing the design of DarthTwoShedsJackson's Ghost. I really dislike the original Lego set because its too small and has no interior. I'm making it UCS scaled and it would really help if anyone could give me some advice.

    I am currently working on a Ghost MOC from Star Wars Rebels. I'm basing the design of DarthTwoShedsJackson's Ghost. I really dislike the original Lego set because its too small and has no interior. I'm making it UCS scaled and it would really help if anyone could give me some advice.
  23. [MOC] Nebulon-b Escort Frigate V4

    this is the update page for my beautiful moc of the rebel Nebulon- b Escort Frigate Go here for a parts list: I added the red details, fixed the stand, and changed the back to make it look more like the real deal, as you can see here: Version 3: Version 2 Version 1 The original topic is here:
  24. [MOC] Nebulon-b Escort Frigate

    This is the long worked on Lego Nebulon-b Escort Frigate. I started building this one day a month ago when I was looking for something challenging to build. I did a quick google on rebel ships, and decided to do this one. I saw another, way bigger version of this on eurobricks, and I used that as a little reference, too. The ship is very sturdy, and the way it is built is very cool. Here's an overview picture and I will go into more detail in other pictures. (Just so you know this isn't the Redemtion, that's why the pods are different colors) (It is swooshable, and I intend on making an instruction manual for you guys). This is just the over all pic of it. This is a view of the front. As you can see it's pretty detailed Here is the bottom fin part of the ship. I really like the detail with the hinged pecies. This part is cool. It's not to thick, short long or skinny. I really like it. This is a view of the front of the back where the engines are. These are the engines🙃This view of the ship is great! (IDK why these pictures are so small) This is the custom printed info plaque as you can see, the stand can come off the baseplate, and still be sturdy and a final overview of the moc. Hope you enjoyed! Also check out my YouTube at AWproductions (Put lego at the end of your search)
  25. Hey everyone, Was just browsing the board and noticed @Forresto asking about Rebels style Tie Fighters, so I pulled up the ones I designed a little while back that I hadn't posted yet. I haven't had time to build them in real bricks yet, but once I get some free time I'll probably give it a go. First up in the Standard Rebels Tie Fighter; I combined multiple techniques from different builders from here and on Flickr to get the ball as round as possible, I can't remember who right now, but if I remember I will try to add names. Changing the wing size from the standard was a bit of a pain but this seams to hold together. Next is my version of the Inquisitor's Tie Advanced Prototype; The wings were also a pain to build on this one, I tried to keep them as thin as possible, which unfortunately means they aren't the strongest design, but they will work for now. Hope you all enjoy, I realise tie fighters are a dime a dozen, but I tried to go in a different direction with my design to better fit the Rebels aesthetic.