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Found 33 results

  1. Gumbinger


    I LOVED building Jerac's A-wing so much that decided to give a go at the Resistance RZ-2 A-Wing. I chose dark blue, because a few crucial pieces were not made in the regular blue color, and I still feel it works. I tried to be as accurate as possible, while sticking to mini-fig scale, without using stickers. No real play features, as I was going for accuracy, but it's durable and swooshable. I'm really pleased with how the "humps" on the hood, and the red lines, or "call-sign" on the wing turned out. As you can see in the pictures you can change the number of red lines to your liking - and they fit snuggly and wont fall out. Let me know what you think! RZ-2 A-WING by M G, on Flickr RZ-2 A-WING by M G, on Flickr RZ-2 A-WING by M G, on Flickr RZ-2 A-WING by M G, on Flickr RZ-2 A-WING by M G, on Flickr RZ-2 A-WING by M G, on Flickr RZ-2 A-WING by M G, on Flickr RZ-2 A-WING by M G, on Flickr RZ-2 A-WING by M G, on Flickr RZ-2 A-WING by M G, on Flickr
  2. Jerac

    A wing of A-Wings

    Hello everybody! I am a fan of many Star Wars spaceship designs, and while most of them I consider to be "among my favourite", the classic movie A-Wing permanently occupies the top of the list. This caused me to build this little ship many times in my life, basically since I was able to assemble two bricks together. This build I am showing today is currently the end of the line for plenty of iterations, most importantly the one from 2008 some people here know: I still like how it looks, even after all these years, but this build had plenty of issues. First, it was fragile: even on the photo you can see it has stickers wrapped around its wedge. They were needed, as the interior consisted of a mess of flex tubing, minifig arms and similar pieces arranged in a way to hold the cones in exactly proper angle. Which, actually, did not work, so I taped the sides to make "missile launchers". The ship also uses some rare pieces, for example the 30x20 wheels coming from one single set released in 1978 or something, there are no landing gear, I didn't like the front wedge notch being in different angle, and on top of that, I messed up with proportions in some areas. 10 years later, working with BrickVault on instructions, topic of renewing the A-Wing was sure to return, and it did. I hoped it would be a simple renewal of an old concept, but it ended up being totally redone inside, so it still looks like 2008 one, but this time it can be safely picked up. It also has proper missile launchers, even if a bit too far back compared to the original, and foldable landing gear I am really happy with, as it folds seamlessly. Most of the issues with proportions and overall "cleanliness" were also fixed. Surely this is not an ultimate A-Wing but I worked pretty hard to make it as close as possible to such one. Having the movie ship done was not the end of the story, though, as BrickVault guys really wanted the Rebels' show ships, too. Originally they were supposed to be recolors and not much more, but it looked wrong. Rebels' designs are notorious for making odd alterations to classic designs, and a recolor of base RZ-1 just did not look good enough. So there we go, I though, let's make these few little adjustments to make the Rebels' ship. Few little adjustments are: - move the engines a plate or two toward the bottom, because they are not centered horizontally like they are in RZ-1 - remove the notch in front wedge and add that few details required in various colour variants - make the engines shorter and add the little notches they have around in front and back, while still having similar dimater to the original RZ-1 engines - make different "center thruster" housing - make rear body shorter - make stabilizers smaller overall and wrap up behind engines - change the fuselage assembly behind the cockpit - update the cannon design ended up being half of the ship redone, eh, but I believe it was worth it! The ships are done in several variants: Instructions for this design are available at, and a little summary and showcase of some features is available here: Thanks for watching and tell me what you think!
  3. update 2013-07-30 I've finally managed to brick build it! I've included some studio shots below. Also there's a little pointer on getting the angle of the cones to work. Finally, I've also updated the model file, as I found some errors in the 1.2 version. ---------------- I've been taking a break from building, but there was one model I haven't yet posted. I was going to do a topic after I brick-build it, but seeing as that might take awhile, I've decided to post the model file anyway. Also someone has already brick built it using my model file; I'm fairly confident that this model will work in real bricks. Disclaimer Like the B-Wing, most of the modeling was done by others, mainly Jerac and Scott34567. I've merely modified the base model to take full advantage of the parts from TLG's #75003 A-Wing model. Also some optimizations were made. So, without further ado: here she is! Studio shot 1 by Krispy's brick stuff, on Flickr Studio shot 2 by Krispy's brick stuff, on Flickr Jerac/Scott A-wing - v1.2 by Krispy's brick stuff, on Flickr Jerac/Scott A-wing - v1.2: Lego®-Vision by Krispy's brick stuff, on Flickr You can find the LDD model file here: v1.4 Building tip: inserting a pneumatic T between the cones and the round brick helps the side to keep its shape. How to angle the cones by Krispy's brick stuff, on Flickr Happy building!
  4. See the rest of the story:Season 1Season 2Season 3Fleshing Out the ProblemBothan Data HubParting WaysSurrender Would Have Been An OptionTo Catch a Thief Imperial Detention Center Jail Time (yet to be built) OoC: So I didn't get time to build my Jail MOC before the contest deadline. I have the build planned and the story ready, but you'll have to wait to find out how my character escapes! Coruscant didn't seem like the smartest place for a ship full of Rebels to be flying to, but MKJoshA wasn't the one in charge now. The quarters were cramped with so many of them aboard the modified police gun-ship. But at least they weren't prisoners any more. As they entered the planet's atmosphere, the pilot yelled, "You all have to see this! Looks like we're too late to help the Alliance take out Xizor. The fight has already begun!" He opened the bay doors... ... right as one of Xizor's Star Vipers flew past! More pictures of the Star Viper: It was heading into space, towards the skyhook, and it was being chased by a Rebel Alliance A-Wing. "Rebel ship, this is Blue Squadron. You're in a battle zone. Clear these air traffic lanes unless you want to get shot at." Our ship vectored off into a safer part of the atmosphere while Blue Squadron chased down a swam of Star Vipers. They made a significant difference in the battle.
  5. Midlife-crisis

    MOC / WIP A-Wing mid size

    I was tempted to bricklink Anios UCS A-Wing, but somehow it was a bit too tall for my needs. So i started to build a smaller version - It´s 37 studs long. It´s the first version i dare to show, but there is much work left especially with the tails, rebuilding the cannons as the distance between them is too big, and maybe a snot version of the nose. Part count: 574 Merry Christmas everyone.
  6. Hey there! Have not really been online much, but thought to go ahead and post stuff that I have been building so far. At one point, I was planning on building a Pirate/oriental port with wooden walls and docks for my ships... then got lazy and added a laser turret atop one of the buildings and turn it to a place for most of my ships to park. Then I obtained what I thought was a 75192 Millennium Falcon to go with my 10179 Falcon. Sadly I was dupped and it is from a group called Star Plan (Or might as well be Lepin). But.... I decided to still go with it, and maybe turn it to another YT-1300 variant down the road when I finish the stockish set. Possibly add more of a interior. There are some points in the build where the instructions tell you to put the bricks one way... but the moldings won't physically allow it to work. So I am forced to go my own way on some points. Along with my YT-1300 collection I got my A-wings and V-wings and other ships. Down the road I might go to try building an actual star port for all of them... and maybe mix in the oriental buildings into the setting as much as I can lol. But yea... hope you enjoy the following pictures. The A-wings V-wings and other ships. The "real" Lego MFs. My first YT variant next to the origional MF set. A simple mirror swap and re situating the dish. Then a change of the interior. Unfortunately no pictures of the inside... No for that clone... unfortunately it all came in one box. Was a big thing just to organize it all... then there was the dang stickers. I have since went to ebay to buy better ones. Sigh... Didn't get it from ebay... but still ended up with this... yes I could complain and return... but got bricks that work with my own and a means to build a YT variant. Will have to say that Old Man Han looks good. Leia's costume is good... and Chewie is nicely painted. Droids are ok... main characters look very funky... And apparently I don't have a freighter but a frerghter... one of the many reasons why I replaced the stickers. The build. Was testing if the bags were labeled right... so one of the first things I built was the cockpit. Where I left it at. Sad part is I don't have a close-up... but when I get home I'll do that. Went the custom route on the mandible details as I plan to change it up later anyways. Hope you enjoyed them. I am away from home so can't finish it right now... last picture is where it sits and I got tired of Legos mixing up in other bags. So I poured all them together and put them in the white box the fake MF is sitting on.
  7. gcanik

    A-Wing [MOC]

    This is my version of the iconic Rebel Alliance A-Wing as seen in Return of the Jedi. I have all the official Lego versions but have never been happy with their overall design of such an iconic ship (though the figure selection with each set has been outstanding). I went for a more "beat-up" sort of "used", "it's been a few fights" sort of color scheme, swapping out some of the white plates for a variety of colors to give her the idea that the Rebel Techs have had to scrounge for parts to keep her flying. For display purposes I had to use my display stand I built for my TIE Interceptor as my A-Wing is heavy and not balanced (she's rear heavy). I also wanted to finish this MOC up before The Last Jedi comes out as there are versions of the A-Wing in that movie as well which ultimately means I'll be building another A-Wing MOC at some point once more reference material is obtained. I'm not totally satisfied with the landing gear arrangement, so at some point I'm going to redesign how the skids are attached/deployed to the underside. Comments as always are welcome. A-Wing by gcanik, on Flickr A-Wing by gcanik, on Flickr A-Wing by gcanik, on Flickr A-Wing by gcanik, on Flickr
  8. First up, I want to give a shout out to Jerac, Krispy and Renegade Clone for their fantastic MOC designs... especially Renegade Clone, whose A-Wing design this is based on. My goal with adapting Renegade Clones design was to provide a base platform that all the colour variants could readily be produced using only bricks, whilst achieving the proportions and angles of the SW Rebels source material. In reviewing these renders, one change I'll likely make is to replace the 4 1x1 round tiles (98138) on the aft thruster assembly with transparent bright-orange to match the main engines. When looking at source material, there were some variations not only in the colours for the main ship, but in the style of the wing mounted weapons, so I decided to get a little creative with those. Feedback and constructive criticisms welcomed.
  9. Hello from France Guys ! I'm Bricks Feeder and it's my third topic on Eurobricks! :) Today, I show you my MOC of the A-Wing using the design seen on the SW Rebels series and based on the Original A-Wing Concept of Mr. McQuarrie. I will make some pictures of my advance in the future but for the moment, I give you some videos (of my YouTube Channel) of my prototype on LDD. This MOC is based on the Jerac's A-Wing but I made a lot of change. For the moment, It's just a prototype on LDD. I tried to build a functional Landing gear. But I have to test the structure in real. I made Three version : Two A-Wing of the Phoenix Squadron (534 Bricks and 523 Bricks) and the A-Wing that Ezra used in the season 3 to go to Tatooine (523 Bricks). Although, These MOC need some stickers for the details. I take all advice if you have! :) You can see my other topics about SW : ITT : [MOC] ITT (Imperial Troop Transport) from SW Rebels TIE Advanced Prototype : [MOC] TIE Advanced Prototype (aka Inquisitor's TIE) from SW Rebels A-Wing (McQuarrie / SW Rebels Design) : [MOC] A-Wing (McQuarrie / SW Rebels Design) Batman's Batmech : [MOC] Batman's Batmech
  10. BrickMonkeyMOCs

    Modified 75175 A-Wing

    I was impressed enough by the new 75175 A-Wing set enough to buy it, but there are several flaws that can be addressed resulting in a much improved model. One aesthetic issue that stood out even from the earliest released images is the stepped transition of the curved slopes on the top of the hull. And while I really like the new fin parts and the attempt to angle them inwards, the official set's solution results in too much angle, a flimsy connection, and rather odd-looking brick-built engines. The landing gear is also less than ideal, with rear struts that don't fully retract and a front strut mounted higher than the rear, resulting in the model sitting very nose-down when landed. So I've addressed all of these points and included a few extra improvements to produce the version below. Features: Removed slope transition on top hull Brick-built engines replaced with cylinder bricks Engines/fins connected securely at corrected angle Fully retractable rear landing gear Front landing gear lowers to same height as rear Wider mounting of laser cannons Engine detail included under rear cover FREE LDraw instructions HERE.
  11. After playing the good old X-wing and Tie fighter series of videogames in my rare spare time lately, I had the urge to build my favorite tag-team of the Rebel Alliance: The Y-wing to deliver a huge punch to large targets, and the A-wing to clear the path for the Y-wing towards the target. I already had a good base to start with for the A-wing with my McQuarrie A-wing prototype, but I improved and modified the build once more. First of all, I made the sides smoother and the angle of the sides more accurate by getting rid of the slope bricks, and using a straight assembly of tiles mounted on a hinge instead. Here I also applied a sticker - something I normally don't do - but in this case it looks much better with the long dark sticker on the front two thirds of the sides to represent the dark gap in the fuselage for the torpedo- or missile-launchers. Also, it's an official sticker from Lego originally used for the canopy of an older A-wing set. I also made the fuselage in front of the engines one stud shorter, and the part of the fuselage in-between the engines one stud longer - both of which required a re-engineering of the internal structure, mainly for sturdiness. I also brick-built the engines differently to the official set in the recent wave, and also made them one stud longer. This gave me the right proportions compared to the studio model used in Return of the Jedi. The engines are also angled less than those of the McQuarrie prototype-version in order to give the fins the correct angle. With the Y-wing I basically had to start from scratch, which initially required some sketch-building mainly to get a grasp of the correct proportions of the engines and the cockpit sections and to get the size correct for minifig scale. As with the A-wing, I also wanted to SNOT-built it with studs-up in all 6 directions, and give it accurate greebling and detail as much as possible. I quickly realized that it was important to get the contrast between the smooth elegant cockpit and front sections of the engines and the cluttered, mechanical fuselage right. I also aimed for retractable landing gear, so that I can display it in landed mode or flight mode along with my A-wing. What can I say? I'm pretty happy with how both have turned out, and building the Y-wing with all the greebling was lots of fun. Both are sturdy - something which was particularly important with the Y-wing because the engines are heavy, as is the rest of the model, which is why the flat wide struts that connect the engines to the fuselage have their core built right into the inner structure of the engines and the fuselage, resulting in a very solid connection which prevents the struts from bending at all under all the weight - neither in landed nor in flight mode - and the engines not wobbling at all. Feel free to comment, and tell me what you think. Happy building!
  12. Gumbinger

    [MOD] A-Wing 75175

    Love the new Lego A-Wing, but I thought it was a little too narrow and wanted to fix a couple of things that bugged me. Mainly the overall shape and the engine angle.. I made it 2 studs wider, added some details to the front end, and adjusted the engine angles (also made them stationary). I'm not a big fan of the missiles, so I took them out and added some better landing gear. Overall, Im real happy the way it turned out! IMG_5810 by M G, on Flickr IMG_5814 by M G, on Flickr IMG_5815 by M G, on Flickr IMG_5811 by M G, on Flickr IMG_5808 by M G, on Flickr IMG_5809 by M G, on Flickr IMG_5812 by M G, on Flickr IMG_5813 by M G, on Flickr IMG_5807 by M G, on Flickr
  13. Today I will be comparing 75003 A-wing Starfighter (2013 version) with 75175 A-wing Starfighter (2017 version). First, here are the descriptions. 75003: 75715: I will be comparing them in aspect by aspect. Playability: 75003: 4x Flick-fire missiles, Opening cockpit, 1x landing gear 75175: 2x Spring-loaded shooters, 2x rotating cannons, Opening cockpit, 3x Landing gear, Rebel Maintenance service cart with detachable accessories and ladder. While 75003 does have firing weapons and basic ship equipment (like opening cockpits and landing gear), 75175 definitely has much more, including well-integrated spring-loaded shooters. Winner: 75175 Accuracy: 75175 is definitely more accurate than 75003 (one of the pros of newer sets), as the rear flaps are definitely thinner, using a new molded piece, as opposed to 75003's brick built ones. Also, 75175's engines are more accurate when compared to 75003's. The only portion that 75003 is more accurate than 75175 is that the greebling in between the engines is more realistic to the movie than 75175, as 75003's greebling is completely grey, while 75175 has some yellow highlights. Winner: 75175 Value Many have criticized 75175 for being similar in size to 75003, yet costing £20 more. However, believe it or not, closer inspection yields the opposite. 75175 has 358 pieces and costs £44.99, amounting to 12.6 cents per piece. 75003 has 177 pieces and costs £24.99, amounting to 14.1 cents per piece. However, due to the fact that the size of the ships are so similar, and 75175 only comes with a small rebel maintenance cart to try to justify the value, I consider 75003 the winner in this aspect. Winner: 75003 Minifigures 75003 has an A-wing pilot dressed in dark green, Han Solo who only otherwise appears in Ewok Village, and Admiral Ackbar who only appears otherwise in 2009's Home One. 75175 has an A-wing pilot dressed in normal green, Lando Calrissian who is exclusive, and a generic Rebel Technician who is also exclusive. While 75175 has all-exclusive minifigures and a new Lando Calrissian, 75003 has two named characters (Han and Ackbar) as opposed to 75175's one (Lando) and thus, 75003 takes the cake. Winner: 75003 Displayability: Overall, 75175 has better displayability than 75003. This is due to the fact that it is more accurate, and the shooters are better integrated in 75175 (under the front portion) than in 75003 (used instead of guns). Also, the little rebel maintenance cart helps to finish off a little display scene. Winner: 75175 Time to tally scores! Playability: 75175 Accuracy: 75175 Value: 75003 Minifigures: 75003 Displayability: 75175 Overall winner: 75175 Hope you enjoyed this comparison! VaderFan2187
  14. Taking a few critical looks at my original A-wing MOC, I decided that a few important improvements were in order to get the shapes and proportions right. So I spent a few hours during the past few weeks to revisit the built, and a lot has changed - quite a lot, especially with the internal frame and the way this model is built. The changes were neccessary to accomodate the more correct outer shape, and to retain the sturdiness of the original MOC. Now Ahsoka's ride was finally finished, and after a few intelligence missions into imperial territory and a daring escape, Ahsoka asked Chopper to check her A-wing for imperial transmitters in an abandoned facility from the Clone Wars before returning to Phoenix Squadron. "What have you done, Chopper?! When I told you to take this thing apart to check for transmitters, I meant it figuratively, not literally!" "Badoop, ba ba. Arrrrrh!" "Ach, okay. Now let's check these sub-assemblies, and then help me put this thing back together, understood?" "Woop, woop!" If anyone would like to create an lxf-file - be my guest! Enjoy and have fun!
  15. Vyngard

    (MOC) A-Wing fighter

    When I was young I spended whole days on playing with my lego's. I had boxes full of them: town, star wars, technic, adventurers,... One year ago I rolled back into the hobby and buyed Some sets and started collecting. I focus on the LEGO Star Wars now. I love the Star Wars Rebels series and I started building my own A-wing Starfighter. Found some inspiration on this forum and the web. Here it is, but keep in mind, it isn't done yet.
  16. Hello Eurobricks Star Wars community! I'm ChromeBricks from Instagram, and this is my first post on this forum, although I've been following it for quite some time. I would like to present to you a quick model I came up with a few days ago, a hybrid between an interceptor and a bomber like craft, but this is not final, of course. Some could even consider it kinda crappy, I sorta do. This would be primarily used for massive ground devastation or capital ship disabling. The advantage in this case of hybrid ship would offer high maneuverability in flight to evade enemy fire (both ground and airborne) and protect the payload and high speeds to attack enemy fighters and achieve long range bombing runs when in formation. This ship is pretty similar in some aspects to the RZ-1 A-Wing starfighter used by the Rebel Alliance, as it is light, hyperspace-capable, and has high agility, maneuverability and speed. Minor note: the 1x6 DBG plate on each side of the craft are intended to represent blaster cannons. But I have to admit, they barely serve that purpose. The fighter also features an astromech droid socket to assist the pilot in navigation. Behind the socket, there is a hyperdrive unit that enables the craft to travel at FTL speed while in hyperspace. Here's a view with the canopy open. As you can see, no controls yet, but those eventually might be added. Here's the rear portion of the fighter, where the hyperdrive would be installed, although there's still no indication of it. The round 2x2 plates the engine's exhaust nozzles. The DBG 1x4 behind the pilot's head is used to store any pistols that he may use, as shown here. Here is the undercarriage of the fighter. The stacks of 2x2 round bricks and a nose cone is are the bombs themselves. The round 4x4 is intended to be some sort of docking port, and the 1x2 plate with clips is kinda intended to be a torpedo launcher, although that would be small for an actual one. The vehicle does still look respectable without the bombs on, even though they are large compared to the craft itself. Lastly, here's a (blurry) pic of the pilot (Ten Numb) and the astromech droid (R5-D4) next to the vehicle. To finish things off, here a list of what I intend to add to this (partially lacking) spacecraft: 1. More detail and a more defined color scheme 2. New cannons 3. Better bombs 4. Maybe retractable landing gear? 5. Better engines 6. More greebling, for sure. And more importantly: 7. A NAME FOR CRYING OUT LOUD Because no ship is a ship without a name, am I right? I'm open to suggestions for anything, since I'm new to this community. Thank you for your attention, and may the Force be with you.
  17. Hi. Here's some photos of my work in progress at the moment, the RZ-1 A-wing. This is drawing deeply from the models of Jerac and others. I'll add more to this post shortly. flickr album link: First stage Optimised stabiliser design, completed greebles on the rear, cannon added, experimenting with solutions for the front taper, other minor changes Let me know what you think below or on the flickr comments ! (:
  18. DarthTwoShedsJackson

    [MOC] Ahsoka's A-wing

    It's been a while. Recently, when I re-watched REBELS season 2, it occured to me that a) the A-wing has always been my favourite starfighter back in the days of X-wing vs TIE fighter, b) Ahsoka has been my favourite Star Wars character for some years now, and c) in season 2 my favourite Star Wars character is shown to fly my favourite Star Wars starfighter! What better excuse is there to have a go at a MOC of the REBELS-version of the A-wing, and to build it with the livery of the particular ship Ahsoka is flying in the episode which culminates in her kicking two Inquisitor-butts? This little model initially started as a MOD of the A-wing from set 75150, but as I went along, I started to ditch everything regarding the build of the fuselage and built it from scratch. The clever shooting-mechanism of the original model from the set went first in favour of mirroring the upper half of the front section of the fuselage to the bottom half, and including a retractable front landing gear. The goal was the flat and sleek profile from the show while retaining stability and using legal building technigues, as I prefer with all my MOCs. Also, using detailed renders from the finished show concepts, I set out to brick-build the livery as accurately as possible instead of resorting to stickers. In accordance with the final concept renders, I also fixed the rear part of the fuselage, especially closing the gaps between the engines and the fuselage, thereby incorporting the engines partially into the rear fuselage, as with the model from the show. Last but not least, the cockpit-interior has received much needed detail, and even more importantly, has been build with enough headroom and space behind the pilot to allow for the upcoming adult minifig-version of REBELS' Ahsoka to fit into the cockpit. Nothing fancy, but sturdy, sleek, with much less exposed studs and brick-built livery. Here's the finished, improved, completely SNOTted model:
  19. Hi everyone! After DarthTwoShedsJackson postet his wonderful A-Wing Starfighter a few weeks ago, I felt the need to build my own. As you will see my design is heavily inspired by his build but I tried adding my own touch to the model. I started of with a great piece of concept art of an A-Wing crashed on Jakku (probably) that I really liked. It was quite close to the original McQuarrie design like the A-Wings from Star Wars Rebels. Thanks to Inthert for finding the picture for me, you can find it HERE. So, without further ado, let's look at some pictures and I'll tell you some more about the specifics of the model: I tried making this model as smooth and studless as possible as it really adds to the feeling of the A-Wing in my opinion. And those of you that know my work know that I really don't mind having visible studs. ;) Especially back here the influence of DarthTwoShedsJackson becomes obvious. The engines I more or less stole from his model (hope you don't mind, Darth ;) ) but I changed the back of the cockpit as I wanted to add some more detail and make it a bit less bulky. You might notice that my model is one stud wider in the middle than most Lego A-Wings. I felt that represented the proportions more accurately and also made centering the forward landing gear a lot easier. And that is the thing I really don't like on my version yet. The landing strut is as bad as TLG's are and I will definitly go back and fix that! And finally, every ship needs a pilot! And I don't like using a faceless, characterless Rebel pilot for my models. That's why I put together this character. She doesn't have a name yet but the first fighter she flew was my T-70 X-Wing a few months ago and I am planning on using her for more of my models. I have a rough backstory for her in the back of my head and I might get around to writing it down properly and maybe even build something nice to go with it. Anyway, I hope you like my A-Wing Starfighter and if you do (or don't) please leave a comment below. I love hearing your opinion on my work and even if you don't like it, constructive criticism is just as good as praise! :)
  20. I think this may be my first real post in this forum, so hello everyone, I'm Brian, aka Bootz. I've recently started seriously collecting SW sets again after a long while of favoring my modular buildings and City sets for my town layout. Last week I purchased the 75082 TIE Advanced prototype with the intention of turning it into an Interceptor (plus I wanted the figs). Since I was snowed in last night, I took it as an opportunity to build the Interceptor I've always wanted but TLG hasn't made in forever. The cockpit is essentially unchanged from the official set, of course I deleted the "Advanced" body to strip it down to just an eyeball, but otherwise I left the design as is. The wings make use of several FO TIE and T-70 polybags that now I don't feel so stupid for buying so many of. The overall shape is as close to the real thing as I wanted to get. They're a tad too long towards the rear but I feel that they look right. The hinges are the same as the Advanced prototype, so there's no chance of them supporting the weight of the model without collapsing, hence the makeshift stand. They do however "click" into place when extended like you see here, and they stay in position while swooshing. With all my builds I aim to retain swooshability and this model is exceptional in that regard. I also kept the missile launchers of the official set with the rotating back of the cockpit as the firing mechanism. It doesn't look great from behind but it's fun to shoot things and the mechanism is very slick to use. My A-wing started as mostly a recolor of the green RZ-1 from the Mon Calamari Cruiser set, but by the time I was done I realize it looked more like the Ralph McQuarrie inspired A-wings seen in Rebels. I'm very pleased with the overall shape, I wanted to capture the rounded hull as best I could while sticking close to the official models and average building techniques. The engines aren't quite accurate, but I instantly loved the way those round pieces looked there.
  21. My latest Star Wars MOC from Star Wars: Rebels - the RZ-1 A-Wing Interceptor as flown by the Phoenix Squadron. Phoenix Squadron had several different paint jobs on their fighters so I just picked one and went w/ that build. Alas after this build, I'm now tempted to build some of the others in different blue/grey combinations. More photos can be found in my flickr album
  22. Hello, everyone. I have another MOC to present you today. This one is based off of the A-Wing Starfighter as seen in Star Wars: Rebels season 2. It's based on the 2013 A-Wing model, but with many changes made in order to closer match the starfighter as seen on television. Playfeatures include retractable landing gear, opening cockpit window, and hidden storage compartments. Minifigures include Commander Sato, Ahsoka Tano, and an A-Wing pilot. This set rests at 213 pieces. Any comments, criticisms, or thoughts are welcome and encouraged! I've included the .lxf file for those who would like to fiddle with the design themselves. More pictures as well as another download for the .lxf file can be found here: (Note: folder may be private until approved) A-Wing Starfighter.lxf
  23. See the rest of the story: Season 1 Season 2 Junker's Fee Welcome to Fondor Fondor City Nightlife Many Bothans Died... Well At Least One Fixing to Clear the Mind Thermal Detonator Pot-Pie Focus Torturous Trial The Escape The Calamity Star Hyperdrive Repairs MKJoshA and Kale wandered the halls of the Redemption. They had been introduced to other members of the Alliance, Wick Nole, Monty Python, Zaael, and Vedawoo to name a few. Josh had helped the Alliance as an intel office for many months, but had never been aboard the Redemption. He was struck by how many people here seemed happy. It was a huge difference compared to what he was used to seeing on Empire controlled planets. They entered the hanger where everyone who was going to board the Suprosa were gathering to enter the drop ship. He was struck with the need to say something. He looked around and noticed an unused ladder and climbed up it. “Can I have your attention!” Josh shouted. A couple heads turned toward him. “Can I have your attention please!” He shouted again. This time people stopped what they were doing and gathered around him. “We are all about to board a ship, not knowing whether we will come back. Why are we doing this? Why are we risking our lives to try to stop the Empire?” Those listening started to look at each other wondering where this was going. But Josh continued, “We go because we believe there is a better life than that under the Empire! The Emperor has shown he’s not afraid to hurt those who have been entrusted to his care. There is no thought to what his people need, only to what will bring him more power! Those who serve him may think they are doing the right thing, but all they are doing is furthering injustice! We need rules, we need order, we need a leader; but we don’t need tyranny! We need a government who puts the needs of its beings ahead of any other goal. So let’s go over there and show the Empire that we won’t sit still while they take away our freedom, and the freedom of beings everywhere!” The whole hanger erupted in applause. Josh felt that he had finally found purpose in what he was doing. He was part of the Rebel Alliance to get away from corrupt government officials. He was a part of the Alliance to help others get away from under the yoke of tyranny. “Now,” Josh continued after the applause died down, “Vedawoo, we’ll need you to pilot the ship to get us all over there. Monty Python, you will need to set off a bomb to help clear our way into the right corridors. Wick Nole, clear the corridors of any enemy troops and see if you can hack into the Suprosa’s computers. Zaael, as soon as you can, break away and go after the computer core. As soon as you’ve retrieved it we’ll all meet back in the hanger and get back to the Redemption!” With more bustle and commotion, the Rebels were on their way.
  24. AYB 10, is the Hal Datta clan's classification of ugly made up of two B-Wing airfoils attached to a Y-wing cockpit by a TIE frame, and powered by a dangerously overclocked A-wing fusion reactor. The reactor feeds two relatively underpowered ion engines, upgraded from stock TIE fighter engines. The majority of the power goes to exciting the tibanna gas held in the tip-tanks, which consequently lets out an incredibly powerful blaster bolt that can penetrate every grade of armor up to that found on AT-ATs. In addition to that, it has twin proton torpedo launchers in the nose, and two high-intensity rapid lasers in the wingtips. The AYB 10s are only sent into battle when accompanied by either airspeeders or YB-3030s, depending on whether or not the battle is in-atmosphere. This particular AYB 10 belongs to a skilled Duro pilot by the name of Gleska, meaning "free-spirited sky". She lives up to that name by being the top AYB pilot in the entire Hal Datta fleet. More images>>>
  25. Seltz

    AY-L4M40 "Jacknife" Ugly

    Sold as a TYE-Wing from a Sullustan to a Duro member of the Hal Datta clan, this ship has been modified so much not even the frame is untouched. The Hal Datta clan of the planet Dondo Tissmar have reproduced the frame and basic structure of the ship, and are now using its variants as patrol craft designated AY-L4M40 Uglies. The Jacknife, however, is the original. With its upgraded sensor suite and beam cannon on the starboard nacelle and nacelle strut, this specific craft is a jack of all trades. More pictures >>>