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Found 21 results

  1. *Your entry has earned 14 XP* [Factions Ep. 6 - Cat A][L13 - Fondor - TT] Arrival on Fondor... The wind beats against the doors of the gunship. The descent is steep, the sky is dark and BRAVURA squad is holding fast. DT-R65 reveals the holomap. “Alright men, our objective is the assembly area found in sector 2.2. Our CO has taken the metal refinery. It is up to us to halt, and destroy the production facilities. We will enter the complex through the maintenance halls and make our assault from within the complex. DT-0567, and DT-0698, you will sabotage the aerial defense system. We cannot land with the dropship, but we can deploy by parachute.” “Sir, Why would we not use jetpacks?” interrupts DT-0567, known informally as Coda. “We will take questions after the briefing DT-0567.” replied DT-R65 harshly. He continues; “After Coda and Dolore have terminated the defensive systems, the petty guard staff Pyerce has on duty will be dealt with accordingly. We are to destroy all facilities in sector 2.2.3 and 2.2.4. The remaining facilities will be used to our advantage in the following siege. Now, are there any questions?” “My question still stands.” said Coda. “Yes of course.” replied DT-R65 “It is imperative we use manual gear, as jetpacks will give away our position. We have scramblers, but do not forget, Pyerces forces will be alert and looking for any suspicious activity! Is that clear trooper?” “Sir, yes sir!” answered Coda hastily. ... “ I must say, these troopers are quite lacking… in everything” said Coda. “So it would seem DT-0567” replied DT-R65. “May I ask you a personal question sir?” “No” answered DT-R65. “We are all imperial special forces here DT-0567. You know as well as I do, what each and every one of us has been through. Refrain from asking such questions in the future.” commanded DT-R65. DT-R65 continued; “DT-0567, A certain amount of restraint is required, if we are all to be free from the suffering that life will inevitably wash over us. That is why we must fight for what we believe is right. You must fight for what you believe in, Coda. Can you do that soldier?” inquired DT-R65. “Yes, sir” answered Coda. Dawn had risen, and BRAVURA squad was finishing off the last of Pyerces forces. Explosions echoed through the factory as the charges placed by Dolore and Coda were activated. DT-R65 and Coda admired the destruction they had created. The sky was red with fire, and the decks coated with dead bodies and fallen debris. Hell has entered Fondor, and nothing would quench the flames of this destruction, nor the flames burning within each member of the BRAVURA squad, burning with a rage and vengeance near unspeakable. No man would stop them.
  2. *Your entry has earned 18 XP* The Tridents came down on Fondor. Pyerce's bold attack on the system brought Imperial sympathizers out of hiding, en masse. Non-human populations on planet were forced out of their jobs as by nativist Fondorian unions. Strike team ranks quickly swelled. Intel was readily available on the ground. Trident-class Assault Ships and Dwarf-Tridents were loaded and dropped in to disrupt the leadership of both Imperials and collaborating union leaders. The ensuing battle and liberation of Fondor was sure to be a warning to all those who would see the return of oppression and villainy against those who have tasted freedom.
  3. *Your entry has earned 12 XP* Battle over fondor by simulterious, on Flickr “I see the v-wings have done their job well. Have you ever seen a star destroyer burn, captain Neimor?” “No Lieutenant, have you?” “Shortly before the first Death star. I was serving on an Arquitens class, we were escorting a Tibana gas shipment together with the Ascendant. Some pirates attacked the shipment, and one of their ships accidentally collided with the cargo ship. The Ascendant was caught in the blast, and when it came in contact it cracked like an eggshell. “ “Were you able to rescue the crew?” “There were no survivors, Sir.” Captain Neimor paused in thought, as he tried to imagine how many graves the crew of a star destroyer could fill up. “Well, this certainly isn’t the work of pirates, is it?” “No Sir, this is the work of justice.” In the Triumvirate - treacherous thoughts, private or not, were forbidden. Still, Gaius Neimor could not help but notice how cruel this justice was. Boarding parties now approached the disabled ship, meeting no resistance. Fondor’s shipyards were exceedingly valuable, and this victory takes them one step closer to securing them. Behind the scenes
  4. *Your entry has earned 7 XP* Part 1: The Sound in the Streets (Surface Battle) "Aboard the Peace and Quiet", by journalist Gutat Lupak. Pre-Battle Briefing from Data Master Bey’wan Pwua’Tua About the Ship: Meet the Crew! Additional Pictures for Judging Huge thanks to the other CFS players, who are a consistent source of feedback and good company. To be concluded in Part 3.
  5. *Your entry has earned 6 XP* Day 1 of CFS Intervention in the Pyerce Affair. When the Empire fell, not everyone was happy to see them go. Was Fondor one of them? Well, when the second Death Star exploded into tiny pieces, and people across the galaxy celebrated, Fondor’s security force put down the demonstrations as “disturbances of the peace.” So what do you think? Alright, I’ll be blunt: there are a lot of people on Fondor giddy at the thought of being ruled by the first Imperial Warlord that shows up on their doorstep. Pyerce fits the bill. While Pyerce’s Insurrection schmoozed the Fondor government, foot soldiers moved into the streets to quell any anti-Imperial sentiment. The slums, the old warzones, ruins and industrial areas. Y’know, places where people live. You can bet it was a shock for the locals to see those gleaming helmets again. Different, but not enough that it didn’t bring back bad memories. A couple of meetings behind closed doors and it’ll be like the last few years never happened. Most people on Fondor weren’t exactly happy about it, and they were keen to let the higher-ups know it. They took to the streets with banners and signs, while Stormtroopers played with their triggers and the pro-Imperial citizens tried to block their way. Things were getting testy. That’s where we come in. What’s the CFS doing on Fondor during a political coup? Well, not all of us have the patience to be farmers, as much as we love the spirit of the colonies. We get antsy if we’re not out doing something a little more direct to spread our beliefs. Core belief being displayed today? Tyranny sucks. Coordinating with local resistance, we launched strikes on government and Pyerce targets. Undermining surveillance, breaking up meetings, destroying outposts. “Why so much violence?” you ask, while I look at you like you’ve sprouted the head of a Gundark. “They’re just holding meetings, right?” I hate that we have to fight anyone. I hate that people believe the lies they hear and make the decisions they do. If only they could get a glimpse of colony life, maybe they’d change their minds. But we’re not in the colonies. We’re on a pro-Imperial world, where an Imperial warlord is goose-stepping into a power vacuum. Have you forgotten what the Empire was like? If we let this go too far, it’s not so easy to stop. Evil like the Empire—the kind that seems polite—thrives because people try to treat it with civility. Talk to me about civility when some crisp uniform is pulling you away from your family on suspicion of “rabblerousing”. Well, ordering some stormtrooper pull you away. They’d never actually do it themselves. I might have fleas, after all. We’ve got a small team, all of us from CFS Battle Group Andor, a tiny intelligence unit stationed aboard the market ship CFS Peace and Quiet. The fish-man is in charge: Captain Kelp, scariest Mon Calamari I’ve ever met. Bit crusty around the gills. He’s furious that there even are Pro-Imperial planets, much less that we have to step foot on one. I think he feels like these places are a lost cause, waste of time. Maybe the noise from the protests in the streets could convince him otherwise. Our tech guy is Rorgarr, a Wookie. I have a hunch his fur might be a lighter color than anyone’s ever actually seen—he’s perpetually stained with oil, so we’d never know. The furball and I get along; maybe because we’ve got a common ancestor somewhere. Sometimes he teaches me Shyriiwook (I’m getting there) and we discuss how we’re feeling about things. We see a lot. Feels good to open up, lean on someone you can trust. Makes you feel safer in the field, too. And me? I’m Fenree Kel. I’m not really much more than an extra gun and set of eyes, but leadership knows I’m committed. I’ve spent years throwing my life into the cause, first against the Emperor, now against whatever lowlife tries to repaint his banner. I’d give my life to keep these people free. I know that sounds idealistic—hokey, even—but I’ve stared down enough E-11s that I know it’s true. That used to scare me. Not anymore. Rorgarr helped me process some of that, that lovable sponge. As for the plan, it’s pretty simple: While the protestors clash with the Pro-Imps and Pyerce’s troops, we’re going to take down a listening post that’s tracking protest coordination and receiving communication from the orbital blockade. They won’t see us coming, and once it’s gone, they won’t see anything else coming either. Some wordplay, there. I’ve got a good bite, but my bark is surprisingly sophisticated, too. The tricky part is this: once we’ve loosened Pyerce’s grip planetside, there’s no reason they won’t blast the karf out of Fondor City. That’s where the timing comes in: the CFS Peace and Quiet is supposed to arrive by the end of the day with a few cruisers to engage Pyerce’s ships in orbit. They get here too late and we get bombed. Too early and the ground forces go into high alert, and protestors get shot. It’s a narrow window, but there’s no one I’d rather rely on than Admiral Yima. He’s a weird old guy, but he knows what he’s doing. Alright, focus up. Fighting for freedom here. Blow up the tower. Help the protestors. Fight Pyerce’s guys. Clear the path for the Auxillary fleet. __________________________ Build Pictures and Design Notes Big thanks to Goatman, Pombe, and bigmike for their contributions. Part 2 (Cat C): The CFS Peace and Quiet
  6. The plan was, when they found Xanaah Shi, to surveil her activities and decide when and where they were going to grab her. The team, for this mission consisted of Bill, La Feuvre, new guy Faro and Zaael. Faro was tasked with observing the factory. After a week of surveilling Faro noticed two stormtroopers outside the factory. They weren't there before, something changed. Zaael made the call to speed up the mission and grab Xanaah. On Zhellday, after she entered the factory at 0800... Zaael: Move, hide behind the pillars. Zaael: The tinheads are still here, as expected. We need to take them out. Faro, you go left, Bill, La Feuvre go right. I'll go through the middle to startle them. Faro: Yes sir. La Feuvre: Got it! Bill: Hehehe, right, let's blast them! Stormtrooper 1: So, why did we got stationed here again? Stormtrooper 2: No idea, nothing happens here. Zaael: Freeze! Stormtrooper 2: Wait, huh, no! You freeze! *Blasterfire* Bill: Slicing this door is peanuts! Zaael: Sure Bill, just hurry up. Zaael: It ends here Xanaah. Why are there stormtroopers stationed outside your factory? Xanaah: You will not get away with this! This will not go unnoticed... Zaael: We will get the information, one way or the other. Let's hurry up guys, before her Imperial friends or goons find out she's gone. Bill, you know what to do. Make it look like an accident. Bill: Hehehe, sure thing sir! --- C&C appreciated! Overview of the whole build and reference picture:
  7. See the rest of the story: Season 1 Season 2 Junker's Fee Welcome to Fondor Fondor City Nightlife Many Bothans Died... Well At Least One Fixing to Clear the Mind Thermal Detonator Pot-Pie Focus Torturous Trial How long had it been? Days, weeks, months; I couldn’t tell. All I knew was the pain from loosing my brother and the pain from being tortured by the Empire. I wasn’t the only one being mistreated by the Empire either, I passed many other poor beings on my way to and from the torture room. They looked as bad off as I was. I began to understand how the Rebel Alliance had started. I joined them because it seemed like the politically right thing to do. I had been tired of the corrupt bureaucrats on Correillia and wanted a way to react. I realized now that most beings within the Rebel Alliance were there because it was the morally right thing to do. When the government takes away your freedoms and treats you as being worth less than those in office, then it is time to stand up to that government. I was in the middle of these thoughts when a voice called to me through the wall of the cell next to mine. “You are the quietest prisoner I’ve ever met. Every time I’m in here I make such a ruckus singing off key pop Bith tunes that they end of releasing me early just so they can have some peace and quiet.” I knew that voice! “Kale?” I asked tentatively. I heard a noises like snap, and hiss and saw an orange glow along the edges of the wall. The wall fell back and Kale pushed it up into his doorway. “In the flesh!” I started sputtering, “Kale… You’re a Jedi!?... Why didn’t you tell me? How did you get here?” “Whoah! Hold on there,” started Kale, “I’m not a Jedi. I just happen to have a lightsaber. I couldn’t use it in a fight to save my life. The rest can wait, we need to get out of here!” An hour later, and many more holes, we were on the streets of Fondor City running for our lives. “Quick, I parked the speeder bike over here!” shouted Kale. We ran up just as one of the Fondorian law enforcers was about to put a parking ticket on the bike. “Sorry sir, no time to waste, have a good day, thank you!” I said to him in a rush as Kale started the bike. We heard shouts from across the bridge and saw that the Imperials had found us. I jumped in the back of the bike and we sped off into the distance. “We have to get off the planet” said Kale. “It’s not safe for either of us now.” “But I still have to track down those Mandalorians!” I replied. “Don’t worry, we’ll come back” answered Kale. “I know a guy on Kuat who can help us. But right now the Rebel Alliance needs your help with the Black Sun and we need to get off Fondor. Seemed like a convenient excuse to me.” I had many more questions, but I knew he was right. OoC: Please note that the first two pictures are not meant to be judged as part of this freebuild.
  8. See the rest of the story: Season 1 Season 2 Junker's Fee Welcome to Fondor Fondor City Nightlife Many Bothans Died... Well At Least One Fixing to Clear the Mind Thermal Detonator Pot-Pie Focus I didn’t get much time to think about anything before I was dragged out of my cell and pushed along a corridor to a room with a table in the middle of it. Next to the table was Commander Relve and a medical droid. The stormtrooper strapped me into the device and raised it so that I was a foot away from the metal tubing, but slowly dropping closer to it. Where the Empire had come up with such a torture device, I’m not sure. But it is quiet effective. The metal glowed like it was super-heated, but it was actually room temperature. When your body came in contact with it though, it triggered the pain centers of the brain to make you think you were being burned. “Your trial will now begin Josh” explained Commander Relve. “Answer my questions and we will keep you upright. Fail to answer them, or answer them in any way that is not to my liking, and your pain will begin. This medical droid has been programmed to keep you alive, nothing more. Your screams will not elicit help from him.” “Some trial this is” I answered. “No defense. No jury. Just a guilty verdict slapped on me and then carted off to the torture chamber is it?” “Snide remarks will only increase your agony” replied Relve as he motioned to the droid who started the table in motion. I tried not to scream. Emphasis on the word try. How could I ever have thought the Empire could have any good in it? “You will now tell me about the rebel’s plans regarding the pod-race on Tatooine” demanded Relve. “What pod-race?” I asked. “I’ve been off the grid for months now. I know nothing of the Alliance’s plans.” The pain only continued.
  9. See the rest of the story: Season 1 Season 2 Junker's Fee Welcome to Fondor Fondor City Nightlife Many Bothans Died... Well At Least One Fixing to Clear the Mind Thermal Detonator Pot-Pie After I passed the diner it was a short walk to the recruitment office. I told the desk clerk that I wanted to sign up as a Stormtrooper. The clerk took my name and handed me a clip board. After I had finished filling out the 18 pages of questions I handed it back to the clerk who ushered me into a back waiting area. I sat down in the drab room and kept telling myself that I was doing the right thing. Every time I had tried to be a force for good on my own I had ended up hurting people. Yeoman lost his leg. My brother lost his life. And what about all the innocent stormtroopers I had killed along the way? When would the violence end? As I stewed in my thoughts an officer and a stormtrooper entered the waiting area. “Josh, is it?” asked the officer. “I’m Commander Relve and I’ll be overseeing your trial.” I looked at him for a moment sure that I had just misunderstood him. “We’ve been trying to track you down since that incident on Cloud City. How nice of you to just walk into our offices and turn yourself in. Once the clerk entered your name in the system I was altered to your presence. I’m glad you stuck around long enough for me to personally capture you.” I knew that I was trapped. What a fool I had been! I looked toward the door but saw that it was sealed. “Alright, you have me. Now what are you going to do with me?” I asked. “As I said, I will be in charge of your trial. Immediately after will be your execution” Commander Relve responded. “A wonderful justice system you have here” I answered. “Oh yes,” he continued, “we make sure that all those who break Imperial law face the swiftest of justice.” With that he waved his hand and the trooper took me around the corner and motioned me up the ladder to the 2nd floor. I climbed hoping to be able to make a break for it when I got to the landing but I immediately found another trooper waiting for me. He motioned me into my cell and sealed the door behind me. The cell had to be one of the smallest the Empire had on Fondor. I could barely turn around in it. I sat on my bed and started to rethink through my choice. As I mused I felt something in my pocket. I felt around and pulled out a yellow focusing crystal. I stared at it and started to remember a story from my past… In The Past Growing up in Corellia I used to play with a kid named Zack. His father was a farmer who worked hard just to put food on their table. We were sitting in a tree watching his father work on their meiloorun patch. As we had since my father gave it to me, we were debating the origins of my focusing crystal. “I tell you!” Zack exclaimed. “It’s got to be from a lightsaber!” “Don’t you know that the Jedi have been extinct for years?” I responded. “That’s just what the Empire says” Zack answered. “My dad tells me that there are some still some out there, protecting the weak and defending justice!” “It’s far more likely that it’s from a mining laser” was my reply. “There are many mining companies on Corellia.” We continued to debate my crystals origins when two stormtroopers stopped Zack’s dad. They talked to him for a short while before motioning him away from the farm and down the road. We jumped down and ran towards the troopers. “Wait!” shouted Zack. “Where are you taking my dad!?” “Is this the son?” the trooper asked into his helmet. After getting an answer he said, “Alright, you’re going to have to come with us.” “Why?” I asked. “What has Zack done?” “His father has been convicted of treason against the Empire” the trooper answered. “And because of his father’s treason, his son is under arrest also.” “Zack’s family are just simple farmers!” I said. “They haven’t done anything worth arresting them over! Let them go!” “I can’t go against my orders” the trooper replied. “I have to follow what my commanding officer tells me to do.” “But what has Zack done?” I pleaded. “He hasn’t done anything against you! Let him go!” The trooper thought for a moment. He looked at his sergeant taking Zack’s father away and then looked back at us boys. “Alright,” he said. “I can’t do anything for your friend’s dad. But I won’t mention in my report that we found his son. If you can, help him get off this planet. That’s all I can do.” With that he turned and walked away. Zack turned and started crying, knowing he would probably never see his dad again. All I could do was let him know I was there. I had little else I could comfort him with. The Present All those memories came rushing back to me as I looked at the crystal. I put it back in my pocket and thought about my dilemma. Obviously the first thing I needed to do was get out of here. But almost as obvious was that I was mistaken when I thought I needed to sign up with the Empire to do good. Maybe there were some good men behind the Stormtrooper masks. But they weren’t under their own authority. They had to obey orders. If I wanted to stand for justice, then I couldn’t be shackled by the evil that existed in the Empire. But I also didn’t want to kill people needlessly. This was something I was going to have to think about more. OoC: For all of you who were hoping that I was switching to the Empire, I'm sorry to disappoint you but I'm a Rebel through and through! I never meant for people to think I was switching sides, but I'm afraid my character's story twist combined with my awesome new title caused much confusion. However, I'm never one to shy away from using confusion to my advantage A couple more pictures: Lots more can be seen on my flickr.
  10. See the rest of the story: Season 1 Season 2 Junker's Fee Welcome to Fondor Fondor City Nightlife Many Bothans Died... Well At Least One Fixing to Clear the Mind I kept thinking about my choice as I walked down the streets of Fondor towards the Imperial recruitment office. Was I really making the right decision? Was this really the best option open to me? I was so tired of seeing others get hurt. I passed by a dinner called The Home of the Thermal Detonator Pot-Pie and watched as some stormtroopers helped an old lady to cross the street. "I could do this. I can help people this way" I kept thinking. "Just look at the kind of good I can do if I work from within the system instead of trying to destroy it!" Inside the dinner I saw a bunch of troops laughing and enjoying each other's company. What was so bad about that? Sure, there weren't any non-humans there, but maybe that's something I could work on changing. Rumor had it that the Emperor had appointed a Chiss admiral, so getting rid of the anti-alien prejudiced that dominated the Empire couldn't be impossible, right? Yes, I had decided. I was going to go through with my plan. C&C welcome!
  11. OoC: See the rest of the story: Season 1 Season 2 Junker's Fee Welcome to Fondor Fondor City Nightlife Many Bothans Died... Well At Least One Kale took me to a warehouse and we hunkered down for a few days. Soon the Imperial patrols stopped being so frequent and returned to their normal schedule. Kale would leave each afternoon and return sometime before daylight. Sometimes he came back drunk, other times he came back with food or supplies. He left me alone most of the time as I tried to piece together the shattered pieces of my life. I ate just enough to stay alive and slept a lot. When I wasn’t sleeping I was stewing in the black thoughts that swirled through my mind. Why am I here? I thought. Am I really doing the right thing by helping the Rebellion? Maybe my brother had a point. How do I know they won’t become as bad as the Imperials once they overthrow them? Could I do just as much good within the Imperial system? Maybe I should go back to Corellia and run for Diktat. But I’m no politician; I’m just a man with a gun. My thoughts kept running in circles, getting nowhere. A week after my brother died at the hands of the Mandalorian, Kale came into the warehouse with a speeder being towed behind him. “I won this in a Sabac game last night” he said. “The repulsers are shot but it’s nothing a little work won’t fix.” I looked at the speeder with only the smallest amount of interest. “Look,” he said, “Josh, I know you’ve been through a rough time. But sometimes what a man needs most is to keep moving. There’s nothing I know that can help better than to fix something.” He handed me a spanner which I accepted. We worked in silence for the next few hours. Kale was right, fixing this speeder did help to clear my mind. It also brought back memories of all the time my brother and I had spent in our father’s garage back on Corellia. When we were done with the repairs Kale flipped the starter toggle and the speeder purred to life. “You’re awfully handy with these tools” Kale said to me. “I could use a man like you on my smuggling runs. I’ve got a contract that will take me away from Fondor in 2 weeks. What do you say? Want to come with me?” “I can’t” I replied. “Thank you for everything you’ve done for me Kale. But there is something I have to do.” “Hey man,” Kale started, “I didn’t do anything any civilized being would have done. You needed some time to yourself. I just gave you a corner to use while you recovered. And I know you have that Rebellion to get back to. That kind of thing’s just not for me. I’m not interested in risking my neck for the galaxy, only the being next to me” he finished with a grin. “You’re a good guy Kale, but I’m not going back to the Rebellion” I replied. “I’m going to the Imperial recruitment office. I’m going to sign up to be a Stormtrooper.”
  12. Below is BEAVeR and I's consolidated stories and builds from SoNE: Episode VI. We hope that you enjoy the contrasting story arcs of our characters and how two vastly different Imperial officers interact on their missions. 1.1 - When did the killer become the hero? Officer VeR is glad that he is finally on a peaceful mission, but he has his questions about it. Landing a craft on Mon Calamari, the troopers in the back start talking about how awesome Boba Fett is, and that he can do everything. He doesn't mind that they adore him as long as that prevents worse, but he wonders... why is that murderer celebrated like a hero? Because he can do anything? And what does that make Officer VeR? [soNE Ep. VI] 1 - When did the killer become the hero? by Bert.VR, on Flickr 1.2 - Something smells fishy While between missions, Agent Goatm An joins Officer VeR in his mission to find Boba Fett. The two pilots drop chatty troopers off at various floating cities before following one up on one of Goatm’s local contacts located on a shipyard orbiting the planet. The officers receive a far too formal welcome, leading Goatm to wonder what the Calamari are really up to. [soNE VI] Mon Calamari - 2 by goatman461, on Flickr2 - Worse than war The bounty hunter is said to frequent a certain mining company on Fondor and Officer VeR plans to interrogate the boss of the facility. The mining boss reveals that he gives missions to the bounty hunter. Certain competitors have to be eliminated to terrorize the people in the name of the Rebels. And that terror is good for business, so war should be maintained as long as possible. Officer VeR finds this horrible, and calls that terror worse than war. And he questions the role of the bounty hunter in this. He's not just a blaster someone else fires. By offering such a possibility, he encourages others to commit these crimes. This is atrocious to Officer VeR. [soNE Ep. VI] 2 - Worse than war by Bert.VR, on Flickr 2.2 - Worse than war (part 2) While Officer VeR is checking out a mining company, Goatm seeks out local union workers that Fett would have likely used for repairs. After starting, and finishing, a street fight with a group of them, Goatm starts to interrogate the workers. However, Officer VeR calls Goatm back to the shuttle and Goatm leaves the workers bleeding on the wet, busy street. [soNE Ep VI] Fondor 2 by goatman461, on Flickr3.1 - Just another horror The last assignment Boba Fett received on Fondor, was to eliminate a competitor on Ord Mantell. In a recycling facility, officer VeR and Agent An discover that the target died in a trash compactor, along with his family. A datapad left behind indicates that Rebels were responsible, so that there's nothing left to be done, and people are left without hope. Officer VeR is utterly disgusted by this. Not only the atrocious murder, but that it took hope from the people. Instead, they just accepted it, as something normal, as just another horror of the war. He realizes that this cannot happen, that people need to wake up. But how? [soNE Ep. VI] 3 - Just another horror by Bert.VR, on Flickr 3.2 - Just another horror (part 2) Officer VeR is visibly distraught by the murder of recycling center owner and Goatm decides to interrogate the remaining worker elsewhere. As they walk back to the janitor’s home and shop they discuss life on Ord Mantell and the implications of this attack. The janitor gives Goatm directions to a local Hutt arms dealer where Goatm is hopeful to get a lead on Fett. Goatm is interrupted again by Officer VeR before getting to the dealer and the two officers head to Bothawui. [soNE VI] Ord Mantell - 3 by goatman461, on Flickr4.1 - Ruins among ruins The datapad from Ord Mantell still contained some information, and Agent An and Officer VeR reach a ruined temple on Bothawui. The former descends into a hatch leading to what might be a Rebel base, while the latter stands guard. When two Bothans happen on the place, the only thing he can do is to hide and contact his colleague. Then the horror becomes apparent to him, but luckily the Bothans value their lives and leave the place. Now that he knows the Rebels are after the bounty hunter as well, officer VeR sees what the real objective of their mission is. Not to find the Boba Fett, but to find the Rebels that are after him. But it puzzles him why this should be hidden. His ideas about the Empire become ruins among the ruins. He despises that kind of hidden warfare, and decides that something has to be done about that. [soNE Ep. VI] 4 - Ruins among ruins by Bert.VR, on Flickr 4.2 - Ruins on top of ruins (part 2) When they discover the Rebel hideout, Goatm eagerly descends into the unknown below. The reluctant Officer VeR stays behind to guard the escape route. Goatm quickly finds and dispatches a hapless Rebel scout and continues further below. Further below, he finds a large weapons depot, an arms dealer in the middle of a procedure, and a mysterious hatch emanating the sounds of alarm and ambush below. After arguing with Officer VeR, Goatm throws open the hatch and generously fills the room with blaster fire. Once the smoke clears and the room is quite, Goatm grabs the arms dealer who will lead them to their next lead on Felucia. [soNE Ep VI] Bothawui by goatman461, on Flickr 5.1 - Felucia (part 1) On the way to Felucia, Goatm discovers that imperial troops are scanning Felucian sarlacc pits in search of Boba Fett. To hide his favorite dump site, Goatm mounts a speeder and departs from the shuttle as soon as Officer VeR hits the planet’s damp atmosphere. Just in time, Goatm turns a squad away from the pit and races back to VeR’s landing coordinates to lead a squad in the wrong direction. VeR is up to something, but Goatm knows that whatever it is, Goatm will gain some leverage if VeR ever discovers Goatm’s own deviations. [soNE Ep VI] Felucia 1 by goatman461, on Flickr5.2 - Delivery, deliverance The two found themselves on Felucia after a tip from the arms dealer. The datapad, however, revealed a more exact location to officer VeR. But after all he has been through, he can't allow Boba Fett to get a thank you message for his cruelties. Instead, VeR sends Agent An and the troopers in the wrong direction, while he will try to deliver his very own 'thank you' message to the bounty hunter, in the hope that that delivery might bring deliverance. [soNE Ep. VI] 5 - Delivery, deliverance by Bert.VR, on Flickr
  13. The new assignment: Work with Imperial defector Blax Ritton to track and capture the bounty hunter Boba Fett. The first leg of the mission begins on the planet Fondor. Our intel leads us to an underground technology factory where Fett was known to visit where we meet the factory operator. Tell us What you know of this Boba Fett? Is he here? I know of Boba Fett but he is not here. We have not seen him lately. You're lying...give up the truth or I'll blast you! Okay, Okay...he was here. He departed yesterday for Ord Mantell I think. Please don't shoot me, I'm only a factory operator. I believe him, let's go.
  14. So what does this make me, mail-delivery specialist? Add to that that the best way to find Boba Fett is to find his ship, the Slave I. Normally, this would be a great idea and really rather simple, once you know which planet he's on, and we did, more or less. But finding a ship on Fondor is a challenge akin to finding a Jawa on Tatooine. It's the proverbial "needle in a haystack." So, instead of trying to find Fett's ship, I've opted to look for the man himself. That's why I'm wandering around the back streets of Fondor, trying to find one of the most dangerous men in the galaxy ... and give him a thank-you card. Pathetic, no? Oh, and did I mention, the Rebels are looking for him to? Probably for a reason other than giving him thank-you notes. At least, some of them are. I really must try to find out how it is that Rebels can slip so easily past our customs system. And evidently not all Rebels are very attached to their mission, since these three came out of a grungy casino, proceeded by the odor of hard liquor. The clone armies crafted by the Kaminoans were given pure white armor as a symbol of their fearlessness. The white was a challenge to the enemy, since by its high visibility it insinuated that the enemy lacked the skill to hit even the most obvious targets. These Rebels wasted no time in taking that challenge. But they were, I judge, green recruits, and quite inebriated, while I am a combat-seasoned fighter and stone-cold sober. Final score: Rebs 0, Volker 3. Two of them would have their hangover headaches somewhat amplified thanks to my armored fists, and one might well never wake up at all. I didn't take the time to set for stun. Now. Before I was so rudely interrupted, I was trying to find Fett. OoC: I made some modifications, after receiving posted advice from BEAVeR, MstrOfPppts, and others. The original post should be in spoiler tags below. Edited 9-26-14 to correct a typo (proverbial for provervial) and adjust a too-small font size.
  15. Our sources told us Boba Fett had been spotted entering a factory on Fondor. We quickly assembled a team and headed in... Kaitan: No sign of Boba so far. Donnie: He is one slippery bounty hunter... LegoFjotten: Just one more area to check, and then we're on to Ord Mantell. Build without minifigs, I'm pretty happy with how that assembly line turned out. Edit: Added avatars and the second photo without minifigs.
  16. Here we with my first entry for SoNE Episode VI: Bounty Hunter Hunt on Fondor: Searching in the logs... but it's gone... C&C are always welcome, I hope you Enjoy it, now let's the story talk! Wedge09's squad was sent on the trace of Boba Fett; sent on the industrial planet of Fondor; their objective was to search in the logs of one of the most important spaceport of the planet in search of the Slave I. Disguised as industrial workers, the team of Rebels adventured into the depths of Fondor until they got under the spaceport, more precisely to a maintenance node from which they could access the IT infrastructure. "The perimeter is secured, if the Imperials come, we should have time to get out..." "Ok..." the man at the console replied with a monosyllable while he went deeper into the IT infrastructure of the spaceport. "Here are the logs..." he said after a while, on the screen had appeared the names of all the ships that had arrived and departed from the spaceport, with the identification number, the time of arrival and the time of departure. Searching in the logs, the name Slave I appeared but when they saw the arrive and departure time, the soldiers cursed. The Slave I and Boba Fett with it had arrived and had gone before the Rebels could do anything. "Ok, let's back to the ship, we have to warn the command about this..."
  17. While Officer VeR checked out a factory owner with ties to Fett, Goatm decided to pick a fight with some union boys. These particular fellas did black market installation and maintenance of weapons for private ships (particularly ion cannons, tractor beams, proton torpedoes, and concussion missiles). [soNE Ep VI] Fondor 1 by goatman461, on FlickrThe hardest part about picking a fight is convincing the other side that they have a chance to win. Because this district is a blaster free zone, Goatm knew that these boys wouldn't be expecting a shoot out and would try to win by shear force. Too bad for them. A blaster is what they really need now. [soNE Ep VI] Fondor 2 by goatman461, on FlickrSoon after two of the workers are dead and the other four are slowly bleeding out, Goatm gets a call from Officer VeR. And off to Ord Mantell they go. (to be continued...)
  18. The Fondorian at the reception told us his employer was inspecting his mine. The officer I accompany just had to lower his eyebrows a bit to convey he was in a hurry. One of the mine’s hover platforms was assigned to us promptly. Your average platform. Average enough for me to pilot it. I was brought to make sure we didn’t need any unwanted guests. That would only complicate things. So now I’m flying this primitive platform around on this primitive facility. This place where they never end scraping the skin of the planet, to dump it in great piles, in search of whatever preciousness they may find. Because war’s hunger for construction materials is never satisfied. So they dig, dump and search. No need for fancy, clean equipment. The planet doesn’t charge tax for keeping it clean anyway… Between this chain of dusty mountains, inhabited by dirty excavators and with conveyors for trees, a bold white figure stands out. This vision of neatness in all of this toxic chaos. The officer has no doubt is the boss of this mine, inspecting the premises. We’re about in hearing range. [soNE Ep. VI] 2 - Worse than war by Bert.VR, on Flickr “The bounty hunter Boba Fett frequents this place” It wasn’t even a question. “Tell us what you know of him” “No one knows him. How could I help my friends of the Empire?” “Tell us everything, or we’ll make this official” The Fondorian seems the kind of businessman to understand what this implies. “Well, I don’t know him. Not beyond the point of his business. I can’t really say he works for me, but let me say I give him… inspiration. From time to time, when my sales aren’t increasing, I give him ideas what to do. War is great for business, you know. Because war brings fear, and fear brings the want for protection. And for that, you need materials. But war seems such a far-off thing for some people. The fear disappears. The money disappears. So we need to get war back to those people” “And that’s what you need the bounty hunter for” “He eliminates certain well-chosen targets. He destroyers certain facilities. But that’s something every bounty hunter can do. But to make the people believe it were the Rebels, you need the best. You need the best to frighten people with their own illusions, to make them feel unsafe, to make them long for protection, to make them buy, whether they really need it or not. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of terror. On the contrary. It’s good for commerce. And it keeps people awake, always on the lookout for the enemy. And it keeps people asleep, not complaining – this world is perfect, as long as they keep those Rebels outside. That’s why you Imperials let me do this off the books. You’ve known this for ages. But why this sudden interest?” “The bounty hunter was here recently. For a job of you” “People in the junkyards of Ord Mantell seem to think they have nothing to lose. They think everything there has been destroyed already. It was time to make them see that differently. And the loss of a concurrent won’t hurt business” These last words can only faintly be heard from the platform I’m steering back to our ship. But that doesn’t stop me of feeling a deep disgust. Of this man in whose mind resonates only the vocabulary of commerce. It’s not about the planet he is poisoning, it’s about the resources. It’s not about the fear people experience, it’s about what makes them hunger for those resources. Using war as a lucrative selling strategy. Using terror as marketing. There are no casualties, only losses of clients. I thought war was the worst thing imaginable. But people fighting a war are no villains. They want to end the war as soon as possible, in their favour. They are no villains compared to these… They don’t want the war to end. They want it to go on, to be everywhere, to destruct everything as long as it is profitable. This is not a human. This is not even a machine. But these villains could be stopped. If there was no cause, if there were no means to accomplish their goals. War gives them the ideas. And scum like bounty hunters, like Boba Fett, give them the opportunity. He doesn’t question what he’s doing. He can say he’s just the blaster in another’s hand. And he is right. The blaster never questions the actions of that hand. The killing is not his responsibility. But the blaster gave every one the opportunity to murder without having the need of the courage to look into the victims eyes. The blaster invites the user to use it, to kill. And so it is with the bounty hunter. The killer doesn’t even have to see his victim, he never has to touch a weapon. Boba Fett can say he hasn’t killed a soul in his life. But he offers the possibility. And should he who offers the opportunity be a bit less despicable than he who takes it? I never liked the bounty hunter, but now I’m utterly disgusted by him. _____________ LDD File to be found here. I really wanted to go for a different side of Fondor for this one, vast and dirty. I had a lot of fun with the bucket conveyor and the platforms, but the heap of dirt proved to be very difficult, both due to the shape and to the limited amount of bricks in dark orange. I hope you like the way it turned out (with a lot of studs!). It was quite impossible to contain it to the 16x16 base, so I hope the judges are okay with a one stud overhang of some plates. I also had to make the decorations for the torsos of the officer and the pilot. They can be found in this album, if anyone would want to use them for their renders. I hope you like this installment! Comments are always welcome!
  19. OoC: See the rest of the story: Season 1 Season 2 Junker's Fee Since my credits were starting to run low I had to land the Rough Edges in one of the mass, orbital parking garages and take a public shuttle to the surface. There I had to go through Fondor’s customs checkpoint. Since they were one of the Empire’s main ship building yards security had to be high, especially since there were so many transient workers between the shipyards in space and the factories on the planet. I waited in line for hours before it was my turn to get scanned and proceed through the checkpoint. The waiting gave me time to get used to all the bald Fondorians. They weren’t actually bald, all Fondorians are born without hair. Their DNA is almost the same as the average human, but somewhere along the way their DNA reacted to the different levels of radiation on the planet leaving them mostly hairless. I also got used to hearing Mandalorian swear-words as I was waiting in line between a group of bounty hunters who knew the language. I couldn’t tell if they were all from Mandalor, but they had the manners and the beskar'gam armor to go with it so I figured they probably were. After I got through the scanner I overheard one of the bounty hunters yelling at the Fondorian Security Officer (FSO). “What do you mean I can’t kriff’n bring the crate through until after the floor plating is replaced!” The droid had been working on some of the wiring for the past 10 minutes or so which interrupted the flow of traffic a little if you weren’t bringing anything through, and a lot if you were. I didn’t want to get involved in any disputes involving bounty hunters in general and Mandalorians specifically. So I slipped past them and out onto Fondor’s surface. OoC: Comments welcome!
  20. OoC: See the rest of the story: Season 1 Season 2 Junker's Fee Welcome to Fondor The first thing I did was log into one of the public consoles and check one of the information drop points the Alliance had given me access to. They had received additional intel stating that a man named Kale might be able to help me locate the Bothan in question. They only clue I had to try to find this Kale was that he could be found in any of the bars in Fondor City that stayed open late. As this narrowed my search to just a few hundred places I rented a room since I knew I wasn’t likely to get lucky and find him on the first night. It was actually on the 2nd night that I found him. I was walking past a bar known as The Maw when a shape came flying out the door and landed in a heap on the sidewalk. “I see you don’t like my style of playing!” yelled the stranger as he righted himself and shook his fist at the door. “You wouldn’t happen to be Kale?” I asked. “Depends on whose asking,” he replied, “does he owe you money?” “No, my intel said he might be able to help me” I responded. “Oh no, not another rebel intel officer, look, I told you guys last time that just because I helped you fly some Bothans around once doesn’t mean you can keep looking me up and asking me for favors” he said in earnest. “How did you know I was with the Rebellion?” I asked. “If you had been hired help you would have pushed me up against the wall before asking questions, and if you had been Imperial I wouldn’t be talking right now, I’d be drugged and in the back of a transport. That just leaves you rebels, you’re too nice for your own good” was his answer. “Look, whatever you want, I’m not your guy, I’m not getting wrapped up in some political ideological mess.” And with that he turned and started walking away. I ran after him and implored, “Kale, all I need is to know where the Bothan is that you brought here. Tell me that and I’ll try to make sure the Rebel Alliance leaves you alone.” He stopped walking. “You promise?” “Yes, you tell me where to go, and as long as I find him we’ll stop asking you for help.” I didn’t know what kind of past he had with the Alliance, but I knew that finding this Bothan was worth leaving one down-and-out smuggler to his own devices. He told me how to get to a small shipping factory in a run-down part of Fondor City. Apparently our Bothan friend had been working there as a cover for his being on Fondor. Although Fondor was an Imperial controlled planet, alien species had no problems finding jobs because there were so many factories on the planets surface that needed workers. Kale also told me that he worked 2nd shift and could usually be found alone in the factory after all the other employees had gone. With the information in hand I turned in for the night, planning to seek out this Bothan tomorrow, and left Kale to try his luck at the next bar. OoC: Comments welcome!
  21. OoC: See the rest of the story: Season 1 Season 2 Junker's Fee Welcome to Fondor Fondor City Nightlife I walked into the factory as a few strangling workers walked out. They didn’t seem to care that a stranger was walking onto the premises so I knew security wasn’t going to be a problem. I could see that the whole place was in need of repair, though things looked functional. I walked into the main work floor and noticed a being who was still working. I walked up to him and seeing his furred features I knew I had found my Bothan. “Sir, I’m here because I was told you might have some information for me. I’m part of the Rebel Alliance.” I said to him. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Now please leave, I have some last minute work to finish” He responded. His use of the code phrase “I have some last minute work to finish” reminded me that he was probably waiting for the pass phrase that would let him know that I was truly one of the good guys. “I’m sorry, but I’m pretty certain you are the right individual I’m supposed to meet. You see, a Mon Calamari with a dry throat told me I might meet you here” I answered back. At this he paused for a moment and caught my eye. He fished in his pocket for a moment as he said, “No, you are mistaken, now please leave.” But as he said that he pressed a data crystal into my hand. I started to say “Thank you” but he was turning around already. Right then the door opened and two stormtroopers rushed in firing on the Bothan. His body fell quickly and their guns trained on me. One of the troopers removed his helmet and I received the shock of a lifetime. My brother stood there in gleaming white armor pointing a rifle at me. I knew this day might come. It almost came back on Hoth. I had played this scenario through in my mind a hundred times and had never figured out how I would handle it when it happened. So I opened my mouth and just started talking. “Well brother, we never did see eye to eye on politics” I found myself saying to him. “Corporal, what are you doing?” one of the masked faces asked my brother. My brother ignored the question and instead said, “Well, well little brother. I never thought you would go so far as to join the rebels. Don’t you realize what you’re doing is a galactic crime? I know you’ve never liked the way the Empire runs things, but are you really willing to commit treason against the established authorities? “I don’t know if there is anything I can say to help you understand brother. You’ve never understood the importance of morals over power. The Empire only desires control with no thought of the people it’s supposed to protect” I said and then gestured at the body next to me. “Just look at this poor soul!” “He got what he deserved!” my brother shouted. “Without order this galaxy would tear itself to pieces. What YOU don’t understand is that those who rebel against the government have only themselves to blame. People repeat the history stories of the small bands of individuals who decide they want to change how the government is run. But what happens then? Those rabble rousers become the new authorities with their own enemies who want to overthrow them. Who are we to decide? You talk about morals, but isn’t it better to do your best within the established system instead of killing innocent people on your way to establishing the new round of ‘tyranny’?” My brother’s words made me stop in my tracks. I knew I didn’t have time to sort through what he was saying to see if any of it made sense. I had to get out of this situation and get the Bothan’s information to the Rebel Alliance. “Brother,” I replied, “Whatever the right or wrong way to oppose corrupt government is, I don’t know right now. But I do know the Empire is not taking care of the planets under its protection. Just look at our own Corellia! The people suffer as the Diktat grows wealthier. How is that just? Whatever the right thing to do is, helping the Empire do its dirty work is not it.” I was hoping my pleas were getting through to my brother. It was a long shot as none of our conversations before, back in the swoop garage on Corellia, had ever changed his mind; but I had to try something. My brother paused a moment as he thought about what I had said, then asked, “Sergeant, permission to arrest this rebel sympathizer?” “Negative Corporal, our orders are to shoot to kill. We’ve wasted enough time here as it is” came the answer. Another second passed and then my brother raised his weapon. “I’m sorry brother. You never did know what was good for you. You never should have left Corellia.” I closed my eyes waiting for the shot to end my life. Instead I heard the sound of metal on flesh and the quick movement of Stormtrooper armor. I opened my eyes to see a Mandalorian pulling his beskar blade out of my brother’s now dying body. The other trooper was turning to open fire on the Mandalorian but he was too quick for them and soon there was a helmet on the floor separated from its body. I was holding the body of my brother. His last words to me were, “You never did learn.” As his body went limp I looked up to see the Mandalorian holding his sword near my head. A voice came out from under the helmet and I realized that it was not a “he” but a “she.” “Hand over the data crystal and your death will be quick,” she said. “Now why would he do that?” came the questioning voice of someone I never expected to see again. Kale stepped into view with a heavy repeating blaster in hand. “I know Mandalorian armor is supposed to withstand a lot, but I’m not sure you want to test it against this thing” he said. “You’ll regret the day you crossed our path smuggler” the bounty hunter said. But she turned and walked out with any more threats. As much as I didn’t want to leave my brother to become just another number on the Empire’s casualty list, I knew we had to get out of there fast. “Kale! I am glad to see you! Can you get us out of here unseen?” I asked. He just rolled his eyes. “Can an ewok sing ‘yub-yub’?” “I don’t know,” I answered, “I’ve never heard an ewok sing.” “Well try to avoid it if you can, come on, let’s go” was his answer. We made our way back onto the streets of Fondor City and quickly got lost in the crowd of workers out to enjoy their night. I had Kale help me find a data transfer point and I sent the Bothan’s encrypted information onto to the Rebel Alliance. I also included this message, “I’m going to be going off the grid for a little while. I ran into some Imperials and others who might be giving me a hard time. I’ll contact you when it’s safe again.” I didn’t add that I also needed time to process my brother’s final words and to figure out why Kale was helping me. It looked like I was going to be getting to know the back streets of Fondor City pretty well.