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  1. Wow! this mod is amazing! the X-wing looks so much more streamlined and actually looks like the real thing!
  2. awesometoa

    [soNE Freebuild] “We Are Being Boarded!”

    1.) Ya, I wanted to make the ground look damaged by the fighting, I'd say I failed in that respect so next time, I'm defiantly going to try a smooth floor. 2.) After I took the photos I realized that I really shouldn't have used my iPhone 4... 3.) I just (stupidly) used natural light to take my photos... at 3:00 in the middle of winter... Thank you for your feedback, I definitely need to work on this stuff, and get some real equipment!
  3. awesometoa

    Assembling the Lego Star Wars TFA Game

    Here are some more weapons: From Right to Left (I know, weird order!) Jakku Rifle Ilco Munica's Staff (Mobile) Ottegan Staff Ackbar's Staff - Could not Render* Tusken Raider Staff Death Gang Munitions Launcher Constable Zuvio's Staff (Looks nothing like in the game) - Could not Render* Razoo Qin-Fee's Blaster + Tasu Leech's Blaster (Recoloured, Submachine Gun piece should be Clone ARC Trooper Pistol) Ilco Munica's Staff (Console/PC) Taybin Ralorsa's Microphone Quiggold's Gun (round piece should be triangular) *the two that couldn't be rendered are here (also from right to left): (some pieces weren't available in, which I use to render because I have a Mac, so I had to just take a LDD screenshot) LDD File: Mecabricks Workshop Link:
  4. awesometoa

    [soNE Freebuild] “We Are Being Boarded!”

    Thank you, once I get some time (and inspiration) I plan to give my character a little more backstory.
  5. Just Posted a Freebuild! Link:“we-are-being-boarded”/ Please Judge!
  6. “We Are Being Boarded!” Aboard an Imperial medical frigate above Naboo Imperial Crew: *Over com* -Bzzt- “All units report to Section C3! Repeat, All units report to Section C3” -Bzzt- *Flashback Starts* Stormtrooper #1 (Flashback): “Rebels- Aghh!” *Shot in head by Rebel Soldier* Stormtrooper #2 (Flashback): “They’re Everywhere!” AwesomeToa (Flashback): “Die Rebel Scum- Aghh!” *Shot in arm by Rebel Soldier* Imperial Crew (Flashback): *Over com* -Bzzt- “We are being boarded! All personnel Evacuate! Report to your designated escape-” *Blaster fire heard over com* -Bzzt- AwesomeToa (Flashback): *Heavy Breathing* “No! Wait help me! I’m still alive! No! Please… help me…” *Blacks out* Imperial Crew (Flashback): *Over com* -Bzzt- “The rebel forces have taken the bridge! I repeat we have been boarded, all personnel to the escape pods!-Bzzt- *Flashback Ends* Shoretrooper Captain: “Wake up!” AwesomeToa: *Heavy Breathing, Half Asleep* “Huh? Sorry sir.” Imperial Crew: *Over com* -Bzzt- “We are being boarded, all units move to intercept the rebel forces in section C3” -Bzzt- Shoretrooper Captain: “All units means you too, get up! Here’s your blaster.” AwesomeToa: *Less Heavy Breathing* “Yes sir.” AwesomeToa: “Wait, section C3!? That section is filled with civilians!” Shoretrooper Captain: “Exactly, that’s why you have to move, now!” Later, in section C3 Shoretrooper Captain: *Over Loudspeaker* “Attention Rebels! Please release your hostages to us, we will not fire as you do so!” Rebel Trooper: “We don’t bargain with imperial Bucketheads!” *Shoots Shoretrooper Captain* Shoretrooper Captain: “Aghh!!!” Stormtrooper #3: “Medic! Somebody get a Medic!” Imperial Navy Trooper: “Fire!!! And don’t stop until every single rebel is dead!” AwesomeToa: “But sir, the civilians-” Imperial Navy Trooper: “-are of no concern to us. We have orders to kill these rebels and that's what we’ll do!” AwesomeToa: “Yes sir!” Imperial Navy Trooper: “We need reinforcements!” Imperial Crew: *Over com* -Bzzt- “Reinforcements are on there way to your position now sir.” -Bzzt- Two Death Troopers enter the hallway, one has a Thermal Detonator… The Death Trooper throws the Thermal Detonator. AwesomeToa: “Take Cover!!!” The Thermal Detonator explodes, killing the majority of the rebel fighters along with a dozen or so civilians, AwesomeToa is also knocked unconscious. *Flashback Starts* Stormtrooper #4 (Flashback): “Run, to the escape pods!” AwesomeToa (Flashback): *Heavy Breathing* “No! Don’t leave! Don’t leave. Please, don’t leave...” *collapses to floor* Imperial Crew (Flashback): *Over com, slowly getting quieter (until silent at end)* -Bzzt- “All personnel to escape pods, we have been boarded! Escape pods launching in: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...” *Flashback Ends* *Out of Character* Please Judge!
  7. awesometoa

    Assembling the Lego Star Wars TFA Game

    I can't figure out why that keeps happening, I think it's because the small bar piece doesn't quiet fit in the pin. If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know! P.S. the small bar will be missing on the red one and the white one being held, on the other white one the 1x1 plate with clip holding the "stand" will be missing, I'll update to .LXF to have these pieces by the side of the model.
  8. Thanks! Good idea about the spare pauldrons!
  9. awesometoa

    Assembling the Lego Star Wars TFA Game

    Good idea! I'll add links to my .lxf files I'll also add mecabricks links!
  10. Well, It took me a year but I finally got a picture for my character (AwesomeToa on page 37) P.S. Would a Pauldron made of paper with Writing in sharpie on it be considered "Not-Purist"? (pictured above)
  11. awesometoa

    Assembling the Lego Star Wars TFA Game

    I've also made the FWMB-10 repeating blaster in LDD LDD File: Mecabricks Workshop Link:
  12. awesometoa

    Assembling the Lego Star Wars TFA Game

    I've reconstructed the Flametrooper's D-93 Incinerator. What it looks like in-game: What my version looks like: In the end it was almost exactly game-accurate (in-game there is a piece between the binocular piece and the stud gun, in LDD/real life that piece doesn't exist). LDD File: Mecabricks Workshop Link:
  13. I'd like to join as Awesometoa a slightly insane Snowtrooper who has a A280C blaster that he keeps with him at all times, which has been the downfall of many a Stormtrooper trying to wake him from one of his long naps. though his mild insanity has injured many troopers Lord Vader has decided to keep him in the Stormtrooper Corps because of his destructive power when unleashed upon the rebel forces. **Edit** My stormtrooper currently serving in Sanitation aboard Vader's Super Star Destroyer.