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Found 32 results

  1. evancelt

    [MOC] Fix Bayonets!

    Sergeant Kilherby eyed Private Upperton, who was lock-kneed and apparently daydreaming. "Private, I said 'Fix Bayonets!'" ----------------------- An outtake shot while testing out a new lightbox - thought it was salvageable
  2. TheRiddlersMind

    w.i.p rebel troopers

    Hi everyone Here is a wip of my rebel cell. there will be more minifigs added and a midi scale fleet to help protect there corner of the galaxy let me know what you guys think i'm struggling for a name for them, any help would be appreciated many thanks tom Rebel troopers by TED D'Arcy, on Flickr
  3. Earlier this year, the addition of BrickArms parts to the BrickLink catalog has had a side effect on BrickStock. Namely, the appearance of the Brick Arms colours within BrickStock. All of BrickArms colours have been added to the BrickLink list of colours with a prefix of "BA". This degrades the usability of BrickStock since you now see a large list of Brick Arms related colours starting with B which you have to scroll passed to see the BrickLink/LEGO colour names. Moreover, when in the colour list, typing the letter B takes you to the start of the Brick Arms colours rather than the value "Black", which used to be the first "B" colour. I have come up with a solution to move the BrickArms colours to the end of the list. While not solving the problem (which ideally would exclude the BrickArms colours altogether), the solution does at least restore the appearance of the BrickStock colour list close to how it previously was. Moreover, the solution, although a little bit hacky, avoids the need to alter the BrickStock code (the most recent version of which is unavailable anyway). The solution renames the BrickArms colours so that their prefix begins with "zA" rather than "BA", hence moving them to the end of the list of colours. It achieves this by patching the BrickStock database file to rename the BrickArms related colours appropriately. The solution is straight forward and, if you follow the instructions below, can be used by anyone. Note that this solution outlined works for Windows. If someone is using BrickStock on a Mac, perhaps they would like to post an equivalent solution using tools appropriate to a Mac. The steps are; (1) One-time step. Download Freeware Hex Editor XVI32. I have no affiliation with the author of this software but if this solution is useful to you, consider making a donation to the author via their PayPal link. (2) One-time step. Unzip the downloaded zip file into an appropriate directory e.g. "C:\Program Files\xvi32" (3) One-time step. Download this file into the same directory as in step 2 e.g. "C:\Program Files\xvi32" (4) Run the program "C:\Program Files\xvi32\xvi32.exe" (or wherever you installed the program in step 2). (4.1) Select the menu item "File/Open ...". Enter the value "%USERPROFILE%\brickstock-cache\database-v0" (without the quotes) into the field labelled "File Name:". Press the "Open" command button. (4.2) The tool should then display the contents of the BrickStock database file. (4.3) Select the menu item "XVIscript/Editor...". This will open a dialog window titled "XVIscript interpreter". (4.4) Select the menu item "Script/Open ...". In the dialog window that opens, navigate to the location where you place the xsc file in step 3 and select the file. Click the "Open" command button. This will open the patching script. (4.5) Optionally, if you want to also rename the Modulex colours to change their prefix from "Mx" to "zx", remove the leading semi-colon from the last three lines of the script. (4.6) Press the "Execute" command button. All going well, an "Information" dialog will pop-up displaying the message <"BA" colours renamed to "zA">. Click the "OK" command button. (4.7) If you modified the script as per step 4.5, you will see a second "Information" dialog pop-up containing the message <"Mx" colours renamed to "zx">. Click the "OK" command button. (4.8) A dialog window will be displayed showing the message "Script executed successfully!". Click the "OK" button. (4.9) Click the "Close" command button. If you modified the script as per step 4.5, you will be prompted as to whether or not you want to save the modified script. Make an appropriate choice. (4.10) Select the menu item "File/Save" in the XVI32 application window. Then close the application. You will have now patched the colour names in the BrickStock database. (4.11) Run BrickStock and confirm that it is running correctly. Take a look at the list of colours - the BrickArms colours (and optionally the Modulex colours) will appear at the end of the colour list. Note that every so often (or when you explicitly request it), BrickStock will refresh its database by re-querying BrickLink. When this happens, you will need to repeat step 4 (& its sub-steps) above to reset the colour names once again. What to do if the above steps do not work for you? Simply delete the BrickStock database (i.e. the file identified in step 4.1) and then from within BrickStock, choose the menu item "Extras/Update Database". Hopefully the above list of instructions restores some of the sanity into BrickStock for you which was lost once BrcikLink added BrickArms colours to their database. Regards, David
  4. Minifig Lecturer

    MOC: The Money Laundering Launderette

    I’ve always believed that that little minifigs can be big criminals and so I present the Money Laundering Launderette. This is a MOC I wanted to build for quite some time now and use up those spare (unfortunately LEGO) 100 dollar notes I have lying around. The scene is pretty simple, the good guys (the police) have surrounded and are about to raid the Soap n’ Suds launderette, a front company for a crime organisation involved in smuggling contraband clone brands and dangerous addictive plastic substances among other things. An accountant who works for the gang and two heavily armed gunmen are deciding whether to fight or flee (presumably through the backdoor into the boiler room and out into the adjoining yard but who knows…) Two oblivious customers are also downstairs. The launderette does also actually wash clothes with 6 large 10kg capacity washing machines and dryers. Washes from €5, wash and dry €8. Special thanks to miniBIGS, BrickArms and BrickForge for the custom parts. More pictures of the inside on Flickr
  5. Hello everyone! Haven't post anything for a long time but soon I'll be ready to publish my new war lego film aboutNapoleon war with Russian Empire! As for now I have a trailer for you! Check it out!
  6. Phadeout: Part A1 LEGORACER1: Part A2 Faladrin: Part A3 Umbra-Manis: Part B1 Jansued: Part B2 Stash2sixx: Part C1 Johannsued: Part C2 Leonardo Da Bricki: Part C3 Mesabi: Part C4 Grid: Studica E4 All military campaigns need a hub for planning attacks, planning defenses, processing satellite data & reports, adapting to situations in real time, and maintaining communications with all members of the Alliance. The RoN just so happens to have set up a makeshift command post in a small town on the Northeast side of the lake in Grid E4. The Command Post has multiple soldiers attending to all of the data delivered via satellite, following the radio chatter, and communicating orders to all of the RoN soldiers in the theater of operations. The command post is set up in a warehouse built of brick and steel. It is located at a T intersection, across from a park and an abandoned butcher shop. A temporary landing pad has been set up for helicopters. Easy and quick access to drop supplies and soldiers. This is the small park where the anti-aircraft system has been set up to deal with threats from above. The RoN Alliance has also set up a temporary brig to house their prisoners of war. As for threats on the ground, there is a team in place patrolling the area. As you can see, a small squad attempted to overthrow the command post but they failed. Of the ten men that attacked, only 3 survived and have been jailed for the time being. Soon, the transport helo will arrive to take them to an undisclosed location for...questioning. Unfortunately, the media showed up and is hanging out, snapping pictures. As you can see, she is wearing the bright blue "DON'T SHOOT ME" color helmet! OOC: Group planning was intense, and to my team, sorry if I seemed a bit aggressive, I just wanted us to really rock this campaign! I promise, I plan to step back on the next Campaign mission, you have my word. I have used Brickarms and weapons and gear. The custom black computer parts (6 of them) are from TnT MOC Supply. I have 4 HUMVEEs, all inspired by Brickmania builds. The dark green/brown camo one has been seen before. The Avenger S-A-M HUMVEE has a few modifications. The 2 pickup HUMVEEs were major modifications of the Avenger. I wanted to drop a Huey gunship on the landing pad, but as I didn't have air abilities yet, and I didn't want to distract from the main build of the Crossroads CP, I decided against it. The desert 6 color camo soldiers were designed by Lando of Brickmania, and the Woodland Camo for the Commander is from Citizen Brick, along with his head. Unfortunately, due to my fear of not getting pictures uploaded in time, I neglected to take an overview shot...which is usually the first shot I take! Oh well...I think the puzzle of where everything goes seems to be pretty easy; any questions, just let me know.
  7. Finished my last SWAT TEAM Lego Minifigures . Each Minifigure is made with a Custom Design and parts, I hope you like it!
  8. Hi there! Let me introduce my short lego stop motion: tribute to Airborne!
  9. crazymotion

    Lego world war 2 trailer.

    Hi guys! My new video about ww2 is coming soon! At the moment I would like to represent the trailer...
  10. Any idea where I could find one of the Brickarms Sonic Screwdrivers? (they call them quantum spanners) Help much appreciated!
  11. Just wanted to share the news that BrickArms recently unveiled some exciting new custom bodywear accessories: 4 variants of a Plate Carrier Vest! A nice heavier companion to the existing Lightweight Combat Vests, the BrickArms PCVs definitely have a nice weight and protective feel without making the fig appear too bulky.
  12. crazymotion

    Vietnam War 2 part!

    Hi there! A year ago I made a Vietnam war lego stopmotion... It got almost 1 million views... Finally today I'm ready to show you the second part! Vietnam war - lego edition...
  13. Captain Contractor

    MOC: Midnight Riders Technical

    I usually stay within the Town forum, however this truck that I am presenting to you today belongs in Sci-Fi. I used the Lego City 7213 Off-Road Firetruck and Fireboat as a base, and based it off of a Tatra T815 8x8 truck. 18 days after incident: Our gas was running low and we were nearly out of options. If we didn't find a new set of wheels or some fuel soon, we would never make it through the Sierra Nevadas safely. Chet suggested that we hit up a logging camp not to far away. The sun was just rising over the landscape when we arrived. In the far back of the camp, surrounded by looming cranes and harvesting equipment sat our salvation: a partially rusted 8x8 semi; it still had all of its wheels, and we were able to siphon enough diesel fuel from the nearby tractors to fill six jerrycans. Having reacquired transportation, we left our homes behind and headed towards the East Coast, or what was left of it. Finding the Technical by Ryn Labrie, on Flickr That was three months ago. So much has been going on that I haven't had time write up a proper report. Our small band of marauders has made good use of the truck we found in those mountains. We've armored it, weaponized it, and turned it in to a fighting vehicle that spits bullets like they're going out of style. Other survivors and bandits have smartly kept away from us as we roam about, looking for supplies and staying alive. Midnight Riders Technical Front Quarter by Ryn Labrie, on Flickr When we came across the smoking ruins of the largest survivor compound in the New Mexico Badlands, we gained the bulldozer blade from their barricade, and the stereo speaker. Johnny had the great idea of mounting the speaker to the roof, so we could "play some Wagner and freak the heck out of the locals." (a cookie to the person who names this reference) Midnight Riders Technical Front by Ryn Labrie, on Flickr The current armament of our ramshackle fighting truck consists of a pair of Browning M2A2 machine guns, a MK19 grenade launcher, an M1919 with Cobray 37mm flare launcher, a M60, a M134D minigun, a triple M16 turret, and last but not least, a Common Remotely Operated Weapons System (CROWS) fitted with another M2 machine gun. The .50 cals and the Mk19 came from a National Guard convoy, the minigun was found on a helicopter crash, and the other weapons were found on the road. Midnight Riders Technical Back Quarter by Ryn Labrie, on Flickr Also worth noting are the Hiab/Palfinger folding crane with manbasket and all of the spotlights that we've attached to our truck; we don't want any sneaky buggers tying to sabotage us at night. To keep the lights working, we have 10 car batteries mounted beneath the cargo area. Midnight Riders Technical Palfinger Crane by Ryn Labrie, on Flickr I am including a "family picture" with this message. From left to right: Frank, Jaeger, Pops, Johnny, Ross, Archer (me), and Chet. A pair of local yokels took it for us before we left the Idaho territory. I will send out another message when I have time. This is 1st Sargent Archer, signing off. Midnight Riders Family Photo by Ryn Labrie, on Flickr C&C Greatly appreciated and as always, thanks for viewing!
  14. Do you want to own functional, durable and unique lego versions of real-life guns? Do you want to own something even bigger than a Star Wars set? Than you will be interested in ArmyBrick's lego weapon manuals! We offer only the file of the instructions. We do not offer the weapons physically. Here is our store on ebay: [link removed]
  15. Hammerstein NWC

    MOC: Weird Wars Contest Entry

    Recently I entered and won a competition over at the Brickarms Forums, One of the five criteria for the competition was the prominence and integration of brickarms into the build. I hope you like my efforts BACKSTORY In 1944 Russian artillery accidentally shot down an alien craft, mistaking it as a Nazi wunderwaffen saucer. The Iron Wolf a Hero of the third Reich saved the Pilot and the course of History would never be the same again. The alien pilot known only as Navigator recovered from her wounds with help from the Twisted Dr. Rascherat. Previously neutral but now trapped in a different dimension, The Navigator decided to aid the Nazi's in their quest for World domination. She detonated the Wyrm hole drive from her craft, the ensuing radiation fallout removed Mother Russia from the conflict immediately. The Zombie Nation was born! Germany's technological advance was swift and the Allies soon surrendered. Only small pockets of resistance remain. The 501st are the last recognised fighting unit still flying the stars and stripes. Details shot Dr Rascherat releases the Zombie Horde Mech details The Iron Wolf with his Mech Those do-gooders over at Cooperworks in Detroit need some real opposition! BMW have pulled their fingers out with this Panzer Mech. Armed with dual synched batteries of armour piercing and inferno round loaded .50 cals this Mech is ready for anything. Moc has articulated legs moving front tracks and a swivel head for playability. 501st L.O.C.U.S.T Light Observation Craft United States Tacheometery. A breakthrough in aerial reconnaissance pioneered through observing alien tech in action. This gyrocopter although lightly armed and armoured is incredibly manoeuvrable. Usually used for reconnaissance it can be retro fitted with a stretcher to remove casualties from hot zones. This combat version is armed with a machine gun with very limited ammo supplies. Stickers by Cooperworks, TLG and ghetto accents by me. Features custom printed torso from my Wright Brothers figures and new CB soldier "chin strap" head. Zombies getting fried!! Other links to the figs contained within the MOC are over at the minifig customization workshop!
  16. crazymotion

    Stalingrad - final battle!

    Hi there! This is my third and the last part about Stalingrad battle...
  17. Hammerstein NWC

    Destiny Figbarf

    A desiny figbarf. Warlock, Hunter, Titan Center fig is by "soldbrix Studios" :) Do you like the game? I've only watched a friend playing it so far but it does seem to have Bungies usual attention to detail!
  18. After several films about WW2 (Stalingrad and so on) I decided to make a Vietnam war lego film... I really liked the final result so want to share! Attention! I suggest 10 + age... some violence scenes included... well , hard to imagine war film without violence.
  19. I made these in 2010 I think, and they have been long forgotten and burried in my basement. First off is a CheyTac M200 For some reason the cheek rest has gotten a little warped from storage, It used to be straight. And the outer barrel is made from flex tube, and acrylic paint sticks very poorly to it, so the bipod has scraped it off a little. Apart from that i rather like this one. The grip and rear of the receiver is a Brickarms AK47, and the scope is based on one of their rifles, I added a thin slice off trans-clear rod for a glass effect. the rest is random bits and pieces of Lego and a bunch of glue and paint. The next is a Sako TRG 42 It uses the exact same pieces of Brickarms, and a whole lot of tiny pieces of Lego. A piece of one of my wifes hair clips is in the but stock. And yes, a minifig can actually hold it: Hope you like them, please let me know what you think
  20. crazymotion

    WW2, Best battle ever!

    I spent a lot of time to do this...
  21. Hammerstein NWC

    Turtles in Time!

    Loosely based on the 1992 Classic game I used to play on my SNES (that's famicom to you dudes in the USA). Musketeer Leornado Wild West Raph Apoc Mikey Deep Space Don Interesting factoid for you Turtle Fans out there in the early 90's the term "Ninja" was considered to violent for kids. This meant the Turtles were rebranded as "Hero" here in the UK. even the credits were edited to be TMHT.
  22. As they appear in the 2003 film. Mina Harker Mr Hyde Allan Quartermain Captain Nemo Tom Sawyer Rodney Skinner Dorian Gray Inspired by RDL a user over at Flickr who recreated the comic version of the league way back in 2012.
  23. Blackwater USA Another Modern Warfare Barf. Blackwater USA now known as Academi was formed in 1997 by Erik Prince and Al Clark. Academi is currently the largest of the U.S. State Department's three private security contractors. Academi provided diplomatic security services in Iraq to the United States federal government on a contractual basis. The Academi HQ is based in Arlington County Virginia. Pictured here are some of the myriad of operatives available to the clientele of Blackwater. Private Bodyguard Wet Works Diver Fighter Pilot Silent Assassination Expert Mountain Rescue Operator Hostage Extraction Corporate and Legal Defense
  24. "Extraordinary" ex·traor·di·nar·y /ikˈstrôrdnˌerē/ Adjective Very unusual or remarkable. Unusually great. Formed by Commander Albert Jordan - by order of The Queen of The Brickish Empire. The League fights off all invaders and enemies of the Empire. Left to Right Nautical Man Luster Lady Albert Jordan Super Chap The Martian Gentleman Hunter Bat-Fellow The Flash esq. Directly inspired by "Gotham by Gaslight"
  25. A little steampunk Figbarf. Pictured here are some Brickish "Captains of Industry." Captains are renowned for their fame/notoriety or influence within the Brickish Empire. Left to Right. Lord Tiberius George - The Empires most successful "Big Game Hunter" Araminta Sedgwick - A suffragette and agent provocateur. - Armanta's pet pooch Burberry. Captain Meeno - An officer in her majesty's navy and famous explorer. Mr Latrine - A french double agent specializing in waste management.