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Found 7 results

  1. Please judge this freebuild. _____________________ During a deceptive period of cease-fire between the Alliance's and imperial forces around the sector, Jacob Nion uses his time to renovate the SoroSuub Luxury Yacht he had found during the evacuation of Cloud City long ago. The endless junkyards of Nar Eurbrikka provide enough spare parts. And it's a good opportunity to meet again an old friend. And some shots of the ship Sadly there's still pure emptyness. Simply because I have no idea what I could install inside. So, finally. After a long time I'm glad to return to SoNE. I had the Yacht finished for a while now, but didn't want to post it until I would have got better photo equipment. And then there was a different rpg on eurobricks... but here it is! When I did my first Luxury Yacht for the very first episode of SoNE, I fell in love with this ship class. And I really wanted to improve it. You can compare the model to the original in the wookieepedia article Thanks for having a look! And man, it's good to be back on Star Wars!
  2. Jacob Nion

    The Streets Of Skavenport

    The City of Skavenport was one of the strangest cities in Nocturnus, where indeed many a strange town existed. Maybe it was even one of the most peculiar cities in all of Historica. But at the first glance a visitor could find no difference to any other bustling town. There were half timbered houses, large and small, built without any sign of logic; older houses with crooked roofs and sagged walls, newer houses attached to the others whereever a free corner could be found. Houses lined to long winding alleys. Some of the larger streets were paved, or once had been at least, but most were muddy and rough. Everywhere the reisdents were busy, hushing through the streets, children were playing, and barkers could be heared. All in all it was a loud place full of life and hustle. But this most special town was inhabited by rats. Not only rats, but rats and men together, side by side. Because this was the city of Osric Isentooth, the Rat Lord. Long ago, when the rats, were driven out of their realm far in the northern Rakath Mountains, Osric led them all through Nocturnus to the eastern shore. But the rats had been weakened and were disheartened. So Osric called for people all over Historica to follow him and join his cause. So the men of Skavenport had come. They were neither lords nor noble knights, not even brave farmers or diligent craftsmen. These men had been thieves and robbers, smugglers and all sort of sinister fellows. That kind of people decent citizen would call rats. And said:"You may live like vermin under your kind, or you live free and proud under us rats." So vagabonds turned into most respectable citizens. They became farmers and craftsmen and merchants. Thieves, who had never known other than loneliness, became the fathers of families. And the rats on the other hand adapted much of the manners of their new neighbours. Where they once had lived in caverns and dug tunnels they now inhabited tall houses and walked other broad streets. They learned to esteem precious fabric and to trade with all kinds of goods (a new and very strong domain of the rat people). They learned how to grow crops and even how to tame the sea. Some travelled far away aboard black sailed ships and returned with spices from isles as far in the south as any mariner ever dared to sail. And the rats and the men lived henceforth in union, and nothing ever would divide them. So, finally I can present you the first build of my city! Enjoy Skavenport!
  3. Jacob Nion

    Skavenport Furriers

    The Streets Of Skavenport With endless forests surrounding the city, Skavenport has immense access to huntable wildlife. The skin sold by the huntsmen is processed into fine fur by Skavenports many furriers and one of the most desired exports. Foxes, sables and wolves are popular furs, but you will never find a coat of squirrel skin, or a beaver hat in Skavenport, since Lord Osric had forbidden the sale and production of rodents, in the city. On the furrier's bench last rags of flesh are severed from the skin. Tanning makes the skin smooth and durable. So, a little bit more Skavenport. Enjoy!
  4. Felucia Mon Calamari "No trace of Fett. But look what I found in the junk! Uuuiiiiieeeeeeeh!" Thanks for your attention and good luck to all participants (but more luck to rebels of course).
  5. Jacob Nion

    [SoNE Ep. VI] Felucia

    Ord Mantell Mon Calamari Nothing special to say here. Sorry for the blurry pics.
  6. Felucia Ord Mantell During the hunt for Boba Fett, Jacob Nion reaches the blue planet of Mon Calamari. The planetary security has reported the infiltration of one of the countless medical institutes across the planet. The Bothan decides to investigate this case. "You reported an infiltration of this area. What happened?" "Yes sir. We checked the security holograms. It was definitely Boba Fett. He didn't even try to cover up his track." "But what was he looking for? Has he stolen something or killed a patient?" "Sir, he just used the medical detection systems. I can search for his medi protocol at the FX unit." "Proceed." "It seems that he was infected with felucian Blood Fever. The FX Droid reports that the Fever was successfully defeated with the available serum of this facility." "Well that's an interesting detail of Fett's journey but it doesn't help me. I have to go to Bothawui." Finally I could upload my first entry. Thanks for your attention! Down with the empire!
  7. Jacob Nion

    [SoNE] The Runaway

    Here's my first free build for Nar Eurbrikka. I had to wait a week for Master Splinter to kitbash my character, so I couldn't start earlier. I would like to have this free build judged. Jacob's story Part I: the runaway "Every member of the Alliance joined for a reason. A story. Something that made them hating the Empire...not very difficult. And my story? Like always the Empire attacked and everything changed. Many Bothans died on that day, but I survived and was brought to Nar Eurbrikka. The Empire always needs workers for their mines and facilities. Five years of slavery, without sunlight. Five years of surviving only to see the next day. But I didn't lost hope. And one day I had a chance. And I used it." To be continued...