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Found 10 results

  1. Hi again everyone This time I present a model I have tinkered with a lot - Admiral Raddus' flagship from Rogue One the Profundity. This is another example IMO of a nice ship design from the Disney era being used only once then blown to bits! The build itself has a few transitions from 2 bricks wide at the front to 3 bricks and then back to 2 on the tail to attache the nose section and to get the sleak shape which tapers to the tail. I also tinkered an awful lot with the nose section to get the hangar in. I must have built this section 4 or 5 times but finally settled with using the door rail pieces to mimic the hole as this meant that the nose would not get too thick throwing out the whole shape and feel of the model like some of the other attempts I made. I also attached the engines using clip tiles so the tail would not get too thick. Now to finish building the ship named after the commander of this one.......... Anyway let me know what you think. Jon
  2. After dropping a shuttle full of chatty troops off on various floating cities of Mon Calamari, Officer VeR and Agent An made their way into the watery planet's orbit and docked with a shipyard Goatm had become familiar with during his last mission. Goatm was hopeful that some of his contacts here could give the pilots an idea of Fett's whereabouts. He was fairly confident that the Calamari were unaware of his recent sabotage of their B-Wing factory, but he couldn't be for sure. The personal greeting he got made him very suspicious, though. Why would the Calamari send out one of their diplomats to greet the Imperial officers? Why are they so insistent that Fett has not been to the shipyard and that we are "wasting our time" by searching here? Either they were able to identify Goatm or these slimy fish are up to something more sinister. The return flight to the planet's surface is tense as Goatm considers the implications of this treatment and Officer VeR struggles with his own distracted thoughts. Flickr *I wanted to rework my previous entry for this planet and sync my build up with BEAVeR and I's current story arc. If you are interested in the previous pics, they're still on Flickr for the time being.
  3. Below is BEAVeR and I's consolidated stories and builds from SoNE: Episode VI. We hope that you enjoy the contrasting story arcs of our characters and how two vastly different Imperial officers interact on their missions. 1.1 - When did the killer become the hero? Officer VeR is glad that he is finally on a peaceful mission, but he has his questions about it. Landing a craft on Mon Calamari, the troopers in the back start talking about how awesome Boba Fett is, and that he can do everything. He doesn't mind that they adore him as long as that prevents worse, but he wonders... why is that murderer celebrated like a hero? Because he can do anything? And what does that make Officer VeR? [soNE Ep. VI] 1 - When did the killer become the hero? by Bert.VR, on Flickr 1.2 - Something smells fishy While between missions, Agent Goatm An joins Officer VeR in his mission to find Boba Fett. The two pilots drop chatty troopers off at various floating cities before following one up on one of Goatm’s local contacts located on a shipyard orbiting the planet. The officers receive a far too formal welcome, leading Goatm to wonder what the Calamari are really up to. [soNE VI] Mon Calamari - 2 by goatman461, on Flickr2 - Worse than war The bounty hunter is said to frequent a certain mining company on Fondor and Officer VeR plans to interrogate the boss of the facility. The mining boss reveals that he gives missions to the bounty hunter. Certain competitors have to be eliminated to terrorize the people in the name of the Rebels. And that terror is good for business, so war should be maintained as long as possible. Officer VeR finds this horrible, and calls that terror worse than war. And he questions the role of the bounty hunter in this. He's not just a blaster someone else fires. By offering such a possibility, he encourages others to commit these crimes. This is atrocious to Officer VeR. [soNE Ep. VI] 2 - Worse than war by Bert.VR, on Flickr 2.2 - Worse than war (part 2) While Officer VeR is checking out a mining company, Goatm seeks out local union workers that Fett would have likely used for repairs. After starting, and finishing, a street fight with a group of them, Goatm starts to interrogate the workers. However, Officer VeR calls Goatm back to the shuttle and Goatm leaves the workers bleeding on the wet, busy street. [soNE Ep VI] Fondor 2 by goatman461, on Flickr3.1 - Just another horror The last assignment Boba Fett received on Fondor, was to eliminate a competitor on Ord Mantell. In a recycling facility, officer VeR and Agent An discover that the target died in a trash compactor, along with his family. A datapad left behind indicates that Rebels were responsible, so that there's nothing left to be done, and people are left without hope. Officer VeR is utterly disgusted by this. Not only the atrocious murder, but that it took hope from the people. Instead, they just accepted it, as something normal, as just another horror of the war. He realizes that this cannot happen, that people need to wake up. But how? [soNE Ep. VI] 3 - Just another horror by Bert.VR, on Flickr 3.2 - Just another horror (part 2) Officer VeR is visibly distraught by the murder of recycling center owner and Goatm decides to interrogate the remaining worker elsewhere. As they walk back to the janitor’s home and shop they discuss life on Ord Mantell and the implications of this attack. The janitor gives Goatm directions to a local Hutt arms dealer where Goatm is hopeful to get a lead on Fett. Goatm is interrupted again by Officer VeR before getting to the dealer and the two officers head to Bothawui. [soNE VI] Ord Mantell - 3 by goatman461, on Flickr4.1 - Ruins among ruins The datapad from Ord Mantell still contained some information, and Agent An and Officer VeR reach a ruined temple on Bothawui. The former descends into a hatch leading to what might be a Rebel base, while the latter stands guard. When two Bothans happen on the place, the only thing he can do is to hide and contact his colleague. Then the horror becomes apparent to him, but luckily the Bothans value their lives and leave the place. Now that he knows the Rebels are after the bounty hunter as well, officer VeR sees what the real objective of their mission is. Not to find the Boba Fett, but to find the Rebels that are after him. But it puzzles him why this should be hidden. His ideas about the Empire become ruins among the ruins. He despises that kind of hidden warfare, and decides that something has to be done about that. [soNE Ep. VI] 4 - Ruins among ruins by Bert.VR, on Flickr 4.2 - Ruins on top of ruins (part 2) When they discover the Rebel hideout, Goatm eagerly descends into the unknown below. The reluctant Officer VeR stays behind to guard the escape route. Goatm quickly finds and dispatches a hapless Rebel scout and continues further below. Further below, he finds a large weapons depot, an arms dealer in the middle of a procedure, and a mysterious hatch emanating the sounds of alarm and ambush below. After arguing with Officer VeR, Goatm throws open the hatch and generously fills the room with blaster fire. Once the smoke clears and the room is quite, Goatm grabs the arms dealer who will lead them to their next lead on Felucia. [soNE Ep VI] Bothawui by goatman461, on Flickr 5.1 - Felucia (part 1) On the way to Felucia, Goatm discovers that imperial troops are scanning Felucian sarlacc pits in search of Boba Fett. To hide his favorite dump site, Goatm mounts a speeder and departs from the shuttle as soon as Officer VeR hits the planet’s damp atmosphere. Just in time, Goatm turns a squad away from the pit and races back to VeR’s landing coordinates to lead a squad in the wrong direction. VeR is up to something, but Goatm knows that whatever it is, Goatm will gain some leverage if VeR ever discovers Goatm’s own deviations. [soNE Ep VI] Felucia 1 by goatman461, on Flickr5.2 - Delivery, deliverance The two found themselves on Felucia after a tip from the arms dealer. The datapad, however, revealed a more exact location to officer VeR. But after all he has been through, he can't allow Boba Fett to get a thank you message for his cruelties. Instead, VeR sends Agent An and the troopers in the wrong direction, while he will try to deliver his very own 'thank you' message to the bounty hunter, in the hope that that delivery might bring deliverance. [soNE Ep. VI] 5 - Delivery, deliverance by Bert.VR, on Flickr
  4. LucasLaughing

    [SoNE Ep VI] Treading Water

    Hey Birdman, I spy with my little eye: something blue! The water. Correct! Okay, Crash, I spy with my little eye: something brown! The rock. Right again! Another planet. Another day wasted looking for the bounty hunter. We all dealt with the boredom in different ways. Howdy, Sarge. You guys have any luck down here? Negative. Sarge, have we considered the possibility that the bounty hunter doesn't want a card? Maybe he'd like a poem instead? A poem? Yeah! Birdman could write him a poem... I could do it, Sarge. I wrote you a poem just now. ..... Roses are red. Roses are gray. Everything is gray. My helmet is broken. He's got a gift, Sarge. He's like one of those ancient warrior poets. Really, though, my optics are fried. I can't see a thing. Alright; I've got to get back to the ship and do some admin work anyway. Birdman, come with me. You two, link back up with Delta company and finish the search. ---------------------------------- The whole thing. Hopefully the tiny bit of overhang is okay...
  5. Felucia Ord Mantell During the hunt for Boba Fett, Jacob Nion reaches the blue planet of Mon Calamari. The planetary security has reported the infiltration of one of the countless medical institutes across the planet. The Bothan decides to investigate this case. "You reported an infiltration of this area. What happened?" "Yes sir. We checked the security holograms. It was definitely Boba Fett. He didn't even try to cover up his track." "But what was he looking for? Has he stolen something or killed a patient?" "Sir, he just used the medical detection systems. I can search for his medi protocol at the FX unit." "Proceed." "It seems that he was infected with felucian Blood Fever. The FX Droid reports that the Fever was successfully defeated with the available serum of this facility." "Well that's an interesting detail of Fett's journey but it doesn't help me. I have to go to Bothawui." Finally I could upload my first entry. Thanks for your attention! Down with the empire!
  6. Our dark trooper diver reported from another scum infested planet - Mon Calamari. He had to go deep under water to make contact with some sympathisers of the Empire. Dark trooper: Commander I have reached the contact and we have some good news. MstrOfPppts: Finaly, and what is the news? Dagoh: As I have explained to your trooper, Boba is here. MstrOfPppts: Is there a safe way to get to him? Dagoh: No, the part of the city he landed in is full of Rebel troops. MstrOfPppts: So what is the good news? Dagoh: Boba is leaving soon and we are certain his next stop is Bothawui. MstrOfPppts: Good, we have our troops there.
  7. Shortly after landing on Mon Calamari I made my way over to the chief of landing deck. If Boba Fett was here, he would know. Me: I'm looking for a bounty hunter named Boba Fett Chief: Hmm, Boba Fett, that doesn't ring any bells. I'm pretty sure he hasn't been here. Me: Another dead-end (sigh). I guess I'll be on my way then. Chief: Hey, since you are already here, why don't you try one of our fishing trips? They are very popular! Me: Fishing? What kind of fish do you have here? Chief: Red herrings, mostly red herrings.
  8. What an absurd mission we’re on. Giving a “thank you” card to Boba Fett. Has the Empire really lost its mind? But I won’t complain. For once, we’re on a peaceful mission with a positive vibe to it. For once, no killing, voluntary or involuntary, on purpose or by accident, significant or insignificant. Just crossing the galaxy to say thank you. It’s a pity that such a nice act comes forth from a whim of insanity. But a lot of beautiful things are born in disease… “We’re approaching the surface. Landing gear stand-by” The Sentinel-class landing craft I’m piloting has one of the few cities at the surface of Mon Cal as destination. This planet is probably the easiest one to find the bounty hunter, since I don’t see that craft of him going under water. So only a troopers were needed per city. [soNE Ep. VI] 1 - When did the killer become the hero? by Bert.VR, on Flickr They’re in the back now, talking. They seem quite excited. Not only to be practically on leave. Not only to visiting a nice peaceful planet (and way better than looking for droids in the desert). No, most of them seem to be excited to meet him. “Have you heard he has tamed a Wampa to be his pet? Really. Or that all of his pillows are made from Ewoks? Really. Or that he once killed a Gorax with nothing but a mouse droid? Really. And o, that mouse droid! Did you know he stole it right from under Vader’s nose? Really. Really, that man can do anything. I wouldn’t be surprised if he survived getting eaten by a Sarlacc…” “Yes, he can do anything…” (that one wasn’t much of a talker) “But he’s quite frightening too. Who knows what his next target will be. Maybe my head will be the next trophy on his shelves, in between the pink of the ambassador of Alderaan and a tooth from as space slug (that he killed because he helped captain Solo escape)… Maybe I don’t want to meet him after all.” “Are you mad? You’re might meet the most feared person in the galaxy – after Lord Vader of course (you never know who’s listening) – and you want to run away in fear. You don’t make sense.” “Yes, imagine meeting the man who did all of those great deeds. I think I will faint.” It just keeps going on. They seem Fett’s personal groupies. And for what? What has that foul bounty hunter ever done to become such a hero? Sure, that Wampa, Gorax and space slug stuff… But since when did a killer become the hero? Is murder the new cool? He might be skilled in what he does, but so is a trash collecting droid. He’s just a diva. I hope the others will see that when they meet him, but I’m asking too much of them. Let them adore him. What harm will it do? Let them adore the killer instead of becoming him. Let us all enjoy war instead of making it. It are our deeds that define us. I feel lacking. What are my deeds? I have only done things I regret. Do I regret myself? I wish those deeds never took place. Should I stop to exist? Isn’t there more to me than my deeds? And what more can there be to that bounty hunter? He has done enough deeds. But does that make him superior to me? “Stand by for landing” Let’s just give him the card and let’s go. _____ LXF File here. The whole thing actually fits on a 16x16 plate. It is build in such a way as to stand upright, and there's no limitation on height [soNE Ep. VI] 1 - The proof! by Bert.VR, on Flickr And I know, it looks bigger on the inside. And it looks ugly on the outside...
  9. After flying around the galaxy for just over a month, Imperial Survey Corps soldier, Lord Tyrus, had finally been told he might have some luck in delivering his 'thank you' message on Mon Calamari. He had absolutely no idea why. Who (apart from the natives, of course) would want to go to that planet? A ball of rock covered to every inch in water. The only way to travel across the planet to the few and far between floating cities was either by boat or by submarine. Apparently speeders didn't work as the repulsorlifts couldn't repel properly on water, but he highly doubted that, as he'd driven his old speeder across lakes on his home planet. That seemed like a lifetime ago. Now he hardly remembered it. He wanted to actually see something other than water so he hired a mini-sub from a Mon Calamari dealer, just by the floating landing platform he landed his shuttle on, to try and see some underwater fauna. That particular sub had large, ovoid windows on either side of it with a good view of the wildlife. He checked the distance from the closest city on the range-finder by the window that enabled him to get the necessary data he needed, without having to go to the main cockpit. There was only a few hours before they got there. He sighed. By speeder, he could go more that 5 times the 50 kph the sub could manage. He didn't bother to ask the Stormtrooper behind him why he was waving. He had got fed up with them after just 10 standard minutes with them. By now, he had just decided to pretend they weren't there, which he would have given an arm and a leg for it to be true. If had looked around, he would have seen trooper 27491 swimming around desperately, trying to escape the jaw of a shark. Trooper 44783, seemed to have not noticed the shark and was just waving at him. Lord Tyrus sighed again. He was nearly at the city now, he just hoped Fett was still there... And a bonus picture: And for the rest of the story, look below...
  10. Blax and I landed on Mon Calamari and were greeted by a delegate elder. Unfortunately we were informed that Boba Fett was not on the planet. The Mon Calamari delegate received information that Fett was headed to Bothawui. Alliance Intelligence confirmed this intel. I guess we're not quite done with our search. . -D