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Found 6 results

  1. My (last minute) entry: Jawa Droid Shop Battlepack Recreate an action packed scene never seen in the Star Wars™ Saga! Create epic (and slightly dodgy) deals with this fantastic new battle pack. Help the Jawa repair droids with the blacksmith-style hammar with absolutely no functions, and lift up droids with the crane to be fixed. Or, why not customize your droids with other parts (included) to get that unique droid look? Don't forget to turn the vapouriser on or your little cloaked friend will collapse in the swealtering heat. Will the Tatooine resident™ get a cheap deal, or will the crafty Jawa™ sell him a duff piece of junk? Or maybe the Jawa™ will die of dehydration and the Tatooine resident™ will get a freebie? YOU DECIDE!!!!! Includes 2 minifigures and 2 droids: Jawa™, random Tatooine resident™, and two Astromech droids™. Play features: Repair droids! SWBPC by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr Lift droids! SWBPC by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr Sell droids! SWBPC by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr Get angry customers after selling droids! SWBPC by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr Customize droids! SWBPC by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr SWBPC by Lord Tyrus, on Flickr
  2. jp-30

    [SWBP] – Jawa Ambush

    JAWA AMBUSH BATTLE PACK One minifig I always wished was available outside of expensive Sandcrawler sets are Jawas. Please find my SWBP entry images below - a Droid being ambushed in a Jawa Battle Pack playset. Features 3 Jawas (all slightly different in colour, cape style, hood) and an Astromech droid to be 'salvaged'. The cliff-face is hinged and can swing around. The desert incline can be moved to suit your display setup. The cliff face can swing 180 degrees to make a deeper cave to hide in if you are a Jawa... Or the droid can hide in the cave to try and avoid the gaze of those glowing yellow eyes. Where did R2-R7 go? "Utinni!" - a gentle push of the droid with your finger down the desert incline ends with the droid being shot with an ion-pulse and falling front-first onto the track (the lugs on the track enhance this play-feature), ready for the Jawas to take back to their Sandcrawler.
  3. "All troop carriers will assemble at the north entrance." Recreate the action packed rebel base of Yavin 4 from Star Wars - A New HopeTM or Echo Base from Star Wars - The Empire Strike BackTM with the rebel base battlepack, the perfect addition to your X-WingTM, A-WingTM, B-WingTM or Y-WingTM star fighters (sold separately). Use the Rebel Troop CarrierTM to deliver crates of ammo. Let the pilots hop on and catch a ride to their ships. Prepare you star fighters for battle using the Vehicle Maintenance EnergiserTM! It even rotates! Includes two new Rebel Flight TechniciansTM and two Rebel pilotsTM all armed with stud shooters! Includes 4 minifigures with weapons: 2 Rebel Flight TechniciansTM and 2 Rebel pilotsTM Includes 4 blasters that really fire! Includes Rebel Troop CarrierTM with folding ramp! Includes Vehicle Maintenance EnergiserTM with rotating function! Rebel Troop CarrierTM measures over 3.5" (9cm) long*, 2.5" (5cm) high and 2" (5cm) wide *Measured with fold down ramp extended Rebel Troop carrier is based on this picture from
  4. Upgrade your cantina and make the Twi'lek dance! Features 4 minifigs (21 parts) : 1 Twi'lek 1 Bartender 1 Modal Nodes team member 1 Drunken bounty hunter Structure is made of 51 parts with rotative pole dance! Make it rain!
  5. Donnie Bricko

    [SWBP] Rebel Ground and Air Attack

    Bring an all out assault on the Imperial Forces with this Rebel battlepack. The set includes two rock formations, two Rebel Jetpack Troopers, one ground soldier and a communication speeder piloted by the Communication Officer. Battlepack: Figures: Additional communication speeder view: The Rebel Jetpack Troopers are inspired by the Star Wars Commander App. Thanks for looking! -D Updated pics -D
  6. Protect the citizens of Lothal with the Imperial ground pilot battlepack. The set includes one Imperial two man speeder/cargo transporter, two cargo crates, two regular speeder pilots and two dark speeder pilots. Battlepack: Figures: Additional speeder views: Thanks for checking it out! -D