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Found 6 results

  1. The new assignment: Work with Imperial defector Blax Ritton to track and capture the bounty hunter Boba Fett. The first leg of the mission begins on the planet Fondor. Our intel leads us to an underground technology factory where Fett was known to visit where we meet the factory operator. Tell us What you know of this Boba Fett? Is he here? I know of Boba Fett but he is not here. We have not seen him lately. You're lying...give up the truth or I'll blast you! Okay, Okay...he was here. He departed yesterday for Ord Mantell I think. Please don't shoot me, I'm only a factory operator. I believe him, let's go.
  2. We raced to Ord Mantell and traced Fett's path to a junk droid dealer. Hello fellows...what brings you to Bent's Droid Parts shop? Can I interest you in an R4 motivator? Sorry Bent, we're looking for information not droid parts. We're tracking a guy named Boba Fett, do you know him? Beeeweeeeuuweeeeuuu Oh sorry that's my assistant droid Bonk, don't mind him. I deal with a lot of outlanders but I think I know the guy...does he wear Mandalorian armor? If so, he passed through here yesterday. He bought a bibe sensor for an IG unit that he said he was going to pick up on Felucia. You've been a great help, we thank you.
  3. On Bothawui, we met with a Rebel sympathetic Bothan named Erd Roynt. He discovered that Fett was on Bothawui looking for information regarding Rebel Alliance presence on Tatooine. It seems that the bounty hunter is headed to Tatooine. Blax was not comfortable about being on Bothawui because he isn't particualry fond of Bothans. "This rebel smells of Imperial stench!" Erd said, pointing to Blax "I smell, ha! You're the stinky Bothan!!" Blax replied. "C'mon, we need to get outta here now." I said as I grabbed Blax and headed towards the docking bay. -D
  4. Blax and I departed from Mon Calamari after receiving information that Fett was headed to Bothawui. Before we were able to hit hyperspace we recieved a transmission from Captain Denk. We are to rendevous with the fleet and report to him ASAP. Captain Denk wanted a debrief on the mission and an update on the defector Blax. Now that you've been out in the field with Blax, what do you think? He seems to hate the Empire and has some good contacts, but I still don't fully trust him. Maybe training against Stormdroids will fuel his dislike of the Imperials. Head to Bothawui and capture Fett then we can further discuss Blax's future. The Force is with us. Stormdroids are easy to create...we just dumb down the AI and plop on Stormtrooper helmets. Please judge this freebuild. Thanks -D
  5. Blax and I landed on Mon Calamari and were greeted by a delegate elder. Unfortunately we were informed that Boba Fett was not on the planet. The Mon Calamari delegate received information that Fett was headed to Bothawui. Alliance Intelligence confirmed this intel. I guess we're not quite done with our search. . -D
  6. We landed on Felucia and met up with a small Rebel scout squad stationed here. Our scouts had info and led us through the tie-dyed foliage. You should be able to see the landing port from up there. Yeah, it's empty. Are you sure that the Slave 1 was spotted there? Our intel was solid. We must have just missed Fett. Okay, let's get over there and question the town folks. I'm ready to get off this botanical membrane of a planet!