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  1. Zaael

    Faction: Corellian Security (CorSec)

    I am joing this shady bunch.
  2. Hmm, interesting this is.
  3. Zaael

    [Prologue] Survivor

    For centuries, my people have told of a prophecy... Of three horrors that would bring about the end of our world. They are everywhere but they have no body. They kill but they have no hands. They devour but they have no mouth. I did not think I would live to learn their names... But I have. And, unlike many others, I still am. The prophecy was correct, the end of our world came. The destruction grew with each passing of the star, until the skies exploded and everything went still. Many of my people did not survive, the ones that did, barely so. The three brought this destruction upon my people, my world, my home. Now, my world is recovering, we are recovering, building up the things we lost. Building new homes together with my people. My people... Before the three horrors arrived we all looked alike. Now... we are all different. The three did not only bring destruction. The three brought people from the skies, people from other worlds. After the horrors left those people became my people. To the eye the three might only have brought an apocalypse to our worlds, but to us, the survivors of the prophecy, they also brought unity and, more important, hope... My name is Akama, and I am a survivor of the prophecy.
  4. Zaael

    Episode XVI: Amassing the Fleet

    How have you been building a ship for this if this was just announced?
  5. Zaael

    [Freebuild] Hard Landing

    Awesome you keep developing your story during the time off. I'm wondering where Vex has been all those months.
  6. The build is great and nice minifig posing too, but what really stands out to me is the photography! Well composed and the lighting is perfect. The glare created by the white background makes it feel even more like an Imperial station. Well done!! Welcome to SoNE!
  7. Zaael

    AG - Octan Corporation Meeting Room

    43 to Bob.
  8. Zaael

    [O - F03] Z on Forring

    Awesome speeder and great scenery! The speeder looks as if Z would enjoy riding it a lot!!
  9. Zaael

    [O - F03] A Friend on Forring

    Oh wow, I only just noticed that... That is one major overlooked detail, I blame the lack of sleep!
  10. Location: Forring - F03 Tags: Spaceship The return Bigger things are happening Interlude New units So it is true. John is not dead. Well he is in body, but not in mind. This morning he contacted Zaael, he needs legs. If it was anyone else contacting him, he would have laughed at this request. It was not anyone else however, so Zaael started designing. Now the design was done and he had to pick up the needed parts, before setting course to Forring. Picking up parts was also the perfect cover. As per John's request this mission and meeting was to be covert and kept a secret at all costs. For this occasion Zaael was going to fly the new Gemini class. A highly maneuverable spaceship. The adjustable wings allow for a vertical liftoff, swift atmospheric flight and interstellar travel. Asteroid fields are an easy obstacle when flying in this Gemini class ship.
  11. Zaael

    AG - Octan Corporation Meeting Room

    Credits to Bob.
  12. @kurigan I joined recently and felt the same. All these rules, bureaucrazy and forms, them forms! Luckily I joined the ever helpful Oleon-"we are the good guys "-team. And got a lot of help in regards to the rules and procedures in the private channel. I suspect the rest of the teams also have that. I did what KB suggested; created a character, some backstory and took the plunge. My teammates learned me how to swim. Happy building!
  13. Zaael

    AG - Octan Corporation Meeting Room

    40 bucks to da Bob.
  14. Zaael

    [O - F03] AG Radio News

    Location: Forring - F03 Tags: Land Vehicle The return Bigger things are happening Interlude - Kathleen Kelly is in Love New units My name is Gerard Connor and this is the AG Radio news. The recent disappearance of an Octan Corp operative by the name of Kathleen Kelly, who was stationed on Forring, was investigated by the Octan Criminial Investigation Department. During the investigation an e-mail came to light. This e-mail together with the rest of the case ended up at senior management. The decision was made to send out 100 Recon Units to all parts of the planet. Their official mission is to find Kathy, but our source tells us their off-the-records-mission is to find and eliminate any alien lifeforms they encounter, because aliens are bad for business. This is yet another report of alien activity on a planet where Octan Corp has settled and of which Octan Corp has always denied the existence of any intelligent alien lifeforms. Beware if you're on Forring and strolling around in the forest. You can encounter one of the many Recon Units. You can recognize such a unit by the recon droid accompanied by a heavily armed Octan soldier on a speeder. On to MANTIS news... there is no news, which in itself is news. MANTIS' recent activities are scarce. One can only imagine they found a new galaxy. I am sure Kawashita and Octan spies are on the case. Greater Drigo was finally taken by Kawashita. After a long fight....