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Found 8 results

  1. FlyInSpace

    [MOC] Midi-Scale AT-AT Diorama

    Discovering the Battle of Hoth on screen is one of those childhood moments I'll always remember. So my first ever walker MOC had to be the AT-AT from Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. And for such an iconic scene, making a diorama-style build was mandatory. At only 19cm (7,4") high, this Midi-Scale AT-AT consists of 924 pieces (1,317 in total with the diorama base & T-47), and is accurately Nanofig-scaled. It features a movable head and fully articulated legs, allowing many different poses. Working at such a compact scale, capturing fine surface detail and smooth, gapless angles for the body required a great deal of unique techniques. My main goal was to make the model feel deceivingly heavy and massive despite its small size, and of course achieve that prop / toy vibe I'm so fond of. The most challenging parts of the AT-AT were definitely the head and legs: the head for its subtle angles and challenging shape, and the legs for proportions, joints, feet, and very slight width differences as you go towards the bottom. Nanofigs (or trophy figs) scale perfectly to both the AT-AT and T-47, which also scale accurately to each other. The diorama base allows the AT-AT feet to be connected in various positions, and can accommodate two flying T-47s. This 358-piece base is optional and comes in a separate parts list, for builders who prefer displaying the model solely (picture 7 in the Flickr album). Parts list also include a string piece that can be easily added to reproduce the harpoon scene (picture 5 in the Flickr album). ► Instructions for the AT-AT are available at BrickVault. More pictures on my Flickr page.
  2. lostcarpark

    [MOC] Echo Base

    Hi, I have been displayed my version of the Battle of Hoth at shows in Ireland over the last few years. It's mostly using models from sets, but each time I try to add some new custom details. For the latest incarnation, I've added the medical lab, complete with Luke thawing out... Echo Base Medical Lab by James Shields, on Flickr Echo Base Medical Lab by James Shields, on Flickr This shot shows the complete model: Echo Base Medical Lab by James Shields, on Flickr Here's a view from around the back. showing how it's held together: Echo Base Medical Lab by James Shields, on Flickr Here's the rebellion's newest recruit: Echo Base Medical Lab by James Shields, on Flickr The lighting is a set of 50 LED lights powered by 3 AA cells. It set me back €3 in my local discount store. In addition to the medical lab, here is the latest version of the command centre. I've tried to do this a couple of times, but never really felt I captured the atmosphere of the movie. I think there's still room for improvement, but I'm much happier with the latest version, below: Echo Base Command Centre by James Shields, on Flickr Echo Base Command Centre by James Shields, on Flickr Echo Base Command Centre by James Shields, on Flickr This is on display in Athy in Ireland tomorrow. I'll post photos of the whole display soon.
  3. Here is my MOC of Hoth Generator Defense. This set features the following: - DSS-02 Shield/Power Generator (791 pieces) - Rebel Troop Carrier (RTC) (102 pieces) - Perimeter Defense Trench (787 pieces) - DF.9 Anti-Infantry Battery/Turret (131 pieces) - 1.4 FD P-Tower Anti-Vehicle Laser Cannon (90 pieces) - Medium Repeating Blaster / Heavy Repeating Blaster (46 pieces) - Brick-built Tauntaun (113 pieces) - Ice Mountain (432 pieces) This MOC is intended to be a big playset with the total piece count of 2553 (including minifigures and props). Photo source: the Added tripod mounts to repeating blasters for standalone use. Photo source: Photo source: This is now also my Lego Ideas project: Also check out my bigger Echo Base MOC v.1.0:
  4. This weapon is another one of my favorites from the original trilogy and Star Wars: Battlefront. I was very disappointed, though, with the design included in both 75138 and 75098. It doesn't do the original cannon justice at all. Given that, I decided to try my hand at creating one, and I think it turned out really well. Please let me know what you think in the comments. God bless.
  5. I always feel for the rebel ground troops in the Battle of Hoth. Hopelessly outgunned and vehicle-less, being served as cannon fodder for the AT-ATs. So I wanted to give them somewhat of a fighting chance. Hence, my MOC of Hoth Rebel Combat Speeder/Universal Carrier. This is the same vehicle featured in 8083 Rebel Trooper Battle Pack. The vehicle is dubbed "Rebel Combat Speeder" by TLG. But this model, which I once thought to be one of TLG's imaginary vehicles, actually existed as described in Star Wars Wikia as "laser ice-cutter". Source: A 1980 ESB making documentary features the following. It has been suggested the vehicle was edited out becaue it rode too much like a 'snow mobile' rathe than a 'speeder'. A photo of the set shows the followng. Now, the vehicle can actually be seen in SW Ep.V as follows. Upon frame by frame analysis, I've found the following. IMO, the description that this vehicle's primary purpose is as an "ice-cutter" for the excavation of Echo Base is not correct. It is obviously a combat vehicle much like the Universal Carrier/Bren Gun Carrier or M16 Multiple Gun Carriage or FLAK halftrack. Hence, my design of that mystery rebel vehicle. .
  6. Fuppylodders

    MoC Microfighter Battle of Hoth

    So, You may or may not remember a while ago, I had made my own AT-AT microfighter, which ended up looking like a mini replica rather than a cute chibi version like TLGs did. I then made a snowspeeder to go with it, as who would have an AT-AT without a Snowspeeder?! Then I got onto doing an AT-ST, because, well, they were also briefly shown to be there, at the Battle of Hoth... So anyways, I then had 1 of each. I have my own minifig scaled AT-AT, but in no way can I ever afford to do a full size Battle of Hoth. So then I got thinking... what about a MF version? So I got to LDD and cracked on with designing it, and revelled in the fact I'd need to make more of the lil guys to go in it. I had a few aims: Include Ion cannon somehow piloted by a minfig. Include Shield Generator. Include fallen over AT-AT (includes 2) Include rebel trench Include the little rebel laser turrets Include rebel base doors that can open and close. I finally managed to take some decent pictures of it this morning so, figured it was now worthy of posting here! *edit* I am also aware that I literally built the body of the AT-AT backwards... the front should be shorter and the rear should be longer... Im slowly working on reversing it... but it isn't a high priority seeing as I have 4 of them wrong lol... Microfighter Battle of Hoth by Sam, on Flickr Microfighter Battle of Hoth by Sam, on Flickr More on my flickr, c&c welcome
  7. Punisher16

    REVIEW: 75014 Battle of Hoth

    Set Name: Battle of Hoth Set #: 75014 Theme: Star Wars Pieces: 426 Minifigures: 6 (General Rieekan, Luke Skywalker, Hoth Rebel Trooper x2, Snowtrooper x2) Year of Release: 2013 Price: 64.99 CAD INTRODUCTION Hello Eurobricks! Today durring the «rush for Christmas» at Toy’s R Us, I’ve found and purchased the 75014 Battle of Hoth, and I decided to bringing you a review of this set (My first one!). BOX The 2013 boxes are dark and green and I’m love it! It was a big sept beyound 2012 an older boxes concerns the graphic design. At the front of the box, we see the content of this set, and the minifigs. Close up on the minifigs... Top of the box show us the actual size of the General Rieekan with his cap. Back of the box After carefully opening the box, good suprise the box is almost full! CONTENTS Inside, we are greeted by 3 big empty bags of parts, a bag for the tauntaun, 2 instruction manuals, and a stickers sheet. Close up on the stickers sheet... On this stickers sheet; 9 stickers in total, 8 for the snowspeeder; control screens (pilot and harpon), engines and outside decals. The other one for the control screen of General Rieekan desk. INSTRUCTIONS The front of the 2 manuals shows us the front of the box. The first pages of the first one show us a new "don't open all bags" visual, and a "how to use the Brickseparator" with a QR code for an how-to I supposed (I haven’t try it). After that, we have the bag repartition. Bags repartition. Here, the pages showing the brick list. THE BUILD In the first bag, we get to build Luke new minifigure, and the Snowspeeder; One step of construction: Under the ship, we have that type of parts... (First time I see that!) The snowspeeder finished: Harpoon improvement Other Minifigs: Nice printed heads for Snowtroopers General Rieekan in the bag n°3 The probe droid: The Echo base trench: Overall of the set Spare parts... RATINGS Functions: Not too many but the flick-fire is well placed in the canon and the trench offer a good playability. 8/10 Parts: Nothing too exciting, but the General Rieekan fig. 8/10 Price: At $64.99 CAD for 426 parts it's not very good. But it's a Star Wars set... 5/10 Accuracy: The best Snowspeeder, probe droid and canon yet. 9/10 Overall: Buy for complete your Hoth setting... 8/10