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Found 18 results

  1. My first ever true Minifig-scale ship is finally here, and what better model to start with than the sleek BTL-B Y-Wing from The Clone Wars series. Being 23 meters long in universe, this accurately Minifig-scaled MOC is quite a unit: 57 cm long, 1,6 kg, 2,954 pieces. It can accommodate two clone pilots - one in the cockpit, the other in the turret. The model is available in three versions: classic (yellow), Rex's (blue), and red. With a spaceship of this kind, the main challenge is to achieve a level of smoothness and fluidity that gets as close to the original as possible. Using the Battlefront II model as a reference, my goal here was to closely match all key features of the ship: the subtle downwards angle on each side of the body, the curvy and tapered front section, the continuous yellow stripes that run across the entire fuselage, the intricate middle-section... and for such a smooth ship, going full SNOT (from top to bottom!) goes without saying. The T-shaped body of Y-Wings usually allow for simplistic structures, but in this case, figuring out the internals was one of the truly head-scratching parts of the build, since I had to properly incorporate angled fuselage assemblies and make a proper interior for Minifigs. Even so, the model is very swhooshable and can be grabbed from the underside, from the rear or even from both wings. Each color variant is accompanied by its specific set of instructions and parts list, giving you the freedom to build the one you prefer. The ship has two display modes, "in-flight" with its fully removable stand, and "landed" with retractable and easy-to-connect landing gear. The swooshing can begin. ► Instructions for the BTL-B Y-Wing are available at BrickVault! More pictures on my Flickr page.
  2. Hi all, After almost a year of work, myself and another builder named Bruxxy are both really proud to announce the launch of our Raider Class Imperial Corvette from Star Wars Battlefront 2. Shortly after the release of my Rebel Corvus (from the same game) via Brickvault last August we both started work on a collaborative build of the Imperial version. Bruxxy took on the role of digitally designing the new exterior over the interior structure of my rebel version and then I took over and build tested it, refining and re-working many areas inside and out. The end result is this 5484 piece, 84cm long, 48cm wide behemoth. Instructions are available from The full album can be found on my Flickr page here: Thanks for looking :)
  3. Hi all, some of you may remember seeing pictures of my moc of the Rebel Alliance Corvus from Star Wars Battlefront 2 a few months ago. This is the Mk2 version of this moc. New improved, more detailed, part optimised and instructions are now available from Brickvault at The model is made of 3749 pieces, is 85cm long and 38cm wide. The full album can be found on my Flickr page at: Or find me on Instagram: @rubblemaker_lego Thanks for looking :)
  4. I really like the Battlefront series since Bf and Bf2. I spent a lot of time with the 2015 version of the series and one of my favourite map in Walker-Assault game mode is SoroSuub Centroplex, which takes places on the planet Sullust. Here is it: Full MOC:
  5. KevFett2011

    Star Wars Battlefront II - Theed

    Hi guys, here is my newest MOC: It shows a scene from the Star Wars Battlefront II (EA) gameplay trailer. Rey and some Clones ( I use Phase 1 trooper but in the trailer are phase 2 clone trooper) battle with Darth Maul and the Droid army. I hope you like this MOC, I build it yesterday: Star Wars Battlefront II - Theed by KevFett2011, auf Flickr Star Wars Battlefront II - Theed (Details) by KevFett2011, auf Flickr Greetings KevFett2011
  6. Hi guys, here is my next small Star Wars Battlefront II (EA) vignette. I want to build the sparks with yellow minifigure hands,if the lightsaber cross. I decided to build the battle between Rey and Kylo Ren from the gameplay trailer in Maz castle. Star Wars Battlefront II - Showdown in Maz Kanata's Castle by KevFett2011, auf Flickr I hope you like this small vignette, let me know ;) Greetings KevFett2011
  7. **Not official** The storm troopers are out on patrol duty when they come across a very different kind of Darth Vader...
  8. Here is my MOC of Hoth Generator Defense. This set features the following: - DSS-02 Shield/Power Generator (791 pieces) - Rebel Troop Carrier (RTC) (102 pieces) - Perimeter Defense Trench (787 pieces) - DF.9 Anti-Infantry Battery/Turret (131 pieces) - 1.4 FD P-Tower Anti-Vehicle Laser Cannon (90 pieces) - Medium Repeating Blaster / Heavy Repeating Blaster (46 pieces) - Brick-built Tauntaun (113 pieces) - Ice Mountain (432 pieces) This MOC is intended to be a big playset with the total piece count of 2553 (including minifigures and props). Photo source: the Added tripod mounts to repeating blasters for standalone use. Photo source: Photo source: This is now also my Lego Ideas project: Also check out my bigger Echo Base MOC v.1.0:
  9. strider117

    Battlefront-themed Sets Thread

    Ok, I think we can all agree on how successful the newest Rebellion and Empire battle packs were. They were both based on EA's Star Wars: Battlefront, and I think it would be quite interesting to get some sets, or maybe a whole line, from that game. In other words, do any of you think it is feasible to get some Battlefront sets? It would be a great opportunity for new, better minifigures (Dark troopers, Alderaan guards) or maybe some ships (cough cough interceptor). It's just an idea, but I would love to see what you think
  10. Here is another small vignette from the ea multiplayer video game "Star Wars Battlefront". This time, I build a scene from the Death Star DLC. It shows a battle between some rebels and stormtroopers in a typical imperial Death Star coridor. I hope you like it,let me know ;) Star Wars Battlefront- Inside the Death Star by KevFett2011, on Flickr Star Wars Battlefront- Inside the Death Star by KevFett2011, on Flickr Star Wars Battlefront- Inside the Death Star by KevFett2011, on Flickr Greetings KevFett2011
  11. marathon_productions

    [MOC] The Complete Jabiim Collaboration

    The Jabiim Collaboration Hello everyone hope you've all been having a good weekend. For the last 5 weeks 5 builders have been collaborating to try and recreate areas and scenarios depicting the Star Wars Republic comic book series (the Jabiim story arc) here is a list of each episode Episode I: The Battle For Jabiim (by Marathon Productions) Episode II: Cobalt Station (by Innovative Brix) Episode III: The Battle Of Razor Coast (by Packer221) Episode IV: The Battle Of High Rock Canyon (by Alcloneproductions) Episode V: The Battle For Jabiim (Prison Break) (by Krisproductions) Here is a link to the playlist with each MOC: I hope you enjoyed the MOC series. please feel free to leave any criticism and any tips or creations you want to see in the future.
  12. Hi guys, I have just finished another micro landscape in time for the Battlefront Death Star DLC. I wanted to do something different from some of the other trench run mocs I have seen and so I chose the moment Han comes to Luke's rescue and shoots down one of the tie fighters. I really like the drama in this scene and Im really happy with the way it has turned out. The inspiration for Luke's Xwing and Vader's tie came from a post by 'BEAVeR' (http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=84301) however I really wanted to get R2 in this scene and so instead of a 1x2 white tile for the nose I went for a 1x1 and added a 1x1 blue stud to represent R2 behind the cockpit. Thanks goes to 'PRAITER YED' for the idea of using knifes as the wings cannons - I think they look really effective. Originally I used BEAVeR's design for Vaders Tie but it would've meant having to paint the shields black, which I wanted to avoid and also I didn't think it looked menacing enough so I simply turned the Tie fighters wings on their side. I think Vader's Tie has a real presence in this piece now and looks like the dangerous ship that it is! Finally for the Tie's cockpits I used an Arkenstone piece from The Hobbit sets, which almost looks as though it was specially designed for micro ties! I am really happy with this MOC and would love to get your opinions and as always any advice going forward for future MOCs! (Also would anyone be interested in seeing the design process? I have some pictures of various stages of the builds that people might find interesting?)
  13. Hi guys, Here is another SW Battlefrom from me. This time,it is a vehicle from the Empire, the AT-ST. Unfortunately, the AT-St can`t stand without the support, stability isn't my strongest skill :( but I hope the support disturbs not much. The design is inspired by anothergol,check out his fantastic version: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=120770 I hope you like it,let me know ;) Greetings KevFett2011
  14. Hey guys, The last weeks i have no time for eurobricks and all the new MOC`s here! But saw many great builds on flickr and watch something here when the time was enough. Here i want show you my newest MOC. It`s from Star Wars Battlefront, I love the game and the new lego figs and so i start to build a little MOC. At the last weeks i also build e little MOC to BF on Hoth (think the most people saw it on flickr), its not a big build but want to make a scene from the map (Snowspeeder ist the version from Lary Lars). Hope you like the build and can watch all photos on my flickr stream. Markus PS: The next days i must write some words to the mocs from the last time :-)
  15. (click for full size images) EDIT: Pictures of the final Version bellow EDIT: Rebrickable Page LDD files: The Long thing in the gun is a rigid cable which has to be cut to size so only about 1 mm of it sticks out of the front of the barrel(see the images of the prototype bellow). Is there any way to set custom lengths for rigid cables in LDD? The gun can be turned 360°and also can swivel up and down All lower side panels have different patterns, but those aren't visible due to the way LDD renders. I am trying to get LDD2POV-Ray to work to get some better renders. The sloped brick bellow the turret is supposed to be the gunners targeting display. I plan on using part 85984pb077 for that. Prototype: A prototype I build with parts from my collection. Obviously the colors are wrong and not even most of the parts are correct. I plan on making some better renders and creating a rebrickable site soon. EDIT: replaced expired download link
  16. Hello, today I will show you my MOC of the Star Wars Battlefront (I and II) Laser/Beam turret (Anti-Infantry, and small damage to vehicles), used by the Republic and Separatists, Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire. There's 2 Photos of this turret: http://vignette2.wik...=20080811171358 http://vignette4.wik...=20080223032009 I made 2 designs for this turret, because I'm not Sure what is the best of my designs... LEGO Laser-Beam Turret by Kuek Cuac de Koki, en Flickr LEGO Laser-Beam Turret-1 by Kuek Cuac de Koki, en Flickr LEGO Laser-Beam Turret-2 by Kuek Cuac de Koki, en Flickr LEGO Laser-Beam Turret-3 by Kuek Cuac de Koki, en Flickr The 6x6 plate is not necessary, you can put it in where you want. And a optional cannon for this LEGO Laser-Beam Turret-4 by Kuek Cuac de Koki, en Flickr And the LDD: LEGO Laser-Beam Turret.lxf All the Comments and Constructive-Critics are welcome. Thanks.
  17. Hello LEGO fans! I very like Star Wars Battlefront game and Sullust, that DICE presented to us. So I try to build the scene from the cover of Star Wars Battlefront in a small LEGO diorama. I hope you will enjoy my creation. Builded of different LEGO sets bricks, BRICKLINK hasn't used. More photos in video:
  18. Star Wars Battlefront : Geonosis Battle pack Fight Separatists with the new , Grand Army of the Republic ! Take cover behind the rocks to avoid the Droideka's heavy fire ! Then fly using the Jet Trooper's Super Jumper and shoot the droids with his rocket launcher ! Recreate the epic battle of Geonosis as you played it in Star Wars : Battlefront 2 . Includes 4 minifigures : Clone Trooper , Jet Trooper , Battle Droid (Geonosis) and Droideka ! Both Troopers and Battle Droid (Geonosis) are armed with game - accurate weapons ! Fire the Jet Trooper's rocket launcher ! Have the Jet Trooper fly for a limited amount of time ( just like in the game ) with the Super Jumper ! Have the Clone Trooper take cover behind the rocks Notes : - The gonk droid design is inspired by Sage C's design - The set contains 70 parts ( excluding minifigs and weapons ) and the droideka is made with 29 parts