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  1. Thank you everyone! I am glad you like it. I hope you are prepared for the next factions...
  2. Legostein

    [MOC] Lego Stratego.

    I also find the idea to use corner panels as tents very creative!
  3. Thank you everybody for the comments! Before we expand the yellow-colored Explorer Fleet theme, I would like to introduce to the other factions first. I have not given any names (yet), as I still need to get used to the tendency to name every minifigure in the newer official playsets (for example in the city line). But you are right, the major commanders and pirates already had names in the classic times as well. So please be patient with me, our alternate pirate world has just begun growing. See you around all!
  4. Legostein

    Post your Pirate Crew: Pirate Figbarfs

    Thank you for the explanation. We will see what time will bring. Maybe you can send me a message, as I don't want to drive this thread to off-topic, which is most popular faction, and which faction needs most support. Thank you! Time is the limiting factor, as for many things that are fun besides real-life. I have an idea, however, for a MOC that I have not built yet, which would fit in there.
  5. Legostein

    [MOC] Small Pirate Brigantine (small-hulled-boat)

    Thank you! A major challenge is to finde alternate sail pieces as I only use original parts for these playset creations. Thank you! I currently only do instructions for SciFi Mini Models. For me, these pirate ships are "large" creations, and making building instructions take much more time than I have currently. So I have to ask for your understanding not being able to provide these at the moment. Thank you! A rule that I try to stick to when creating classic-styled sets is to only use classic heads without white spots in the pupills like the newer heads have. Thank you! I appreciate your comment! Thank you very much! I am glad there is still interest for classic-styled MOCs. Thank you for your suggestion! I will remember this for the next ships of that size. Thank you! They are indeed fun, but that does not mean it's simple. As you mentioned the figurehead, for example, it took me much time to find something like this that had not been used in that function regularly yet. It would be an honor! Thank you! And there is definitely more to come. Thank you for your comment! You are right, I always spent some time to think of how a classic playset addition could have looked like. Thank you everybody for your time, comments, and interest! See you around!
  6. Hello everybody, and welcome to my own corner of the pirate world! Today I want to introduce you to an exciting project I am into for some time now. It's an alternate pirate play theme with new factions, new boats, and new places. I made up some rules for myself that apply to the project: I try not to use any official pirate theme insignia, any official pirate theme sails (official pirate boat pieces allowed), any official pirate theme torsos, any official pirate theme heads (official headgear allowed). With that I started into a new adventure of playset design! It was quite a challenge but a pleasure even more. So, I would like to present to you: The Explorer Fleet 1. The Personnel of the Explorer Fleet For the crew of the Explorer Fleet, I used toros of the "Racers" series from the early 2010 years. The back printing of the torsos (which would not look adequate for a pirate figure) is covered with standard capes. I was really happy to finally being able to create a yellow uniform that looks nice (as you know yellow dress for yellow head and hands color is quite difficult). The heads are from the "Fright Knights" series from the late 1990 years. As insignia the flag of the "Lone Ranger" series from 2013 was used. We have a total of 39 figures so far: 27 guards, 9 officers, and 3 commanders. Their fleet can be seen in the background: 2. The Port of the Explorer Fleet All locations use a modular system of old 10x20 baseplates/bricks. You can stick them together to get a rellay long quay wall, or you can assemble them in corners to make a harbor basin. The modular system is extremely useful when participating in an exhibition to create a really lengthy display with buildings in the back and ships in the front. The home port is called "Port Yellowsandstone". You will find a storage buidling with crane, and a defense tower whichi has a map/conference room on the first floor with great panorama view. There is also a small prison, the commander's castle, and of course a tavern. 3. Ships and Boats You can already see it on the images of the port: A small catboat. Yellow sails are hard to find. For this little boat I used foam pieces that came with the "Scala" sets in the early 2000s. The next ship of the fleet is a small vela latina. It uses the large brown rowboat from the "Adventurers" series which I already used for several other boats, too. As lateen sail I used the carousel top cover from the Creator carousel 10257 of the year 2017. The next ship a Xebec which use the same carousel top covers as sails. This was really a pleasure to build. I especially like how the angled mast turned out. It uses the standard boat hull pieces (narrow form) with one expansion piece in the middle. The next ship of the Explorer Fleet is a brig, also with two masts, standard boat hull and one expansion piece in the middle. For the sails "Scala" theme foam pieces were used again. That's all for now! I hope you enjoyed our journey so far. Please keep in mind these are designed as playsets, thank you.
  7. Legostein

    Post your Pirate Crew: Pirate Figbarfs

    Thank you! I know the BotBS forum of course! I am watching what's going on there for over a year. However, I never really understood the game mechanics there. Anyway how often I read the introduction threads, it is very complicated for a person not involved to understand this. There are so many great MOCs in this forum! I find it a little sad that most of them are not posted in the MOC forum as well. I am sure many people would admire the great builds of the BotBS gaming group. Thank you for your kind comment!
  8. Legostein

    Useful Pirate Pieces from other Themes?

    Hello everybody! Let me take you on a journey back to the very late 1990s and beginning 2000s. On the first page of this interesting topic, we already discussed the Adventurers theme for their really cool but rare rowboat, which is larger than the common one we all know. But the theme has even more to give for the pirates theme! Let me mention the wing of the following sets which can bes used as a sail, and three of the Adventurer minifigures which can easily be converted to convenient pirate figures just by changing their headgear. The wing pieces comes in sets 5921 and 6045: The minifigures found useful by me are: Mr. Cunningham (adv020) Alexis Sanister (adv002) Mike (adv014) You can see the original Adventurer minifigures in the second row of the following image. The first row shows the converted to pirate versions.
  9. Hello everbody, I would like to share a small pirate brigantine with you. The hull is brick-built, the sails are all original cloth pieces, the smaller ones being hammocks (part 28981). It is intended as a playset, so a more classic building style has been applied. The figures are alternate pirate minifigures as an addiition to the official ones. Pieces were chosen to also give them the classic pirates era look. Have a good start into the new week! More images on FlickR.
  10. Legostein

    Post your Pirate Crew: Pirate Figbarfs

    So, here's my pirate crew! All figures have been assembled in order to have a "classic" look. In the background you see their brigantine.
  11. Legostein

    [LEGO IDEAS] Armada Port

    It's a great colour selection and a stunning architectural building style! Cheers!
  12. Legostein

    [MOC] Modular Pirate Scene - TREASURE ISLAND

    No worries, it's still a pleasure to look at, even if we know the inside construction details. See you around!
  13. Legostein

    [MOC] frigate

    Ahoy there! A really impressive ship so far. As a fan of unusual parts use, I appreciate the use of the clam shell, inverted, as roof for the bay windows! Good luck on the further building steps!
  14. Thank you again for your comments everyone! Right. You're right. Time for the pitrates. Arrr.
  15. Legostein

    [MOC] HMS Amelia 28 Gun Frigate

    Very impressive ships! I especially like the wavy brick-built flags you add on your vessels!