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  1. Hello again, and thank you very much fopr the kind comments! This shows me my intention was successful. That's exactly my mission with these creator alternatives. To build the unexpected out of it. Cheers, ~ Christopher
  2. Legostein

    MINI Y-Wing Starfighter

    Hello everybody! It's been a while since my last Star Wars mini model has been posted here, thus I think it's time that we move along. Today I'd like to share an Y-Wing Starfighter with you. Due to the complicated engine fuselage, this is a particular hard to build model with increasing difficulty the smaller you get by maintaining all details. I hope you will enjoy the following images. See you soon with more new mini models! Cheers, Christopher
  3. Legostein

    (SK MOC) Beluga Whales

    Hello! Very realistic modeling of those whales! What impresses me most is the motion you can see in the tail and fin. It was very clever to build two of them, each of them exactly in the turning point of forward propelling position of tail and fin. This way you can really "see" them swimming forwards. Cheers, Christopher
  4. Legostein

    MOC: Mini Modular #6

    Hello there! They're all looking fantastic! As a fellow micro builder I always appreciate to discover new building tricks and techniques! Well done! Christopher
  5. Hello everybody! Sometimes the question is raised why there is no Star Trek™ LEGO®. I would like to present a possibility to you how you can go to your local toy store, buy an official set, but go home with a Star Trek model, instead. This works out in form of an additonal alternate model of Creator Set 31006 - Highway Speedster. It's a model from this year, so you will have no difficulties aquiring this one. It consists of 286 pieces. Building instructions can be downloaded of course! When building alternatives I usually have two rules in my mind. - Don't let it look too much of a patchwork - Use as many pieces as possible The result this time was a Starship Enterprise model with clear deisgn lines, and an appropriate stand. Unfortunately it only uses about half of the pieces available. Sometimes that happens but usually the two official alternatives to the main model also use much lesser pieces. So here we go! Building instructions can be donwloaded directly from my homepage: Thanks for your time and interest! Yours Chris.
  6. Legostein

    Eurobricks Event 2013 - Sign-up Topic

    Hello everybody! I'll gladly join this fantastic group again! A car is available, so you can count it in for your plannings. Cheers, ~ Chris
  7. Hello again! Community builds are great, so let's support further! A Geonosis Playground for some of my mini models. Take care, Christopher
  8. Hello everybody! Using this Geonosis-coloured baseplate (from set 6589), i'd like to present a little display for some of my vehicles and vessels from Episode II - Attack of the Clones to you. Take care, Christopher
  9. Legostein

    Shmi's Funeral

    Thank you. I just looked up that torso. Unfortunately this one seems to be from "Prince of Persia", and thus being a licensed piece. So it's not completely license-free for this scene. I will order a neutral torso, however, I am short in time now. Cheers, Christopher
  10. Hello. Here we go! AotC scene 127: Shmi's Funeral Take care everyone.
  11. Legostein

    Shmi's Funeral

    Hello everybody, I am sorry for being late with my entry, but I won't let you down. I owe this great community project a scene. It's a sad one though. Padme, Anakin, Beru, Owen and Cliegg face the loss of Shmi Skywalker (from left to right, C-3PO is cut off on the left side). There seems to be a lack of official LEGO® Star Wars™ sets and figures for Episode II. Therefore I built them myself. Take care everyone, ~ Christopher
  12. Hello everyone, I got this minifigure as a free giveaway myself but I don't have use for it. That's why I'd like to pass it on to someone who can actually use it. The bag is opened but the figure is brand new and unused. You can have it for free. Shipping to Germany only, costs are 1.45 EUR. Have a great day, Christopher
  13. Legostein

    Happy Birthday Christian!

    Congratulations my friend! I hope everything is going well for live and job! Cheers, ~ Chris
  14. Legostein

    Has there been a prune?

    Hello! I noticed the same thing today. I was searching for all my topics (an option in the profile). It said there were 59 topic by me. Although there should be around 140. very strange this is. Cheers, ~ Christopher
  15. Hello everybody! With the release of Star Wars board games this year (Star Wars Battle of Hoth), there are also several new official Star Wars micro figures. Because limitations for typical character details are high in that scale, I'd like to present a different Darth Vader microfigure conecpt to you. The basis is also one stud (like for the official Vader microfigure), but additionally there are arms, cape and helmet. This microfigure was originally intended as a sculpture for my minifigure-sized Star Wars toy store. Thanks for stepping by, and have a great week-end! Christopher