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  1. Legostein

    Rayi, another amazing sea creature...

    Hello! I have a faible for underwater creations. Your creature looks quite cute! It may be discovered one day in the endless deepths of our oceans. Cheers, ~ Chris
  2. Legostein

    MOC Coral reef

    Hello! Very well built! Your original and inventive parts use represents the diversity of living reef organisms very authetically! Cheers, Chris
  3. Hello everybody! Let's finish the series of small hulled support ships for their larger official flagships. As usually, they're designed with the classic pirate sets style in mind to serve as playset additions to the pirate theme. We will start with the "Imperial Support Ship" sialing along the "Imperial Flagship" (set 6274). The only sails possible to get the correct colors for the flagship's sails are those of the Imperial Trading Post Vessel. Rotating cannon included of course! We will then conclude with the "Snake's Tooth Sloop" assisting the "Skull's Eye Schooner" during its pirate adventures. It had a white snake as figurehead and two latin sails of different size. The color scheme is the same as for the flagship vessel. Thanks for your time and interest, and have a good time! ~ Chris
  4. Legostein

    [MOC] The Dragon of the Black Seas (small hull boat)

    You are lucky if you have 50 of these as they are really rare. Cheers, ~ Chris
  5. Legostein

    [MOC] The "Caribbean Ribbit" (small hull boat)

    Hello again everybody, thank you again for your interest and your efforts (especially for the image editing). It was exactly my intention to build classic playsets that would fit into the official series. I think it's time to finish the series by adding the last two ships. See you around! ~ Chris
  6. Hello again everybody! Here is another smull hull boat called "Dragon of the Black Seas". The name was given by the yellow figurehead dragon, and the flagship it is serving (the Black Seas Barracuda 6285). It is a fast attack and capure vessel that usually accompanies its larger flagship. Colors and design elements were chosen to make it look like an additional playset for the original classic pirates theme. The boat also features a rotating cannon mounted on its bow. Have a good start into the new week! ~ Chris
  7. Legostein

    [MOC] The "Caribbean Ribbit" (small hull boat)

    Hello again, and thank you for your comments! I am glad you like the litte boat. Be sure to expect more of these. Of course I am aware of Classic Pirates. But unfortunately I do not have a facebook account, so I gladly accept your assistance for posting the images there. Thank you and see you soon! ~ Chris
  8. Hello everybody! This is my first topic started in the pirates section, and I hope everything will be fine. My main interest are playsets from the "classic" pirate era started in the year 1989 (and goes until 1997 in my pirate world). This is why I like to create additional playsets that resemble the style of this era. I am happy to introduce the "Caribbean Ribbit" to you. It's a small supply ship that goes along the larger "Caribbean Clipper" (set 6274). It features comparable design elements to suit well as a playset for the other sets of the series. It features also a full rotating cannon. As figurehead a small yellow frog was used (yellow animals are somewhat rare to find) which also gave the vessel its name. Thank you for your time, and have a great day! I am glad to be here! ~ Chris Here is an updated image:
  9. Legostein

    Help indentifing

    Hello! Most parts are from set 21205: Battel Towers. It looks like it had been manually expanded with more elements. Cheers, Chris
  10. Legostein

    15 years of Brickville (my Lego city)

    Hello! The shelf behind your town layout on the fourth image looks still pretty empty. With a layout that large I would have guessed it's filled up with brick boxes. Cheers, Chris
  11. Legostein

    [MOC] Racer 42

    Hello there! A real combination of strength and endurance! I like the two-seated cockpit. And you managed to make the color scheme of yellow/red looking good (which is one of the most difficult combinations in my eyes). Cheers, Chris
  12. Legostein

    Along the coral road

    Hello! That's a very harmonic look of a foreign planets plant life! It's always difficult to design shapes and colours in your mind to give it the right space touch. You did perfectly fine here! Cheers, Chris
  13. Legostein

    [MOC] boat spaceship

    Hello! A very original and unconventional part use! I like it when this works and turns out really well. In particular, it's quite smooth how the large golden weapon pieces slide between the fins of the boat hull. Cheers, Chris
  14. Legostein

    [MOC] Space Champions - Xenon X2-Craft

    Hello! I like that the classic space spirit is kept alive here while we are still waiting for a new proper space theme. Good job! Cheers, Chris
  15. Legostein

    Billy Goat's Steamboat

    Hello! What a lovely boat! It immediately brings you back to your Fabuland memories. Very clever construction of Fabuland-styled shapes and forms! Cheers, Chris