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Found 16 results

  1. CollinsAnimationStudio

    Armada Conquistadors

    We thought we'd show off our Custom Imperial Armada army which we made for a stop motion series. Since the armada soldiers are quite expensive currently, we decided to just buy the helmets as well as the viking torso from lego online pick a brick, paired with black legs and random faces. There are 6 riflemen, 3 pikemen (one off screen) as well as 2 officers and Don Diego De Lego The riflemen have satchels as well as muskets The pikemen have spears with axe blades clipped on The officers have shortswords and Don Diego De Lego has a basic cutlass Overall, we're happy with the look of the soldiers, especially since they are not so colourful
  2. BrickRally217

    MOC: Music Dioramas

    Hello Eurobricks! I have for you 6 "music dioramas" that I like to make whenever I get really into a band or musician. Basically they're constructed on an 8x16 plate, they're 7 bricks high with tile on top, and they're either based on an album cover or just on the musician. Also, I'm not afraid to paint minifigures and parts occasionally for these. Anyway, enjoy! 1. The Beatles: Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band 2. Metallica: Master of Puppets 3. Green Day: 21st Century Breakdown 4. Nirvana: In Utero 5. Jimi Hendrix (Loosely based on his early "Purple Haze" era) 6. The White Stripes And here they are all stacked together for a display piece. Thank you for viewing! Questions and comments welcome.
  3. TheRiddlersMind

    w.i.p rebel troopers

    Hi everyone Here is a wip of my rebel cell. there will be more minifigs added and a midi scale fleet to help protect there corner of the galaxy let me know what you guys think i'm struggling for a name for them, any help would be appreciated many thanks tom Rebel troopers by TED D'Arcy, on Flickr
  4. Hello, On the Lego World Builder website ( people can design their own new Lego Theme. If the design gets plenty of votes and LEGO likes it, then the new Lego World may actually be taken into production. Being a fan of Lego Pirate themes I figured LEGO can always do with a new Pirate Theme, especially one with a clear story line. Therefore I came up with the idea of a story about a young Redbeard before he lost his limbs and one of his eyes. Roger Crow, later to be known as Captain Redbeard, washes up on an unknown island. He cannot believe he has survived. After the initial shock he needs to explore the island to look for food. Doing so he discovers the island is not deserted but there is indeed human, and not so human, life. There are several villages with islanders and pirates, a lagoon where sometimes mermaids can be spotted, quite a few skeletons lying about and the spirits of doomed soldiers near the ruins of an imperial fort. I invite you all to visit the website and check out my work. Of course I would really appreciate it if you would give "Distant Shores" your vote. I somehow managed to upload two pictures that I did not really want to add, but I cannot get rid of them. I have tried. If somebody knows how to delete uploaded pictures, please let me know. For now please disregard the following images:
  5. Back row, left to right: Whaling Captain, Vicar, British Officer, London Ripper. Front row, left to right: Buffalo Hunter, Housekeeper, Cattle Baron, Chimney Sweep. Feel free to share your own 19th century characters below! Mods, if you think this topic should go somewhere else, please move it to the appropriate forum - thanks!
  6. Hello, friends! I am a lego fan since creation. For some years I worked with difficult teenagers and graduates of orphanages. As a «therapy» for youths I showed them how to make lego custom minifigures. All of them liked the process. Unfortunately such work is emotionally difficult and I stopped it after two years. Most of minifigures which we created I presented to youths after work was complited. After that I continued to create minifugures for myself for some time but then also stopped because life... time... and so on. I sealed the box for some years. Some time ago my friends came and suddenly saw a box of my works. My friends adviced me to share them with a world. I decided «WHY NOT» and unsealed the box. There is approximately 300+ custom minifigures in there. Some of them are broken or damaged. Anyway each of them needs time to be completed before I can show them. That is what I am doing right now. I have already completed 5 of them. I will upload them one by one after I restore them. I would appreciate if you look at them and say if you do like them of not. All minifigures can be twisted from all sides on my small YOUTUBE CHANNEL
  7. Will somebody Please help me find a lego minifigure baseplate template for my customs? I at least need a 1x4 tile template, but nothing on the internet is as helpful as here! Someone please help, I need it ASAP!
  8. Uhtred, Finan, Sihtric, Beocca, Ragnar the younger, and Brida
  9. So i thought I'd show how I would make the classic Sherlock Holmes in Lego minifigure form, to go along with my earlier post. Here we go: Fenrir Greyback's hairpiece, Lucius Malfoy's torso, black legs. For the head, 2004 Stanley Shunpike's head is a great fit. I would also add a cloak, preferably black. Naturally, this will need modification, as not everyone has these exact parts. Any ideas?
  10. Hi everyone. I just wanted to share my website that serves as a database for Christo7108's custom printed minifigures. Link: Website Please, if you find any photos of figures that are missing, let me know ASAP. Thanks for taking the time to read this!
  11. Hi everyone, It's been a while since I've been on here, but I've been busy preparing and starting my new custom minifigure company, Phoenix Customs LLC, which took a lot more time than I had anticipated. Some of you may remember me from creating and sharing some decals on here (Dark Knight, Soccer Players, James Bond, and Assassins Creed, etc.), and I met and worked with many of you all here on Eurobricks, so I thought I'd share my first two figs for you to see what I've been up to. So, without further ado, here are my first two figures, and information about both. I hope you all like! Kinetic Man Here's my first figure. About Kinetic Man is a superhero that has the power to use kinetic energy as he sees fit to defeat his enemies. Based on the popular comic character! This figure includes: 1 MMCB Capes trenchcoat - Reddish brown 1 light gray LEGO cane This guy is pad printed just like TLG does. The Red Bird Here's my second fig: About When trouble strikes, count on Red Bird to swoop in and save the day! Based on the popular comic character! This figure includes: 1 MMCB Capes black cape This figure is professionally pad printed as well. NO DECALS or PAINT! So, what do you guys think? Would love to hear your feedback and comments below. Thanks!
  12. Hello! I wanted to share my collection of custom Lego Marvel characters. I was originally inspired by the purist thread to build Marvel characters. But now I am totally into custom minifigures. Lots of variety of customizers' figures were used and a few I've made. More details/info on my Flickr account Let me know what you think!
  13. Here are some custom figures that I made for a LEGO Ideas project: Old Bilbo is shown here in the outfit he wore at the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring. He's a pretty important character in the trilogy, and I'm surprised that LEGO hasn't made him yet. Old Bilbo by lancethecat, on Flickr Gandalf is decked out in full Santa garb, with a red cloak to match. Santa Gandalf by lancethecat, on Flickr If you like these figures and want to see them in a future set, there's a link to my project below.
  14. Hello! One of my favorite ways of Lego-building is creating new minifigures. There are some of MoC Minifigures. Super-Heroes Thats not all and I will often add minifigures here
  15. commodore_legolas

    Purist TMNT Figures

    Hello. Seeing how much we all like the SH one, I thought a TMNT one would be Liked as well. -- commodore_legolas