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  1. [LDD] Battlestar Pegasus (MOC recreation)

    You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar... love your work
  2. SHIP recreation - EAS Agamemnon from Babylon 5

    The other factor that comes to mind with a direct drive is the torque/power of the motor and the ability to vary those to suit. I'm not familiar enough with the PF motors to know whether or not that's possible... so my thinking at this stage is to may try a combination of parallel axles and stepping down of gears, along with a planetary arrangement to spread the forces and balance them between the sides of the inner turntable. Having the PF motors axis off-centre to the turntable could work in your favour here, especially if you want to have the final drive axle on axis with the centre of the turntable. Looking at some of the planetary gear setups that use those particular turntables, it looks like a central drive gear (sun gear) with two planetary gears driving the internal ring of moving part. That alone should have a reduction gear effect, more so if your central drive gear is smaller than the planetary gears. I think if you can have a short enough axles, and the right step down combination of gears to increase torque/reduce speed, you can make this work without to much stress on the components.
  3. SHIP recreation - EAS Agamemnon from Babylon 5

    Very cool. Can you leverage the pin-connections to the power functions motor to stabilise the frame? The challenge as far as I can tell will be the distance to the technic turntable and the amount of twisting that a technic axle can withstand if you're looking at a direct motor-turntable drive. After that, like you've said, it's a matter of friction, momentum, torque, etc. I was talking to my father and brother (both are mechanical engineers) about this challenge and they started talking about planetary gears as a solution, but placing multiple axles and cogs is going to be massively challenging in the confines of the current design. What's the position/alignment of the motors axle compared to the centre of the turntable? Aligned with the centre or off axis?
  4. SHIP recreation - EAS Agamemnon from Babylon 5

    oh mate... the heat has been merciless. More than a few days spent indoors with the aircon on and the Lego spread out. We've been giving our dogs ice cubes to help them stay hydrated and keep their temperature down. I'm not sure what's worse... extreme heat or extreme cold... although, I always thought it was easier to warm up by throwing on another layer. After all... there's only so many items of clothing you can remove before someone complains, or calls the cops I was concerned that the weight of each side of the habitat section was going to result in detaching from the rotating centre, so I designed a set of internal clips that connect the frames of each level, but in changing the internal structure to suit, I think I may have reduced the mass enough that it's no longer an issue (if it ever was one). That's one of the changes after the prototype build. I solved the engine sections gravity sag problem and came up with a way to connect the forward sections armor that is easier to build. In trying to sequence the steps to build, I've had to reconsider some choices in parts and design. Seems your advice on building before producing instructions was both sound and wise. On the upside, I could likely build one of these without even looking at instructions now. I'm hoping to have both the build and the instructions ready for April's exhibit. I seriously underestimated the time, effort and work that goes into producing instructions, as well as the importance of good planning in the early design stages. Photos will definitely be forthcoming. Thanks man. 7 years ago my kids saw how miserable my previous career was making me and I overheard them asking their mother why I was always sad... talk about a wake up moment. Changing from IT security and policy to allied health (training to become a physiotherapist) has undoubtedly been among the top 3 good decisions I've made in my life. Marrying my wife and reconnecting with my passion for Lego being up there :) I've resigned myself to a future full of study in staying current with qualifications and evidence basis.
  5. SHIP recreation - EAS Agamemnon from Babylon 5

    Over the summer I've been working on the instructions for this build, beginning with a functional prototype (usually, just colours are different, sometimes it's an aesthetic change, but always functionally equivalent), and finishing with a list of changes, build notes, errors and improvements. Along with that has been one very important lesson; don't over-engineer your design... sometimes, the simplest solution is the most effective. I had originally designed a set of locking pins to secure the rotating sections habitat decks, but as it turns out, clutch power was more than sufficient. What it's also spawned is a set of ideas on changes that will go into the next generation of this design, along with a few design ideas that have potential for future MOCs. But for now, there's a 4kg, 4700 piece, 1mtr long Lego Omega Class Destroyer sitting on my coffee table, along with the epic task of generating instructions whilst resisting the temptation to further tweak the design. Putting the instructions together will be a part time task as studies permit (I'm about to start my final year of studies where I'll be in clinical immersions 9-5, Mon-Fri, and swamped with a cruel and unusual amount of portfolio work after hours). Our local AFOL group is planning an exhibit in April, and I'm hoping to have a brick built version ready to display.
  6. SHIP recreation - EAS Agamemnon from Babylon 5

    Although, you've given me an idea on how I might be able to do an indirect drive on the rotating section. Just need to see about positioning and structure on the centre section
  7. SHIP recreation - EAS Agamemnon from Babylon 5

    The idea with the wheel/tyre is to combine with an inverted plate with pin on bottom (part id 2476)... The same wheel that is used for the forward guns... with it's tyre it just sticks out enough to make contact with the the guide rings and reduce the contact friction between that and the rotating section. I figure the rubber in the tyre will take the compression between the sections. That way the technic turntables are still taking the rotation load, but the wheels roll on the guide rings to reduce the friction. It's just an idea at this stage. Not entirely sure if it's viable, and if it is, whether it will work the way it's intended.
  8. SHIP recreation - EAS Agamemnon from Babylon 5

    With the dust settled on exams and some spare time finally at my disposal, I began the search through my spare parts and stocks... 80% of the build available in the correct part type and colours, with another 15% in alternate colours or size combinations. Off to a pick a brick sale tomorrow to grab as much of the remaining parts as possible. What this does mean is that I can start checking the build/instructions... and already, the stand, internal frame and central rotating plating is assembled. This process has actually given me another idea for the rotating section. I'm contemplating using a small wheel/tyre on the edge of the rotating section deck as a 'bearing' of sorts. I'll do a test build of that before I post anything further.
  9. SHIP recreation - EAS Agamemnon from Babylon 5

    Google hosted image should be visible now. 900 pages of raw LPub rendering down to just under 300... with an A4 page of errors and improvements to be made to both instructions and design. I have a workaround for the pan-and-scan/zoom-focus issue, it will just take a little more effort with a few more intermittent steps to produce those steps. The challenge now is creating an overall style theme based on B5 Earthforce terminal interfaces.
  10. SHIP recreation - EAS Agamemnon from Babylon 5

    Colour selected, sub-builds renamed in so that they appear in colour when using the fade option in LPub3D. I've been able to shrink 900 pages down to just under 600 (and still have plenty remaining) but the problem now is one of model size and LPub3D's inability to focus on a particular area means that as I progress through the remaining steps, showing appropriate detail is difficult or not even possible. I'd love to be able to pan & scan or select an area to focus the camera on in LPub3D, if anyone has tips on doing that. The other idea I had was to collate the necessary sub-assemblies for each section into their own files and generate suitable step images from those.
  11. SHIP recreation - EAS Agamemnon from Babylon 5

    Well... a marathon 16hr session later, and the steps are sorted for instructions, with a few parts selection changes and a couple of design changes for stability and buildability. I'm torn between having non-visible pieces as a single hi-contrast colour with a note included saying that those pieces can be any colour, or selecting colours based on suitable build friendly appearance in the instructions. The first makes it easier to focus on the visible parts when buying, but the second option looks better and is easier for overall purchase. Any thoughts/advice?
  12. [LDD-MOC] Battlestar Galactica

    Might squeeze that into post xmas-pre new years down time...
  13. [LDD-MOC] Battlestar Galactica

    That Pegasus design is magnificent... another that I'll add to my list of builds in the future. I swear, Lego is likely going to send me bankrupt and to divorce court
  14. SHIP recreation - EAS Agamemnon from Babylon 5

    Ain't that the truth! Like many things in Lego, there will be a trade off between scale, detail, function and stability.
  15. SHIP recreation - EAS Agamemnon from Babylon 5

    Hi Ryan, thanks for joining the party... and for the feedback on the mods to the design. One of the objectives I had for my redesign was to see if adding power functions motors was viable, or if an extensive rework was necessary. So far, I've had 2 ideas on how this might work. First was to mount a power functions motor directly to the rear section frame, with a direct drive to the aft turntable of the rotating sections outer cage. For this to work, there would need to be sufficient clearance between the turntable gear and the panelling around the centre section. At best, this would require redesigning the centre section to either raise all of the panels in order to clear the gears, or a section 2 studs wide at the rear of the centre section adjacent to the guide ring. The second was to reverse way I've placed the turntable gears, and then slightly extend the centre section, to have gears extend into the area covered by the guide rings. This would require a redesign of the guide rings to provide clearance, but less than what directly gearing the current config would. It also affords the option of a chain driven arrangement that, if needed, could also employ multiple gear options to step down appropriately. In each of these there's a best and worst case scenario; best being a small modification of this design, and worst being that the proportions are completely distorted requiring either a change in scale or a from-scratch redesign with power functions from the get go. This is before considering the issues of weight, balance, wires and whether or not there is a wireless control option available that fits suitably. If the PF motor and battery boxes are small enough, and a wireless option is available, then another option is mounting them on the rotating cage either side of where the habitat decks attach. This could potentially introduce balance and harmonic issues if not done right. Mounting the motor inside the 6x8 Technic Brick with Open Centre (40345) in the centre outer cage is an option that would enable the most direct driving of the turntable, but space is likely going to prevent this. One idea I've been toying with is to remove the technic turntables altogether, and replace them with a built 'bearing' structure that would use round bricks, cylinder pieces and small rubber wheels, along with shock absorbers and other technic pieces, to construct a floating assembly. This would have the advantage of both being scalable and having less friction, but potentially at the cost of precision. Done right, it could still use the direct drive or chain drive ideas I mentioned, but would require some creativity in attaching the gears. My instinct tells me that a chain drive option would be better suited to this.