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  1. Captain_Quinn

    MOC: Babylon 5

    That looks HEAPS better, @manglegrat... very nice!
  2. Captain_Quinn

    MOC: Babylon 5

    Hmmm. I'd probably try beginning with converting the rendered image to grayscale, then use a combination of layer masks and colour balance. A quick 30s experiment with one of my recent renders in GIMP (opensource equivalent to Photoshop) yielded some pretty close results with that approach.
  3. Captain_Quinn

    [MOC] [WIP] UCS Scale - Babylon 5 Earth Alliance Starfury

    Thanks man. It's as much good luck as good management, but I'll take the win either way :D Yeah, I have this one here at the moment, and whilst the helmet isn't perfect, it's better than nothing at all. Ultimately, due to the rarity of these technic minifigs and the bugger-all likelihood of Lego re-releasing them, I'm trying to design a pilot from current parts but haven't had much luck so far. I've also made a few compromises on the stand, going for an open-frame base (like what you would see with industrial walkways/platforms) for part of it:
  4. Captain_Quinn

    [MOC] [WIP] UCS Scale - Babylon 5 Earth Alliance Starfury

    Ain't that the damn truth!! The balance between size, function, stability & aesthetics for when I include the lights & batteries. I may have to come up with another type of stand for just general display. Currently 808 parts in 98 lots for the display... and you don't want to know the current Bricklink price for those (Just changed the design slightly to drop the cost from over AUD$300, to AUD$130). I've been working on this considerably less over the past few weeks due to study & work. One surprise that popped up is the availability of a generic Technic minifig for Studio, which helps to show the size/scale. I had to use Parts Designer (from Bricklink) to set the connectivity for each component so that I could connect, hinge and pose the figure.
  5. Captain_Quinn

    MOC: Babylon 5

    Now THAT is art!!
  6. Captain_Quinn

    MOC: Babylon 5

    Nice work, mate. Looking forward to seeing pics when you build one in bricks.
  7. Captain_Quinn

    SHIP recreation - EAS Agamemnon from Babylon 5

    Cheers, @Enfurnoh... "Acheron", very cool! Not only one of the Omega's that survived the civil war, but also the ship that ferried Captain Lochley to B5 when she took command. Glad you like the design, and enjoyed the build. And thanks again for donating to the charity you chose
  8. Captain_Quinn

    [MOC] [WIP] UCS Scale - Babylon 5 Earth Alliance Starfury

    Been busy over the past couple of weeks, but a few revisions to share... first, test renders: So, as you can see, there's still many details to nail down, but the general shape and style is improving (in my opinion). The stand sits perfectly within the centre of mass, and the core upright of the stand has a removable back panel to fit batteries and circuit control boards for the lighting. Thanks to one of the members of the Facebook Studio LEGO Designers group, I've been able to include what the lighting should look like in test renders. Some of the changes: redesign of the larger, lateral facing, thrust vector fins from a technic panel to a plate/tile based design. I've test built one and whilst slightly heavier, it works and looks LOTS better. reduced the vertical separation between upper and lower wing assemblies by 2 studs to achieve a more accurate proportion of engine positions redesign of the cockpit module to remove detailing on the top that would be hidden from view by the dorsal hull plate redesign of the canopy to improve proportions new design for mounting of dorsal hull plate to core frame. It turns out there are things you can connect in Studio that you simply cannot cajole into working when building in brick. One of the things I'm particularly looking forward to is lighting up the interior of the cockpit, as seen by this test. I've test built the core frame and wing frames, as well as one attached engine pod, and so far, so good. Once I have a wing with a completed engine and plating, I'll post photos.
  9. Captain_Quinn

    Westworld Host Printing

    Very cool.
  10. Captain_Quinn

    [MOC] [WIP] UCS Scale - Babylon 5 Earth Alliance Starfury

    By all means... please feel free to critique what I've posted. I'll email you if you don't feel comfortable having it on the forums here.
  11. Captain_Quinn

    [MOC] [WIP] UCS Scale - Babylon 5 Earth Alliance Starfury

    Sorry, but it's barely ready enough for me to share renders, much less anything like design files or instructions. I'm still in the process of nailing down some details, and designing a stand. The cockpit module is attached by 3L friction pins that are all secured withing each side of the connection, making the cockpit removable. I've not yet designed anything for the 'wall' between the it and the main hull. The main focus has been on stability of the design, and there is a key structural component behind the cockpit module that would have to be redesigned to allow for a proper release mechanism and surface details. I had also considered that region behind the cockpit as an obvious place for lighting gear (batteries, relays, etc). But thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback and enthusiasm...
  12. I thought it was time I shared something I've been working on in the background of other projects. The corona-virus restrictions on travel, work, etc. have afforded enough time to sink my teeth into the challenges, and I think I have something worth sharing. Understand, this is a work-in-progress, and likely to see changes from what I'm showing here, but current prototype building of the internal hull and wing framing is going well, the cockpit module is complete and the engine build test is proceeding better than expected. One of the goals with this was to try replicate the proportions, angles and features of what was shown on screen. Unfortunately, there is a lot of conflicting information from online sources. For example, the main thrusters and their vectors were supposedly able to rotate about the centre axis of the engine pod... in order to better angle the engine thrust... but this isn't seen anywhere on screen. The sweep/slope combination for the wings was especially challenging, with early attempts in using multiple ball-socket joints failing utterly under the weight of each wing (each engine pod weighs almost 0.5kg, or just over a pound). Even though the current sweep/slope isn't exactly right, it's structure is fare more stable and buildable. Some of the features that are being designed in: Technic minifig scaled cockpit with opening canopy Articulated thrust vector fins, with paired motion on each engine (move one fin, the other moves with it) Routing for lighting. There is a space in the top of the cockpit, in each of the main thrusters, and each of the forward and attitude thrusters for a light, with cable routed through engines, wings, and body. I've left space for control board, batteries and switch assembly, with a removable rear panel on the central hull for access. The plan is for the switches to control cockpit lighting (red), main thrusters (bright blue), anterior and attitude thrusters (blue). Optional hardpoints for missiles on the wings. Challenges and work yet to tackle: Pilot: whilst it's able to easily fit a technic minifig as pilot, they're not exactly widely available, and generally cost quite a bit. I'm thinking of trying to design a pilot from readily available parts to replace it. Stand: the centre of mass for this actually sits about 5 studs behind the rear panel of the centre section. At this stage, I'm thinking I'll sacrifice the centreline lower hull detail and have the stand mount from there. In a perfect world, I'd figure out a way to replicate the Cobra Bay launch harness and use that as a stand. Resolving conflicts in part placement/connection. Currently designing this in Studio, and there are still a number of parts collisions happening. Part optimisation: so far I've been designing without regard to part/color combinations, or whether a section using a 1x16 brick can be built with combinations of 2x8, etc. It's my intent to build this without having to resort to discontinued parts or particularly rare part/color combinations. An example of this is the transparent panel used in the cockpit roof for the lighting assembly. Originally this was going to be trans-red, so a standard white light LED could be used, but the combination was expensive and awkward. A change to 2 smaller trans-clear panels means having to use a red LED, but if not lighting, this section can be omitted without obvious consequence. Lighting: there's a company in Australia called "Light My Bricks" that have some very appealing looking kits to customise a lighting solution. I'm currently looking at 12 lights in total for the attitude thrusters, Between 8 and 16 for the main thrusters, and 2 for the cockpit, depending on the intensity of the lights. Chances are I'll need to design the stand to accommodate control boards, batteries, etc,instead of installing them in the fighter, but I won't know until I get my hands on some of this gear. Finally, some stats so far: Dimension: 91cm wide, 50cm tall, 50cm deep. Part count: currently 5580, but will easily reach 6500, I expect, once the stand is included. Mass: 5.4kg Thanks for taking a look :)
  13. Captain_Quinn

    SHIP recreation - EAS Agamemnon from Babylon 5

    Welcome aboard... and yeah, offer is still open and valid. If the situation changes so that I can't maintain this, I'll release for free on Rebrickable or some other platform, with the recommendation that anyone downloading donate to a charity.
  14. Just before Christmas, I stumbled onto pics of a lego MOC that inspired the following... the Narn Frazi-class fighter. Specifications: 524pc build, with optional 265pc adjustable stand 96pg, A5, 200dpi, full colour, print ready instructions, with options for die cut decals and possibly a hardcopy print run if sufficient interest is shown. Features: Minifig compatible cockpit, folding landing gear, 2-axis adjustable display stand with adjustable display plaque. Digital distribution pack includes PDF instructions, 2 XML parts list files (fighter and stand are separate), PNG image of decals to print Currently available on for USD$8 : LINK
  15. Captain_Quinn

    Instructions - The Ghost & Phantom

    Thanks @Cjd223, I appreciate the compliment. I think I've seen some of your work with instructions/designs on other posts here, and I gotta give props for your work as well. @Kristof's point is well made, and well received... and i could upload pics of the existing test build if need be. I'm sure everyone can appreciate that why I'd prefer having the full clean build in undamaged parts, in all the design-set colors. Any advice for taking decent build images? Last thing that everyone needs to see is a background of my office.