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  1. [MOD/MOC] UCS Delta-7 Jedi Starfighter

    Hi Ellis, thanks for the feedback, mate... the challenge in this one was trying to get the shape right, and yeah, there's a lot of plating going on. Looking at the side view, I originally thought it might be the position of the landing gear in relation to the length of the ship, but all the images I can find have the landing gear just so. What I'm thinking it may be is that in these shots, the top of the hull is practically horizontal, whereas practically all the canonical sources have the upper hull from cockpit to leading tip as a downward slope with edge of the wings appearing horizontal when viewed from the side. The other thing it may be is the plating on the side of the cockpit... I'm not sure how I'd go about a SNOT technique for that area.
  2. [MOD/MOC] UCS Delta-7 Jedi Starfighter

    Thanks man. I went through about 5 or 6 ideas for the landing gear before deciding on this design. Ideally they would have slid down/out so that they extend from the wing tip rather than just fold down. I plan to keep tweaking and if need be, I'll probably work a design for functionality, figure out the scale, then design a MOC from scratch at that scale. A bit back-to-front, but it will give me some latitude with scale for the engines, cockpit and internal structure I've got an R2 polybag on order with a bunch of parts for this build, so hopefully should have one shortly. Cheers. I'm aiming to, as I'd like to make it part of a display for our local AFOL groups next event. The Obi-Wan original (10215) was the first UCS set I Bricklinked parts to complete. I'd definitely recommend it, especially now that @Anio has designed a UCS scale Eta-2 Interceptor that uses the droid dome. I have to admit that the second I saw his creation, I wanted to either tackle that design challenge myself, or build one of his.
  3. [WIP] Robotech/Macross VF-1 Veritech Fighter - Minifig scale

    I'm more than happy to share the design. I did all the design in, and published in the Bricklink Gallery. You can grab a copy of the file from there. If you can't find it, PM me and I'll send you a link. I'd be curious to hear any thoughts on how to improve the design. It was a real challenge reverse engineering Daikoncats version from photos. To be honest, I'm not sure mine is as good as his, but his was the original inspiration.
  4. For a few months I've been playing around with redesigning the 10215 UCS Obi-Wan Starfighter (Delta-7 Aethersprite) with a few objectives in mind: Change the colour scheme to match Anakin's Delta-7, as per the Clone Wars animated series... but only in bricks. Improve the canopy to rear cockpit lines so that the curve is smoother and continuous. Have landing gear that can carry the weight of the set Have the option of a droid socket in front of the cockpit. Ideally this would be sized to fit the 30611 R2-D2 polybag build. As is always the case with a Lego design/build, compromises are made between style, colours, parts availability/count, function, build stability, etc. I've redesigned pretty much every aspect of the original design, with only a few core elements left untouched. The wings, engine shrouds, central hull and cockpit have all been changed extensively. I've yet to build this in bricks, so I don't know if what I've chosen so far will work. I do know that some of the pieces I've selected aren't available in the colours I want. Here's a few test renders. I'd be interested to hear anyones thoughts and feedback on how to improve this.
  5. I've seen a few attempts on the internet to produce a Lego Robotech/Macross transformable mecha... with varying degrees of success. After looking at a bunch of pics of other designs (especially one from Daikoncat) I decided to tackle the challenge of coming up with my own. The result was this: Whilst I'm reasonably happy with the balance between proportions and mechanics, there are a number of details I had to compromise on for either form or function. With that in mind, I've set myself the goal of a minifig scale version, that is transformable and in keeping with proportions of the original material. I've started with the pilot/cockpit module... playing around with a few ideas. The idea here is that the pilots seat will be able to maintain orientation in fighter/guardian and battloid modes. I'm already thinking of replacing the technic pins on each side with 3/4 pin (32002) and a thin 3L lift arm (6632), so that this module will fit inside space 5 studs wide. My thinking at this point is to make the cockpit and forward fuselage module with a central spine/frame constructed out of lift arms, pins and axles, depending on where articulation points will be. Unlike my earlier, smaller version, where the mechanism that mounts the legs is external to the forward fuselage, I'd like this to be internal in the larger version. I found a series of images online that shows the transformation sequence to Battloid mode involves essentially hinging the legs forward, having them attach to the nose of the fuselage, then detaching the original mount underneath and behind the cockpit. Minifig scale is about 1:42 scale based on height, 1:25 based on width. The previous version was 33 studs (26cm) long, making it about 1:55 scale. I'm thinking this one will need to be at least 1:25 scale which will make the finished build about 50cm in length, just over 62 studs. No doubt somewhere in all this I'll have to make the compromise in terms of form, function and features... but for now, I'll start with the cockpit and work my way out.
  6. [MOC] McQuarrie/SW-Rebels Style A-Wing

    Ideally, both the and the l.b.grey would be a few shades paler to fit with the original source colours. Unfortunately, other blues weren't quite right and, in my opinion, made for an odd looking finish. Next week I'll have some time to tinker with colours for Hera's A-Wing and a few others from Phoenix Squadron.
  7. [MOC] McQuarrie/SW-Rebels Style A-Wing

    More like this?
  8. [MOC] McQuarrie/SW-Rebels Style A-Wing

    Yeah, I plan to. I've built Renegade Clones original in bricks, along with his B-Wing. I just need to get the pieces first. I'm currently studying, so my budget is pretty limited.
  9. First up, I want to give a shout out to Jerac, Krispy and Renegade Clone for their fantastic MOC designs... especially Renegade Clone, whose A-Wing design this is based on. My goal with adapting Renegade Clones design was to provide a base platform that all the colour variants could readily be produced using only bricks, whilst achieving the proportions and angles of the SW Rebels source material. In reviewing these renders, one change I'll likely make is to replace the 4 1x1 round tiles (98138) on the aft thruster assembly with transparent bright-orange to match the main engines. When looking at source material, there were some variations not only in the colours for the main ship, but in the style of the wing mounted weapons, so I decided to get a little creative with those. Feedback and constructive criticisms welcomed.
  10. [MOC] Hyperdrive ring for UCS 10215

    That's awesome work. The 10215 is such a nice build and a clean design, and your MOC of the Hyperspace Ring does it justice. I've made a few MODs to this set to add landing gear, an opening cockpit, and an angled stand. I'm also working on a MOD that converts the colour scheme to the yellow/dark-grey of Anakins (based on the Lego official sets and The Clone Wars animated series) using only bricks. There's very little of the original 10215 design remaining, so it's almost a MOC in that regard. A hyperspace ring for this was next on my list... but seeing yours, it's far better aesthetically than anything I've thought up so far. Any chance of sharing the plans/instructions, or pics showing the build process?
  11. Nice mod... very cool how you've hidden the rubber bands. Admittedly, this is one particular aspect of these X-Wings and the 9493 kit that I was never really happy about. I'm wondering if the same mod could be applied to the 9493 X-Wing...
  12. [MOD] 10134 UCS Y-Wing refresh

    Recently joined after seeing some great MOC's and MOD's... and have to say seeing this has made my day. Last year I managed to acquire about 20kg of random LEGO that I've been slowly sorting through to see what I've got. Many of the parts for the 10134 Y-Wing were in that acquisition... the domes for the front of the engine, a few of the printed tiles and parts, and a cracked/broken cockpit. I've been able to build the majority of this set replacing some of the parts. For example, the Futuristic Wheels at the rear of the engines have been replaced with 2903 Motorcycle wheel in white (link) and a few of the copper and dark orange parts with the same replacements that you've used. I really like the mods that you've done with the colours and replacement for expensive parts and that engine mode instead of the wheels looks great.