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  1. Captain_Quinn

    [MOC] UCS Colonial Viper MkII

    @Morgrim, @l0renZo... I designed a canopy mod for the original release that is available on the DavDUPs Facebook group/page. Can't guarantee that it will be any cheaper than the canopy per David's design, but if you can't obtain the canopy, it's an option.
  2. Captain_Quinn

    [MOC] [WIP] UCS Scale - Babylon 5 Earth Alliance Starfury

    Well, some good news... prototype build testing, including the lighting rig, is going well. The final parts list has yet to be determined but based on the current release candidate, the 7700-odd parts for both Starfury & Stand tick over around USD$1300 + shipping on Bricklink. It's currently going through QA to find any mistakes, areas that can be simplified/optimised, the assembly order is being sequenced and refined in preparation for export to generate instructions. The lighting is an off-the-shelf DIY kit that comes in at around USD$150 for engine lights, cockpit lights, and power supply/cable. The design accounts for routing and fitting lighting, but is stable with or without the lights. I'll post another update when I have a finalised parts list ready to go out to anyone interested.
  3. Captain_Quinn

    [MOC] [WIP] UCS Scale - Babylon 5 Earth Alliance Starfury

    The difficult part for the current iteration of the design is that the available flat space for sticks is limited because of studs on wedge plates, or that particular facets on the hull plating aren't smooth. However, the current dorsal hull plate has been designed with having a series of hull art stickers made available. I've also had a play around with variants built in different colour schemes using bricks alone. The Earthforce-1 Presidential Escort livery like you pointed out was one, Black Omega was another. My focus in the short term has been the base design. Once that is squared away, then I can work on variants more seriously. @Monty, thanks man. It's the challenge of balancing proportions, angles, detail and making it recognisable, against size and part count (not to mention the effect of gravity when building something like this for real).
  4. Captain_Quinn

    [INSTRUCTIONS] Babylon 5 Omega Class Destroyer

    Hi dshibi, Yes, the offer is still going, and will continue to do so for as long as I'm around. Can you email me again at please? I've just checked the mailbox and every enquiry has been replied to. Thanks
  5. Captain_Quinn

    [MOC] [WIP] UCS Scale - Babylon 5 Earth Alliance Starfury

    Thanks :D that's very nice of you to say that. Any suggestions for where the blue detailing can/should go? The engines and thrusters have trans-light-blue dishes and 1x1 round bricks with open studs to house micro-LED lights. The plan is to have those, and the cockpit interior, able to be lit up for displays, exhibitions, etc. I've focused on the base design so far, but plan to have color variants available. The simple ones like the Black Omega and the Earthforce-1 escorts are pretty straightforward. Ironically, the straight lines of Sinclair's two different 'fury's run at angles that may be difficult to reproduce in plates/tiles. Anyway, something to whet the appetite... There's a 1mtr wide prototype sitting on my desk at present (not yet complete, and looking like a unicorn vomited everywhere) that has passed stability and buildability phase. Just to be clear... this won't be an easy build. At present, I've designed the outer wing panels as discrete sub-builds that then attach to the core frame. In Studio this makes sense, and have tested this out with success, however it required assistance from one of my kids. I suspect that to build this solo, it may be a part by part build up off the frame itself. When I build my complete version, I plan on trying this. Something in the meantime to enjoy...
  6. Captain_Quinn

    [MOC][Instructions] Babylon 5 - UCS Scale

    Seriously cool. Always enjoy your designs, and so glad to see them come to life. I'll definitely be building one of these for display at home :D
  7. Captain_Quinn

    [MOC] [WIP] UCS Scale - Babylon 5 Earth Alliance Starfury

    Thanks :D I would imagine that the action figures are about the same size as other types. When I started the design, I began with the cockpit without having access to one of the technic minifigs. I worked on proportions and angles first, and by the time I had one of figures, I was already too far down the design path. To reconfigure the cockpit would require redesigning the entire ship. I'm trying to design a pilot from available parts, mainly since the technic minifigs are difficult to obtain, and normally quite expensive.
  8. Captain_Quinn

    [MOC] [WIP] UCS Scale - Babylon 5 Earth Alliance Starfury

    None as yet. I want to get this design nailed down and built before tackling the next project. As you can imagine, there are a lot of engineering problems that need solving in order to make the SA-23E Aurora Starfury stable. Looking at the SA-32A Thunderbolt, the challenges of wing sweep and angle combination are amplified by the added bends and the small wing/large engine combination. Anyway, good news is that I've reach a point where I think I have solved the issues that were present in earlier versions. Now the physical build begins. As a few people had asked about a "Black Omega" variant, I thought I'd thrown a quick 'n' dirty test render for that in the mix. The first is a simply grey-to-black replacement, where the second had me experimenting with a new upper wing panel design. This variant has a stand intended to house batteries and circuits for a lighting setup. Spaces have been designed for cable routing and mounting lights in the cabin and each of the engines and thrusters. The stand can also be left 'open' by removing the front and rear panels if lighting isn't used. The redesign of the centre upper wing panel has also made possible inclusion of squadron/officer artwork. I'm working on a wing panel design that allows for an EA Logo and serial number, but so far I haven't come up with something I'm happy with. So far this is clocking in at over 7000pcs, with one of the remaining tasks is identifying where it's possible to optimise part count vs cost without compromising structure.
  9. Captain_Quinn

    [MOC] Stargate BC304 Daedalus

    I think you'll need to update some of the design. The 87618 5L Bar with Handle doesn't come in transparent colours, for example.
  10. Captain_Quinn

    [MOC] Stargate BC304 Daedalus

    Very nice! Have you built it yet, or just done renders?
  11. Captain_Quinn

    [MOC] [WIP] UCS Scale - Babylon 5 Earth Alliance Starfury

    Some progress on the design to share... Redesigned the outer wing panels to improve leading/trailing edges, and ends have been blended into the engine pods Updated design for curved lower panel of the upper wings, blending into the central hull, and adding options for missile hardpoints Changed design for the tanks on the central hull Narrowed the upright section of the stand Minor changes to the weapons pods Some error corrections, collision resolution and part optimisation (for parts costs, mainly)
  12. Captain_Quinn

    MOC: Babylon 5

    That looks HEAPS better, @manglegrat... very nice!
  13. Captain_Quinn

    MOC: Babylon 5

    Hmmm. I'd probably try beginning with converting the rendered image to grayscale, then use a combination of layer masks and colour balance. A quick 30s experiment with one of my recent renders in GIMP (opensource equivalent to Photoshop) yielded some pretty close results with that approach.
  14. Captain_Quinn

    [MOC] [WIP] UCS Scale - Babylon 5 Earth Alliance Starfury

    Thanks man. It's as much good luck as good management, but I'll take the win either way :D Yeah, I have this one here at the moment, and whilst the helmet isn't perfect, it's better than nothing at all. Ultimately, due to the rarity of these technic minifigs and the bugger-all likelihood of Lego re-releasing them, I'm trying to design a pilot from current parts but haven't had much luck so far. I've also made a few compromises on the stand, going for an open-frame base (like what you would see with industrial walkways/platforms) for part of it:
  15. Captain_Quinn

    [MOC] [WIP] UCS Scale - Babylon 5 Earth Alliance Starfury

    Ain't that the damn truth!! The balance between size, function, stability & aesthetics for when I include the lights & batteries. I may have to come up with another type of stand for just general display. Currently 808 parts in 98 lots for the display... and you don't want to know the current Bricklink price for those (Just changed the design slightly to drop the cost from over AUD$300, to AUD$130). I've been working on this considerably less over the past few weeks due to study & work. One surprise that popped up is the availability of a generic Technic minifig for Studio, which helps to show the size/scale. I had to use Parts Designer (from Bricklink) to set the connectivity for each component so that I could connect, hinge and pose the figure.