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  1. Looks like a great UCS Model of the Viper Probe Droid, or Probot. Great Build.
  2. Nick6314

    Yet another 74-z LDD Speeder Bike MOC

    Sorry mate, I fixed It :)
  3. Hello, I been inactive by various years, but now I'm back with a new MOC Design. An Aratech 74-z Speeder Bike, as seen on Endor. I have seen many great designs of this speeder bike (Praiter Yed, Calin, Maelven, to name some of them who served as inspiration for me), but I decided to make my own versions. I decided to make my versions without disassembling the Imperial Scout Trooper Minifigure (the legs). First LDD: Second LDD (With sides curved Up and Down): The Main Difference is this First LDD Design: Second LDD Design: I'm not 100% satisfied with my design, so I'm open to ideas or suggestions and constructive criticism. First LDD Design: LXF Second LDD Design (With sides curved Up and Down): LXF Note: If I get the real parts to build some of these bikes (I hope that), I could show it on this topic. Thanks.
  4. 75135 - Obi-Wan's Jedi Interceptor - Theme: Star Wars / Star Wars Episode 3 [Image] LXF (<missing_LDD_version>) Errors: no stickers/decals or correct print on parts. Comments: Hello, here I post a new version of the 2016 LEGO set Obi-Wan's Jedi Interceptor 75135, because the other LDD version of the set was unavailable.
  5. Thanks. Looks like the support isn't very helpful-good at Brickshelf (Not threating to be offensive).
  6. I know this is Eurobricks, (Not all photos are relationed with Brickshelf) But if is there a Moderator-Admin of Brickshelf, just let me know. A time ago (Near a year) I created a Brickshelf account. I made all the steps, and they should send me a email. The Problem?: The mail never come to my email. And I revised all the Folders, including the Spam. I sent a email to the brickshelf support ( several times. But they never answer to me. As the time of today, I'm whitout my account.
  7. Nick6314

    [MOD] A-Wing 75175

    Simply Amazing. Great shapes, instantly recognizable. It's only my opinion, but I'm not a big fan of part 6147448 for the wings of the A-Wing.
  8. Nick6314

    [MOC] Harbinger class stardestroyer

    Awesome Shaping, I love the turbines, really well done.
  9. Nick6314

    Gothic chapel

    Great design @Lindon, looks so good, and excellent for exhibition. And the orange stained glass is suitable for the Chapel.
  10. Nick6314

    RIP Princess Leia

    There's other great Star Wars actress, that is gone. We always will miss you. Rest in Peace .
  11. Nick6314

    Custom from 75004 Z-95 headhunter

    A great customization for Great set. Nice Job!!
  12. Nick6314

    Is there anything from the OT that has not been built?

    The Name of this creature is Ronto. Rontos, Banthas are not a Bad Idea
  13. Absolutely MOC! Will you do a LDD File? This MOC is Epic.
  14. Hello, today I will show you my MOC of the Star Wars Battlefront (I and II) Laser/Beam turret (Anti-Infantry, and small damage to vehicles), used by the Republic and Separatists, Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire. There's 2 Photos of this turret: http://vignette2.wik...=20080811171358 http://vignette4.wik...=20080223032009 I made 2 designs for this turret, because I'm not Sure what is the best of my designs... LEGO Laser-Beam Turret by Kuek Cuac de Koki, en Flickr LEGO Laser-Beam Turret-1 by Kuek Cuac de Koki, en Flickr LEGO Laser-Beam Turret-2 by Kuek Cuac de Koki, en Flickr LEGO Laser-Beam Turret-3 by Kuek Cuac de Koki, en Flickr The 6x6 plate is not necessary, you can put it in where you want. And a optional cannon for this LEGO Laser-Beam Turret-4 by Kuek Cuac de Koki, en Flickr And the LDD: LEGO Laser-Beam Turret.lxf All the Comments and Constructive-Critics are welcome. Thanks.
  15. Nick6314

    [MOC] TheNerdyOne's Fleet

    What is the Height/High of Phoenix Home in Centimeters? Of TheNerdyOne design, obviously