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Found 22 results

  1. See the rest of the story: Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Fleshing Out the Problem Bothan Data Hub Parting Ways Surrender Would Have Been An Option His next mission was not going to be fun. Not that the last one was. MKJoshA did not enjoy missions were the main purpose was to kill a target, no matter how many lives that meant saving. But this time his mission was going to bring personal pain rather than just twinge his conscience. It began with a “routine” stop at a mechanic shop on Bothawui. “I need to pick up an order” said Josh. “For Josh?” the mechanic asked. “I’ve got it right here. That’ll be 1,000 credits.” But rather than handing him the credits, Josh grabbed the box and started running. “Officer! Help!” shouted the mechanic. “I’m being robbed!” And while the residents of the Imperial center on Bothawui were used to such events and paid the altercation no mind, there were plenty of Imperial officers to hear the cry. It seemed foolish for Josh to attempt such a robbery in this sector. For while it was run down enough to show that the city cleaners didn’t come by except once a rotation, it was right underneath one of the Imperial Officer’s favorite dives. It didn’t take but a few seconds before the troopers waiting outside the restaurant started firing at him. He saw an approaching speeder and began to make a jump for it. As the speeder zoomed closer he saw who was driving it and it made him pause. That pause was all the troopers need to be able to finally get a bead on him and get him with a stun bolt. They also got a shot at the speeder and forced the driver to stand for questioning. Josh came too as the troopers pulled him to his feet and tossed him against the railing. He heard cursing coming from his right and he saw Kale being cuffed by the Imperials. “I’m telling you!” shouted Kale. “I’m not this loser’s accomplice! I’m not his getaway driver!” “You still have to come to the station for questioning” replied the trooper. Josh knew that “questioning” really meant being admitted to the local Imperial correctional facility until Kale’s records could be processed off-world and confirmed that he wasn’t wanted elsewhere in the galaxy. “I’m so sorry Kale” thought Josh. “I didn’t mean to drag you into this.” Kale was shooting evil glares at Josh, but he knew that if he admitted to knowing him, the Imperials wouldn’t buy his story.
  2. See the rest of the story: Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Fleshing Out the Problem Bothan Data Hub Parting Ways Surrender Would Have Been An Option To Catch a Thief Kale yelled and screamed all the way from downtown to the Imperial prison outside the city. He continued to insist that he was innocent and just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He stayed silent about knowing MKJoshA because he knew this would only cause them both problems. He didn't know what Josh's plan was, but he could tell that Josh had meant to get captured. He also knew that because of their previous run-ins with the Empire, that as soon as their IDs were run through the system, they were both dead men. His only hope was that Josh had a plan and that this plan could be stretched to include himself. Josh watched Kale as they exited the Imperial transport. All things considered he was handling this very. They entered the prison and stopped at the guard entrance to get scanned. Their info would be processed through the Imperial database and any past run-ins would appear on the screen. The officer on duty scanned the prisoners fingerprints and ran a retinal scan. That's when the Alliance spy went to work. He plugged his data stick into the computers and began re-writing Josh and Kale's files. By the time the files appeared in front of the officer their profiles showed no previous encounters with the Empire, just some non-threatening run-ins with local authorities. The spy knew his work wouldn't stand up to close scrutiny and that it would likely get corrected within a week. But that was all the time Josh needed to complete his mission. "Everything's in order trooper" said the officer. "This being your first offense with the Empire, we'll keep you here the standard week to ensure you learn your lesson." As the spy began to leave, a Lieutenant walked up to him and said, "You're not scheduled to be here!" "I... uh..." stammered the changeling. "I just wanted to get a view from the window before I started my shift sir." The Lieutenant softened his expression. "No harm them," he said with a smile. "I often find myself gazing at the low life scum out there. It reminds me why the universe needs the Empire. We are so clearly the better race. Without us this planet wouldn't have the foggiest idea what civilization looked like!" "Yes, sorry" was all the changeling spy could manage to respond with. "Enough chit-chat!" said the Lieutenant. "Go clock in and make your Emperor proud!" The spy walked away as quickly as was prudent as Josh and Kale were admitted to their cells.
  3. See the rest of the story: Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Fleshing Out the Problem Bothan Data Hub Out on the streets of Bothawui, two friends were saying goodbye. So this is it huh? I guess so. It's been a good run. I'm sorry to say goodbye, but I can't stick with the Rebellion forever. It doesn't pay the bills and besides, sticking my neck out for others really isn't my style. You stuck your neck out for me when you broke me out of prison. Yeah, but that was an exception. You should have heard Mon Mothma when she asked for my help. It was so pathetic! And besides, I couldn't just leave you to rot in that jail. Well, if I can't convince you to change your mind, then thanks for everything Kale. Who knows, maybe we'll meet up sooner than you think? Ever thought about spice running? The two friends chatted for a little longer, then parted ways. Later, back at the data center, Mon Mothma briefed MKJoshA on his next assignment. It's not going to be easy, but your the best man we have for the job. Are you sure you're up to it? I'm your man. I'll help take out Xizor's guy and then move on to the next assignment. Don't forget, you have to get out before Relve sees you. If he knows where you are, I don't know if we'll be able to get you out again.
  4. See the rest of the story: Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Fleshing Out the Problem Bothan Data Hub Parting Ways MKJoshA led a couple troopers to the remote location of the Black Sun agent's hideout. Like many buildings on Bothawui, this one was decked out with all manner of surveillance and communication equipment. This particular Black Sun agent had been hiding on Bothawui under the guise of an information broker. Josh and his men followed a group of un-happy looking former customers of the Falleen to avoid showing up as intruders on the buildings security systems. "I told you," the Falleen said, "I can't help your employer gain access to any more data. It's become to risky. I think I'm being watched." "We don't care if you're getting cold feet" the Gran responded. "Our employer paid you with the understanding that you'd help us finish the job!" "Listen, I've given you the data you paid for" the Falleen continued. "I just can't get you any more." "But now you know what our employer is up to" interrupted the Gran. "He doesn't want to hire another person and have to give them that same intel. He naturally wants to keep the number of people in the know to a minimum." As much as Josh wanted to wait and see if these disgruntled customers would take care of the Falleen for them, he couldn't risk waiting any longer. He motioned for his men to move out. They rushed up the steep hill and were able to get some shots off quickly before the villains knew what was happening. The villains had the high ground, but Josh and his men had the element of surprise. It pained Josh to see life extinguished so quickly, but he reminded himself that these were beings who had made their choice and had chosen a path of evil. Now he was choosing to kill to them in order to save many others. He still didn't like it, but he knew his orders were given because innocent lives were at stake. They gave the Falleen a chance to surrender, but he began to raise his blaster at them so they had no choice but to riddle him with blaster bolts. The job was done. The Black Sun had lost another agent without them knowing it was the Rebel Alliance that was after them.
  5. See the rest of the story: Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Fleshing Out the Problem After his investigation work on Tatooine, MKJoshA was called to Bothawui. He and Kale met Mon Mothma there. Excellent work back on Tatooine. Thank you Mon Mothma. What about me? When do I get my reward? We already paid you Kale, back when you helped rescue Josh. We didn't promise you any payment this time around. If you were expecting to get paid every time you helped the Rebellion, then maybe you need to re-think your life. I want you to talk to the data analysts. We've been working on a captured Imperial droid and they think they have some valuable intel. If they're right, we might need you to go on another mission right away. We just got back from a mission, what's in it for me if I go out again? Just the knowledge that you're helping to bring down the Empire and free millions of beings from their grasp. Yeah, no thanks. Good feelings don't pay the bills. Josh, I think you're on your own for this one. Call me if you get stuck in prison again. You've done a lot Kale, I can't ask you to do more. Now, let's see what these analysts have come up with.
  6. And now, the much delayed but still thrilling conclusion to my Bothawui trilogy. 1. Flight of the Birdman 2. Bothawui Battle Blues (part 1) That hurt. I cough, taste blood. Limbs appear intact. Breathing hurts. I'm still alive, so that was just a low-powered range-finding shot. The next one will take down the building. Sarge: Birdman? Birdman: Get clear, I'll cover! I can see the tank through my rifle scope - looks like a T2-B with upgraded guns. Wont take long to recharge the cannon. The turret is already adjusting slightly, aiming toward the base of the building. It's been about 10 seconds since the first shot - Sarge and Grace wont have time to get clear. My rounds wont damage the tank, of course, but tank gunners are cocky - it's practically a law of nature. I'm pretty sure this one wont let a direct challenge from a mere foot solder go unanswered. Sure enough, the tank barrel pauses, then elevates back up toward me. His next shot will take off the top of the building, but that should give Sarge and Grace more time to get out. Time starts to slow. My heartbeat seems to echo through the city. I have a clear vision of Marla, and feel an intense regret. I deserve this. It's been twenty seconds, the gun should be recharged. There's a ripping sound, and a flash, and the tank rocks to the side, as if smashed by a giant fist. A bright orange flower of flame blossoms from its side. Pilot: Did someone call for a taxi? Sarge: Yeah, but you're late, so don't expect a tip. Pilot: Typical ground-pounder. Keep your heads down a minute while I clear an LZ. Jen, put one more missile into that tank to be safe. Gunner: Roger. Gunner: If you come in sideways, I'll bet we can knock those little trees out of the way. Pilot: Good thing we paid for the damage waiver... Pilot: Acklay, we are on the ground and deploying ground troops to cover. Come on out. Grace: Well, I suppose it's not the worst extraction I've been subjected to. Sarge: We aim to please, ma'am. ------------- I've admired the last few Republic Gunships, but they all seemed a little too pricey, so I decided to make my own. This is a modded version of 75021. All parts are official LEGO elements. The eye stickers are from the Aqua Raiders sets. The winch is still a WIP, but I'm pretty satisfied with the rest of the build. The biggest changes I made are to the rear of the ship. I filled in a lot of the gaps, and rebuilt the engines to look more like the movie model. The main guns swivel 360 degrees, and the barrels elevate up and down. It holds 8 troops comfortably, and I'm sure I could squeeze more in if I didn't care about them being too secure. I have a few more pictures (and larger versions of these pics) on my flickr page: Mods: since this freebuild is partly an expansion of my previous one, I wonder if you could judge them together as if they were just one freebuild? Thanks!
  7. Part 1 of the story: Flight of the Birdman Sarge: Hawkbat, this is Acklay; what is your ETA? Pilot: Acklay, Hawk Bat will be on station in 5 minutes. Sarge: Hawk Bat, copy. Be advised, the LZ is hot. I say again, the LZ is hot. Pilot: Roger Acklay. Hot LZ’s are our specialty. I had no problems linking up with Sarge and the ISB agent, but things went south from there. We'd been told to expect little to no resistance on the ground, but apparently the rebels didn't get the memo. We’d spent the last hour in a running lightfight,moving through the lower part of the city. It was the weekend, so we didn't need to worry about civilians being caught in the crossfire, but that also made it much easier for the rebs to find us on their scanners. We were currently holed up in a broadcasting building. We were hoping the signals from the antenna would interfere with the rebs' sensors. Sarge covered the courtyard, while I handled over-watch. We instructed the agent to stay inside; whether she'd listen or not was another matter. The agent in question was not what we were expecting. One hour earlier, at the rendezvous point... Stranger: Over here, boys. Recognition code zulu eight four kilo whisky. I'm Grace. Sarge: I'm Sergeant Ryan Brintt, that's Corporal Lucas Kirana. Can you take us to the ISB agent? Is he close? Grace: I am the agent. Sarge: You're the agent? Grace: Affirmative. Are we going to stand here chatting until we get captured, or did you have some sort of extraction plan? Now: The last 10 minutes had been quiet. With any luck, the rebs wouldn't find us in the next 5 minutes and we'd have a smooth extraction. Damn. The rebel blasters wouldn't damage the drop ship, but the heavy cannon might. We'd have to take them out. Sarge popped up as the rebs were dismounting and hit the nearest two. He dove for cover as the turret gunner opened up. I hit the driver, but my shot at the gunner deflected off his helmet. I was ready to target the gunner again, once he started shooting at Sarge, but I didn't get a chance... Grace walked out the front door and slotted the gunner with two clean shots. Birdman: Dammit, you're supposed to keep your head down! Grace: If you weren't such a lousy shot, I wouldn't have to -- Sarge: TANK! To be concluded... Update: the final part has finally been posted: Bothawui Battle Blues (part 2) Mods, could you please treat parts 1 and 2 as a single build, and just award me the points for one? Part 2 is largely a continuation of Part 1.
  8. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- We were only able to send a very small unit to Bothawui. Due to heavy imperial presence in the city, the team was mostly moving below the city streets. Under the city market, the local rebel sympathizers had shown the team the computer terminal with an access to some interesting information... -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- - "Thank you guys for your assistance. I hope that we are able to find something there." - "Yeah! Just give me a few minutes and we'll see. This seems to be an old terminal connected to library... and the one which is rarely used. Interesting... Are you sure Fett was the last user here?" - "Our sources indicate exactly that. Fett had been here a week ago. He was searching for information about slugs in the deserts and was especially interested in local archives." ... some minutes later - "I think I've found something. It is not much, only one inquiry was decrypted, but I believe this is exactly what we need. J-A-B-B-A-S P-A-L-A-C-E." -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The build: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
  9. Below is BEAVeR and I's consolidated stories and builds from SoNE: Episode VI. We hope that you enjoy the contrasting story arcs of our characters and how two vastly different Imperial officers interact on their missions. 1.1 - When did the killer become the hero? Officer VeR is glad that he is finally on a peaceful mission, but he has his questions about it. Landing a craft on Mon Calamari, the troopers in the back start talking about how awesome Boba Fett is, and that he can do everything. He doesn't mind that they adore him as long as that prevents worse, but he wonders... why is that murderer celebrated like a hero? Because he can do anything? And what does that make Officer VeR? [soNE Ep. VI] 1 - When did the killer become the hero? by Bert.VR, on Flickr 1.2 - Something smells fishy While between missions, Agent Goatm An joins Officer VeR in his mission to find Boba Fett. The two pilots drop chatty troopers off at various floating cities before following one up on one of Goatm’s local contacts located on a shipyard orbiting the planet. The officers receive a far too formal welcome, leading Goatm to wonder what the Calamari are really up to. [soNE VI] Mon Calamari - 2 by goatman461, on Flickr2 - Worse than war The bounty hunter is said to frequent a certain mining company on Fondor and Officer VeR plans to interrogate the boss of the facility. The mining boss reveals that he gives missions to the bounty hunter. Certain competitors have to be eliminated to terrorize the people in the name of the Rebels. And that terror is good for business, so war should be maintained as long as possible. Officer VeR finds this horrible, and calls that terror worse than war. And he questions the role of the bounty hunter in this. He's not just a blaster someone else fires. By offering such a possibility, he encourages others to commit these crimes. This is atrocious to Officer VeR. [soNE Ep. VI] 2 - Worse than war by Bert.VR, on Flickr 2.2 - Worse than war (part 2) While Officer VeR is checking out a mining company, Goatm seeks out local union workers that Fett would have likely used for repairs. After starting, and finishing, a street fight with a group of them, Goatm starts to interrogate the workers. However, Officer VeR calls Goatm back to the shuttle and Goatm leaves the workers bleeding on the wet, busy street. [soNE Ep VI] Fondor 2 by goatman461, on Flickr3.1 - Just another horror The last assignment Boba Fett received on Fondor, was to eliminate a competitor on Ord Mantell. In a recycling facility, officer VeR and Agent An discover that the target died in a trash compactor, along with his family. A datapad left behind indicates that Rebels were responsible, so that there's nothing left to be done, and people are left without hope. Officer VeR is utterly disgusted by this. Not only the atrocious murder, but that it took hope from the people. Instead, they just accepted it, as something normal, as just another horror of the war. He realizes that this cannot happen, that people need to wake up. But how? [soNE Ep. VI] 3 - Just another horror by Bert.VR, on Flickr 3.2 - Just another horror (part 2) Officer VeR is visibly distraught by the murder of recycling center owner and Goatm decides to interrogate the remaining worker elsewhere. As they walk back to the janitor’s home and shop they discuss life on Ord Mantell and the implications of this attack. The janitor gives Goatm directions to a local Hutt arms dealer where Goatm is hopeful to get a lead on Fett. Goatm is interrupted again by Officer VeR before getting to the dealer and the two officers head to Bothawui. [soNE VI] Ord Mantell - 3 by goatman461, on Flickr4.1 - Ruins among ruins The datapad from Ord Mantell still contained some information, and Agent An and Officer VeR reach a ruined temple on Bothawui. The former descends into a hatch leading to what might be a Rebel base, while the latter stands guard. When two Bothans happen on the place, the only thing he can do is to hide and contact his colleague. Then the horror becomes apparent to him, but luckily the Bothans value their lives and leave the place. Now that he knows the Rebels are after the bounty hunter as well, officer VeR sees what the real objective of their mission is. Not to find the Boba Fett, but to find the Rebels that are after him. But it puzzles him why this should be hidden. His ideas about the Empire become ruins among the ruins. He despises that kind of hidden warfare, and decides that something has to be done about that. [soNE Ep. VI] 4 - Ruins among ruins by Bert.VR, on Flickr 4.2 - Ruins on top of ruins (part 2) When they discover the Rebel hideout, Goatm eagerly descends into the unknown below. The reluctant Officer VeR stays behind to guard the escape route. Goatm quickly finds and dispatches a hapless Rebel scout and continues further below. Further below, he finds a large weapons depot, an arms dealer in the middle of a procedure, and a mysterious hatch emanating the sounds of alarm and ambush below. After arguing with Officer VeR, Goatm throws open the hatch and generously fills the room with blaster fire. Once the smoke clears and the room is quite, Goatm grabs the arms dealer who will lead them to their next lead on Felucia. [soNE Ep VI] Bothawui by goatman461, on Flickr 5.1 - Felucia (part 1) On the way to Felucia, Goatm discovers that imperial troops are scanning Felucian sarlacc pits in search of Boba Fett. To hide his favorite dump site, Goatm mounts a speeder and departs from the shuttle as soon as Officer VeR hits the planet’s damp atmosphere. Just in time, Goatm turns a squad away from the pit and races back to VeR’s landing coordinates to lead a squad in the wrong direction. VeR is up to something, but Goatm knows that whatever it is, Goatm will gain some leverage if VeR ever discovers Goatm’s own deviations. [soNE Ep VI] Felucia 1 by goatman461, on Flickr5.2 - Delivery, deliverance The two found themselves on Felucia after a tip from the arms dealer. The datapad, however, revealed a more exact location to officer VeR. But after all he has been through, he can't allow Boba Fett to get a thank you message for his cruelties. Instead, VeR sends Agent An and the troopers in the wrong direction, while he will try to deliver his very own 'thank you' message to the bounty hunter, in the hope that that delivery might bring deliverance. [soNE Ep. VI] 5 - Delivery, deliverance by Bert.VR, on Flickr
  10. «Goatm, come in. Goatm, where are you? There are two Bothans up here and you forgot to close the hatch. What am I supposed to do?» “Kill them…” «What?!? I can’t do that; they could just be civilians. What’s going on down there anyway? I felt the ground shake a couple of times.» “That’s a little complicated and I’m a bit busy. But I’ll give you the quick rundown. You need to be ready anyway because the poodoo is really about to hit the fan.” «Dear God, what have you gotten us into this time?» “It’s not my fault, promise… “… as soon as I was through the hatch a Rebel scout drew on me. I had to kill him, but did it quietly. “As he was bleeding out, I noticed the blood ran to a hidden compartment, which led me to a room below. After taking out the sentry gun I had a look around. “This must be the headquarters of a pretty serious arms dealer because this place is pretty well stocked.” «Wow, good thing we found it. Now we can destroy all those weapons.» “What? We’ll see, either way I’ll bring you something nice. Anyway, we’re not done, yet. There was another level below the weapons room. “Our arms dealer friend is down her pluggin’ a new arm into some dude. I haven’t decided if I’m going to kill them yet. I do like arms dealers. Ha, ha, that made him nervous..." «Don’t shoot him. We need to see if he knows where Fett is.» “Oh, right. I was having so much fun I almost forgot. What about the armless guy?” «Why would you shoot a harmless guy?» “No… I said Armless.” «Harmless?» “ARMLESS!” «Harmless?» “Never mind. Either way, we’ve got bigger problems. There’s still another level below this room. And I’m guessing by the flashing light I’m seeing through the cracks that they know we’re here. I can hear a bunch of movement down there, too.” «Just grab the dealer and get back up here. We’ve got what we came for.» “I’m not climbing out of here with a bunch of blasters behind me.” «We don’t need any of those blasters we’ve got plenty in the ship. Just grab the dealer.» “No, I mean I’m not leaving enemies with blasters… Never mind. I’ll make this quick. You should see the bruiser I grab from the weapons room. This thing is going to be messy. Did you kill those Bothans yet?” «Damn it Goatm. No, I didn’t kill them. I’m going to go warm up the shuttle. I’m guessing we’re going to have to get out of here quick.» To be concluded...
  11. Sarge and I had only been back on the Avenger for a few hours when the Captain came in. Captain Parth: I’ve got a mission for you two. One of ISB’s deep cover agents on Bothawui has been compromised. They don’t have any assets currently in the area, and I don’t mind having ISB owe us a favor. The Sarge: You want us to rescue their agent? Captain Parth: Yes. Your objectives are to destroy a pair of anti-air positions so that we can land reinforcements, then link up with the agent and keep him alive until the reinforcements arrive. Oh, and keep an eye out for the bounty hunter while you’re there. Birdman: Roger. How will we get past the AA ourselves? Captain Parth: We’ll insert you via wingsuit. You’ll drop from a ship at high altitude, then glide down to the target. The suits have a stealth coating and silent repulsorlifts, so you should be all but invisible to their defenses. The Sarge: Sounds good. Do we have an image file of the agent in questions? Captain Parth: Negative, but I’ve uploaded a list of possible rendezvous points into your datapads. Once you’re on the ground, the agent will let you know where to meet. He, or she, will also use one of several code phrases, depending on the situation. I’ve also uploaded those onto your datapads. Get suited up, your shuttle leaves in thirty minutes. Several hours later, on Bothawui... I love these wingsuits. I've put in enough practice hours that it almost feels like an extension of my own body. As I approach the target, my training takes over and my hands seem to move of their own accord. Left hand activates the repulsorlifts and brings me to a near hover. Right hand activates 1 of 2 harness release switches. Right hand puts suit into standby hover mode. Left hand activates second harness release switch, and now I’m free of the wingsuit. As I land, I eject my vibroblade from my right wrist gauntlet. I neutralize the first guard, even as I sense the second guard reacting and going for his sidearm. He’s fast… ...but I'm faster. I drag the second guard out of the way and go through the checklist. The wingsuit doesn’t have enough power to get me airborne again, but it does have a handy self-destruct charge. I’ll set it for proximity as I leave. An ISB security spike downloads the contents of the targeting computer onto my datapad. I cut the power cable to the AA turret, collect the guards’ weapons, and get ready to move. The Sarge: Status? Birdman: Objective complete. The Sarge: Meet me at RV point Bravo Gamma Three. Birdman: Copy. Out. I check my datapad; the RV point is just a few blocks from here. I slip into the shadows. Time to go hunting. To be continued..... Update- part two posted: Bothawui Battle Blues ---------------------------------------------------- The building:
  12. Yup, that's me. Today, I'm not a specialist. I'm a scout. My job is to watch a disused road. Steel Tiger, Fuppylodders, and myself have been placed at the disposal of Officers VeR and An, and we are standing guard on the three main approaches to a ruined site where, An suspects, Boba can be found. Once we found the ruins, I rode my speederbike down the road and hid it in a cornfield. I would need something to conceal the bright blue formal livery of the Scout Service. In the last few months, many of our regular bikes had been damaged or destroyed, so we were having to deploy these seldom-used, formal conveyances. I had had to smash some corn in order to get in, but I wasn't too concerned. After all, rodents would do more damage to this harvest than my bike. My concern was to stay hidden and watch the road. After all, it was in part due to the intelligence I had gathered on Ord Mantell that we were out here, searching these ruins. If anyone would find Boba, it would be VeR and An. I would wait, and watch. Sooner or later, I would be promoted, and someone else would be standing guard while I did the hard work. Until then, I had a job to do.
  13. After weeks of walking round in circles and trying his best to put up with troopers 27491 and 44783 constant arguing about the rarity of certain plants and flowers, Lord Tyrus couldn't find any evidence of Boba Fett and if he had actually landed, it would take a completely insane person to stay on Felucia for more than a couple of days. Lord Tyrus decided stopping on Bothawui to try and find him. He was fairly skilled with computer and holo tech, and he planned to find a fairly empty, out of the way spy centre so he could quietly hack into the many satellites and cameras traced on the planet's landing platforms to see if Boba was parked there. He needn't have worried, as the whole planet was dotted with spy centres. Apparently the planet was a galactic 'hotspot', which made the thousands of aerials and dishes work so well. He found an older centre, built a few hundred years ago, when people actually bothered to build nice buildings rather than big concrete squares, and checked to see that no one was around. There was one Bothan, presumably the caretaker, who was sitting under a leafy tree. He was asleep, with a large bottle of Bothan rosé in his hand. Apart from him, the place was empty. He continued up the stony path, only glancing at the caretaker's veggie plot, before he pressed the button to open the door. He walked through it, with trooper 27491 behind, but didn't know 44783 wasn't with him. If he'd have looked behind, he'd have seen trooper 44783 sneakily grab the bottle and slip it under his arm... Once in the building, he walked passed the door to the caretaker's quarters and into the tech room. It didn't take him long to find out that Boba had landed a few days ago, on platform 3379. He also discovered that the bounty hunter had left just hours ago, on a trip to Ord Mantell. "Here we go again..." He murmured. Can a mod please remove the bit saying '...and the best bothan' in the title.
  14. On Bothawui, we met with a Rebel sympathetic Bothan named Erd Roynt. He discovered that Fett was on Bothawui looking for information regarding Rebel Alliance presence on Tatooine. It seems that the bounty hunter is headed to Tatooine. Blax was not comfortable about being on Bothawui because he isn't particualry fond of Bothans. "This rebel smells of Imperial stench!" Erd said, pointing to Blax "I smell, ha! You're the stinky Bothan!!" Blax replied. "C'mon, we need to get outta here now." I said as I grabbed Blax and headed towards the docking bay. -D
  15. Episode VI - The Hunter becomes the Hunted (Part III) After a successful mission on Endor, the construction of the Shield Generator was finally put back on track. Much blood was spilled, many Ewoks were killed, and many habitats were razed in a record time to make way for the Shield Generator. However, there has been growing sympathisers within the Imperial ranks towards all things sentient, that found Pointblank’s methods extreme and ruthlessly efficient, and made several complaints towards the Imperial command. Pointblank was relegated to performing unofficial sideshow tricks and duties, but his recent actions on Endor did catch the eye of the more reclusive Imperal Survey Corps. Many missions came and gone with relative ease. Just today, a mission came up personally marked “For your EYES only” to PointBlank through the ranks from Lord Vader. This particular mission has roused the attention of PointBlank, only because it involves the hunt for the undoubtedly the greatest bounty hunter of all time – Boba Fett. The mission was to deliver a “Thank You” package to Boba Fett, from Lord Vader. The package came in a nicely wrapped unassuming box, and Pointblank’s surgically enhanced senses did pick up a soft ticking with the package. Not known for his inquisition, but known for his no-questions non-subtle way of performing duties, Pointblank disregards it and sets out to look for the fabled Boba Fett. On board of Intolerance 2, Pointblank has manage to track Boba Fett to a secret hideout on Ord Mantell and quickly learnt that he may soon make the jump to Mon Calamari. However, he quickly found out through all the chatter in the bounty hunter channels that Pointblank is not alone in delivering a package to Boba Fett, and this has set Boba Fett on high alert and keeping a low jittery profile. That also meant that trouble may be expected in Pointblank’s quest to delivering the package. “Finally, I get to have some fun” Pointblank thinks to himself with a grin. =========== Part 1 - Ord Mantell Aftermath: Ord Mantell was a waste of time, and Boba must have been alerted by the Imperial Crew and fled Ord Mantell. Part 2 - Mon Calamari Aftermath: The stun gun was spot on but wasn't effective against Boba Fett's personal shield generator. He was expecting trouble and had it turned on at the first sign of danger. Somehow, Boba Fett managed to detect the atmospheric entry of the launch pod, and was at the ready when Pointblank appeared. Pointblank thinks to himself. "Maybe Grand Inquisitor was right. As a special operative, perhaps a little subtlety and disguise is in order." Part 3 - Bothawui Main Story: Bothawui is the last known stop that Boba will make, and the last chance that Pointblank will ever get in delivering the note. The Bothawui system is filled with Spies and Rebel Cause Sympathizers. It will be hard to get around as an Imperial Agent without being noticed a mile away. Changing into his regular clothes, Pointblank enlisted the help of a female bounty hunter as a companion to blend into Bothans' community, and approach the hideout and location of Boba Fett and a suspected Rebel Intelligence Outpost. Pointblank managed to hack open the front door, but must have triggered a silent alarm as a Bothan Guard appeared in the overlook above. Unclear whether to engage, or to retrograde from the mission, Pointblank calls his commanding officer for advice. Continues below ... Main Picture The design of this build was inspired by pictures at star wars wiki sites that depict Bothan structures are majestic similar to rich persian eras, but ridden with high tech spying and communication technology. That has allowed me to create cauldrons, the use of clear glass and stepped tiles, with a more uniform look in the main building. The communication technology is depicted in the large radar dish which also allows me to create an underground intelligence outpost. Being secret and all, I have incorporated Lego LEDs lights into the construction of the underground outpost, with the battery box hidden behind a rock structure and disguised as a generator. All done painstakingly to keep within the 16x16 challenge requirement. - Pointblank communicates with his commanding officer via holo-pad communicator about engagement protocols and advice, as a Bothan Guard confronts Pointblank, overlooking from a perch high above. - Boba Fett attempts to escape through an underground passage with the data plans. - A trooper working in an underground intelligence outpost, looking at a screen of how the Shield Generator is deployed around Endor to protect the Death Star. - A close up view of trooper working in chair in an underground intelligence outpost. Notice the LED lights fitted into grilled ceiling. - A trapdoor play feature to access the underground chamber. Just for fun Notes: This is a first time I am incorporating Lego LED lights into a build. This is to better illustrate (and illuminate) a hidden secretive outpost below the main Bothan compound. I have hidden the battery box and wires into the build (as shown above) behind rock structures, with a side opening to access the switch. Tubes protrude out of the battery box in order to portray a generator of sorts, with a cheeky pickaxe and a lamp. Last but not least, I would like to give thanks to Mstrofppts for giving me the idea of using Splinter as a Bothan. I was contemplating using a Chima figure, but was way too cartoony for my liking. Splinter was a much better choice. As usual, comments and criticisms welcomed. ====================================================================== Edit: At requests from Aland, I have incorporated some night shots to further enhance the storyline. Story Continuation (from above): Pointblank's commanding officer has instructed to not stir the hornet's nest and advice for Pointblank to try again another time. Under the cover of Darkness, Pointblank infiltrated the Bothan compound and managed to find the intel outpost, and disable the Rebel Trooper. Alas, He was too late. Boba Fett has already left the building. "I need to report back HQ at once" " Hope you like the lights " Note: I did some minor modification to the flames cauldron in order to insert the led lights under them. 99% of the build remains unchanged. - A close up view
  16. Wedge09

    [SoNE EP. VI]

    EDIT: Damn editor! Please if any Moderators can add the title, I will be very gratefull, sorry! Here we are with my final entry for SoNE Episode VI: With the help of the Bothan Spynet... C&C are always welcome, and I hope you Enjoy it, now let's the story talk! Another step for Wedge09's squad: after failing on Fondor and Ord Mantel, the rebel squad came to Bothawui, home of the biggest spynet in the known galaxy to search for help in the quest for Boba Fett and the Slave I. Even if Bothawui was a neutral ground for Imperial and Rebel Intelligence and the Imperial presence was minimal, the rebels didn't want to draw any attention on their activity and as quietly as possible they reached an hidden data center. There they were greeted by the Bothan in command of the security of the data center "Welcome on Bothawui, Sir. Your visit was unexpected." "I know, but this is a priority mission." "What needs the Rebel Alliance?" "We want to know if Boba Fett is here, or if he spent some time on the planet recently." "I will see what I could do." the Bothan motioned to a Bothan officer who accompanied them in the depths of the data center. "This is the technician who will help you in your search, he will do everything possible; if you have additional needs, please call." the Bothan officer left them as the technician sit and the search started... A few hours later, the Rebel soldiers and their Bothan counterparts met again and the technician, results at hand, spoke "I searched as you requested Soldier Wedge09 and I find what you wanted: the Slave I was here, as Boba Fett. Their last sign of activity was at Drev'starn's Spaceport, they remained here for some time but we lost trace of them. However, we can infer that they have abandoned the planet as confirmed by some satellite readings of a ship of a very similar shape; we can also try to guess a possible destination..."
  17. The second to make contact was Karin. She was sent to Bothawui on a espionage mission. We knew that Bothans are very close to rebels, so sending a pack of stormtroopers there might be a suicide mission. Of course for a reasonable price we have some reliable contacts there too. Karin: I've met the contact you told me about. MstrOfPppts: And what is the status? Karin: Boba was not yet here, but is certainly planning to stop here for a quick refuel. MstrOfPppts: Good, you should lay low and wait for him. Give him the card and get out of there. Karin: Understood. But this planet is overwhelmed with the rebel spies, I might try to get some information about our next mission. MstrOfPppts: No, It's too dangerous ... <transmission interrupted> ... Karin? Goddammit that woman will bring us nothing but trouble!
  18. “There it is.” Dressed in smuggler clothes, we approach our destination. Just agent An and me, two pilots, on a rapid reconnaissance mission while the rest of the troops continue to search Ord Mantell. There’s only a small chance we will find him here. But the files on the datapad have led us to this once beautiful temple, hidden between the forests on the surface of Bothawui. They are rumoured to be infested with Rebels. Still, nothing indicates this place is of special importance… not anymore. “See that antenna hidden on the roof? We’re here alright... Yes, here is some kind of hatch. Let’s go in and take them by surprise!” Things always go so quickly with agent An. Frightfully quickly… “We aren’t wearing these smuggler clothes just to blow are cover the very second we enter the place. You don’t even know what we’ll find. It could be a Rebel cell wiped out by the Bounty Hunter. Or it could be a whole battalion of Rebels. If you’re not careful, you drop right into a sarlacc pit.” “What do you propose then, genius?” My colleague can be awfully sarcastic. Like a little boy robbed of his favourite Ackay action hologram… “Why don’t walk in casually? Pretend to be one of them, whoever is down there. Talk them into giving you the evidence. Why would you make this a massacre?” “Oh, I see… What if I go in and… improvise, while you stand guard here. Someone has to watch my back. Just blast anyone who makes a fuss here…” Sarcastic as his proposal may sound, I consent. I’m not getting involved in whatever happens down there. And the chances someone comes here are slim. “That’s what we’ll do. And if someone shows up here, I’ll… improvise.” He already threw open the hatch and descends the stairs. A muffled cry. I’m not staying here to find out from who. I’m not going to stay here to witness yet another tragedy. I don’t want to be part of this scene of death. I turn away. That temple… it seems like it is consecrated to life, to nature. Those two beautiful columns, with a closed bud and an open flower, the geometric patterns evoking foliage… I wonder what it was used for, what it all means. Yet, I’m attracted to it. It’s strange how nature is destroying the homage to itself. And even then, there might be a meaning to it all. This really is a sacred place. A reflection by… [soNE Ep. VI] 4 - What's the meaning of all this? by Bert.VR, on Flickr That was close. I got behind this rubble just in time. I don’t think those Bothans have seen me. But what now? What if they enter the hatch. I can’t just kill them… they might be civilians. I don’t know how it will help me, but contacting Goatm is the only thing I can think of. Our communication only makes things worse. Below, there will soon be an even greater ruin than up here. Gunfire and cries. The Bothans seem as distressed as I am, and decide to leave quietly. I guess they don’t want to be in this as much as I. So far for giving my colleague back cover. [soNE Ep. VI] 4 - Ruins among ruins by Bert.VR, on Flickr I can think again. So it is true: there really are… or sadly were Rebels down there. How did they get involved with the bounty hunter? Why would Boba Fett bother to steal a genuine Rebel datapad somewhere? Surely, a smaller clue would have done to blame the Rebels for that atrocious deed on Ord Mantell. Unless… he had it already with them, stolen it from Rebels that he had encountered. Maybe the datapad still holds some information. It was never meant to be investigated, but that might be the reason there is still useful information in there… It doesn’t take me long to find what I’m looking for. Indeed, the mission of the Rebel this datapad once belonged to, was to track down Boba Fett, in an attempt to rescue a certain Solo. So the Rebels are after the bounty hunter as well, at the same time. What a coincidence. At least, they have reason, unlike our own absurd mission… The truth is simple and astonishing. Our mission isn’t to get Boba Fett and deliver him some ridiculous ‘Thank you’ card at all. Sure, finding the bounty hunter is our priority, but the reason is something else entirely. This mission is a mere excuse to get to the Rebels. We only want to track the bounty hunter to know where to find the Rebels. It isn’t about finding him, it’s about finding those that are searching for him. Our real bounty, are the Rebels… Ruins. But why? Why weren’t we just told that we were hunting Rebels? Why did they try to conceal the real purpose of this mission from us? Is it to give us a false feeling of safety? Is it so that we ask as few questions as possible? Or is it to make us forget what we’re actually doing, to turn us into mindless machines? Why? I don’t know why. But what I do know, is that this is intolerable. One cannot just conceal a war from the people that are suffering the consequences! If there is a war, you can’t hide it. People have the right to know what’s going on. So that they either can support or resist it. There’s a difference between people that live to ignore the war, and people that live in ignorance of the war. But neither of them can have an opinion, neither of them gets listened to, neither of them gets a chance to stand up and change things. And both of them should be awakened. It’s hideous to hide things from people, without hiding the consequences for them. If people don’t know what’s happening, they have no chance of fighting back. Hiding these things, silencing them, is a crime. It is just like that bounty hunter, who’s example the Empire is apparently obediently following. He commits an atrocious crime, and walks away, blaming it on someone else, so that people are powerless to fight back. It’s like blaming the supernatural for something you did, so other people can’t do a thing about it. It’s hiding what you did behind an unbreakable façade. And that hiding, is a crime. And it has to be stopped. There’s only one way to break this wall of ignorance down. People have to know what’s really happening. Somebody has to tell it to them. No, not somebody, someone far away. Everybody. I have to tell the world what’s happening. Maybe that’s my purpose in life. It’s a nice feeling to know that… Of the whole world, I already informed one, myself. Next up, someone that has to know what he is doing himself… Boba Fett. ___________________ LDD file is available right here. As you might have noticed, the story is a collaboration with goatman461. The link in the middle leads to his entry, as the story could be inserted there. Be sure to check his fantastic entry out as well! And thanks a lot for the inspiration, goatman! With 1411 bricks, this is a rather parts intensive MOC (there are more pieces in the creation, than there are words in the enormous story above, 1133 words to be exact). That's due to the different patterns, on the wall and in the floor. When I look at it in reverse, there could be less, with areas of the ground that are already covered, but with this tight deadline, I'm leaving it as it is. Apart from the different patterns, I also tried to incorporate some extra nice features. I'm very pleased with the columns, and I tested the design in real life, so they're absolutely clean, and maybe I'll post a tutorial someday on how to make those shafts. I admit that the tree is probably a very fragile construction. I already tested this technique, but i can't assure this particular configuration will hold, so I hope you're fine with the fact that the idea is possible. The roof construction is overly complicated, but I like the way the bricks form nice patterns, so let's stick to this fragile design. There are also some features that aren't clearly visible on the pictures, like some cracks in the ceiling and ornaments towards the roof. You can check these out in the digital model. So I hope you like the MOC and the story, as I put a lot of work and thought into it. Let me know what you think. PS: I hope the story made you think once again, and I would be very pleased to know what you think the 'hidden' meaning of the temple (and the way it is destroyed) is (yes, I really put a meaning in there!). Cudos to the one that gets it right!
  19. We had gotten word from one of our contacts on Bothawui that a couple of bounty hunters had shown up in one of their older cities. A meeting had been arranged on a quiet side street under the cover of dark. Not knowing what to expect I had two of my top guys take up position on a roof, ready for whatever or whoever was coming... As the bounty hunters approached it was clear that none of them were Boba Fett. LegoFjotten: I'm looking for Boba Fett, do you know where he is? Dengar: Who are you, are you a friend of his? I knew the wrong answer to this question could quickly lead to a shootout, but I had no choice, I just had to gamble. Most bounty hunters were highly competitive and had no love for their competition... and Boba Fett was some serious competition. LegoFjotten: Let's just say I want to give him a message... the last one he will ever get. IG-88: (stares coldly) Dengar: In that case, yeah, I know where you can find him... He is headed for Tatooine. Note: Since I don't know much about Bothawui and there aren't many pictures around I had to improvise. For this build I stole some colors from the two (very different) pictures on the Wookiepedia page and just built something.
  20. Aland1916

    [SoNE] I: Bothawui

    Han Solo, great rebel hero is frozen in carbonyte. The block he is in, is in Slave I, spaceship of famous bounty hunter. Alliance has to track him down. Their spies gave them a list of planets, on which Boba Fett will stop. One of them is Bothawui. Our hero, Erik Alander is there too. He and other rebel soldiers, MontyPython, Manx, Jannik, Jakorin Swiftsword and LegoFjotten are searching throught the ancient Bothawui cities to find Boba Fett. All Erik's allies were unsuccesful, so he hope he will find him ... Me and Jakob just came to one of old Bothawui buildings. I climbed on a tree and Jakob stayed down. Jakob: Can you see anything? Erik: No, there's no sign of him, he isn't here. But I see a ship, far away, behind that yard. It's just flying away ... Jakob: What ship? Erik: I think it's Firespray 31 class ship ... Jakob: This must be Slave 1! We missed him! Erik: Oh, no ... We have to leave Bothawui as fast as possible ... To be continued ... More pictures: It's my first entry for Episode, so I hope you like it. Thank you for watching!
  21. My second mission with my unit. After failing to locate our target on Felucia we travelled to Bothawui. Sergeant Diggs seemed concerned about the Bothan agents that had provided the Felucian intel so we would try to make contact. We approached the communications post carefully under cover of some bushes. On closer investigation the place seemed to be abandoned, which was strange as we had expected it to be well guarded. Rax and I were sent up to align the dishes to try to contact the Bothan network. The mechanism had jammed but I managed to free it with the help of a large spanner. With the dishes now aligned Sergeant Diggs was able to activate the large hologram communication interface. Unfortunately on making contact we didn't recieve the news we were hoping for. Our target had already left this system and the spies who sent us to Felucia hadn't been heard from since... Overview:
  22. Preface: After that unfortunate end to the mission over Ord Mantell, where i trailed a Fierspray for the better part of 7 hours, only to find it wasn't Boba Fett, or even a mandalorian for that matter. i was sent to the last possible place we might find Fett, Bothawui, rebels love the place thanks to the spy network, and Fett hates it or any place that asks to many questions really. But fate it seems has lead him out into one of Bothawui's few remaining jungles, i can only assume he has a bounty to capture... Gallardo: Drop team we are in position, Go! TK-731: Roger *Team begins repeling down to jungle floor* TK-731: TK-732, and 733 establish a perimeter 734 contain Fett's Target. *team in unison* Affirmative! TK-734: Rebel combatant in custody, area is controlled. Boba Fett: Troops, explain yourselves.... Gallardo: Fett we were sent by Lord Vader with a message, for your eyes only TK-731 will deliver it shortly. Fett: that rebel was my lead on a bounty. Gallardo: understood, he will be interrogated as is procedure any information we gain will be forwarded to you. TK-731: Boba Fett, i have from Lord Vader a message for your eyes only. *Boba Fett reaches out to take the envelope* Imperials and Rebel captive leave Boba with lord Vaders message* "Boba Fett, Thank You signed: Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith" Boba Fett: gee... thanks wheezy.... Well now, Mission accomplished! i hope you enjoyed the story, I've included a pair of pictures in the below spoiler section of the drop speeder. if there are any other angles you'd like to see just ask, this post is already heavy with images so i didn't post all of them. And as always constructive criticism is welcomed! just be quick enough for me to make some changes ;)