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  1. I think it is unfair to say OT, at least ROTJ, showed rebellion exclusively white males, first of all in this scene we see that the very top of the rebellion is a female, Leia is very important in the rebellion, there are at least 4 alien species, several black and asian rebels, including a high ranking general Calrissian. There are some cutscenes from ROTJ that had female pilots too.
  2. that would be great as I have missed the opportunity to get that promo minifig a few years ago.
  3. since no one is doing it yet, I will be the scapegoat and be one to complain about colors again. Are people who choose colors for minifigs color blind? What were they thinking making Paz Viszla's armor color sand blue? It is dark blue on screen and on promotional material? how hard is it to match it? And armorer definitely needed a cape piece.
  4. Gunship in ep3 has ball turrets too, in fact it just looks the same from ep2.
  5. TLG's choice to make AOTC clone commander bright orange and Mortar trooper the regular yellow is really confusing.
  6. Does anyone else think Moff Gideon maybe should have had the same skin color as Captain Panaka? the figs:
  7. There used to be a time when a single mold would be sufficient for stormtrooper, TIE pilot, AT-AT driver helmets, and most characters would use the same classic hair piece. And then Lego started crazy with the molds, some of them being unnecessary (tusken head). Lego is about imagination, you get blocky figures and blocky sets and use your imagination. In my opinion, even the helmet for Tech is unnecessary, he could have used the P2 clone pilot helmet, or Veers and Han could have used a standard AT-ST pilot helmets without the goggle part.
  8. they wouldn't have need that mold if they simply made two holes on the sides of the phase 2 helmet from the beginning. well...
  9. Thanks! Can’t wait to see your entry, and other people’s entries before the deadline.
  10. Not an entry, but some minifigures I’ve put together, inspired by the contest, and hopefully will inspire some people too for the contest, based on Ralph Mcquarries’s concept arts:
  11. Artizan

    [MOC] - Rebel Heavy Tank T3-B

    Thanks! Yeah the idea of revisiting this model got stronger as new and new curved parts started to be produced.
  12. Hey guys, I wanted to update my Rebel Heavy Tank, which I created back in 2009, with newer pieces and techniques. I modeled and rendered in Studio. For those unfamiliar with the vehicle, T3-B tank is the heavy attack tank of Rebels from the RTS game Star Wars Force Commander and also made appearance in Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds. Hope you enjoy, and feel free to comment!
  13. Thanks guys! Here is the mechanism for wings, which is a bit cheating because they won't move and stay like this, you have to take out the pieces, turn wings 90 degrees to each other, and lock it on the axle.