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  1. LegoCube

    [MOD] Ship in a bottle

    I like it. The ship seemed a little small in the official build. Nice mod!
  2. LegoCube

    Creator and Creator expert wishlist

    I don't usually pay much attention on the age limits, but I searched my collection and the Ferrari seems to have a 14+ age limit: Also, deeping little deeper, there seems to be at least one other Creator Expert set that has 14+ age limit: Would be nice if there was own category for these. But even more I would like a categories based on set style: Modular buildings, Large Car (like Racers series) sets, etc. Creator series seems to be very broad these days.
  3. LegoCube

    2018 Creator Sets

    for me it was 10th result. First pdf. Now I can stop speculating :D
  4. LegoCube

    2018 Creator Sets

    I am still new and casual AFOL, so I actually do not have specific use for this. But it does look interesting: I am hoping this part will appear in another set, because I do not need the bright yellowish green color in my limited collection, right now. edit: sorry for double post :(
  5. LegoCube

    2018 Creator Sets

    I like to speculate and read technic/creator/advanced rumors... I happened to stumble on this comment from designer comments from a recent car set "My favorite set to date next to 31078...", from designer who has about 50% history of designing car modes, the chances (50%?) are that 31078 is another car. And I am happy if that is the case. I do realise that designers do switch focus or design something completely different from the past.
  6. As this topic is now getting bumped, I was wondering if anyone else has been thinking of a S2K mod from the Porsche set? I have kind of given up trying to build a moc from scratch but still am thinking of building a S2K worthy of display someday... Modding an existing model would be a way to do that. The headlights (without the round parts) to me look perfect already. picture_php_pictureid_219028_b50578a9d2046ef84fc6015e1b664ccc1129bc03.jpg
  7. Auction ended, no bids :( If interested send me a message. I will sell individual sets and pieces before next try to sell all. Thanks for people already showing interest!
  8. List of all my full sets on Brickset: In addition there are roughly 150-200 euros worth of bricks from Bricks & Pieces and BrickLink. Including missing parts to build Petebilt: as well as 4 Tumbler wheels. Also lots of red panels I was planning to use on my RC MOC supercar :) edit: List of Bricks&Pieces / BrickLink
  9. Unfortunately I have to stop my Lego hobby because real life issues. Here is a list of all my sets and bricks. If you are in Finland, please place an order. If I am not succesful I can sell also within EU if someone interested. Reply or PM for more information or pictures.
  10. Ah indeed. I guess I should take time and actually build that Porsche model some time. Nice to have it in blue still. Thanks for answers!
  11. Is that arched part on the sides close to the front of the Ocean Explorer new brick or an old one? Looks great for giving a car some shape. Other interesting part is the white part with the side windows
  12. LegoCube

    Creator Expert 10252 Volkswagen Beetle

    Huge fan of Mike Psiaki since I got the 10248 Ferrari F40. Not that huge fan of how the hood of the beetle looks like. It could be more rounded like it is at the boot in the back but if this is half as fun to build as the F40 and the 31039 Blue Power Jet it is a must buy for me edit: Huge plus for the stickers not being mandatory for a great looking build
  13. Great, thanks! Can I use one of them for my avatar picture? :D
  14. @Jim, probably the package handling on airline. The way the treat boxes is brutal sometimes. Entertaining view waiting for the plane sometimes.