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  1. 10: 10 20: 6 22: 4 14: 3 8: 2 9: 1
  2. Thank you, it would be great.
  3. Instructions for Mustang v.0.1(without partlist):
  4. Thank you, this is only color I have in such amount
  5. I've solved it (sort of). Before: After:
  6. Glad you like it, JDM forever!
  7. Yes, I understand and I think maybe it's eazy to fix by moving the black axle and pin connector closer to the wheel, I will try it later. Thank you for pleasent comment, Sheepo's works are great and incomparable.
  8. Thanks Lox, your works is something special, so I apreciate that It's only a chassis for now, a lot of work haven't done yet.
  9. Sure, but I need time to assemble chassis and make a robust construction of whole car. I haven't decided yet what it will be.
  10. Our admins are holding new Bodywork competition in Lego Technic Russia community. I've decided to participate in it and this is my entry. Features are: openable doors, hood and trunk; some details in interior; detachable body; no suspension; simple steering without working steering wheel. In future maybe I will make a good RC or manual chassis for this body, but in this case I will have to disassemble my FWD chassis for Honda Civic project (McPherson front suspension, rear multilink (sort of) suspension, moving by two L-motors and steering by servo with working steering wheel). So what do you think about it? Mustang: More photos: Honda chassis: Video:
  11. LegoDego

    [MOC] Bowler Truck Trial Edition

    Thank you all, my next step will be the instruction, and it can take a long time. Instruction will be in the form of a set of photos with consistent assembly or LDD file, I have not decided yet. There will be individual instruction for the chassis.
  12. LegoDego

    [MOC] Bowler Truck Trial Edition

    Here comes the video:)
  13. LegoDego

    [MOC] Bowler Truck Trial Edition

    Previous competition:
  14. LegoDego

    [MOC] Bowler Truck Trial Edition

    Video comes later, I promise that you will see its performance