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Found 2 results

  1. Hey all, As I mentioned in this topic some time ago, I'm currently building a Herder One. And now it is time to give it its own topic. Some info about Herder first. Herder is a dutch company specialized in ditch cleaning. They have a range of different mowing arms and attachments for cleaning ditches, but they also produce flail mowers en stumpcutters. As attaching mowing arms to standard tractors is becoming more difficult, Herder developed a vehicle with a mowing arm already attached. As the vehicle is build around the mowing arm, it is for example better balanced than a tractor and has a better view to the arm. The vehicle Herder developed is called: Herder One. A few years ago I read about it in a magazine, where they showed the prototype for the first time. I've read the article over and over and took a very close look to the pictures as this was the only information avaible at that time. About the vehicle: The Herder one has four wheel drive and three steering modes: front, four wheel and crab. Suspension only on the front axle. Front hydrolics for attaching a mower and a rear hitch for attaching a trailer. Cabin rotates for better view on the ditchmower. The Lego version: My Lego version is scaled approx 1:16. It also has four wheel drive and three steering modes, all controlled using an S-brick.The first version had suspension on the front axle, like the real machine, but it takes a lot of space in the chassis and it made the chassis a bit weak. Therefore the second version doesn't have front suspension. Also present is front hydrolics and cabin rotation, both manually. Rotating the mowing arm using the S-brick. Controlling the arm is done manually, pneumatic switches are under the hood. Pneumatic pump is motorized. Pictures: The next pictures shows the second verison without the motors for the arm and pump. In the back (left) the remains of the first version. Next pictures with the motors: The other side already has the turntable for the mowing arm And some pictures of the first version: And what it looked like a few days ago: Hope you like it, comments are welcome I want to and this post whit a question. In the first verion I used pneumatic hose from some original Lego sets, none of them were cut to fit. For this second verion I need to to buy hoses so I can cut them in the right size to fit the model perfectly. I do prefer to have them in dark grey, like the older ones from Lego, as these would look better on this model than the newer shiny black ones from Lego. So can anyone help me finding good hoses that aren't to expensive?
  2. Hello everybody, It's been a while since I posted (and read) something, but this topic will change that. The last years I've been busy with school, found a great job, just recently finished school and some time ago I moved to my own place. Between all that I did have had some time to work on some lego projects, but lacked time to show them here. So this topic will show what I have been working on. I want to start with saying thank you to @Sariel for sharing the instructions for his Mustang. I build this great car and really like it. And the chassis wil be a base for future cars. So here is my version, in white with blue stripes. As you can see it isn't finished yet, I still need some missing parts. Next is a smaller model. Some of you might remember I build a small version of a Claas Xerion, in black. Some time ago I transformed it into an octopus. That's an Xerion with four mowing arms, to mow a ditch in one pass. It isn't the best looking thing I've build, but it looks good enough to me. Another small model I think I haven't shared is a model of a Challenger. It's a tracked tractor in approximately the same size as my Xerion. Then I have two projects, which probably get their own topic in the future. The first is a model of a Hardi Commander sprayer with a Fendt Xylon, both scaled 1:16. The sprayer features working boom (pneumatic/mechanic) and steering (mechanic). The axle is also suspended. The Fendt features steering, suspension, lights, rear hitch and pto. The pto is driving the mechanic part of the boom, pneumatics still by hand and steering the sprayer using hog. The sprayer in the next picture is already version 2. This one is completely rebuild en beter than the first one. Next is a complete rebuild of the tractor, to match with the functions of the sprayer. The second project I'm working on for at least more the two years now is a scaled model of a Herder One. This is a self propelled ditch cleaner/mower. It has drive and steering on both axles, including three steering modes (front, all and crab), all controlled using S-Brick. S-brick also controls turning the arm. A second S-Brick is used for controlling lights. The pneumatic functions in the arm are controlled manually (controls under the hood) and a motor powers the pneumatic pump. The current version shown in the next pictures features a suspended front axle, just like the real machine. I also started building a second version of the Herder One. Thanks to the planetary hubs I can make better/stronger axles. This version also won't have suspension, as it takes to much space. Now the servo used for steering the front axle fits above the axle, which leaves more space in the middle of the chassis. See bricksave for a few more pictures of these projects: This is it for now, please leave your comments/questions/tips. Kind regards, nick97